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Hi Dolls, for know I'm just going to write a small...

Hi Dolls, for know I'm just going to write a small introduction about myself and where I'm at with my surgery!

I'm 5'1 (yea, i count the inch) I weight 128 (normal weight 122) gained some weight to make sure Yily has enough fat to transfer LOL. My body is not bad at all.. I have an okay normal size butt, had breast reduction so they are nice, my biggest complain are my love handles, I feel that they cover my thighs and they are not too thick already.

When I contacted Yily via Email I attched pictures and asked her what procedure she recommends for me as I have 2 kids and 1 of them a C-section which left me a little pouch. she said I am a perfect candidate for a liposculture, she said I might not need fat transfer to my thighs but that will be my choice.. (it is my choice)!! LOL

She quoted me 2,900 being that her facilty charges increased she increased her changes as well.. now my quote is 3,000. I'm also considering Inner thigh lipo which is an extra $250.

I have been in contact with Yily for about 6 months!! at first she was very direct and persice! I think is just depends how busy she is! Family of friends that know her personally say she is very warmth and has a big heart but she has military in her that makes her seem very direct and on point. she seems to be very proffesional and I heard lots of reviews that theres no doubt she is.

Okay let me stop the yiber yabz! my date is ..(drumroll) FEB 14TH!!! and guess wat?? I will be her 1st patient and only patient of the day. Massiel said the Doc will be busy later that day. I dnt blame her is Valentine's day lol

My parents are originally from DR so my Dad is taking as excuse that he doesn't want me to go by myself specially bc i'm soo small and pretty blah blah (but his paying my flight so yeah come with me LOL) I will be staying at a recovery house the first 5 days and going to my grandmother's until I feel ready to come back. BTW I only bought a 1 way ticket because I dnt want to feel pressure having to recover by a certain time or if I feel ready to come home not have to wait for the flight date.. IDK this is just me.

UHM.. so far I do not have nothing at all.. because if I get ready to soon I will not be able too handle the waiting LOL.. I will get everything and a list together 2 weeks prior (around the same time I get my Passport too) hahaha yea I know I'm the type to leave everything for last!.. What I have been doing is taking my iron and multi vitamins and my mom prepared me this carrots and beets drink for my anemea ( it worked wonders for my breast surgery) OOHH! and I quit smoking!!! 3 days smoke free the cold turkey way!! and guess what? i'm soo determined to not let my sorroundings pressure me that I have a pack of ciggarettes in my purse and I still dnt take 1!! (soo proud of myself) bt ladies if you smoke you should consider quiting atleast 1 month b4 sx. smoking takes strengh away from your body and that strengh you will need it to recovery fast.

I think this is it!! any questions, concernes please feel free to leave it! I will post my journey and pictures as much possible as i want to help like I was helped during my search.

Hi ladies!! so what's ya'll date for Yily? seems...

Hi ladies!! so what's ya'll date for Yily? seems like alot of you will be there around the same time I will be. I would love to meet ya!!!

So, I've decided to not buy my flight on way.. I will buy it round trip, i'll put date change insurance on it.

I have a question ladies; I'm always like always in heels.. Would it be okay to put on heels during recovery. after how long is it recomended? I would love to hear from our post ops doll's as well.


Hi, ladies!! soo IT is starting to feel real!!!...

Hi, ladies!! soo IT is starting to feel real!!! Got my lab work done last week and just got clearance from my DR. my hemoglobin level is 12.4!!! middle aged woman normal range is 11.7 to 16. I will keep taking my vitamins and will also keep drinking my home made juice.

So I hear there is problems sending Yily the deposit thru Western Union and girls complaining that there's a $35 fee. IDK but i did not pay that much I know it was less than 10 and she received it. She gives this ID #. which makes it confusing to send her money because all you actually need is her name.. Yily Loramny De Los Santos! of course if you dnt spell it correctly they will not give it to her so double and tripple check it!

This is it for now! Later xoxo

I called JM yesterday to confirm they received my...

I called JM yesterday to confirm they received my email with all my info including flight arrival time and flight number. Spoke to Maria, she was soo nice and informative she said she will be the one taking care of me and my friend.
Also spoke to Massiel to confirm our dates! she is soo nice! i cant wait to meet her!

12 days to GOOOOO!!!!!!


Uploaded a wish pic! Almost 10 more days to Goooo!

Uploaded a wish pic!

Almost 10 more days to Goooo!

Okay.. so sad to say that I had to change my date....

okay.. so sad to say that I had to change my date.. i would had been on the plane there today :-(.. it just wasnt the right time i think.. Theres was alot of signs smh ( I listen to that) I felt like i was forcing it and when things are meant to happen they will happen without as much effort. so I changed my date to March 18th.

I heard Yily is scheduling up to 6 girls for the same day. I'm planning to call her and make sure I'm the 1st or 2nd.. I dnt want her to get to me when she's tired and rushing to go home.. F dat!

This is it for now..

Soo alot of this had happened.... so Jira saying...

soo alot of this had happened.... so Jira saying she not finding my deposit.. after lots of calls to her and emails to yily i still havent gotten the confimation if they did receive it or not!! i tried calling Theresa.. same shit! is geting very annoying to deal with these type of issues and them not addressing them right away. but i have my receipt and will be taking it with me.. other than that, i'm just impatiently waiting, soo far I have my luggage packed up i'm just missing my carryon.. I'm having a hard time on knowing wat to take.. i'm too short for maxi dresses (they drag) and since their is plans of going to a hotel I dnt want to be walking around in sweats..

I also emailed JM to ask them since my flight gets to DR at 2:am their time and i have to go to cipla at 6. will i be charged for that night???? I have not gotten a response from them either soo if anyone knows the answer please let me know!!

Oh (almost forgot) those that want to follow my journey please send me an email with your phone number as I am not looking to upload pics on here! I have seen how ppl just copying the links of other ppl journey's and posting them on other sites and that is soo disrespectful, in my opinion, because if i would had wanted my story in MMH i would've written it there!!
so i have no problem texting pics, advices, concerns etc.. to ppl that do want to follow my journey.

Just a quik update.. of what has happened.. YILY:...

Just a quik update.. of what has happened..
YILY: i see alot of girls ruling her out and going to other surgeons because of the lack of communication and is completely understandable. but what we are not understanding that is all of US against her and lil poor Yira. we are very impatient and its sure a girl thing but we need to calm down in giver her time.
my issue was this: I'm going with a friend and at the time I was ready to put my deposit down to lock our date which was only 2 spots available I split my 500 deposit with her( this was on January 17th).. we ended up changing are dates 2 times with no problems yily even sent me a message once saying to refresh her mind to make sure she has me on the correct date. (i ended up changing the date tho)
end of Feb we called after seeing all the complaints of the schedules geting Fd up to make sure we where good and yira says that we are confirmed for the date but that no deposit was received. (yes it was very frustrating) we explained to her that i was on the phone with Massiel thru the process of sending the money and gave her the mtcn number again and she said she will check and call me back..being that she told us we are confirmed not just penciled in i gave her time before i called again. a week later I called she will check and call me back, I emailed yily got the same responce. couple of days later called Theresa same thing so I gave up! i said, i will just take my receipt and my confirmation email from yily and my txts to massiel and if she did not pick it up the money is not my problem bc she knew I had sent it! so I let it go for a wk and a half maybe.... On saturday 9th out of nowhere i got an email like at 9 at night from yily saying she did received the deposit and my friend and I are confirmed for that day and that we are the only two having SX that day. I emailed her back and for March 18th?? to make sure she has us on the right date just because I already new their where 3 other girls beside my friend and i having sx that day.. yesterday she said yes for the 18th ... so she did not just forget about me, she knew our date was coming and she needed to have this addressed! but send my friend an email confirming her on the 19th ( i trully just think it was a typo) . about how many girls are on the list I have no idea why will she say that smh.
I do have all my trust in her and through out my 2year research she was the only doctor that i feel in my heart confortable to have sx with.
Another thing i wanna say to ya'll girls.. if ya'll know dominican ladies we dnt take shit from no one for no reason for more proffesional Yily is you will not be seen the same way... i see girls demanding this that and sending crazy emails 1st of she in the military. she is the type to intimidate you with her presence and ultimitely she is the person you are handleing not just ur body but ur life to!!!! if she in not working out for you the 1st couple of tries and ur heart is not set on her well then yes...move on! but dnt judge her for not being able to respond to an email or messing up ur date because she IS human!! she has Blown up from 1 day to another!! she is 1 person against all of US!!
In regards to the Discount: i feel is soo messed up to actually buddy up with a complete stranger for a discount! like you are going to this lady because you know for sure you are gonna get hook up with the countouring and all that why cheat her with her money?? I'm going with my friend since the gecco not for discount (which it is nice not saying i wouldnt take it if she does offer it) but girls are tryna buddy up with 4 and 5 strangers to get discounts how ya'll think Yily going to keep giving it? if for every 5 sx she getting paid for 4 and 3/4 maybe less because of this!! truthfully I have not mentioned this too her, I believe her prices are reasonable enough and she should charge more for her procedures and she is not. soo LET'S BE FAIR!!!!

JM: urgh I'm soo frustrated with this because thru my first scheduled app with yily i set up the recovery house and spoke to someone there that told me we do not get charged the room while we are at Cipla which is the night of sx, but now i guess it changed!! because they will be charging me for the 17th even thou I get there at 2am and head to cipla at 6am and the 18th even thou I will not be there until the 19th that I come back so I'm dasicly paying 150 for those 2 days just because my belongings are gonna be there!!
so the plan was to go to JM so junior can pick us up at the airport and we were going to stay there for 3 days p.o then go to Hamaca or theres this Apart-hotel for 65$ 4 min away from cipla that is an actual apartment with 2 bedrooms and tv,wifi the AC is like extra like $3 a day and a private chef for 14$ a day which you wnt need because theres numerous restaurant that will deliver and meals are from $3 to $6 plus the apart looks really comfy. the only bad thing is that they hold $250 until you check out and you have to pay your stay in advance (same as plaza del sol) but i really havnt read od anyone staying here so i do not know what to expect.. the deposit is not cool at all bc i want to have all my money available for any emergency.. so everything is kind of pushing me to Plaza del sol because they have answered all my emails proptly the only bad thing is that the rooms are very simple (I'm a spoiled american) and they tryna say a cab is $40 from the airport.. and is NOT! so my dad is going to call a friend thats a taxi driver because is cheaper and atleast it will be someone my dad knows and if anything he knows where to find him LOL

so my Sx is very close!!! even tho my bags are packed and all i'm not nervous but everytime i remember i get butterflies in my stomach lol...I have been so busy too my son turn 5 yesterday and i'm having a party for him on Saturday... My kids are sad that i'm leaving like they hugging me more than normal and my daughter is very girly i did not feel comfortable telling her I'm going to get sx to better my appearance when i'm teaching her how to be comfortable in her own skin.. crazy right? smh lol
my hubby is the sweetess tho, he randomly come up with recording me saying so theres this amount of days left how u feel lmaoo and he told me yesterday that he is scared cause is the 1st time in 8 years he is going to be away from me and he feels he cnt protect me of care for me. awhhh!! but then like as ass they are he needed to F it up saying but go and come back with a big booty lmaoo!
uhmm i think this is it. like i said on my previous post i will not post pics but i will txt them so far i have a few phone numbers already saved so i will send a group txt with airport pics all types of pics (i'm a pic freak) lol


Oh I forgot My measurements are 37- 31 - 39 .. I...

oh I forgot My measurements are 37- 31 - 39 .. I want 35 -25 -41 :-)
letss see how close i get!

First of, I want to let everyone know that i was 1...

first of, I want to let everyone know that i was 1 of those who couldn't stay out of RS for more than 1/2hr, I couldn't concentrate at work thinking about wen my time came.... and it did. Is a long read with details and i'm NOT worrying about my spelling...
Sunday March 17th: My flight Got to SDQ at 2:23AM ... Angela's husband was there with a sign that said Angela recovery house.. he goes by the name of Chichi he knows a lil bit of English as he travel to nyc (to the bronx) he is niceee. is about a 20 min drive from the airport to Angelas. Once we got to Angelas she greeted us.. she is a sweetheart walked us to our room which was very simple 2 beds a TV a dresser and WIFI lol..the bathroom was right across the bed room, angela told us to feel right at home and being that we had to get up at 5:30 to be at cipla by 6:30..
Monday march 18th: Chichi took us to cipla we first waited for the cardiologist because he gets there 1st. so DR. Caba came in and called my friend and I in.. we got our test done everything was good walking out chichi introduced us to yira then left, Yira took us for blood work and xrays while at blood work being that i speak spanish yira and i were chit chatting she was telling me how this one girl went for sx with yily and told yily that she will pay thru paypal, Yily as noble she is performed sx when yily aproached the girl she said she will was going to pay cash but left her money at JM long story short the girl left 300$ in her room b4 she left and said she left her full payment and accused yira of stealing it but the money was found after yily searched her room in JM.. THIS IS THE REASON WHY YILY NO STATES NO MONEY NO SURGERY!!!. after our tests were done we were assigned a room.. then yira came to get us to make our payment.. as we were paying Yily walks in! She is gorgeous with that dnt mess with me but i can be nice look.! very intimidating.. nd being that i gained 18lbs for my sx i had a lil pouch she said i might need a TT (this had me stressing for a few min) fast forward: is was almost noon wen yily comes in and took pics and we spoke about wat i wanted i told her i want a big butt and thighs she said " well i heard that i dnt have fame for creating big butts" i said true but the reason i choosed her was because she knew exactly how much to add for a nice curvy natural looking shape. she asked me if i was on the forums i said yes. and the convo started we chit chatted for 15min.. she said she knows she cant please all her patients but she does pray to god that she stop geting all the psycho ones that want to ruin her rep. she said " you come across as an honest person and i will like to ask you for a favor, I want you to document everything the good and the bad and focus on explaining to the forum how many different adversity of patients are going to her some wanting this mayor huge ass not worrying about their health in the other hand i as their surgeon my 1st concern is always their health then pleasing them. she also said " i feel like ppl that come to me feel like i make magic and transform ppl!! I;m not!! i'm a human being that ontop of worrying about making sure my patients stay healthy while under my care also worry about them being happy and now worrying about MY patients canceling with me last minute to go to other surgeon. she she said she just prays for God to be with her on her side to walk her thru the good and bad. so yes i kinda caught her on an emotional state thru this time i no longer saw the lady that intimidated everyone with her pressence i saw just a hard working women trying to succeed, just another person in this world that worries that feels fear and has emotions!!!!!! I at this point said "thank you God for putting her in my path as my surgeon" so she left in a rush after she kinda was running behind lol
Nurse came in told me to put on the robe, hat and booties and to take the blue pill.. after i did that I hide my money in the room and put my phone to charge then laid down "to rest" but knocked out!! lol
7:30PM woke up! my mom and aunts could not respect my decision wen i told them i did not need any of my family members to go to cipla as i didnt remember them and didn;t want to feel uncomfortable. so when i opened my eyes there as my aunt and her husband there who told me that i was complaining that i couldn't breath bc my bed was flat after she put my head higher i felt better..
so YES ladies you cannot get up after surgery!! you cant take no other pills bc they will medicate you thru the IV.. i didn't feel no pain just very uncomfortable bc Yily puts the drains in the bone on ur ass URGH (i told her about this)!! after chit chatting with my aunt to get to know her i got tired and asked for sleeping meds they gave me a shot that knocked me out for like 6 hrs!!!
Have to admit tho; you do get treated better if you have some there that can talk for you!! i had no problems at all with the nurses i even got fed 3 hrs after i woke up!.. a soup :\ but i saw is a seafood platter at that point.
Tuesday march 19th: Nurses came with breakfast ( a soup) again!! urgh! then yily came in and greeted my aunt and I and said she left me a doll she said i will love my results and asked how i was and i said perfect ( i did feel good) she also introduced me to Dra. Enrique she said she hired her to help yily with all the follow ups and questions as she want to focus on the surgeries but still wants her patients to have someone to go to. she also hired a nurse just for her patients and asked me how was she as it was her first day and i said she was ok because my aunt needed to get her to get her attention she didnt walk in independently to see if i needed something. she said she will work on this gave me her number and said to call her if i need anything.
later the girdle nurses came to clean me up the took the girdle off and washed me and inserted the pads (make sure u get the maternity ones and bring them and wipes to the clinic) so after they left I started draining like crazzzyyyy and called for they could come clean me again and wash my faja.... 10 min later someone else came and said the other girl was busy but she was going to clean me i didnt get the faja washed bc they said it was going to take 2 hours and i had already called chichi to come pick us up... so take a dark maxi dress!!
i got to Angela she had food ready for us and introduced us the Carmen watever we needed was carmen that would take care of us she is one of those ppl that u can tell have gone thru a rough time she has 7 daughter and her 7 yr older nana was helping her with us... she commented how she felt bad for the non spanish speaking patients they got bc while she would put on their faja she couldnt understand if they were hurting or needed something... she is a sweetheart my friend and i gave her $50 each for tip if we needed our girdle washed 3 times a day she will wash it with no problem and take in mind PPL very very few ppl have washer and dryer this is done by hand and let dry in the sun!! we left after the 2nd day tho bc my mom insisted for us to go to my aunt house bc we were spending that money for no reason.. we had plans to stay there for 5 days PO soo breaking the news to angela was weird she is one of those ppl that wont let you go easily she is kinda over protective, cooks great tho!!lol my aunt didn;t like the idea that she didnt want to provide her address supposely for security perpuse

aah go to go will finish later.....sry

Thanks for those reading my blog. i havent updated...

Thanks for those reading my blog. i havent updated thinking i didnt have reader so now that i know I do here is

So I left to my aunt house on 20th and her house is beautifull is like a mini mansion.. i loved it! i told her she should open her own recovery house cause her daughters are awesome they gave me foot massage every night helped me shower and there was a spa around the corner of their house!!
Went to my next appointment on the 21st! Funny story: when Dra. Enrique
gave me my precriptions upon release she said she wrote my appointment in the back and said it was for Thusday the 21st but had written May 23rd or something like that in the back... and told my friend our follow up was for friday.. we noticed it after we left so we had to call and comfirm... this is for you guys to realise how busy and hectic it gets there. Jira, Theresa and Raquel have ALOT on their shoulders.
so I go to the appointment by then I felt good, I was eating healthy (red meats, beans, vegetables) and i was taking my meds on time. I even wore make up to the i was wishfully thinking Yily will be removing my drain so i was happy saying i was going to go to the salon after the appointment.. but that didn't happened!! Dra.Enrique told me I was looking great! I knew that tho lol but i had to keep my drains until Monday... but for my friend didn;t go soo good she complained of dizzyness and tiredness so they sent her for bloodwork her hemo came back 6.4 so Dra. Enrique said she couldn't let her go home like that and that soo she had to pay a total of 250 for 2 pints of blood and her room. :-/ meanwhile, I was acting like goody tushies and went out for food and when i came back yily was in my friends room supervising that everthing was going as good and she said to me "look precious i know u want to show off ur little barbie body but u need to rest!!" so now go are going to get swollen so put ur feet up high and dnt worry is normal" and a kiss and left to surgery she had on her robe and all....and no lie I as soon she left that i started to eat my feet swelled up LMAO then i took a nap and felt super stiff and with minor body ache we got home like at 8pm i took my meds and went to sleep..
I spent the whole weekend with the drains up my A$$ lol UURRGHHH i hated that thing!! u cant sit right the first 3 days i coulnt turn side ways so i had to sleep face up and that thing bothered soo bad!! that is when the sleeping pills come into place!! i took nite time nyquils!!

Massages: I got a massage on the 22nd. it is defenetly recommended their were girls flying home with the drains because they were draining so much after 8 days and i asked them how many massages have they had and they said 1 or 2 soo i wanted to get as many as i could so i dnt Greet my hubby and kids with that thing..(i will give the details about the drainage later) so my massues was a guy :-) lol ... he massages my whole body :-) :-) lol went in on my inner thighs and stomach but the feet and breast one were my faves LOL (they didnt hurt) for the my back he sat me down and massages downwards and it helped me drain soooo much even wen the drains were off I would still drain thru the open incision. I think this helped me feel better as fast and also helped my stomach to soften. I got a total of 4 massages.

Drains: URGH!! i think the stiffness, swelling and aches (not pain) i think this is the worse part! so yily insert the drains in the middle of the crack almost on the butt bone... to sit is very uncomfortable and to sleep is the worse.. My problem with the drains was that when I had my 1st massage my massues felt the drain on my right side waist area sooo wen i was draining was thru the drainage was just oneside that explained how i always had to cover the incisions with pads and put chux every where i sat bc i will wet myself!! this was soo annoying i felt like a baby that peed all over the place I had to remove my girdle 3 times a day to wash and dry Luckily I brought a second one but it was an Xs and i wasnt there yet so the hassle to get me in was crazy to get me out of it 35 min later :-/. SO take CHUX CHUX CHUX!!!
REMOVAL: Dra. Enrique removed it and i did not feel a thing! BTW (Dra, enrique is a yily doll too!! she used to work in recovery and yily hired her to help her) so if yall see her tiny waist and bigg butt yup thas a yily doll too lol.. so i booty bopped and jira theresa and Enrique was craking up! they had no idea the relief i felt lol....
Uhm to sum it up; I do not regret one bit to have showsen YILY she does wat she does with lots of Love and dedication she does care!! is just hard to comunicate to your patients when there is a language barrier. Jira is Shy, timid she learned english herself at home soo if u tryna tell yily something show the expression bc it wnt sound the same from yira to Yily lol she is sweet tho. Enrique she just cool..she know her thing and is a plus that she is a yily patient and she been on our shoes. Theresa she just answer calls and she is the master on getting that Faja on lol.. I have recommended already 8 girls to yily cause they inlove with my shape...I will post pics!!

SOO now me:: I felt up and running on the 3rd day but did too much then crashed... Please take the Bromelain and the arnica pills !! they do help!! i'll tell u why later lol.. It is amazing how ur body changes before ur eyes!! I'm soo happy with m curves and with my butt! i think the overall problem with all the butt size complaints are that girls have high expectations and want an A$$ soo huge but dnt have enough fat or their body cnt take that much fat injections.... Yily explained this to me and hopefully it helps you guys ; Wen getting this SX the time you are under is everything.. if she has to perform a very aggresive lipo to the stomach then she has the flanks and back she cant inject a huge huge ass it will be too much for ur body... she does wat the body can handle and she explained this to me wen i called her about my friend that got a fever and she kept following up with me saying she was scared bc she lipoed alot of fat from her and then gave her a dunk.. but everything turned out fine..thank God
so after i got back I had sex jejej yes! i did! and have been driving since the 9th day PO have problems geting in and out but nothing major.. came back to work 14days PO (office job) and because i thought i was good and forgot i had sx i stopped taking my Bromelain and vitamedica pills Sat wen to hang out with fams sunday dressed nice and celebrated easter went to church to eat then movies so Yes that monday at work was horrible!!! ugh! the 2nd day took some pain meds and the 3rd day decided to go home and nap everyday after work until my body was fully healed oh and started my meds!! lol

I think this is it so far!! thanks for reading :-)

Let me know wat ya think ladies!! I personally...

Let me know wat ya think ladies!!
I personally have no complaints :-)

Some hints i havent read on other blogs: 1. The...

Some hints i havent read on other blogs:
1. The maxi pads please make sure they are extra absorbant maternity pads!
2. Even thou u dnt get a tt take tape!! As ya can see on one of my pics i had to tape the pads and u will need a pad on all ur incisions incase it leaks.
3. Try to not bring a carry on just a big purse to take to cipla with a maxi dress wipes and pads.
4. Dnt take nothing white!! It will get dirty!! Specially the 1st few days! (Only wife beaters)
5. Get 2 size bigger in pants!! I took medium pants and they didnt fit the first 5 days.
6. Nd even tho ur not geting arm lipo take quarter sleeve shirts!!
7. Look confident but not snotty!!! That will not get u anywhere!!!!!
Came accross some mean faces and it did not surprised me the nurses critics!
8. Do Not go thinking is a walk in the park!! I cnt stress this enough!! Even tho i had a great experience it is not easy!! U really need to want this!!
9. Ladies.. If you are spending thousands of dollars please look at the massages and girdles as investments!!!
10. Last but most important! STAY POSITIVE THRU THE STORM!! Because u will see the rainbow!!


Just remembered something!! The pain meds yily...

Just remembered something!!
The pain meds yily prescribes are not really pain meds they are muscle relaxers but they worked for me. I didnt poped any other pill and we took perks. Vicodins and ibuprofen 800.
Just an FYI

Ladies, I'm soo soorryy I've been MIA!!! I was...

Ladies, I'm soo soorryy I've been MIA!!! I was having relationship issues.. Urgh turned out that while i was in DR my hubby was talking to some Bi***h, I thought it was worse than what it really was but still is a disrespect topped with choosing the bad effin timing! either way I fucked him up ladies!!
Ok about me, seriously put in mind that you are doing this for yourself, dnt expect no one to care for you any special treatment nor attention. You make sure YOU are okay...because any one can come and go and the only person that will come to be disatisfied with your body will only be yourself// thru this mess I have not been geting my massages.. i was acting like I was my healthy self and now I'm regreting it!!
My body is back at being sore! ... My belly is swollen (more than ever).. I lost a total of 8 lbs which is alottt being that im already tiny!
I still do not regret this, I will work on gaining my weight back because there is not a huge difference in my ass but i see it. My back has lots of liquid and i have hard bumps on my lower stomach and left waist smh..

i will get back on my recovery.. all this happened to me cause i thought i was good to go and noo ladies my body was not no where near 70% like i thought!

So now that i'm back to day 4 health, can you guys help me with the below questions??
My back has this liquid pockets, does that mean I need to get drained?
anyone know of a DR in NYC that will drain me?
Can the massages get me back on a smooth recovery?
even my inner thigh lipo is hurting me. it feels like my skin is becoming stiff.. I cnt walk right withought the faja.
Is it normal that my inner thigh is still brused??

How you guys like the veddete waist cincher?
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