Mid 20's, 5'2, 145lbs - Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposculpture/Liposuction with Dr. Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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As many of the other members, I joined RS after...

As many of the other members, I joined RS after learning about different cosmetic treatments and taking the initiative to make a change for (what I hope will be) the better.

First and foremost, I'm a health junkie and I NEVER thought I would be looking into surgery as an option. I never had serious issues with my body until life got the best of me. Somewhere between school, work and "life", my once-flat stomach is now all over the place, my arms are just ... (shrugs) and my hips are in dire need of curves. Reading other reviews helped me tremendously, however, they've also added to my confusion and indecisiveness.

(Getting to the point) I contacted Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily de los Santos since it appears they are highly regarded surgeons in DR. Like most have mentioned, Dr. Duran is extremely difficult to get in contact with. I contacted her earlier this year and received a quick response (which I should've taken advantage of, smh) but my second attempt to contact her has been frustrating but I've been coping by reminding myself that I'm not the only one trying to reach her so she's a very busy woman. Dr. De los Santos got back to me rather quickly, but communication with her (or her assistant) takes a few days.

I decided to go with Yily for her reputation and responsiveness. I've sent my deposit already so I'm just preparing for my procedures at this point. I want to liposuction my abdomen, back, flanks, as well as arms. I'm having a brazilian butt lift, with fat transfer to buttocks and hips. Thing is ... I'm quite small, I just have alot of unwanted fat and would like to be as petite as I was in the past. I already have a butt so I'm glad that I'm not completely flat back there. However, one of the reasons I was against plastic surgery in the past was terrible results I've seen or heard of. One thing I hate is a fake looking butt! I've seen so many chicken legs and coffee table butts that it sort of traumatized me. I've always thought "I'll take my little butt over a big stupid ass any day". That being said, my BBL goal is geared more towards enhancing my curves by rounding out my bottom and focusing more on hips and outer thighs since my hips could use the attention. Some of you ladies may understand what I mean by this, some may not... but I'd like you to see I have ass from the FRONT not just the back. I just feel a huge a*s without curves looks a but odd and I'm not interested in spending so much money to look like a pole!

Oh I almost forgot... I also may get a breast lift, I'm still considering my options. I'm torn between wanting more perkiness and not wanting anything foreign placed in my body or long lasting scars. I hear breast lifts reduce breast size (which I don't want) but I've heard mixed reviews about Yily's breast work. Some have great breasts and some have lop-sided boobs. I hope that people have been sincere in their reviews because it would be a shame to have a bad reputation based on someone else's ill-perceived experience.

Being new to this site, I'll try to post relevant information that may help others. If anyone has had surgery with Yily, or Dr. Baez or Dr. Mallol in DR or ANY SURGEONS IN COLUMBIA (who are other options for me) PLEASEEEEE pretty PLEASE comment and provide your feedback. It'll be greatly appreciated =) . I wish Yily had more detailed before and after photos of her patients because I don't feel like I've seen enough to fully trust that I'm making the right decision. If Duran has the time, I would've been on her operating table like, yesterday! lol

Journey update & Mixed feelings about Yily's boob job abilities

So to briefly inform whoever may care about my experience with Yily (and Duran) thus far.

In short, Dr. Duran seems to be booked until the end of the year. I spoke with the surgicoordinator, who is very nice btw, and she was available via email, phone, Instagram and Whatsapp. Although I offered to send my deposit, she didn't even get a quote from Dr. Duran due to her being "too busy". So I may go to her if Yily's results aren't satisfying.

Now Yily, I've mentioned that I sent deposit in my last post. I've paid for airfare and started buying my supplies and will be there by the end of the summer.

The mixed feelings I'm having are due to her assistant's responses via email and other reviews I've read on realself.

- I had to ask who I was speaking to because it seemed like someone different was responding every time I asked a question. I listed specific questions in an email after receiving my quote confirmation (that email includes quote price, recovery house information, parts she'll operate, things to purchase, medications, and advice. It's a redundant email which seems very generic, which is what I don't like. It seems they only change the dates and the cost and everything else is copied and pasted. The email says to read it thoroughly before asking additional questions that are already answered in that email. So I draft up a little email with numbered questions and why I wanted clarification... I waited anxiously only for "homegirl" to reply saying "reread the email they just sent". Mind you, I'm not illiterate nor slow so I made sure my questions weren't answered elsewhere. About 4 emails later she finally answered one or two questions. I'm a very patient person so I understand offices get busy, however I find it very disappointing that I had to repeat myself so many times and practically beg for assistance. I'm still optimistic about my upcoming procedures but if I'm having communication issues now, I hope they don't continue post - op or I'll have an real issue with it. Anywho, looking forward to positivity, good health and a great body.

Date confirmed! Now just preparing for my trip!

I've been stalking Yily on social media so I haven't been on my RS page for a while (not that anyone cares or anything since I doubt anyone has even seen it, LOL!). Either way, talking to myself still helps me track my progress and experiences so far, haha.

So in a nutshell. Someone from Yily's office called me to confirm my sx date so I'm happy! Well, happy, nervous, excited, weary... Her office needed a reminder on which procedures I'm getting so I made sure to be as clear as can be. It seemed like they were accidentally leaving things out. Idk if they're actively looking at your emails while speaking to you but a reminding them wasn't the end of the world. My only issue is that my quoted price is now inaccurate because, although I was specific when stating what I wanted, they quoted me for only some things and are now charging extra for other parts (ex: arms). I'm thankful I can afford it but it could be an inconvenience for some who may be counting on paying a specific price.

In other news, I have a few weeks to go so I've been ordering supplies on amazon and picking up little things here and there. DEFINITELY count on paying a couple hundred bucks for miscellaneous things you'll need pre/post op. Of course I brought vitamins a while back, but I always take supplements so it was normal for me. I am, however, cutting back on other supplements I normally take because I don't want to put a strain on my liver and I don't want to affect the bioavailability of any supplements Yily recommended.

Most things on my buy list are things I saw women get on other posts on RS, veteran posts on social media and websites that make post-op care packages (figured why order an expensive basket when I can just order everything on my own). I'm basically travelling with a suitcase full of sx supplies, this ain't no vacation bih! lol.

Lastly, I have read some posts about Yily causing burns to her lipo patients. I'm praying that doesn't happen to me! I have faith but I hope I get to speak to her about it and avoid it altogether. I don't want a nice body and burned skin, smh.

I will be seeing my PCP next week to get prescriptions so I'm hopinh everything goes well. She's a bit judgy so I don't want to hear anything negative. Just help me and be on stand by to check me out when I return...

If anyone (that sees me talking to myself on here) has any advice or anything that would help me, please feel free to comment or message me! I reached out to some of Yily's patients and they were super helpful! Its always nice to be able to voice your concerns to people who have been through it...
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