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This is my story, Hello, I am in desperate...

This is my story,
I am in desperate need of help. I have nevDominican Republic, DOer had the body that I want. No matter how much weight I lose my butt always goes first. When I gain weight it all ends up in my mid section and I look like I have a tire around my waist. I do not even know what size my waist is anymore.

I did have liposuction done 4 years ago and that did help but did not get the results that I was told I would get. I do not want to have to have to micro manage my body everyday to worry if I gained or lost another inch. I am a young 52 year old and want to do something about this body once and for all. I have no butt to begin with. I am a C cup breast size. I only had one child in my life and she is 29 years old. So no more children are in the picture. I wear coats or some kind of jacket almost year round because I do not like my body. Although people have told me that I do not look bad, I feel bad on the inside.

I am not happy with my body and have not been happy with it since I came out of my late twenties. Plastic surgery in the USA is way too expensive for me. I have had two plastic surgery procedures done over the years that did not give me the results to which I had been told prior to the surgery. It is all about the money and I have gone into dept to have procedures done and wasted a lot of time and money that I did not have.

My breast area a C cup but they are uneven so I cannot wear any tops that are low cut because the line in the middle is un even. I just want them to be fuller. But most of all I want a Butt, Please. For once in my life I just really want a Butt. I have read so many good reviews about you and I have been asking friends that I have that are from DR and friends that I have from Columbia that have even told me to go to DR to get plastic surgery done.

I do not know how a consultation is done or how I even go about doing something like this but please help me if you can. Please let me know what I have to do to come there. Do you need pictures or measurements. How long will I have to stay in DR.

Please help me to feel like me. Please help me to see on the outside of me what I feel on the inside. I want to look in the mirror and finally see myself and not be ashamed of the image that I do look at.

I am 5ft. 7 inches tall and I weigh 180lbs. I do not know what size my waist or hips are but my bra size is a 38 C cup. Please help me. I am praying desperately that I may have finally found the right person to help me.

I want to thank you in advance for reading my email and thank you again for helping me even if you cannot help me. Thank you for your time.

Can someone please help me to contact Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Read a lot of email experiences. She is highly recommended

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