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I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr. Yily I'm supa...

I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr. Yily I'm supa excited. My cousin went to her last year she's going again for round two. So this time I will be joining. I will be getting lipo with bbl and fat grafting. I started taking my vitamins a week ago. Vitamin C, B Complex, Folic Acid, Multi, D3 and Iron. I also started to drink fresh squeezed OJ every morning. I read online that you should not have Vitamin E in your system as well as alcohol. If you can hold off on the drinking I would say three weeks before your surgery that would be good. Apparently Viatmin E brings on swelling and Alcohol thinks out the blood and God only knows what other issues you may come across. I'm trying to have the smoothest transition possible to I've completely stopped drinking once I stated taking my vitamins. I purchased my plane ticket through Jet Blue I did a one way trip the cost was 205. I didn't think it would be wise to book a round trip ticket and possibly not being able to return on that date of departure do to drainage issue or whatever else. I've also been sending money to Dr. Yiliy via Chase Bank against my surgery balance. I did not think it would be safe to walk around with thousands of dollars. Instead I deposit the money as I did when I sent my deposit I took pictures of the receipt and sent it via email to Dr. Yiliy. I'm doing the same with the RH I've been paying them through PayPal with my credit card. How freakin convenient.

Removing Your IUD

So I'm not sure how many of you ladies paid attention to this aspect of the email from Dr. Yily's assistant but it states if you have an IUD it should be removed. I actually have an IUD it made no real sense to me why it should be removed. I contacted my Gyno and she didn't get it either. She stated one has nothing to do with the other. I then emailed Dr. Yily and the reply back was You do not have to remove it, its only a recommendation.

Here Is The Email

Please see the above comment.

My Experience Surgery On April 21st 10 Days Post Op

Ok ladies here it goes. I was not going to write a negative review but I woke up this morning and said fuck it. I really don't give a fuck. Do Not Go To Dra Yily De Los Santos PERIOD. Find another doctor in DR there are plenty. I was burnt three times. Once on each side n right over my butt. I had a horrible experience in DR I wouldn't even fuckin recommend going. Take yo ass to the guy and pay for a personal trainer. Yily is now doing surgery in El Vergel not Cipla the nurses Are Not Certified The bitches could barely put an IV in my arm. Oh and let me not forget you have to be on them about wearing gloves. I had to have a blood transfusion for the first time in my life ( mind you ice had three major surgeries in my like never needed one). Thank god I had a nurse over night bc I probably would have died. Oh Wait let me add something YILY Is Not Doing All Her Damn Surgeries. She has her assistants doing most of them. I saw with my own eyes Yily running around all morning doing follow ups and marking ppl up. She's doing surgeries at night and shit your not in guaranteed to have her do yours. Something in me tells me that she picks n chooses who she wants to work on. If I could do it all over again I personally would have taken my coins n paid a personal trainer. I definitely see my results I'm not gonna lie I'm happy with them. But all the bullshit that came with the body I would have went another route had I known. I am 10 days Post Op I haven't taken pain meds in 6 days so I'm managing well with that thank god. Honestly I felt like it's damn near life or death out there. I hate everything about that whole process it was the worst decision I've made in a long time now I have three burns I have to treat I don't believe she did my surgery.

Here's my before and after

YILY Is No Good

So I've been recovering. Finally decided go post. I hate YILY and her staff with every bone in body. They don't give a damn about you once you bring your ass back to the US. I was burned twice both 3rd degree burns. The bigger burn on my left got Infected three weeks post op. I was in New York Presbyterian for almost three weeks in the Burn Center Unit. I had to have two separate surgeries to clean out the burn they placed a wound Vac inside out the burn for one week. Then they did a skin graft. This has been the worst experience of my life. I would not recommend anyone go to her or any Doctor out there. Stay on US soil where you can sue a doctor if something goes wrong. I contacted YILY and of course I got an assistant we basically argued for two days via email and now she won't respond to my messages which is fine bc like I told her karma will get them for being shady. I don't believe YILY did my surgery but at this point all I can do is move on. I hope I reached at least one lady out there PLEASE DO NOT GO TO YILY. Knowing what I kno now I would not go to DR period.

2 1/2 Months Post Op

Some of my email correspondence with the YILY team.

After all I've been through now she thinks I need to come back to DR for her to treat my burn she's comical and a con artist.
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