Yily de los santos ! Serenity RH ! Lipo / Bbl - Dominican Republic 2014

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Hey, I've been interested in liposuction of the...

Hey, I've been interested in liposuction of the abdomen, back , flanks, arms/axillary. I'm undecided as to whether I should go wit Duran or yily because I love both their work. However I heard yily is known for her tiny waist line and my intuition is saying yily because my sister recently went to the Dominica republic for a bbl and a tummy tuck wit dra.yily de lo santos and she recommends her. I love my sisters results she made her butt look so natural perfect porportion to her thigh I also really like the results of the other girls done by yily on this site. I sent dra.yily a email still no reply. I'm going to also email Duran I'm going with whoever answers first. I'm looking to go early June 2014 if anyone else is going send me a email please. I will also be posting before and after pictures .. STAY TUNED I WILL RETURN

Yily responded !!!

So I'm booked for June 9th 2014 I fly out the 7th of June. I'll be arriving two days before so I can visit family and get myself adjusted. I'm super excited I can't wait to be a yily doll!! The countdown begins 18days!..

Serenity RH HOUSE FROM HELL!! This was my experience ...

Serenity recovery house! A place I thought I would go to to recover and heal in peace and it was anything but! Where do I begin because it's so much that I'm disgusted that the staff ran that house that way especially during such a time of need ! Ok day 1 we got to our room the bed sheets were dirty never washed or changed they didn't even bother to clean the room up before the previous guest left .. We spoke to the owner Liz who was very accommodating and switched our room which is y I was skeptical but agreed to give them another chance . the day of the surgery comes I'm staying overnight at the clinic we locked our room door to make sure everything is safe and no one can come in and steal all the money we has. While at the clinic the lady from the house tells us she needs the keys to clean up the room before I get discharged. We agreed because she assured none of our valuables will be taken or touched. the next day comes I go to check my money and 117 dollars is missing btw I stashed it in my suitcase so good U actually have to have done a thorough FBI search to find it, upon discovering some of my money was stolen my sister decided to check her stash sure enough she was missing $100 dollars. Liz again so helpful I have no complaints towards her but her staff needs to go. They had the audacity to say we were lying like WHY WOULD WE WANT TO CON PPL OUT OF A MEASLY HUNDRED DOLLARS MY MONEY WAS STOLEN.PERIOD. But of course Liz being the professional she is she had the staff return the missing money. So now I go back to the clinic for a follow up the same day I come back and they threw the food I bought away spitefully including a closed ranch bottle I purchased earlier that day. #pettyshit I wouldn't even trust eating or drinking in this house anymore. this whole situation has been such an inconvenience I come home the day after surgery to sheets that's smell like dirty feet. I'm lying ? I have the pictures to prove it how disgusting the bed was. I wouldn't wish anyone to recover under these circumstances btw Im two days post op I'm cleaning my own room wtf? It's so awkward and the vibe is all wrong!... This has been the worst experience I could've ever imagined .. Let me not even mention the incompetent nurses at serenity that stuck every single lasT vein and will couldn't get an Iv flowing . lIt's just a nightmare here I regret coming here so bad. Can u imagine what it's like to come out of surgery and having to deal with the bullshit of all this . I haven't stayed in bed one whole day cuz I'm doing my own shit and having to go to cipla daily for the Iv I'm on cuz I'm having complications . If you want a peaceful sanitary recovery house with trustworthy helpful staff serenity is not the place for you..TRUST ME I WOULDNT WISH HOW IM FEELING ON ANYONE GOING THRU SURGERY. This is terrible and so hard physically and emotionally to go through. Go elsewhere that place is garbage and the incompetent staff is even worse! Ok day 6 my orange juice disappeared from the fridge the 5 gallon of water I bought to shower with and used once gone .. These ppl really don't know how to keep their hands to themselfs .. It's so bad im dying to leave we payed $700 dollars for what cuz I can't even count on one hand how many times they've cleaned my room or the bathroom cuz it was ZERO TIMES. Thank god my sister is here doing it all , cleaning sanitizing and wound care meds, She has been my savior Idk how I would've done this alone without her. I have to go to cipla daily for my Iv and injections cuz these ppl are complete idiots who hires inexperienced nursing students ? I truly wouldn't wish none of this on my worst enemy this place needs a complete staff turnover..I GUESS THE RH NIGHTMARES ARE TRUE AFTER ALL I should've of listen to the reviews ... And serenity isn't the only one all the girls at cipla were upset with the treatment they were getting as well in the other houses but none as bad as our experience . I say forget these bullshit ass recovery houses that are being ran by people with absolutely no healthcare backround and stay at a hotel .. Live& learn
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

YILY DE LOS SANTOS I LOOOOVE HER!!! People say a lot about her attitude but at the end of the day she keeps it REAL, she's blunt and straight forward she doesn't sell you a dream at all. This ain't magic. You can't go weighing 200lbs and expect to look like a barbie doll after she's done with you. She's realistic. I have nothing but good things to say about her I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY RESULTS I AM OFFICIALLY A YILY BARBIE & I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. I"M SO GASSED with MY TINY WAIST & my BUBBLE BUTT LOL I WOULD RECOMMEND HER A MILLION TIMES. As for follow-up care I saw her everytime. She was a little difficult to get in touch with at first (DUH) she's a doctor but I found that whatsapp is the best way she answers in less than 12 hrs. Her assistant YIRA so DAMN CUTE she's so sweet and funny the whole cipla experience for me was wonderful, it was my comfort zone despite the negative things people say, the nurses were very nice and helpful. OOOO & FYI YILY DOES HER SURGERY FOR THE PEOPLE CLAIMING OTHERWISE. I woke up in the middle of my surgery asking "where is yily? is YILY here?" I managed to get the words out despite my very very dry cotton mouth lol she just has helpers that prep u that's all. YILY GET READY I HAVE 2 FRIENDS that are in looove with my results & they are coming your way. THANKS YOU ARE THE BEST!

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