Can't Wait for my Surgery with Dr. Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic

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Today I booked my trip and I can't wait to have my...

Today I booked my trip and I can't wait to have my procedure done. My surgery is scheduled for Feb 21, 2013 with Dr. Yily.. I'm getting liposculpture of my back, stomach, arms, inner & outer thighs and butt grafting for $3,800. Can someone suggest what I should bring and what to expect? I'm staying at the Jaqueline Marrera recovery house.

Ok.. So I'm packed.. And now I'm nervous as hell.....

Ok.. So I'm packed.. And now I'm nervous as hell.... I'm reading the reviews and everyone's recovery experience is different.. Some are harder then others.. By this time tomorrow I will be in DR.. WOO HOOO!!! I hope and pray everything works out.. I will update once U can...


My pictures speak for themselves!! Let me start from the beginning! I arrived to DR on Feb 20th by myself, which btw was a huge mistake. The recovery house Jaqueline Marrero forgot to pick me up so I had no one there to receive me. That right there was a sign. I had no freaking service on my iPhone and thank God I had my work blackberry so I called my cousin who got in contact with the recovery house and an hour and 30 mins later I was picked up. They only have one driver for airport pick ups! Anyway, so once I arrive I was told that my room would not be available until the next day because the girl that had my room got sick so she has to stay one more night. I was bunked in with another girl for that night. (I paid for single bed room) jaqueline did give me a discount. I was taken to Dr. Yilys office for pre-op work. Never met her until the following morning day of surgery. very beautiful but also very arrogant. I explained to her what I wanted she said very well then and left the room. That should've been another sign. Let me rewind a bit/ thank God I met this other woman who had breast lift done and was not happy either she told me to hire a nurse for the night since I was alone. It will cost you $50. So back to my story/ I arrived the next morning at the clinic I told them I wanted to hire a nurse. I made arrangements with one of the nicest nurses I've ever met and then was taken to a room where u put on a gown and blue cap. Moments later a nurse comes in takes ur pressure and gives u a blue pill. This pill is supposed to knock u out. Around 20 mins I was out! I wake up thinking my surgery was over I was still in the room untouched. 5 mins later two men and a gurney come to get me. I'm like am I getting another pill or something, cause I'm wide awake. I'm wheeled away to operating room there's way too many people in that room with music blasting. Never in my life have I seen some shit like this before. The anesthesiologist injects me with something and I fall asleep, but its not a deep sleep. I still heard voices and during my procedure I woke up a few times. I felt all the poking but no pain since I was numb. I'm not easily shaken but this was a very traumatizing experience. I could've sworn when I first woke up someone else was performing my surgery and not dr Yily. After that they put a green sheet up so I can't see. I fell out again and when I woke up I was in my recovery room. Thank God I hired a nurse for the night because I would've choked on my own vomit. I guess from the anesthesia I threw up a few times Bd my nurse took such good care of me. I was so sore and numb I couldn't move. The next day another nurse comes in takes more blood work and about an hour later Dr. Yily comes in to tell me I lost a lot of blood and I need a blood transfusion! I started to cry, I was so concerned with the type of blood they were giving me. Where was it coming from. She assured me it was from a blood bank and it was regulated, so after another $250 I got a blood transfusion. I'm not gonna lie I felt so much better afterwards. That afternoon I was picked up to go back to recovery house. My room was ready and I just stood in bed not feeling well. The advertisement for the recovery house is BS. The accommodations are ok but service sucks. There's not enough help for all the ladies that come and stay. The so called nurses are regular staff workers who clean, serve the food and assist us. So sometimes u will have to wait almost an hour for any kind of assistance. Be prepared to walk around with an English/Spanish dictionary cause if u don't speak Spanish be prepared to speak only on sign language. Maybe one or two people speak lil English. Anna, Jacqueline's sister is the best! So I was there for 7 more days and when one of the staff said to me this bruise is too dark to be a bruise I brushed it off until when I got back to NY I had to be hospitalized for dehydration. At first doc said I might have a pulmonary embolism due to the flight pressure but that was ruled out. I had to stay overnight because my EKG was off. That is when the doc came in the morning I showed her the bruise and immediately she came with a team of burn wound specialists and I was told that DR YILY burned the hell out of my back. I had to go every week for 3 months to the reconstructive surgeon so she can treat my burns. I thank The Lord I was numb because the amount of pain I would've been in would've been unbearable! 6 months has passed and I'm still healing. And putting all types of creams for scarring. My $3800 procedure turned into almost $10,000 with aftercare, medical supplies, creams, doctor visits, etc. I've emailed dr Yily a few times so she can take responsibility and she blamed the girdle! Are u freaking kidding me. I've hired a lawyer out there to see if I can get some type of compensation or if not to put the word out so this does not happen to anyone else. Again my pictures speak for themselves. This could be you!
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