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Am 32 years old with 2 kids. I have been referred...

Am 32 years old with 2 kids. I have been referred to Yily De los Santos in the Dom. Republic whom quoted me $6,400 which included a lipo, TT, Breast reduction with lift and BBL, also a 10 days stay at the RH and Post-opt meds. Am a little doubtful on this doctor, just because she seems more commercialized than the other doctor I was referred to, Yira Tapounet Brugal. Am still debating which one to go to, even though I have seen the many results of De los Santos, but many say the same thing "Once she is done with the surgery, you don't see her again". Having a doctor that takes good care of their patient, its very important to me. Specially if am paying her $$$. I have also read one particular review, in which the patient stated she woke up mid-op and it wasn't Yily performing the surgery. Has anyone else gotten work done by these ladies? I will truly appreciate all of your comments.
Thank you

Made contact with Dr. Yira Brugal

I had sent an email to another doctor that was highly recommended to me. I had sent her the same message I sent to Dr. Yily Santos. This doctor in particular stated my abdomen wasn't ideal for a lipo. What does that means? Am still waiting for an answer to that question. She did quoted me $4,000 which is $2,400 less than De Los Santos.
Dr. Yira Brugal has a very good rep, and according to the many people I have talked to, she doesn't do it for the money as others, as she belongs to a very wealthy family in the Dominican Republic (Rum Brugal). I have been extremely impressed with what I've heard. But have not made up my mind yet. More research is needed until my decision is made. I will keep updates on what I find. Thanks

And as always, feel free to leave a comment.

Still researching

It has been a while since I posted here. Let me start where I left off the last time...

I spoke with Yily whom quoted me a decent price, also received a quote from Dr. Yira Brugal, and now I reached out to Dr. Hector Cabral for another quote.
I really love both Yili's and Cabral's pictures. I was unable to find pictures of Dr. Brugal's work.
I'm having some anxiety about this surgery. The anxiety is not about the sx itself but about everything surrounding this sx. Am kinda of a control freak. I like to have everything in order to my standards. Having this sx done will require me to leave my household for at least two weeks. I worry about how things are going to run. My husband will have to go into work late, and take care of both kids on his own, and am not sure how he would do with a 5 yrs old girl. I might be overthinking it, maybe they'll be fine. Therefore, I was thinking in waiting until summer time when the kids are out of school, which will make it a little easier on everyone, and will probably give me a little bit more peace of mind. Or maybe not.
So, I ask it normal to have all this anxiety about your household? Maybe once I have my sx date, the anxiety will shift.

Booking my flight

I'm in the process of purchasing my flight to DR (6/30-7/12)... am getting so anxious!!!!! I want to be able to have everything am going to need, which by what I read it's minimal clothing, which shouldn't be so bad. My biggest worry now is being alone in DR. My hubby said he would go with me, but honestly he is not cut up for this kind of thing. He gets grossed out easily..guess who had to change all poop diapers???? My mother had said she can have a friend of hers stay with me, but I dont know how I feel having a total stranger with me....ugh I might be over thinking stuff. Is this normal?

Flight booked!

Oh boy.... this is becoming so real now. As the day of my surgery is approaching am getting extremely excited!!!! I can't wait to see the results, even though I will have to go through the pain. I just hope am one of those that recuperates quickly with minimal (Wishful thinking)
At this time, I have been drinking a lot of Beets and Carrots juice to raise my Hb levels, I should be all good to go by the big day.
I'm starting to wonder what I should be taking with me, luckily my mother will be coming with me (phew, one less thing to worry about).. My husband is also taking the kids for a mini-vacation to Puerto Rico while am recuperating in Dominican Republic.

Finalizing the list

Hi All,

I want to make sure I bring everything am going to need and leave what am not using. So far I have:
-Maternity pads
-anti-bacterial soap
-few maxi dresses
-open camis
-Tylenol PMs (to help me sleep)
- wipes
-My comfy pillow

Is there anything else am missing??? I have read other posts with lists, and it just seems like so many items compared to what am taking. Do you really need all others?

Please help
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Decided to go with Dr. Brugal

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