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Aggressive Liposuction, Bbl I am a 29 year old...

Aggressive Liposuction, Bbl

I am a 29 year old woman with no kids. I had a lap band procedure 3 years ago. Lost 40 pounds. Now I want to get my body niped and sucked. Lol. I just a want a new image and new sexy body finallyyy before my 30th bday.

Pre and Post op Care doc in Houston?

I am in the process of doing all my tests/Ekg.....But I really want a Doc that will prescribe me all my meds as well. I feel secure getting my antibiotics here. I am sooo nervous. I want to make sure, God forbid an infection, that I have some potent Augmentin in my system. Anyone know a PCP in houston that will prescribe all my meds as well?

Passport on Deck

Hey RS fam!!! I cant beleive my big day is less than two weeks away. Many emotions. The strongest being excitement! Can't wait for a new me finally!! So I finally got my passport and booked at Upscale Rh (per Yily's recommendation). I have 90% of my supplies. Will start packing this weekend. I had trouble finding a doc to prescribe meds. Pretty ironic since I know and work with several doctors. Thing is... I don't want them knowing about my surgery. Lol. So since I am a medical provider with prescriptive authority I will be writing these scripts myself! Desperate times call for desperate measures!! I mean I just have to make sure my Antibiotics are quality and #FDAapproved!!!! Anyone know of any good massage places in houston??? Oh yes. I have started atkins. Im 5 "6" and I hope to get down to 200 (210lbs now) by sx day. BMI is 33 now. (Must be 35 or less) so Im good but I wanna be great. Wish me luck and as always you ladies are in my hearts and prayers! Happy Journey!!!!!

Correction Im 5"7"

I meant to write I am 5 "7". Oops.

So I was thinking...

So I was thinking....


Is anyone else having surgery in CIPLA on July 7th??? I am seriously considering a surgery buddy now.


My plan of interest:


Stay at The Plaza Florida Suites with roommate- This hotel is $108 a night ($54 shared) and is only walking distance from CIPLA!!! Very nice and clean hotel with good reviews. No RH drama! lol


Hire A nurse- This may be around $20-$30 shared. A nurse is essential in helping you bathe, clean wounds, help with medications, ambulation etc. etc. Can't depend on yourself these first few days.


Hire a driver- Now I only plan to go to and from Airport/Food/CIPLA etc. I do not plan on staying in a car for long distances for touring purposes as this can increase risk of DVT.  I would love to walk around however in safe environments with a local chaperone if possible. Expected expense $100 shared at most.


Total cost for a decent recovery house All inclusive (Double bed) (No private nurse) is $620

Total cost for a Clean hotel (Next door to CIPLA) (Private nurse- even on surgery night) (No RH drama, including messiness, thieves, questionable cleanliness)  $688 at most!!



Being in healthcare, I just cant help but view recovery houses and hospitals as equals, though they are not quite. Even in the U.S. with all the strict protocols for sanitation and sterilization, our hospitals are STILL breeding grounds for infection. That being said......I can only imagine being in an unsterile home where many other women with open wounds, bodily discharge  and God forbid infections are healing. Cannot be much different. Not to say an infection will happen if you stay in a recovery house, but a hotel is definitely more comfortable and safer in terms of cross contamination, quality care and cleanliness. Where as one or two nurses will care for many women. At a hotel We will have one nurse care for only two ppl. And we can be more demanding in quality of care without all the attitude due to a high patient load.


 If only I can find a surgery buddy!! Please be on the lookout for me as well  ladies....and if you happen to find someone looking for a buddy, pls send them my way :). ....

Medication recommendations.

Pls dont take medical advice from just anyone guys. Always consult with a physician. Yours preferably. Some advice I see on here is cringe worthy to me especially knowing many will unsuspectingly take it. My advice is do your research here to form your own opinions. Do your research elsewhere to get facts. Most doctors will tell you avoid NSAIDs esp motrin ie ibuprofen a week before and after surggery. This can increase bleeding and bruising. Tylenol extra strength is the drug of choice. Research this. Another thing. Have your own doctors give you the equivalent of the medication that your surgeon provides using their list verbatim...not the equivalent list found here. Amoxicillin and Clavulin are not the same. Augmentin would be the equivalent to Clavulin. Very important as Augmentin is more powerful than Amoxicillin alone. Our main goal after surgery in DR is to prevent infection. Pls be careful and once again always do your research for facts outside of RS reviews!!!!

3-7 days post op pics!!!!!

Hey guys. Im officially on the flat side. Just wanted to share a few one week post op pics. I gained ten pounds on the scale but i do see a difference. I hope I continue to go down. I love the shape she gave me i just want to be less wide. Waist is 34. Started off at 37. I hope to be 30. Fingers crossed!!! I would definitely consider a round two. My surgery experience was smooth and uneventful by the grace of God. Aside from recovery house drama. Lol. Geeez thats a whole nother topic. Btw i stayed at upscale recovery and no I definitely dont recommend it. Anyway. Not a huge blogger. Just wanna share some pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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