40 Mom of 3 Tired of Hiding I Am Ready to Get my Mojo Back... I Am Traveling to the DR to Find It!! - Dominican Republic

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I have decided to travel to the DM for some...

I have decided to travel to the DM for some aggressive liposuction abdomen, back, flanks also adding inner thighs and arm/armpits and a possible BBL(I have a somewhat big butt they say but for me I need it to be fuller more shape it doesn't have a good shape to me although it still looks great in jeans. I want it to look great in a string bikini.. HELLOOO... I have been reading so much good information here but still feel like I need so much help. I have so much to do and have so little time left to do it. I have officially just scheduled my surgery for April 28th with Dr. Mallol. A little history I had a TT in 2004 and also had ab lipo back in 2004 since then I have gained about 50+ pounds..smh.. Anyway I am not trying to be skinny I love my curves, well I love what my body USED to look like now NOTTTT... I am positive Dr. Mallol will help me get some of my definition back. I also am now thinking about possibly adding a BL with my lipo. Can you guys please help me out here and give me some information.. I feel so over whelmed not knowing where to start and what to do. The one thing I did do was pay my surgery and book my date. Now What??

Morning pics

So I have also been thinking about naybe getting a BL also. Curious to know how a BL actually works. I dont have super big breast but dont want to lose no size. Anybody know how i lt goes?


So I have been looking through other dolls post and

So I have been looking through other dolls post and wondering why havent I did any updates. I thought to myself well maybe people aren't even interested in what you have going on. THEN I had to check my own self and realized first and foremost I am doing this for myself for my own self satisfaction on what I feel is not a good look and then I realize so many people are here that are interested and want to know how you are doing and are praying for you. Also just updating and providing aome info can help the next person on their journey something that you may post can be the drciding factor on someone chosing a certain doctor or deciding against the same doctor. Guess all info is good info to somebody. LOL. Anyway hope I made sense no pics right this sec BUT I am at the airport on my way to the DR. I will be another snatched beauty soon. I claim it!!!

Random thought

Also random thought.. Why do I have 1 suitcase juat for supplies.. SMH.. I read others post about all the stuff they buy and how they shop tooooo much... Only if yall knew what I do!!!!! And I also had to downsize some of my stuff because there was just TOOOOO MUCH stuff like come on and I felt that I was missing things.


Yea, I think I am officially anxious right now... just a day away from getting snatched. Im trying to just be so calm and collective BUTTTTT my stomah is doing some things (maybe because I havent ate on 2 days) lmao.... No bit serious Im happy and ready. I have kept this in only have 2 people that actually know what I am doing and 1 is my son who is keeping my other boys lol and he still dont know actual details but I know he sees me looking at RealSelf all the time and can put 2 plus 2 together... Anyway, Happy Wednesday folks Im off to board, I had a long layover.

Finally got over to the flat side

Finally got over to the flat side. I went into surgery about 3:30 pm and im not sure when i got out. I didnt take any before pics but I will ask if the doctor can send me some of his. I feel good as of this morning tolerable pain. Its about 2:46 am right now and who knows what the next hours will bring. Will update when I'm able to get some pics taken.


Hey ladies... Im just updating you with a couple pics... The bruising for me is real guess that is the aggresive liposuction for sure.


Hi everyone.. Just getting up enough strength to update everyone. I have been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks.. I came in to hospital with excruciating pain 2 weeks ago and im still here but should be going on home soon. They did a emergency surgery to temove some infection. I have 4 incisions they added to help me drain. I will upload some incision picks they are not pretty. They were packing the holes they put in and today I allowed them to put in a drainage system. A wound pac to help me some. Can't tell you what went wrong just can say this has been a long 2 weeks. When I first got to the hoapital I was told that I possibly wouldn't make it though this and the way I felt for a second I may have believed it. But Im here updating yall and I know the devil is a liar. Im better and will be back to normal soon.

Sepsis Liposuction More info as it comes back to me

Ok, since I have been trying to recover and after talking to my mom and my son whom was by myside the whole time. It is really just hitting me just how bad I was. I got out the hospital Friday and went to my first follow up yesterday. While talking to the doctor i cried It really is hitting me I could have died. Totally Crazy!! I went in with bad pains. When I got to the ER I had a fever of 103+ throught my first at least 5 days it was hard to bring my fever down. I can remember them saying I was septic I had septsis infection I didnt even believe I was that bad although I was dehydrted, I ended up having my liver and kidneys trying shut down on me... I dont drink it smoke... I needed a blood transfusion I got a blood transfusion. I think they stopped at 3 bags. I still didn't understand the sepsis part the one of the doctors/surgeon came in to see me one day and told me that I needed to be rushed to surgery and if i didnt go asap then it may be to late. After surgery I was told they removed infection from my butt and hip. I have 4 or 5 incisions from where they went in the diffrent spots.I ended up staying in the hospital for 2 and half weeks. Various antibiotics medicines Im so glad to at least be home. Im not back to my regular life I have a wound pump that's attached to me and I'm not quite for how long I have home health nurse thats coming out every 2 days. As I lay here now I thank GOD to be alive this was definetly not worth my life. Everyone just research what you are doing and make sure it is worth it. Majority of people will be fine and recuperate but do you want to be in that minority. I DIDN'T...

Thank you

Thank you to everyone..... I have not been able to go through every response but I will.... I appreciate all the positivity and THANK GOD FOR BRINGING ME THROUGH and allowing me to share my story. I wonder if I had came across a post like this would it have made me just stop and think. This is serious business!!!
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