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Hello everyone. I am 39 yrs old and the mother...

Hello everyone.
I am 39 yrs old and the mother of 2 boys. Ages 18 and 7. It's my turn to do something for me. Before the 40th b-day, this body will be rightttt. I've been stalking and researching this site since august of 2013. I was already certain that I would have my procedures and I was certain that it would be with Dra. YILY. After seeing the phenomenal job she did on a friend of mine and her mom, I was hooked. I've been very low key but think its time to start documenting my journey. I contacted Yily via email in sept. I was looking to have large volume lipo to stomach, waist, flanks, full back, inner thighs, knees and of course bbl. Yily evaluated my pics and decided that I needed to lose 40lbs and that I would need a tummy tuck. In her quote, she included the tummy tuck, lipo of arms but did not include the knees and I thighs. Everything else that I requested was included. The quote was $4300. I asked her to send another quote minus the arms but include the knees n thighs. That quote was $4800. After researching, I've decided that I will not be doing the knees and thighs. Im afraid of the saggy skin and a thigh lift is not an option for me. So as of now I will begin my weight loss journey (again). My starting weight was 242.8. I had gotten down to 228.4 but now im back up to 232.4. Holidays have not been good to me. But time is moving fast and I will be in DR in april so its getting real.

Damned before pics, uggg!!! But wait...

Im shrinking!

When I originally started considering this surgery, I weighed 242 lbs. As of today I am.....# drumrollplease...228lbs. Im so excited with my progress. My biggest obstacle is staying focused on the goal of weighing 200lbs. I might push my surgery date further out cuz I want to treat myself and not cheat myself. I want to get to 200 before going. I know I can do it!

Finally seeing results

It's official!!!

Hey girlies!!! It is official! I paid my deposit, booked my flight, and confirmed a date with Dr Yily for June 5th. I must admit, with the recent deaths reported, I am more afraid than ever but I trust the Lord and know that I will be safe! I have mixed emotions about things now. Im excited about a transformation in 8 weeks but of course concerned about my health and life. Just gonna keep praying for us all!

undecided about procedures

Ok, im still debating on if I should lipo my knees and thighs. I have saggy skin in the thigh area and I dont want to make it worse. On the other had I want a complete look and these thighs definitely need to be hit! What do you ladies think?


Hi sisters, does anyone have Yily's info for whatsapp, I typed her name in but nothing come up. Please help, I need to connect asap!

23 Days and counting!!!

My emotions are all ova the place. Im excited, nervous, anxious, scared, frustrated all at once. Im more excited than anything. Even though ive been packed since mid April I am not prepared. I still have weight to lose, need to have my tests done so that I dont go to DR and get sent home and need to stop spending my funds on my household and focus in myself for a change!

Did not have sx

Ok my rs sisters. I am doing just fine. I had to get myself together. Ive been really emotional the past week but I am sooooo happy that things turned out as the did. So here is what happened! I arrived at the airport to late on wed so my flight was rescheduled til Thursday which was fine since my sx date was Friday the 11th. Well due to a breach in communication about the new flight time, I missed the thursday flight because of my hubby. At this point im like screw it, its not meant for me. I m so glad he mixed up the time and set the alarm later...I came on my period early (probably from stressing), the check that I was waiting on from my 401k is still not in my's been in my hr office since last week but the hr rep (owner's son in law) was not in therefore he could not send the check. So I would have been in DR on my period, living in the RH and paying for the days with no sx. Not to mention yily isnt going to touch you until her funds are secured. Best case senario, I could have had surgery tomorrow (tuesday) when i get paid if my iron levels arent to low after my menstrual. Sad part is my flight was for Friday. No way after a tt would I be on a flight 3 days later coming home. I thank God for allowing me to miss the flight. It would have been a total waste of time and money. So once again I must reschedule. My excitement is goneddown the delimma is getting time off again to do the sx later.
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