Team "YillyDoll" Sx Date 9/23/13 Lipo-bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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So I've decided to go to yilly ive also have gotta...

So I've decided to go to yilly ive also have gotta quote from dr. beaz his work is good also and a lil cheaper but "Yilly" sculpting is the best hands down ????even tho she doesn't respond back to emails right away she's my choice!!! She charged me 3200$ for the lipo and bbl.which in my case was a good price being that all the places I've wanted to go to in the us starts at 10,000 that's to rich for my blood.
9-22-13 Flight:0800-1249 Delta which was a good and comfortable flight I recommend it !!!
1238: we arrive in Santa Domingo and of course the transportation a service wasn't there to pick us up "the real recovery house" however we had to take a cab which was 40$us NOTE: only take official cabs in the event u have to take a cab the have IDs around there neck !!!
So we take the cab to the hotel which we was staying for only one night "hotel plaza de sol" the receptionist was pleasant they charged 48$ us for one night stay. The hotel was ok but looked like we was in the hood we needed food they gave us directions to the super market which they say was only 5 mins away FYI ::: order in dont walk around if u not from around there we started to walk but end up turning right around. So we ordered KFC yes they deliver the food was FAir it got us threw the night .
9:29pm : I'm up I've been napping threw out the day feeling a lil nervous the sx is tomorrow we have to be there at 7 am so ill update u guys on how it go's. via my experience !!!!!

My iron was to low 10.6 ...

So Monday morning we arrive at @ the clinic it's nice by the way we get out X-rays blood taken at 730am.
We get the results at about 1000 my results were not goof my hemo level was 10.6 it has to be a 12 or higher .
So my friends was good she did her surgery it was a success .
2:00pm the hemoglobin lady comes she set me up for iron by the uv which goes straight to the blood they also told me they don't do blood transfusions anymore before the surgery ok but by Thursday if my levels aren't up I can get a blood trans.....
I've been doing the blood transfusions it's not to bad but I hate needles!!!!!!its about an hour long per day today is my third day so pray for me guys I've also been doubling up on iron pills... FYI just make sure your iron is good!!!
The recovery house is sooooo nice I absolutely recommend it " mya" is soo nice and her staff also

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