Full Body Lipo and Possible Breast Lift with Yily: Scheduled for 7/22/2013... Please Help - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies :) Like many of you I have been...

Hello ladies :) Like many of you I have been lurking this site and mmh for quiet a while. I have now decided to start my own discussion thread and keep everyone updated on my where about. I would like to post pictures of myself but I have been reading that they are taking the pics and posting them on facebook (my husband would die).

Well, I got my quote from Yily couple of weeks ago, I will be getting full abs, full back, flanks, bra roll all this for $3100, I will also be doing arms and thighs for an additional $450.00. I also asked for a quote including breast lift $3900+$450.00= $4350.00. Yily recommended 8 massages but due to the fact that I will be staying in DR for 24 days I will most likely be getting over 12 massages. I have also spoken to my chiropractor to have cupping lymphedema done as I read on here by one of the girls that it is working wonders for her.

As I mentioned I will be staying in the country for 24 days, I will be arriving July 20th surgery is scheduled for July 22nd and will be returning August 11th. I am originally from the Dominican Republic and I have rented a Condo in the capital. I will be traveling with my mother, my three children ages 1,6 & 10, my friend who will also be getting surgery by Yily on the 22nd and her son. My husband will be arriving on the 1st of August with my brother, sister and father.

I am trying, well hoping for a quick recovery as I plan on enjoying the country with my husband when he arrives, I will be 10 days post operated. I had a tummy tuck 6 months after giving birth to my 6 years old. This is the reason I am now going for lipo being that my stomach does not flap. I have breastfed my youngest for 14 months we weaned February 2nd I just hope this will not cause an issue but Yily is aware of the situation and seems to be fine with the time frame.

The main reason why I am starting this topic is because I do not really see pics on these sites about Yilys breast jobs. I am scared well more like terrified about having weird looking breast, the incision and a little concerned about how high she lifts them. Anyone who has done breast lifts with her happy? please share your story... I have been taking all my vitamins for the past three weeks and will be ordering the pre and post operation kits on mmh. I will be keeping you guys updated about my journey ;) and hope to hear back from you guys, I would love to see pics, I might upload some of my own also ;)

I would like to add that my current bra size is...

I would like to add that my current bra size is 38DDD. I do not want to go down in size but I know that a lift means my size will be reduced, not sure how I feel about that. My husband tells me all the time that he does not want my size reduced, it fits my body perfectly. I think a 38DD will do just fine being thy my waist will be tiny.. I will e posting pictures soon

Well I think I will be adding photos today :)

Well I think I will be adding photos today :)

Well I have decided I will be going ahead with my...

Well I have decided I will be going ahead with my breast lift with no reduction. I am now wondering if I should add a small implant just for fullness. I wish I can post a pic but every time I try for some reason it wont post. I will try again in a few minutes. I have a friend who transferred some fat into her boobs for fullness, but I have been reading that can also increase the risk of breast cancer in the future... not sure If I want to put myself at risk. Hubby does not want me to get an implant, he says he does not want my breast to feel "fake", I am trying to convince him ;)

I am considering switching my forum to the BBL...

I am considering switching my forum to the BBL side, I get no traffic lol

I have had a few ladies PM regards to the condo I...

I have had a few ladies PM regards to the condo I am renting and I just though I should probably post this info on here. Hope this can help a few of you ladies out there

I will be staying in the Ensanche Piantinni area which is a short drive to CIPLA about 10 minutes. This area is considered one of the capitals best when it comes to safety, reliability, it is a very rich area. I am renting the apartment for $129 a day, it is 1500sq feet and has 3 bedrooms plus a small service bedroom. in my opinion this is very spacious if traveling in a group or with family. I know Leinot also rents the apartment out by bedrooms for those who are not traveling with family, the fee is $65 a day. This is the link to the apartment if you are interested tell Leinot I send you maybe he can work something out with you, https://m.airbnb.com/listings/684757 .... I am also renting a vehicle for my stay, my brother in law is a cab driver and will be my driver while I am in DR, if you interested his number is 829-933-0326 his name is Gary. He can cab you or be a drier if you choose to rent a vehicle. Please let me know if you need any additional information hope this could be of any help.

Pictures loaded!

Pictures loaded!

I started working out with my trainer again 4x a...

I started working out with my trainer again 4x a week :) trying to loose a good 20lbs and get physically and mentally ready for surgery :) 96 days to go lol
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I think Yily is the perfect doctor for what I want :)

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