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Hello ladies, I will be going to the Dominican...

Hello ladies, I will be going to the Dominican republican soon to Dr. Yily to have liposcupture and a BBL. It is something that I always wanted to do. So after seeing yily work and knowing a few girls that went to her. I decided its my turn Anyway heres a lil about me I'm 36 year old single parent my daughter is 8 years old she is my world!!! I have a okay body I think but you know us women there's some things some of us would like to change about ourselves. I guess I'm one of those people that do and I'm ready to start changing some things and get the ball rolling!!!

New page

I had to get a new page do technical issues with the last one. I also change my name as well too keke thats what everyone knows me as anyway so misskeke it is.

Updated info

I've had a few people message me on the other page wanting me to keep my review updated. I will do my best to keep you ladies updated on where I'm at. I appreciate the love and support I've gotten this far! I have already emailed my pics of my back view, front view and both sides as well. I would say it took her about a week to respond back with a quote. Yily quoted me 3500 for liposcupture of the abdomen, waist, back, armpits, inner thighs, fat graph and bbl. Now I didn't ask for a bbl in my quote cause I didn't think I needed it but she added it so hey can't hurt to have a lil more ass!!!

Money deposited!!!!

Okay dolls since I have new page. I will go through everything that I've done so far. So once u email Dr. Yily with your pics and what you are requesting to have done. She will respond back with a quote. Now I must say she takes awhile to respond back. I usually will hear back from her about a week from the day I would email her. Trust me in the beginning I was like forget this but everytime I would start to feel this way. There would be a email pop up from so then I'm like awww......I'm back too Yily

Wish Pic

My wish picture is a little bit different. I decided to use my own pic of me from about 6 years so yea I would like my smaller waist back.

Shout out to my buddy stargalll!!!

Got to shout out my beautiful surgery buddy stargalll! We met here on RS such a cool chick. We will be having our surgery on the same day. Yily has finally confirmed her!! So I feel more better now that I will have my buddy stargalll by my side.

checking in

Just checking in been very busy now that school has started back. I'm in college and this homework be kicking my butt. Not to mention I work full-time and full-time parent as well. I guess thats part of being a Anyway here is the lastest on my journey to being YILYFIED. I plan to start cleansing my body next week. I'm gonna do a detox its called the d herb, you may of heard of it on the steve harvey radio show. I'm not a stranger to detoxing. I usually detox once a year its good for your body. Once you start to detox, you will notice the difference in your skin. You will have more energy lord knows I need me some extra but anyway you will start to feel health and you will be healthy. I never used the d herb before ive used other products so I will let you ladies know how it works for me.

I still have faith in Yily!!

I'll just say its been a crazy week on here for Yily people leaving bad reviews which is cool your entitled too do that. Now the problem is when you inbox me talking sideways about me going to yily so i will just say this don't come at me unless I send for you!!! Now it seems to me that all the doctors on here have some bad reviews. And they all still making money ppl still going getting the results they want and no everybody not gonna be happy but whats messy is when you emailing ppl with the bs and you haven't even had surgery with nobody!! I did not sign up for the bs. I thought this site was for showing support to each other while taking this journey now correct me if i''m wrong??

Flight booked!!!

My flight is now booked!!! I got my ticket through delta airlines. I paid 387 roundtrip which i think is pretty reasonable. After checking other airlines I found delta to be the cheapest.

Labs done

I went today to get my labs done. So I will share this with you ladies. If your like me and dont have health insurance getting labs done can get pretty expensive. So too cut down my cost. I did the online labs after discovery that going to a walk in clinic was to expensive.

lab results back!

Well I got my labs back. My iron is at a 11 so you know I gotta start popping these iron pills that I hate

started taking iron

Okay I will try to keep my page updated as much as possible. Its hard at times with school and work. But I do feel its important to do so because before I joined realself I too looked at people pages for answers for some of my questions I had. So I appreciate the love and support that I have received thus far from jules007, Njprbeauty, msbooty, bombshell26 and my girl stargalll. There is one person in particular that made me wanna join realself and share my story sexyjiggle. I really love her review hope she is okay and healing well. So I have 2 months to get these iron levels up. I went and got some iron pills from GNC recommended by bombshell26. I have been taking them for a week now. I have had no issues with constipation and I have tried taking them on a empty stomach with orange juice and it works for me. Its better to take on a empty stomach with orange juice. The Orange juice will better absorb the iron. I'm also taking my vitamins B complex, vitamins C, vitamin B12, and folic acid which will help with getting my levels up. So ladies pray for I have also stated eating healthier eating foods rich in iron. I will list some foods that are rich in iron

I don't know about these beets!

I have been eating foods rich in iron trying to get my hembolgn levels up by November 13th. So ladies here is a few things that I've been eating along with taking my iron supplements. I usually eat raw spinach I like to make a salad out of the spinach by adding chicken or tina with it. I also will eat a steak for dinner along with spinach. Steak is high in iron but u must eat it medium rare so if ur like me like my meats well done it will take some time getting use to the medium rear. I also eat nuts through out the day also good for iron and last but not least I've had the pleasure of trying beets today thanks to my girl lets just say by all means necessary!!!

New surgery date!

I have resheldule my surgery date to January 22nd 2014. Me and my surgery buddy felt the timing would be better. That way I can work on getting my iron levels way up by then. I would rather for my iron levels be at a 14 rather than 12. I'm still taking my iron supplements daily and eating foods with lots of iron. Its only been a month now since I've been taking them so about the beginning of November I will get my iron levels checked to see how its going.....have a bless day:-)

been a minute

Its been a minute, had a few things going on. Trying to get through exams so I was in them books like crazy but hey I passed all of them:-) Anyway here's my update on my hemo level its now at a 12.8 I found that out today which im very happy with. Cause before taking iron pills I was at 11.1 so anyway I had been taking iron pills for about a month to get it at 12.8. About 3 weeks ago I stopped taking the iron pills because I had got sick from a unitary trac infections not drinking enough water. So now that I'm over that I'm going to start back taking the iron pills.

The iron I take

I dont recommend the gnc women complete iron as I did before I took them for almost 2 months and went back for lab results and it was still at a 11.1. I discovered with those is that it wasn't enough iron in the pill it only had 30 mg. So I brought another gnc brand called ultra iron it has high potency and 65 mg. I took them twice a day on a empty stomach with orange juice for a month and my hemo went to a 12.8

Excited!!! 20 more days I will be yilified!!!

Okay I'm excited and nervous at the same So i need all the support and prayers I can get and as always I will continue to pray for all us girls. I know I'm bad at keeping my page updated but this college homework be killing me. Anyway here an update on my upcoming surgery with yily . I just had my hemo levels checked again and my results are now a 13.5.....go me!!! My flight is booked, hotel booked and I will have jose brito to pick us up from the airport he has a surgery package that i thought was very reasonble. I will post his package later. I will be in the DR 2 days earlier before my sugery date. So I hope to meet some of the yily dolls and duran dolls.....etc. Sometime today or tomorrow I will post my before pics up.

so ready!!

I'm packed and ready just feeling a little sad right now about leaving my little one she is 9 years old. She doest want me to leave her and so its very hard for me. So ladies please pray for me and my little one. I will do my best to keep ya'll updated.

I'm officially A Cabral Barbie!

Hi ladies, I'm 3 weeks post op. Also I ended up having my surgery with Dr. Cabral not yilly. I decided to go with cabral despite the bad reviews he does great work and it's always consistent! Yily I had a issue with her not respon ding to my emails if I had a question or needed my date changed. I had sent her a 500 deposit at that. I got no where with her I even tried to whatsup app and I also started seeing work of hers that I didn't like just my opinion. Also I did see work of hers that I did like but anyway with cabral I found he work to be what needed for my body type and his response was on point! Anytime I needed info he answered all my questions fast in a timely manner. I felt comfortable with him.


Recovery for me has been hard!!! The soreness and stiffness it's been crazy!!! I'm still a little bit swollen and I have a little bit of fluid in my back the massages are helping with that. And I hate this damn faja but I can't live without it! I feel better when I have it

My arrival to the Dominican Republic

I got there on February 17th. Upon arrival at the airport I was greeted with a sign with my name on it. I hired jose Brito as my driver. I highly recommend him!!! He speaks English and he has a great surgery package you can trust him!!! You don't want to go to the DR in get it any taxi cab it's not safe to do that!!!! I will post a few taxi guys that you can trust but again I recommend jose. So we left the airport went straight to cipla to get my tests done. All my tests were perfect even my hemo. As u know I was at a 11.0 in the DR my hemo was 13.8 I highly recommend the Gnc iron brand high potency in the green box. A few ladies have used it on here and was, happy with it as well. After my tests I got my consultation with Dr. Cabral my first impression of him was what a good looking man!!! And he was dressed. He was very kind listened to my concerns answer all my questions he was very patient with me and I loved that about him. I could tell that he loves making women beautiful!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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