30, No Kids, Soon to Be Mannon Doll 2017

I am currently 214 pounds at height 5'5 I am...

I am currently 214 pounds at height 5'5

I am scheduled to have Lipo and my butt reshaped on 1-3-2017 with Mannon. I'm hoping he doesn't make my butt to much bigger than what is already is. My main focus is to have my stomach and back fat gone.

I initially planned on going to Cabral but after I booked my recovery House stay and flight his ass emails me back saying he not available that day after he initially confirmed the date. But it's cool, cause I like mannon work just as much as I like Cabral's. Both them seem to do good on bigger women.

I have tried losing weight before this surgery but it's been so hard so if I can at least maintain then I'm good. I was discouraged when Mannon's assistant mentioned a tummy tuck to me. I told her I'm not open to it and it's not an option.

Thus far working with Rosa has been ok. I sometimes have a hard time understanding her response to my questions. RealSelf and finding other Mannon dolls on Instagram has helped me more than anything LITERALLY.

I have been preparing for this procedure for over a year now. And when I say preparing I mean mentally preparing. The closer it's getting the more excited I'm getting because I'm ready to gain my confidence back. I picked up 30 pounds I haven't been able to lose and let me tell you, excess weight that your not use to definitely puts a damper on your confidence. So I want to do something for me and something that will make me feel good. My goal is not too look like a wish pic so I won't be posting any of those, I want to be the best version of me.

Before surgery photos


I noticed that communicating all around the board has been the most frustrating thing in regards to over seas surgery. While Manon's assistant is good at responding in a timely manner it would be beneficial if she completely answered the questions. I assume this is due to their English barriers. So I am being patient.

I'm traveling with a friend who is seeing another doc but we both want to stay in the same recovery house. However both doctors have only offered us the price for an all inclusive package. So I have been communicating with his assistant for the last few days trying to figure out what the price will be for everything except the RH stay because I already have reservations at a recovery house. nevertheless the process has been so annoying and the questions are not being answered thoroughly.

For people who are new to this please ask for a all inclusive price and the price of just the surgery if you don't want the all inclusive package.

Doctor visit

So my doctor is absolutely against me having surgery and has suggested I give phentermine a try before going over seas despite me telling her I have tried phentermine before and didn't like the side affects of it. Not for any health reasons but for her own personal reasons such as it being aggressive and expensive. Little does she know I got the money already.

I have not gotten my blood work done, an EKG and at this point given she is against it I know she won't prescribe me pain meds for my procedure post op.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Before photos

Im a little over 30 days away from my procedure. I'm super siked and ready for this transformation. I'm so ready to see a flat back and stomach. I Have all my supplies just still have to get a few miscellaneous items such as a heated blanket and long t shirts.

Doctor switch

Communication with mannon and his assistant has just gotten worse and worse and to be honest I'm too close to my flying out date to even deal with this. They stopped answering my whatsapp and didn't even pick up my deposit. I'm taking this as a sign of this not being the right doctor choice for me. If it's like this now, I could only imagine what post op care will be like. I sent my deposit Monday, called western union Friday and my money was still there so I had them refund it back to my account and I'm going to find another doctor. I kinda really had my heart set on him but there are more good docs in the DR. I'm considering Dr. Mallol.

New doc, set date and deposit paid!

This has been a ride to say the least. After the hassle with Mannon's assistant and the half ass communication it really turned me off. I honestly feel as though she was turned off by the amount of questions I had and she just all of a sudden stopped responding. Even sent my deposit and she didn't even pick the money up???? (I guess I worked her nerves)

Nevertheless on to the next! I have paid my deposit with Mallol and set my date for 1-3-3017. I have a appointment with my primary next wk to get my test done and get my medications here so I won't have to spend the extra money down there.

I have been reading a lot of Mallol dolls reviews and have been pleased with what I have read. I really like the quality post op care he has provided previous dolls with.

Any previous Mallol dolls out there with any advice on pre/post op care would be great.

Expense Thus Far

Flight $582.36
RH $680
Procedure (my price changed since I have a new doctor) $2,950
Supplies $120
Transportation $100
Tourist card $10
2nd Faja- TBD
Compression socks $30

Upon my return I plan to look into a chiropractor office to see if they offer lymphatic massages as then I can use my insurance versus paying out the pocket.

-house shoes
-lipo foam
-long camis
-Plenty Baby Wipes
-A 45 pack of Maxi pads (the big ones)
-Lysol wipes
-chux pads
-female urinal
-ibuprofen for headaches
-Arnica Gel
-stool softener
-Dial hand-soap and a Dial bar of soap
-Hand sanitizer
-Gauze pads/tape
-loose clothes and one hoodie
-small personal safe for my money and passport

????Current vitamins
-Vitamin C
-Folic Acid
-SS Tonic to raise hemo level

Post op preventative measures

I am on here reading about different dolls experience religiously. The reviews that catch my attention the most are the ones where dolls have had some sort of complication afterwards. My biggest fear is being burned and catching an infection.

with all the reading I've done some dont's that's I have ran across from reading to minimize the chances of catching an infection are:

Try to avoid showering while down there
Ask that your faja be washed separately
Take your post op meds
Get up and move around (but know your limits
Request that all nurses and assistants wash there hands and wear gloves before touching you
I read some women took Lysol wipes, spray and etc..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Me and Dr. Mannon have only communicated through WhatsApp. So far he and his assistant Rosa have been good with answering all my questions.

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