Lipo Abs, Flanks, Thighs, Butt Sculpture and BL with Fat Transfer - Dominican Republic

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Hi Everyone been on this site a few months through...

Hi Everyone been on this site a few months through recommendation learnt a lot so thought I would post. Decided to have surgery two years ago for the first time as just wanted my old self back, yeah it took me this long. On my research of doctors I have chosen doctor Emmanuel Mallol. I will explain why him and who I also reviewed but did not go with. I first contacted Dr Duran and Dr Yily, Yily responded promptly to my questions via a consultant but I chose not to go with her as did not feel the personal connection and when I changed my choice of procedures I got an email informing me, pleasantly but firmly that my price would not change. I was not looking for a discount just preferred a different procedure but understand a lot of people hit her with discounts. Duran just took too long to get back by the time she did I had reviewed 4 other board certified doctors and found Mallol, she however was professional and pleasant. Anyway back to my search. Next was Dr medina really loved how caring she was, provided a lot of information and definitely my second choice loved this woman's way of handling her business plus response came from her not a 3rd party, she just did not have my date. same story with Dr Baez loved her too and she was cheap responded herself but did not have my date yet even asked me to keep in touch in case of a cancellation. Please note the doctors who responded personally won me over as I knew how busy they are and was impressed, felt confident they would therefore treat me like a priority and with warmth. It's my first time after all so this matters. Dr Luis Mejia was very prompt also but used a consultant so I feel I personally need and like the personal touch I found with Baez, Medina and Mallol. I chose Mallol for how he handled me as a prospective patient, answered all my questions, had my date and even accommodated me when I changed Both my date and surgery procedures. He and his office have thus far impressed me the most. So am booked for first week of July plus love his work.

1week to countdown- feels intensify

Ok not long to go now. Sorting tourist card already good on passport, flight alittle expense but I can't handle a lot of stops on my return journey after surgery. Last minute on recovery house. Saw my home doctor no red flags still happy with my surgent choice...I know you may think alittle late but am the type to cancel to the minute if I get red flags it's my life on the line and have a baby to come back to. So getting my supplies with thanks to other dolls who put up their surgery supplies list on real self. Will put mine up soon. Put on 12lbs in 3 weeks no reason in particular so just going to exercise for the healthy heart rate not weight loss till I fly. Plus caught some viral infection been recovering this week better to catch it now than after surgery. Now all l want is to get there hope it goes well I get surgery and am fine. My bestie is flying to join me but after the surgery date. I am going to ask the cost of an extra nights stay at the clinic am just not ready after one night for the recovery house unless it's priced ridiculous will stay an extra night at the clinic. Oh am praying the doctor does a good job and am visibly different and pleased in my chosen areas. Plus no complication before, during or after, praise God on that. The wait to surgery is intense now, the hope nothing goes wrong also hightenly intense. Am ok with crying like a baby, looking a mess.... as long as I can without a doubt see the positive impact of doctors work on my body. My feeling a mess but a controlled mess...on auto pilot to the day of surgery. Prayer is my armour. This is so intense ladies.


Do I fly tomorrow got supplies it's all adding up this process is challenging. Am so nervous

Alcohol wipes
Antibacterial soap
Constipation pills
Pain Killers
Pillow for my bottom (lipo)
Neck pillow for flight and after surgery
Compression socks
Compression tights stage class2
First aid box
Scar tape
Famine pads
Box of Gloves
5-6 dresses maxi style
Toothpaste mouthwash toothbrush
Spray to help with itching
E45 lotion

Wish pics

Wish pic- uploaded

Villa Armonia

Ok landed Saturday flight delay 2 hours and my driver waited for me.

Staying at villa Armonia it's a new complex you get rooms single / shared etc but they look spacious ones I have seen not seen all. You have a pool at the villa access to a private golf club with restaurant 15 mins drive and a private beach in town 30 minutes drive. Not gone solo so do not know how easily you can access this on your own went in a group of 4 with the owner.

Will post review after surgery.

Please not this is my personal journey and I do not work for the villa association just documenting my personal process good bad and areas of improvement

Villa Armonia-pics


Ok surgery went well zero complications no pain felt nothing spent most of it in conversation with the doctor. In the end had a bereavement 2 days before surgery and changed surgery as no one home on my return to care for me. No breast lift. Had lipo sculpture of abs flanks upper and lower back, lipo on my upper bottom for shape my butt always been super and doctor offered me my money back as I had extra after surgery change but I chose to get my inner thighs lipo. Now ladies am a big girl I carry it well over 200lbs no you can't tell looking at me.

The plus I have already dropped 9lbs even with this crazy swelling...ladies it's no joke the fluid buildup. The pain starts after you leave hospital. My surgery went well on the next day day of discharge from hospital my hemo noise dived by 50% to 7.5 nurses quick to act when I felt dizzy standing. Had my blood taken then doctor mallol who was on his rounds at military called me personally spoke To me and I did not have the cash on me. But he arranged everything with the blood bank for me to pay later and I got a double blood transfusion on the spot. That was impressive patient safety before finance. After that no issue.

There is a lady at the resort who does massages very pretty and great at her job. But these things hurt and when she's doing it you can hear the liquid draining. My nurse is amazing cooks great food always on hand and even attempts to joke with me.

My only concern is how much draining and swelling will go down before my flight. Plus my drain block yesterday but the masseuse lady fixed it that pain was bad pray it does not happen to you. So far day 4 ok but surroundings are amazing staff great I just won't have this level of help at home goner chat to the doctor to see if I should intermittently hire a nurse when home.

Update 2

It's now just past 2 weeks post. The pain is manageable am able to move around more. Just finished the course of antibiotics the doctor gives. Still on pain meds and my swelling is reducing.
I had an 18 hour flight back and it harden the liquid swelling causing firbrosis which I had my doctor look at and a plastic surgeon all say it goes naturally. The liquid has already began to soften back to normal but it will take a month. So warning for those with long flights back but it corrects itself.
The great news I have dropped while eating quite a lot nearly 10lbs and it keeps dropping am amazed. Think doctor took over 14plus lbs off. People are commenting That they see the change even with the swelling and my pre surgery clothes are too big on my mid section my shape looks better.

I just need to fit in more massages 3 a day because of the firbrosis for a month they really make a difference my faja needs to now be smaller, but I am giving it another week before I buy one.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations on the stage 2 faja let me know. Am hopeful that things continue to progress and cannot thank enough my nurse at the recovery house who kept me medically safe, clean and infection free plus she was very nice.

Update3 - 1 month

It's a month nearly to the day. I am so happy I know it's suppose to be at least 3 months before you see good results but mine are extremely noticeable. I have had zero complications and no infections I hope this continues. I credit this to both the doctor and the nurse at my recovery villa. She taught me good habits.

I have kept the 9kg reduction shocked to know I was carrying that much excess on my back and belly. My body is vastly changed from my upper body and midsection my curves are crazy pics do not do the doctor's work justice. The fact you can see the top part of the binkni when before it was swallowed by the belly fat. I used to look 7 months pregnant all the time.

Very excited to see the results once my swelling goes am still quite swollen. Have liquid still in my back and tummy so very impressed even with all that. Nothing fits me and my clothes look like maternity wear around my mid-section.

Update4 - 2 months

for about 2 weeks now gone cold turkey on taking constant daily painkillers. In the beginning the pain means you need to take painkillers to just get on with your day. I have also not been so good with the faja in the last two weeks I take it off for a day sometimes this is more because I started on a extra large faja which became too big by week 3 so went too a large faja which is too big by week 7 and am now having it mended to be smaller and set to a medium. I seem to shrink at the moment month on month the fajas are too expensive for monthly replacements. Also Using scar treatment too noticing a difference on the incision scars.
The Sx Pain only comes in the morning or after sitting or lying down for long periods. There is itching now which is rare but I assume part of the healing very annoying. A new one mood swings not often but almost weekly I think it's too much meds in my system maybe I was getting addicted.
My body has changed a lot and my self esteem is back the changes in the body does not change your life I find but your perception of yourself. You love you more and therefore others follow. It's been good rediscovering my old self. Am even now getting ready to beginning exercise again
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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