1 month post op dr yily de los santos surg date was 3/13 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Whats up? im on here looking for a doc. im a short...

whats up? im on here looking for a doc. im a short and about 155-160 my measurment now are 36-30-43 i want to be around 36-26-46 i have narrowed it down to 2 docs so far, and hard to decide because they are both soo good, im going to watch for 2 more weeks then decide, lots of girls going in in feb so i that will help. arrrgg!!! whats a girl to do!! l

Ok so i decided to go with dr yily, alot of people...

ok so i decided to go with dr yily, alot of people are going to her, and they are getting good results. so my last decision is if im going to get my butt done or not. i would like to know more about where the scars will be. nobody every talks about that on here. i dont want marks all over my butt. maybe there are no scars involved, who knows. but if anyone has any feedback let me know.

Hey guys just wanted to know who is going to yily...

hey guys just wanted to know who is going to yily in march, i wanna go in march but if theres too many people then maybe i should choose another date. plus one must consider she has patients in her country also. ive already contacted her but i dont know what to do about choosing the date, i got my quote, passport ,and im ready to go, but i dont know when to do so, help me out guys. i think yily may be over worked, and i want the best possable result. i dont want her to be rushed, this is why i am asking this

Still waiting on someone to get back to me, wth?...

still waiting on someone to get back to me, wth? im feel like someone who is all ready and dressed up, with nowhere to go. im taking my vitamins, im going to do my physical this week, and bloodwork, i have my deposit but i dont wanna send it untill they answer if i can have the date i asked for. i may need to start looking for another doctor because i am getting no answers from either of the doctors i had in mind, and if they are THAT overworked then i dont know if i want to be operated on.

Well i havent heard from ANYONE and the only...

well i havent heard from ANYONE and the only person that is answering my questions is dr bello. so i'm going to go with her. i am sending my money on monday because i am pretty much snowed in. we are getting 2 feet of snow and everything is closed down.

Finally have a doctor!! yily is the one who...

finally have a doctor!! yily is the one who responded out of the doctors i chose, which is not what i expected after everyone was having trouble at first, i assumed she had no more open dates.im so glad i was able to talk with someone.
the receptionist help me out alot in getting my surgery date all set. so now im going to walmart (cause u know walmart is the shiznit) and im going to get my supplies, i will post what i got when i come back

any advice is welcomed on my blog let me know whats missing to help me and others.Gosh im so excited!

Ok so im back so here is what i purchased i...

ok so im back

so here is what i purchased
i got the (generic) drinks *same nutritional value as ensure* (please tell me how i get these on a plane, do i need a doctors note?)
polysporin ,it has zinc in it (which i heard is good for wound healing
neosporin + pain relief (used it before and it really helps for me) be careful with applying yourself, if u dont know what precautions to take, ask the doc.(clean hands)
Hydrocortisone generic ( for the itchies)
laxative, generic,xtra gauze, xtra tape, and maxi pads.
travel toiletries, baby wipes 2 packs *for the germfreak in me* (im going to pour alcohol on em so i dont have to worry about the whole 3oz rule), plus i am going to use the 3 oz travel spray bottle, filled with alcohol to sanitize the toilets and stuff. (gotta be careful with open skin)
tanks & under clothes,antibacterial soap
slide on shoes (found the cutest black ones that dont come off while walking) *good for airports too.
a few clothing items,
and this "thing" that has the same idea as a fanny pack, but it fits around your waist, and its thin so noone knows u have it on, its to put money and passport in.(sold in the suitcase/ travel section of walmart)

well thats it so far! im not really worried bout much else, im not bringing alot of stuff, and as far as clothes go, im bringing thin cotton shirts, cotton maxi dresses, and cotton pants because they are light to carry, and pack easy, plus nobody wants to carry a crapload of clothes while feeling pain (trust me i kno) so i will stick to the essentials, and the heaviest stuff i have so far is my ensure which does not matter because i would have drank them all by the trip home. i may only carry 2 "cute outfits" but no jeans at all. yall probably know by now that in most cases jeans are a no no *imagine sitting on a plane all tight lookin from the swelling* not good for the circulation either. so im leaning towards a loose fitting winter dress for my trip home.( a long sweater, or sweater dress with leggings?) this would be the only thing i would have to purchase that i dont have.
let me know if im missing anything

THREE WEEKS AND TREE DAYS!! gosh i feel like i...

THREE WEEKS AND TREE DAYS!! gosh i feel like i JUST booked the app and its already almost time! i had to do a double take when i was looking at the calender. i dont think it has clicked in my mind yet that this is going to happen. i was thinking that if i did 1 thing everyday that pertained to getting ready, that i wouldint be in a rush right before the date of me leaving. so i am going to make a list, and check those things off so i wont feel so rushed later.

Exactly 3 weeks till i leave! found out there is...

exactly 3 weeks till i leave! found out there is no liquid rule, as long as its i the checked luggage so that helps with how im gonna bring my ensures. wonder if i can brig my own food too

Just posted pics, cant remember if i said where i...

just posted pics, cant remember if i said where i was getting lipo, im getting lipo on my chin,arms,tummy, n thighs. i am not sure about the bbl still, and will wait till i see yily to ask her about it. my butt is big for my height of 5'2 (because your height does count in your measurements) but my thighs are so thick, that my butt does not have a nice shape at the bottom, as u can see in my pic. and i have dents on the side of my butt cheeks whenever i lose weight because i have more hips n thighs then i do butt, lol only someone who has the same problem will know what im talking about, its hard to describe....well just givin a update hope all is well with everyone

Ok so i have decided to do the bbl . i knew what...

ok so i have decided to do the bbl . i knew what to expect before when i was only doing the lipo, but now im lost. i keep thinking of how im going to lay down, and stuff like that, and wondering how long before i feel better.

my goal right now is to try to not involve myself in anything related to the surgery untill the 8th of march, because i am making myself tense. so no blog sites, no investigating,no talking about it, and no daydreaming allowed, im going to just live my life untill the 8th. i will sum it all up before i leave, then its bon voyage!

Well have been trying to get things together, the...

well have been trying to get things together, the girl i was thought was going with me cancelled, so so no buddy, i doubt i will find one before Tuesday. but my trip originally wasn't based on anyone going with me in the first place.

i have been takings my vitamins as directed. and i brought a juicer. i have been drinking alot of carrot and beet juice also to help my bloodcount. i brought freeze dried beetjuice powder to bring with me also to bring with me to mix with the v8 juice im bringing with me also, i made sure to buy the low sodium v8 so that i wont retain too much fluid from the salt

i have been still thinking about the bbl and going back n forth in my mind if im going to do it or not, i did not really have a wish pic before because i never thought about who i wanted to look like, i was more focused on my measurements, but in the name of realself bbl tradition, the person i feel like i could resemble (body wise) is bria myles. i may be able to achive the look without the fat injections. but i will not determine if i will do this untill i talk to yily.

i have a big butt for my height, but i kinda wanna be in the 45 and over club. (i was almost there naturally when i was in the gym alot last year) i kinda want to be 47-48 inches if i get it done, but if that cant be achieved i would rather keep the butt i have, then get a scar on my butt just to gain 2-3 inches. if im going to get a scar on my butt, my butt better be huge! lol its fate that this guy who is a tailor gave me his business card a month ago, he was just handing em out. im going to need a tailor to alter my pants when i buy them. lol

my date is coming up so soon , and i look forward to it. i hope everything goes well, i have 4 more days till i leave, i will try to stay as calm as i can. because i feel that i am blessed enough to not worry about anything. things always work out for me somehow.

I am getting closer to the date. im not nervous...

i am getting closer to the date. im not nervous bout the surgery, just anxious to get it done.i dont lose sleep over it, but i do wake up a little too early in the morning getting caught up in thought. i trust the doctor i chose, and my planning ,and i trust myself. i will try my best to stay positive so that i will not have any stress pre op.

well here are some extra items i am bringing that i didint post before
bed liner (chucks)
arnica gel (for rubbing on bruises)
beetroot powder
(got the arnica from the same site) i mix it with v8 (low sodium) i know that some say it goes best with carrot juice , but when i mix it with v8 i seem to have more pep in my step
i also use my juicer to get beet juice,(not bringing it with me tho) for when i don't feel up to using the powder, and mix it with carrot juice purchased from the store.
im bringing my own food, it is allowed as long as its in checked luggage.
i brought tupperware to put food in and i will later freeze it, i cooked alot of food today, and froze some of it. and then i will put each container in ziplock bags in case they pop open.

well its late where im at, and i dont want to lose sleep.i guess 2 morrow will be my last update before i leave. hey anyone know if there is oovoo in dominican republic?

I am SO TIRED! i am going straight to bed, its 11...

i am SO TIRED! i am going straight to bed, its 11 pm where i am at and i have to wake up at 3 am to go to the airport, i have been setting up everything to make things run smoothly. and now i am just ready to zonk out before i regret it in the morning.

Hey guys im here in D.R. feelin jet lagged, this...

hey guys im here in D.R. feelin jet lagged, this is why it is best to show up 1-2 days early, plus the whole airport struggle exposes u to alot of germs and ect, your body needs a chance to recover. PLUS it gives u a chance to enjoy the island. i saw horses and they were beautiful. and i saw alot of people selling fresh fruit and other produce.

well im going to bed early because i have to be at the clinic first thing in the morn. oh and oovoo really helps me not feel bad being away from home, so that will be my piece of advice to anyone who gets sad when away from family. AKA homesick.

Well i had the surgery yesterday, and i feel...

well i had the surgery yesterday, and i feel better already. i got lipo of the back,waist , tummy and chin. she lipoed the holey crap outta my back tho. i had a complication because she did so much lipo ...oh i forgot she lipoed my thighs also, even tho i wanted my arms so there was a miscommunication im not mad tho, because with all the pain i felt, just imagine how i would have felt if she did my arms. i layed on my back in the clinic, but here i lay on my belly mostly cause it hurts less then my back. i have to do a full pushup to get outta bed. if i didint have my arms i would literally be like a baby stuck laying on its face. i feel stuck also when i lay on my back also. i have to roll over to the side that hurts the least, try to swing my legs off the bed.

oh back to the complication. i needed a blood tranfusion after surgery cause my blood got down to 6.2 thats half of normal. i didint have enough cash for it so i asked her can i get the money from the area she didint do. and even tho she kinda got upset because she claims that i owed her extra for doing my thighs, (even tho i didint care bout my thighs) she compromised to only charge me for one bag, and i pay for the other (for a heads up it is 75 dollors for each bag)

well i went home late yesterday because i had reations to the blood transfusion, i was told it was nomal, i was shaking real bad and got so cold, then i was hot. it was like my body was rejecting it. it didint act so badly to the second transfusion.i wish i didnt have to do a transfusion, but it was a matter of my life because my levels were down to half.

i am by myself right now, and i wanna go home early.i am going to see if i can get another doc to see me in my hometown. i know it is not recommended. but i feel so alone. i would not recommend stay by yourself. it makes u anxious to go home to your family

well she did do the fat graph and it seem like my but is bigger then my wish pic. when i walk i have to get used to having some fat in the part where i said i needed it to be filled in. i was concerned about scars but i only have 3 on my but 1 under each butt cheek (very tiny i coudint even see it im te mirror, i had to feel for it, to put my anti bacterial bandaid on(it claims on the box that it prevents scars) and i know i have one in my butt crack where she put the drain. i havent messed with that one. but i am so tempted to put some poly sporin on it cause i can feel it burnin a little.

well i will tell yall more later, i have sitting at this table, it seems like my laptop wont keep a charge except at this outlet.

Hey guys im still here,i been home 3 days, my butt...

hey guys im still here,i been home 3 days, my butt shrunk a lil during my flight home i could actually feel it happening i also didint know that i wasnt sopposed to sit on my butt for extended periods of time (till i looked up the question on Real Self) my butt got numb on my ride home from all the pressure i put on it. then all of a sudden it felt like the fat was being pushed up my back, i think my some fat got pushed up to my lower back. and now my butt sits VERY high. which is kinda how it was post op, as i can see. but i wanted more of a apple bottom, but i kinda ruined it by sitting. hopefully my butt will drop down lower when the swelling goes down.

my waist is more shapely with hardly any fat, but measurement wise, it almost the same as b4 ,only went down 3 inches, which i hear is common till the swelling goes down.i know that once all the hard tissue flattens out i will lose maybe another 2-3 inches. i took my garment off last nite for awhile so i was super swollen, i washed up good also. i know i am not sopposed to take a shower. so i put a lil water n the tub. and kinda kneeled in the water enough for me to soak as much of my hinney as possible, being careful not to let the water reach the top part of my butt where the drain was. i had to wash my va jay jay (as some call it) real good, to me doing this was as better than "washing up" because i can control where the water went just like washing up. but i was also able to soak my private area, cause just washing up just wasnt cutting it for me. so id rather bird bathe, then wash up in the sink. i cant stand feeling yucky. so even tho this is going slightly against the 2 week rule. it doesnt seem like a total violation plus the scars under my butt cheeks seemed to heal the fastest. and bathing didint do anything to em. the scars stayed completely closed. and i actually feel even less sensation from them , so i havent had any trouble in that area. i know this is not recommended. but a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

my chin lipo was blahhh, not much of a difference. and the only dramatic change so far is my thighs, im skinnny all over with fat arms, i mean akwardly fat in compared to the rest of my body. hopefully i can get together the cash to fix this issue, but its too late as far as the whole not going the summer with arm compression garments

Well today i feel much better, i felt kinda ill...

well today i feel much better, i felt kinda ill yesterday. i think my extra activity caught up with me.
i am healing ok. the scars under my butt cheeks are almost gone already, but the scar where the drain was looks horrible. i had to pull my own drain out when i got home because i didint want to go back to yily after the attitude she gave me
and i have one bad scar under my left breast from the garment rubbing. i will go to a scar specialist to have them fixed
i read other blogs on here and alot of people keep talkin bout how its going to be better when the swelling goes down, and i just keep thinking to myself, is my butt gonna go down too? cause in that case my but will be the same as b4. it kinda looks the same, just shaped diffrently.
i dont have my thighs anymore i only wanted fat removed behind my thighs, and between my legs, but now they are straight up and down. as u can see from my wish pics, i obviously did not have a problem with my thick thighs, i kinda need em to pulloff a larger size butt, but since she reduced my thighs so much, i guess she didint feel the need to put as much butt,so i kinda feel like i am stuck with the same butt as before, except now i have a huge scar between my ass crack. i even kinda wonder if she even injected any fat at all, i was one of the last on the list for the day, my surgery was at 7:00 and there were 8 girls being seen that day.
i will write about my experience at cipla at another time, since i am trying to stay off my butt so i can preserve whatever i do have left. (i hope its not just fluid from my back lipo)

Well the swelling is going down alot, and it looks...

well the swelling is going down alot, and it looks good so far. i mean way better. i swelled up so bad, it kind of depressed me. but most of the swelling went away, i had this layer of hard tissue everywhere i got lipo. i have a massaging pad i use to relive the hardness. and a friend to help me drain the fluids thru lymph massage. she said that they were so hard that she could feel em crackle under her fingers. (eeeewe!) i have 2 hard knots at the bottom of my ribs, and on my hip bones. i am putting foam on them that i brought. to help put even pressure on the knots and its working. my waist is 27 inches. alot of people say the final result is not seen this early, and i am only 2 weeks in. but if my waist got any smaller i would be amazed

my butt has not shrunk at all, and even tho it hasent gotten any bigger. it has gotten way rounder. and i see more of a apple bottom.i put on my old jeans, and they fit me lose around my legs, but i could barely pull em over my butt, so a few inches must make a diffrence.

my arms went down a bit, because i lost a little bit of weight unintentionally, i find it hard to eat much with the garment on. so i like my new shape so far. and if it only get better than i cant wait to see. i am trying not to sleep on my butt, and this garment is driving my nuts but maybe it will be worth it in the long run, and thnk god its not summer yet, i wear alot of layers right now. my body looks so diffrent it is so obvious i had work done. i dont think the world is ready for what im hiding under my ex boyfriends zip up hoodie. lmfao!

Just posted pics, i am now 15 days post op

just posted pics, i am now 15 days post op

So i will take more pics when these knots go away...

so i will take more pics when these knots go away on my hips, n ribs,and lower back. im using this sunbeam massaging pad i got on walmart.com and its helping some. i still have a hard layer of tissue on my abs too,its about a inch and a half thick. its so thick that i cant feel my muscle. the lumps on my hips are like the size of a deck of cards. a bit bigger tho, and the thickness of the hard tissue on my lower back is about a inch and a half. the tissue is still hard on my upper and mid back also. i am noting this only because nobody else so far has documented how long it takes for the hard tissue to go away, and soften up.my back still feels like a big scab, it dosent hurt, but it feels sore, and itchy. the massager seems to feel as tho its scatching the itch for me. most of my bruising went away at about the 2 week mark.i am also losing weight, so naturally my butt went down a inch. and so did my waist. atleast my arms are starting to match tho. im still getting them lipoed asap tho. i might get a donut lift while im at it too, not sure if i should get a full lift or a donut lift. i will stop after this tho, i sent my pics for a quote yesterday.

Omg I cut the butt cheeks off my garment and it...

Omg I cut the butt cheeks off my garment and it makes my butt look colossal in jeans, and my hinney can breathe, lol, I did it because my butt was starting to look mushed on the sides and there was too much cheek in the middle. I hope doing this makes my butt go back to how it was b4. I think the garment is good for your butt at first, but But it serves your liposuction better that your bbl, i think the nylon us not helpful at all.my butt was taking the shape that the garment wants it to make , which i didint care for.and my cheeks would get numb in the sides, and where my hips are, and now it doesn't .some may not agree but this works for me. I have a full garment with thigh coverage btw. I was at the store and I was wearing jeans and a bomber style jacket which is kinda heavy. And I thought I looked modest. But this girl was staring at me, then she was tellin this lady with her "did you see that? Her butt was huge! I thought since I had a coat on it wouldint be as big of a deal because a lot of girls here have butts way bigger than mine where im from.And I thought if nobody could see my waist I would just blend in. Smh. Especially since I don't even think its about the size of the butt anymore but the shape if it.cause like I said I am not much bigger than b4.my legs and shape just make my butt look way bigger. Well that was my adventure for today. Gosh I gotta get used to this, I'm way too shy.

It's getting so nice outside where I'm at, I went...

It's getting so nice outside where I'm at, I went to the park I got in a good walk,And talked to my daughter. I think I got in some good circulation, and I feel so much better. I love the feeling of having sun on my skin, and air in my lungs. After all the recouping i needed it. Can't wait till summer,there is something bout the sun that heals, and makes u feel so much better. Well this is what worked for me today.And walking really helped my thighs too. Gosh imma sleep so hard tonite. Lol

Sorry i didint update at the 1 mo mark, but its...

sorry i didint update at the 1 mo mark, but its all good. i alot of the hardness has gone away, and there is just a bit of swelling left, (i think the swelling comes and goes for up to 6 months) i swelled up something terrible b4 my period, like my whole body. probably because the surg caused me to miss my friend last month. everything is healed fine so far, and most of the hard areas are gone ,just a little left on my lower back. i think it will be gone in another 3-4 weeks based on the fact that it is half the thickness it was.make sure to take care of your sides and make sure there is no bunching very early in surgery, the dent i got on the side is from where the drain was around my waist, its just now going away. i thought it was going to be there a long time. so ladies if u are having surg, make sure use the pads.
i am sick of the garment, but im hanging in there. i actually take it off, then my body is like "oh no u dont" so i have to put it right back on again.i wear padding in the front and the back, and i kinda think is funny cause i look like i did post op, i was at the park the other day, and the padding was coming out of the bottom of my shirt. i didint know at first, but there was alot of people there so i felt kinda akward, but whatever, not like i even kno the people there. my legs went down a whole freakin lot, i was a little tight that yily took so much of my legs, but now i like em, only because my thick thighs looked good in clothes, but when i see my post op pics, i realized why she did what she did. i didint really plan on ever wearing a bikini or anything like that, and now im happy because i can now. i think thick is beautiful in my opinion,thats why i wanted to keep em, but when i see the overall vision she had, everything blends together well.i usually care too much what people think, n wonder if im being critisized about my body, im starting to get to the point where i just dont effin care anymore.i am pretty much satisfied, n im bout to get a bikini lol... i found a site with full coverage bottoms,the bathing suits are so freakin cute.and there is something for every shape. hope this helps


My outcome was good,and i feel blessed for that,...

my outcome was good,and i feel blessed for that, my experience that i had was a life lesson in itself, it taught me alot about speaking up for myself, and being more thoughtful on how i go about doing things.i will hope anyone who is about to have this surgery will learn from my experience, sometimes someone has to have a rough time,in order for the next person to have a easier time after them,and thats how i see it point blank,

so this is why i have no regrets and i hope thru my experience which was a rough one, there can be changes made, and that the girls on here will know what to look out for. i guess the moral of my whole situation, is speak up for your self, there is always a way to get what u need,and there is always a way to do it politely and without offending. and if your best (polite) efforts are dismissed, make sure u bring an extra voice with u.

i love my overall results, and i think as far as skills go yily did a great job, but my experience with her was so hurried, i dont have a real opinion of her so i cant really tell u much as far as that goes

see link for part 1 of review. my 4 star rating is based on skill only.
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