Round 2 in the DR First was with Robles NOW TO YILY- Dominican Republic

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First let me start off if want to see photos check...

First let me start off if want to see photos check out my Instagram and feel free to follow me


I update that often and is made for all of this :)
I just had surgery in the Dominican Republic with dr.robles I around 6 months post op and why I'm doing a round two is because I didn't do a full BBL or all over lipo like I wanted I chose to stay safe and do the tummy tuck lipo my sides and chin with starting the shaping for the BBL so I need the 2nd procedure to complete the first.
I have mixed reviews on her but the recovery home I stayed at (I booked one on my own) was "my home recovery house" which is one dr.medina uses and I actually stayed with her girls and seen their results and seen her a few times as well personally . Beautiful woman oh my word ! So was easy for me to say when I come back she's my must have and I regret not choosing her first but hey you live and you learn !

So here to April 2016 and getting everything completed finally !

BBL Round #2 with All over Liposuction

Hey girls, first I'm only going to post a couple photos on here. From before I had any work done in the DR. Including before last year even and couple recovery. If want to see more POST op follow I'm Instagram - heatherangelica813

MY BREAST IMPLANTS WERE NOT DONE IN THE DOMINCAN REPUBLIC, they are 1500cc Saline overfill . Before get asked a bunch times again lol

I went to Dr.Robles last year on April 16th did tummy tuck,liposuction to sides and chin with the shaping to start the BBL I knew going into surgery with her I'd have to return for a 2nd surgery to finsh. How ever she couldn't get me in and I like my results with her. She did wonderful BUT she doesn't do the BBL how I'd like mine to be completed. So I Contacted Dr. YILY. Her & her staff have been wonderful to communicate with. She was my (first choice) last year but didn't have any room and was unreachable. This time been very pleasant & look forward to having work done by her.

There is so much negative comment on this site towards her, rather from her not doing the surgery her self or hanging a curtain up to avoid a patient seeing the surgery being preformed if they had woken up. Please if you have any fears . Contact their office, I've had COUNTLESS surgeries . You have a team in the room with the doctor, and if there are sheets placed up its for two important reasons. One sanitary, Second you don't want to wake up and see all the blood and equipment and put yourself in to shock. Alot of girls do not understand this. These Doctors are so caring and love what they do. They are like us they built a life to enjoy raise a family . She certainly isn't out to hurt you. Why do you think she's one of the top. Beautiful and caring. SO if you have any fears or doubt . Add me on Instagram and cab follow my journey because I will be uploading on to my YouTube channel as well :)

I leave April 27th or 28th not sure yet and will be Staying at Serenity Recovery Home ! Would love to meet girls like I did last time and possibly take a trip to Boca Chica to end the water again as well !

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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