25yrs Old 2 Kids BBL with Lipo Arms Flanks Stomach and Arms - Dominican Republic

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Hello, Hopefully this review will help someone...

Hopefully this review will help someone else along the way who is looking forward to having sx in Dominican Republic with Dra Yily Santos. I am excited and nervous at the same time. As of now communication has been good. I just wish I knew someone who spoke Spanish to go with me. I will post a picture of pre-op so you guys will see before and after.


So I rescheduled my sx for November 16th. My boyfriend wasn't able to get his passport in time enough and I was not going to go alone. As of right now I weigh 215 and I am 5'10. I want to lose at least 30 pounds before my lipo. I will also get smart lipo in the US in Dallas for my arms and thighs. I would get it all done in DR but recovery time for bbl lipo on flanks stomach thighs and arms is just too much. Communication has been great with her team. I will update you guys on my weight loss journey. I have officially cut off soda starting today and no fast food.

A month and a half away

I am so excited. But honestly I need to start eating right. I want to start working out also to lose a few pounds before surgery. I just have a lot of events going on in my life. Which ends up taking all my time. I'm nervous but I can't wait to have my new body. Also I plan on getting a personal trainer to help with my abdominal area. Once I am cleared for exercising.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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