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The countdown  has begun!!! I finally decided to ...

The countdown  has begun!!! I finally decided to get my dream body. I use to weight over 240 lbs and over the years have worked my ass off to lose 65lbs and keep it off. I go to the gym regularly and eat clean for the most part (I love my wine) lol. That being said I have always had insecurities with my midsection and it's the hard part to get results.

So after researching the crap out of surgeons in the DR...I seriously did more research then a FBI agent ...I decided to go with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol. Not only does he have 11 years of expierence, he's never had any deaths/serious complications with a surgery, no lawsuits,  and he seems to be a doctor that truly cares about his patients and I love that!
Anytime I have emailed his staff or texted him on his whatsapp, they respond quickly. He always takes time to answer any question I may have.
I have booked my surgery for May 19 and I have requested to stay at Armonia.

I will post my journey here to help other women or men who are considering taking their own journey in the future :)

Booty Buddy purchased and shipped!

Hey ladies!
So just purchased by BBL pillow. I decided to go with The Booty Buddy because it has good reviews and was a little cheaper then it's competition. It goes forn $79.99us whereas the ( one goes for $99.99us. It was on back order till April 22 but I purchased it with express shipping so it would be here before I leave on May 18 :)
Here is the link if you ladies wanna check it out :

Plane Ticket booked & some advice :)

Totally forgot to post my fight advice!
Book as Early as you can!!! Tuesday around 3pm is the cheapest to book flights online. Keep searching as there were lots of flights but almost all of them have crazy layover times (6hr+)

Im flying out of Canada but booked with an american site because it had great prices. I paid $400 for return flight. It was also the site with the least amount of time for layover. My fight there I have an 1hr and 27mins layover in Miami and on my return I have a layover of 1hr 46 mins in Miami again.
The site was

Made it to the DR!!!

Hey Ladies...made it here safe n sound all the way from Canada.
It was a litter stressful this morning because there was a glitch in the system with the Airlines and US customs....our checked bags weren't showing up on the Custom side computers and they were refusing to let people board their flights. There was over 100 customer altogether from American Airlines and Delta. On my flight to Miami there was at least 10 of us with this issues. They delayed the Miami flight for about 1/2hr n then thankfully Custom's let us go regardless of the glitch....if they had not let me go I would have had to wait for the next flight and would have not gotten to the DR till 8:30pm! So give yourself time ladies! Cause you never know what might happen!

When you arrive to the DR...if you haven't purchased your tourist card online don't worry they have a few kiosk that you can quickly buy it at but make sure you have a $10us dollar bill. That's what it cost and that's all the machine takes. If not you have to line up in the long line to buy it from the ladies at the booth.

Once you past custom and grab your bags follow the sign that reads 'Transportation'. Once you exit there will be a whole bunch of people holding signs with names on them...just look for your name. My driver was Pedro and he was really nice. He has wifi in the car which is sweet because it's about a 40 min car ride to Dr. Mallol's clinic.

Just got to the clinic. Will update soon!


Hey Ladies

I have made it over to the snatched side!
Sorry for delay in updating....I would have updated yesterday but I was at the hospital till 7pm becasue I ended up needing some blood. Surgery went legs feel crazy heavy and at times it does feel like a got hit by a car lol but the pain is bearable! Remember your healing so it's more of a mental game then anything. Stay Postive Mamacita's!

My recovering house Mansion Aromina is amazing. The ladies here are so attentive and they stay on top with my medicine schedule which is one less thing that I have to worry about.

Each day gets a little better!

Hey ladies Still really swollen but had my first massage today and although it hurt like a b*$$h...not gonna lie, I did feel better afterwards. The nurses here at Armonia are amazing! So attentive and sweet. I was craving a Canada Dry because it helps sooth my tummy so the owner went out and got me a whole case! They are always checking up on me and the food is delish unfortunately I haven't had much of an appetite, but today I asked for some pasta and it's the first full meal that I've enjoyed since surgery. Yummy! My Iron was really low after surgery and it's getting better but I still get a little dizzy so I have to be careful when standing up. I took a quick pic after the massage while I was waiting for the nurses to put my faja back on. I'll take a standing up one soon. Hope all the ladies that are down here are healing well, I'm sending positive vibes there way. God Bless. Xo

Armonia Recovery house review

I stayed at Armonia and I know I made the right choice.
The nurses were very attentive and when I was able to eat, the food was pretty yummy. My room was cleaned every day and the bathrooms were always kept spotless.

I stayed in a room on the second floor and the staff and nurses were always coming upstairs to check on me.
When I first arrived there were only a few girls staying there so the nurses had more time to dedicate to each patient. As the days past thou the house got really busy and the nurses were working extra hard to keep up and even though they got busy, the service didn't got down.

They would bring me the menu daily so I could order what I wanted to eat. For breakfast they had you typical items, eggs,oatmeal, fruit,etc. Lunch and dinner you had lots of choices also like chicken, beef, liver, burgers, salads, pasta, soup, beans, rice, mashpotato, fries, and other items.
Fresh juice was always avaliable and for the first few days they brought me infused water with pineapple and cucumbers to help with the excess water.

The Staff is amazing! I miss the girls already. After surgery I was nauseous  for about 6 days...I couldn't handle eating anything becasue of how bad it was so I survived on the broth from the yummy chicken soup they made for me. One day  I asked for Canada dry (soda) to help sooth my tummy and they didn't have any but told the owner and she sent someone to go get me a bottle right away! They did what they could to help me feel comfortable and at home which I needed because I went alone.

Update 20 days post op

Hey Ladies Went to my family doctor and he told me that all my incisions are healing well and there aren't any infections :) I have been applying polysporn to them daily. I also have been taking a number of vitamins to help my body heal. I'm still swollen and my tummy in some parts are still stiff and hard but I'm doing lymphatic massages 3× week for 1hr and I can't tell you guys how much they are helping me. That was the main thing Dr.Mallol told me to do once I returned home and I know understand why.


Hey Chica's

Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for not posting in a little bit just been busy with work. I finally started doing weights again and happy to be back to the gym.

I'm still doing the lymphatic massage but I also do ultrasound massages at least once a week. Tummy bumps are starting to go away. I'm still a little swollen in the midsection and back. My butt feels great but then again I really didn't get much put in. I didn't want a huge Booty since I already have one ;) Mr Mallol just shaped it so it was even all around and did a fantastic job!

My inner thighs are starting to take shape...I'm even starting to get a gap :)

Here a few updated photos :)

4.5 months post

Hey Ladies
It's been a while and apologize for not checking in as much. Figured I would update some photos. I was able to get my orginal photos from Dr.Mallol and was completely blown away from the change.
I have been working out and maintaining very healthy life style because I want to ge the best out of this. I am still continuing my massages like the doctor ordered and they have helped smoothed out my tummy. Still not 100% but getting there :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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