Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and BBL-Dominican Republic

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Soon to be yilys boll!!! I'm 41 years old, 3 kids,...

Soon to be yilys boll!!! I'm 41 years old, 3 kids, 160 pounds, try lot of diets and work outs but I can never go back to my body, so I made the decision to get plastic Surgery. Feeling very excite, having surgery on May 09. Can any body recommend a Recovery house, my package includes one of this: luxury, kindness, serenity, diamond recovery house, but I can't make up my mind I need help please!!!

2 more Weeks!!!

I cant waited, I'm so incious, I got everything on my list except the Bobby pillow!! I'm started it packing to night!!
2 grandma night gowns
Maxi dresses
2 Sport Brad
Under shirts
2 packs of maxi pads
2 packs of wipes
Compression socks
Pack of we wee pads
Arnica gel and tablets
Travel belt
Extencion cord
Antibacterial body wash
Plastic gloves
Alcohol swabs
Bandages/ gause
Feminine urinal
Iron pills 325mg
Vitamin c 1000mg
Prenatal tab
Folic acid pills 800mg
Ibuprofen 800 mg
Ranitidine 3000mg
meal replacement shakes
Water pills

After Surgery pictures

Ladys Im Back And Im made it!!

15 days after

4months after surgery

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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