Soon to Be Yily Doll on May 3rd.

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Hello EVERYONE! So, I've been doing research for...


So, I've been doing research for over a year now and decided to get my surgery done with Dra. Yily! When I first started looking I was stuck on Dr. Molina, but I saw the results my mom had and she isn't pleased and so aren't other people I know. He left my mom very natural looking and although that's something I want, but I really want my curves and ass to show when I wear dresses, skirts, jeans and etc. Anyways, I haven't seen much girls that are my age getting surgery done, i'm only 20 years old. Although people have told me to wait, i'm just so unpleased with my body, it's horrible. I hate how I have no curves, no hips and no ass and all the fat goes to my stomach. I'm more than positive this transformation will help me become more confident. Since girls writing about their journeys have helped me so much, i've decided to do one on my own. I will keep you guys updated!

xoxo, soon to be yily doll :)

Who is going around this time to Dra. Yily De Los...

Who is going around this time to Dra. Yily De Los Santos? Let me know dolls!

So I've decided to go to Dra. Yily! I am so so so excited! I'm only 20 years old and a lot of people tell me that I should wait until I have kids or until i'm older but I truly dislike my body and god forgive me, but I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin! Being dominican and being surronded by these curvy dominican girls makes me so jealous! I can't wait for my transformation.

If you dolls have any suggestions or things I should buy before my surgery date, let me know.

xoxo, Yily Doll in March :)

Photos of myself.

I don't feel comfortable yet posting pictures of my (before) body "naked" so of course I posted a selfie, full body pic and another one to the bottom which you can notice that I don't have much curves to my figure. I love to dress up a lot so it's ideal for my to get this surgery done.

I'm hope with this surgery I can wear my clothes with 100% confidence. I love fashion, dressing up and feeling good but when I look in the mirror sometimes I just feel so ugly with my body.

What I'm also afraid of is that I might be too skinny for the transformation I want and I'm only almost a month away! Even though I do have belly fat, back fat, and lower fat from wearing low rise jeans. What do you guys think?

Xoxo dolls!

Gaining weight for my surgery in 34 days? Is it possible? :(

I'm currently 117 pounds. I have fat to work with said a Doctor when I went for a consultation last year in DR, but i'm afraid when I get there I won't have enough fat. Should I gain weight or just go with the flow? I'm trying to gain at least 10 more pounds.

Just got 100% confirmed for March 4th. Only thing is that I didn't know you have to be there a day before surgery!

Do you think she'll let me take my exams that day of my surgery? Ugh :( I can't miss class!


What are the options and prices you dolls choose to stay? Hou did you get in contact with them also? Help, help, help!

Need to gain 10 pounds said Doctor. Also changed my date to the 8th!

This has me so stressed out, all my life I've had a fast metabolism! I need to gain 10 pounds in order to have enough fat, this is so hard. I'm getting stressed out! Ahhhhhh. Any suggestions ladies?

P.S I'm loving Yilys assistant, she responds so quickly!

My mom is a Molina Doll!

My mom did a TT with Molina and took out some fat from thighs. Her stomach was left loose by him and he didn't put enough ass for her. She's upset, she's going to DR again to see if he can fix her up like the way she wants

More photos. Surgery next month!

Can't wait to have these outfits on but with my body completed. I'm going to be the happiest girl in the world! Need to drink my vitamins and gain this weight. Super anxious!

I STILL need help looking for a recovery house dolls!

My surgery date is March 8th. I want to atrive to DR the 6th spend 8 days there. What are some options you dolls have stayed or going to stay?

I keep forgetting to take my vitamins on a daily basis. I need to remember! My surgery is a MONTH away and I have to gain 10 pounds still!

I need to have enough fat, because if I don't

My wish pic is Kylie Jenners body

Since I'm already slim, I think this is my ideal and realistic person that I'll be able to look like. What do you guys think?



I must say, I think about my new body about 20 x a day. This makes me worried. Why? How about if I get this surgery and don't look the way I expected. How about if my butt isn't that big? or i'm not that curvy? Just so many things!

I'm getting discouraged. Everyone says "why do you want to get surgery, what fat are they going to take off?" I only weigh 119, I do have a stomach and some back fat. When I did a consultation in DR with Dr. Molina, he said I had enough fat when he saw me in person. He stated that even skinny girls have a lot of fat, more than expected actually.

If you girls have any tips or comments, help me! I am trying to gain weight as much as I can!

New Surgery Date: In MAY

I decided to change my surgery date to give me more time to gain weight. I want to have enough fat for my ass, there is no way i'm going to spend thousands of dollars and not have a fat ass. Luckily, I have two months to try to gain these 10-15 pounds.

Time to eat for me!

I haven't disappeared!

Some pictures from my New York trip to see "Aventura" if you're Dominican, you'll know who I'm talking about!

I've been eating more, but still haven't gained not even one pound. This sucks....I'm pretty sad, I would've been flying out to DR next Sunday :( now to wait two more months. But always remember ladies, everything happens for a reason.

I'm going to keep eating! :)

11 more days till I leave to DR!!!!

I wish I gained more weight but oh well.


Does anyone feel like the boppy pillow does actually work after surgery?

I want to get one but i'm not sure! Help ladies

I'm a soon to be DURAN doll!

While I had my surgery date with Yily, I was constantly emailing to see if Duran had cancellations during the dates I'll be in DR. Literally, this week they told me she had a cancellation for the 24th which is 2 days before my original date! I'm so happy because Duran was my #1 choice... I don't really care about losing my deposit with Yily. I rather spend more to get the results I want... I mean I'm hoping the results come like that. Either way, I think it was a sign to switch. I'm happy!

2 more days until I leave!

It feels like just like last year that I was saying "I will save up the money to get my body done" and now I can't believe I'm almost leaving. I'm so happy that I got a date with Dr. Duran. I should change my name to "DuranDollInMay" haha. I'll keep you dolls updated!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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