25 yrs old with no kids continuous weight struggle....ready to be a diaz doll... lipo and bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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OMG Ladies and gents I have waited an eternity for...

OMG Ladies and gents I have waited an eternity for this procedure and I finally worked up the courage to pursue my dream of a flat tummy and perfect backside. I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember at times I'm slim then the next I'm chubby. Between being a full-time college studies and full time employment I just kept falling off the fitness wagon. However, now I more determined than ever to navigate the road of sexiness LOL!!! I finally rearranged my classes and work schedule to facilitate workouts. I chose Dr. Diaz to kick start my transformation from geek to chic because I fell in love with his work. I follow a diazdoll named DarkerthaJenni on Instagram And I loved her results I just had to contact Dr. Diaz. She looked so natural, thick and curvy. I didn't want to look fake or have areas that were disproportionate like some of the ladies I'm been seeing (not that I ashamed of stating I had work done I just like subtle and the natural appearance...not over the top). Dr. Diaz also isn't overly aggressive and that put to rest any fears I have regarding health risks and complications. He rigidly adheres to the standards and it gives me piece of mind. In addition he was easy to contact and quickly responds to emails. I feel a level of comfort with him whenever we communicate. Yesterday I made my deposit and got my surgery date for May 2016. I am terrified and excited all at once. I have a very low pain threshold and that has been the main reason I have postponed this for so long. I tend to over think things and need to be adequately informed before I make decisions but now the decision has been made. I AM READY to start this journey.

Surgery Prep

OK real self FAM its finally getting real omg I got my vitamins today which include : Folic acid, iron, super b complex, vitamin C. Dr. Diaz recommended I take them starting Noe put until my surgery date. The iron 350mgs 3 times a day, B complex 3 times per day, Vitamin C 1gm once a day and folic acid 5mgs onceva day. I ordered them online from amazon using amazon prime so the shipping was quick. I received them in two days didn't take them immediately because I wasn't sure of the dosage so I sent Dr. Diaz an email he replied the next day with the aforementioned instructions. So I'm trying my best to take them as instructed but I know myself I dislike taking pills they just not my thing so imo have to stay on top of my game. I also boughts my water pills and arnica cream from the list of things he provided for surgery. I will post them later when I get the chance definitely .

Packing list for Surgery

· Bed chux

· Extra pillows

· Warms socks (due to coldness from anesthesia)

· 3-4 sun dresses

· Arnica cream

· Water pills (for swelling)

· Vitamins of your choice

· Compression socks (if you don't want to buy them at cipla)

· Bobby pillow

· Rolled up yoga matt (for BBL patients, for extra lumbar support when laying and sitting)

· dry shampoo

· 4 packs of baby wipes (any brand, fragrance or not, doesn't matter)

· 2 big packs of pads (the poise brand)

· 5-6 cotton t-shirts (for comfort when wearing your garment)

my before pics


Yes i did my CBC and sent the results to DR. Diaz. I'm looking good girls so much so he recommended that I begin to take the vitamins only one month before the surgery however i have decided to start them since the beginning of February but only 1 time per day. I would rather be safe than sorry. I am 195lbs I was thinking about losing around 10- 15 lbs cuz spring break is in april and I still wanna look good in my bathing suit. Ughhh!!! the struggle but then again i want to have enough fat for my bbl in may damn my predicament. But everything is going well Dr. Diaz answers all my questions via email or his assistant calls I am happy with my decision to go with him.


I'm so excited....ready for my transformation ....I gained a couple pounds due about 10 our so. I'm trying to get back to the size i was in the pics tho but regardless I'm confident DR. Diaz can make it work. I book my flight will be arriving in DR on May 30th in the am and leaving 8 days after on June 6. Sent Dr. Diaz a copy of my flight itinerary he suggested I chose a recovery house from the list of Paradise, Rocio and My Recovery House. I told him either Paradise or Rocio they had really good reviews. Im still taking my vitamins about to start taking them three times a day now instead of just once. in bout two weeks i'll do another CBC to see where my hemo levels are last tie they were great so they should be about the same. I bought all supplies:

· 3-4 sun dresses

· Arnica cream

· Water pills (for swelling)

· Vitamins of your choice

· Compression socks

· Lecho Podster (Bobby pillow substitute)

· Rolled up yoga matt
· 4 packs of baby wipes

· 2 big packs of pads

· 5-6 cotton t-shirts
I also got a Go girl pee Funnel. I heard it was very difficult to pee when u have abdominal lip and a Bbl so now i can go while standing up.

More pics of the things I bought

Ladies I have some clarification to make, in the pics above I was about 185 now I'm presently 195 I didn't realize in a peviius post I had already mentioned the weight gain


So today I am exactly one month Post Op. Omg surgery has been an ordeal albeit more pleasant than I expected but one month in I'm still sore and the discomfort is annoying but bearable. So I flew into DR on May 30 arrived around 9:30 am. Flight was good I was nervous but slept most of the time as I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before(was cleaning my house thoroughly). Anyways as soon as I got there, the airport staff got on my nerves. There was this gentleman, he was rude and he spoke English but barely and I couldnt understand him because he was very dismissive and mumbling under his breathe. Apparently before you see the Immigration Official in DR as a tourist you have to pay a $10 tourist tax at a separate window, he was suppose to be directing everyone to the payment window (but instead of standing near the window he was standing all the way next to the immigration official so I made it all the way to the front of the line and he was like, "Go around an then come straight to see me". He was pointing at a white piece of paper which I couldn't read because his motions where so fast. So I had to check him, "Excuse me I don't understand what you are saying...What exactly is it u want me to do...WHERE DO I GO SPECIFICALLY????" eventually he was like, "Tax tax". No help at all, eventually looked around and saw the sign joined the line, paid got my receipt then it was smooth sailing from there. My package with Dr. Diaz included transportation to and from the airport, CIPLA and recovery house so as soon as i exited baggage claim there was my driver George with my name on a card. He was amazing, he helped with my bags and took me over to a cafeteria seating area as he had another client to pick up, we were on the same flight but she took least 10-15 more minutes to leave inside the airport than i did despite my earlier tax fiasco. Anyways she came and George took us to the car. He carried our large suitcases which i was grateful for because the handle and one of the heels was broken on mine. He drove a burgundy Soccer Mom van very spacious and he had wifi extremely polite even though he and the other passenger kept conversing in Spanish (which I know very little just the basics that I learned in high school ) but i didn't mind I just focus on the journey. George didn't drive crazy but the other motorists were a different story omg. It took us like 30 minutes to get to CIPLA I left my bags in the car just took my purse. I went t o Dr. Diaz's Office met his assistant she took me to do my Xray (Male Technician didn't speak a lick of English, but he was all smiles and giggles), and bloodwork (female tech didn't speak English to me either just did a lot of hand gestures but I understood her) downstairs.Then we went to do the EKG upstairs, everything( Xray and EKG) were great. The EKG gentleman was older and he asked me aloof medical questions which i answered truthfully. Dr. Diaz assistant photocopied my passport and told me to arrive tomorrow at 7am for surgery. She also instructed me not to eat past 9pm that night. I was now like 11:30. Dr. Diaz Assistant (I forgot her name imo call her Slim from now on) called George to take me to the recovery house. George did not arrive until like 1:30 I sat in the lobby and waited until i was sick omg punishment. I hate waiting and I was so nervous but on the plus side I got to see everyone coming in and out who already done their surgery so I got to ask a lot of questions and they were so nice to oblige me. All of the people I saw had a companion with them and I was getting nervous because I was there all alone but I pushed the thought to the back of my head. George came and we drove to Paradise Recovery House. I was a solid like 20 mins from CIPLA without traffic. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised the Nurse was very warm and friendly and the house looked great she and George helped with my bags. We immediately went upstairs I remember thinking fml how am I gonna climb these after surgery. We went inside the bedroom. I will post pics. There was one girl there (forgot her name gonna call her Roomie1) she was sweet we bonded immediately as she told me exactly what to expect, we talked about CIPLA, pain the recovery staff, she gave me the dirt. I must admit I was a lil scared because I had read that that CIPLA surgery room looked like a chop shop in a horror movie so when I asked her I really wasn't expecting her to agree. She told me the walls were green and all the equipment was old fashioned etc at this point I was a lil worried. We continued chatting then I met another lady from the room next door omg she looked horrible she was walking and talking but she had horrible bruising everywhere and she was only in her garment (faja) and wife beater holding her drain. She is caramel in complexion but her chest and arms were a very dark purple the whole time she was warning me not to go through with the surgery. she said I would regret it cause she already regretted it. She started telling me how sick she was after surgery for 3 days she thought she was gonna die and my body was beautiful I shouldn't mess with it .she started telling me tmi about her constipation and her needing 2 blood transfusions. Roomie1 also admitted to needing one as well they both categorized the pain as crazy. By this point I was mentally checked out because I didn't av any pain pills so I was like OH SHIT

Recovery house



Recovery house


Recovery house


So we continued talking and Roomie1 offered to leave me some Vicodin which I was grateful for because I THOUGHT my pain tolerance was very low. I wouldn't normally have accepted meds from ppl but I feel like these were extenuating circumstances so I was grateful. So they fed me chicken soup for dinner ( was delicious but a tad salty to me but still edible) I was starving then I took a nap. When I woke up I took a shower without shaving because I was warned against shaving the night before surgery so of course I had done so like a two days prior to surgery ( hate having hair). Roomie1 advised me that I wouldn't be able to take showers after surgery (that I didn't know I thought after 4 days or so i could shower...NOPE NO SUCH THING) I was delusional. I over did the surgery supplies. Ladies you only really need arnica cream, the boppy (if u av a BBL), wipes, anti -bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, a GO GIRL (she wee), and your vitamins. I had compression socks which i wore but didn't really need, half the time they were down my ankles anyways. Didn't take any water pills, nor the yoga mat, nor the pads ( because I had a drain system). I barely used the chux (I bought 100 and didn't even use 10) they provided them at the hospital and at the recovery house so I barely used what I took. I should however have bought the tummy board from M&D to put beneath my faja ( I bought it when I got home). As for the t shirts I took actual t-shirts with sleeves however they refused to put them on me instead they put me in the wife beaters so take those instead. I was there for 7 days from the 30th May to June 6 and I only wore sundresses 5 times including when I left for the airport. you will always be in your faja unless you are going to the hospital. Anyways I got some sleep and woke up at 6 am to shower again to have surgery. George came at like 6:30 am the following day we got to CIPLA by 7 am (there was traffic). CIPLA was open but Dr. Diaz's office was closed. AT like 7:10 his assistant came, I paid her the remaining US$3700 then she gave me some paper work to sign. Ladies the shit was all in Spanish I was like WTF I'm signing shit that I can't read luckily theres was a bilingual female from NY there too and she was nice enough to translate some of the stuff. I still wasn't satisfied with signing the documents because I hadn't read them thoroughly so I was given an English "version" that wasn't quite the same but along the lines of other document. Ladies I had to go on faith and pray for the best right there, eventually I signed. Slim and I went downstairs she gave me my X-ray and dropped me off to do height and weight and answer more medical questions about previous surgeries, illnesses, family history, present medications etc. they checked my blood pressure my breathing all that. Results for blood work was good so I went back to Dr. Diaz's office (2nd floor) I met with him answered more medical questions then he marked me up with the marker after he examined my stomach pressing like he was looking for lumps. He asked if i had any hernias also how large I wanted my BBL I was like, "As big as possible". I also mentioned to him that i'm not good with pain at all and I needed serious pain meds because unfortunately I was unable to get any in the States before I arrived. He was understanding and told me he would prescribe some. I then inquired how I was suppose to get the meds whether I had to physically go to a pharmacy or the nurse in the recovery house would. He told me they would be delivered to me not to worry. Then he took before pics then I got dressed again and Slim and I went to the 4th floor to my recovery room. It was nice and spacious with a hospital bed, a futon, a chair, tv , phone, a lil table a lil white armoire. It also had an adjoining bathroom with large shower, faucet with mirror, trash can and toilet. I left my stuff (my small carry on with compression socks, sundress, t-shirt, toothpaste,toothbrush ,sanitizer, soap, boppy pillow, bed chux, wipes and pads, deodorant, only like two days supply) I think that was all I took. As soon as I got to the room a lady in scrubs came and told me to change she handed me a hospital gown, the cap for my hair and told me to put on my compression socks and put the lil slippers thingy over them. I complied then she came with the blue pill and some water. Took the pill like 9:00 am after I dressed then drank the water, I drank the whole cup too I was thirsty. She was like, "no no mami". Oops my bad. Right after she left a man came and put me on aa gurney then he wheeled me across the other side of the building to the surgery area through some doors. Omg I started to get real, I was nervous. I saw the notorious green walls, the operating slab the large light above. The anesthesiologist was there she put a needle in my arm and i was out. Unfortunately I didn't stay under I woke up while he was working on my stomach. OMG scariest moment ever!!!! I wasn't feeling any pain but i was out of it and i could feel the needle in me and the pumping action. It was not a good sensation !!! rather weird I can't explain so i started to panic screaming , "please stop I can feel it I can fell it ". I even tried to get up but then the nurse or anesthesiologist, whoever grabbed my head and forced me back down and was like," mami no u have to lie down no get up" I couldn't see because they had like a curtain up by my chest area i couldn't see over or around it. I never even saw the Dr. Then I was out again. I only woke when the were placing me back on the gurney after surgery. Then I was out again and I woke up in the recovery room like around 5:30pm. I had my nurse that stayed with me over night. When I woke up my ass was on fire like i was literally sitting in hot oil!!!! So much discomfort and I could barely move I had an IV in my arm and a catheter in my coouchie and a drain near my right hip. The nurse was nice, she fed me the dinner it was soup again. She warmed it for me gave me crackers and peach juice box. My first meal all day. She adjusted the AC and put on the Tv. No use tho all Spanish channels. The CIPLA nurse gave me pain meds in my IV it burned going into the vein then no more pain except for the burning in my butt that was horrible and it would stop. I even wanted to lie on m y stomach but they wouldn't let me had to stay on my ass for hours so painful. I couldn't sleep. I threw up i needed to pee tried too get up the nurse didn't speak much English but she managed to tell me to pee in the bed because i had a catheter. As the night progressed the nausea intensified i threw up again, the nurse fed me juice and the CIPLA nurses gave me more pain meds. around 2/3 am I started getting hot flashes the nurse had to turn up the AC. then some girl started screaming bloody murder she was in pain it was so loud u heard them trying to comfort her it was so bad my head started throbbing by now my nurse is asleep so i had to wake her to close the door that was all swollen it was hard to close so she did the best she could then she went back to sleep more screaming and the nurse in my room started snoring omg i thought my head was going to explode. I just started to feel weaker and weaker with intensifying nausea and headache.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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