June 9th with Dr. Almonte - Dominican Republic

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I had my first round of lipo and bbl about 4 years...

I had my first round of lipo and bbl about 4 years ago with Dr. Campos. I am looking for round 2 with Dr. Almonte in a few months. I am in the process of taking all steps to prepare for this procedure. I am super excited and so is my hubby. I will be going out to the DR this coming June and would like to make my trip an enjoyable by getting to know future dolls. Is there anyone heading to DR around the 24th of June?

Security Deposit Paid

Well its official!!! I am now a future Almonte Doll in the making. I am super excited as this is will be round 2 for me. I was happy with my first round, although I didn't have the roundness that I wanted due to my skin being tight and Dr. Campos not being able to transfer more fat to the area. It was still a huge difference than before. I am quite sure that I will get the roundness this time around.

I am waiting on Lesley (Dr. Almonte's assistant) to get back with me on confirmation of sx date. I am hoping for an earlier? date before the 24th of June, but if not I'll take that too.

Date Moved Up-June 9th- SX Buddy Wanted

So ladies, I got what I had been hoping for and that is for my sx date to be moved earlier in June. I want to have majority of my summer to heal and recover this procedure.

Flight Reserved

So, me and the hubby were researching flights since earlier this week and we saw that they keep going up. He had me jump on it today. I am officially booked for my flight. Have to fly in two days early since flying in day before sx will get me there too late to meet with Dr. Almonte. A chick got to do what a chick got to do. lol The only thing I have left now is to send in to get a passport book, pack and wait. I'm lucky these next two 1/2 months will keep me very occupied.

Getting Blood Work

I need to get blood work ordered, but don't know where to go get it done. Any one can tell me how to order it online?

Feeling Excited

Today I began actually looking at clothes to take to DR. I have putting off looking at a lot of things that I was going to need for my trip, but it's about time now. I am going to get my bloodwork done Saturday so I can see where my levels are. Will keep you updated.

I Wish-Side Profile

Levels are In

12.6 .....so I have officially started taking iron supplements and I ordered blood builder supplements as well. I mean to have my levels to at least 14 by my sx date.

More Wish Pics

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wishing all the lovely beautiful women a very very Happy Mother's Day!

Packing List

So I have been researching what to bring with me as my days are dwindling down. Yaaaaaeeeeee!!!!! I want to make sure that I am prepared for the 10 days I will be in DR. So far I have ordered my boppy pillow and a neck pillow for the plane ride. Also, I have pain meds, and basic necessities. Other than that nothing else. I think I am waiting because I don't want to be done packing and the time just creeps by. The more I have to do the closer it get, the faster the time will fly by.

I planned my sx at just the right time because I work all the way through the week right before with just a few days to spare. I plan on getting my hair done and have other family obligations to keep me plenty busy. 26 Days and counting down.


Contacted Lesley today from Dr. Almonte and I asked her when would I get a confirmation email. Waiting, waiting, waiting.......

Still Waiting

I called today and actually spoke with Dr. Almonte. I was surprised I got her instead of Lesley. She sounded very sincere and helpful. However, I am still waiting on Lesley to send me my confirmation email. Urrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!! I know she is busy, but last week she said that she sent it, but of course I never got it. So, if it was sent once already, what's the big deal in sending it again. I'm just venting. I am still excited about my upcoming sx. Time is ticking. tick tock tick tock

Can You Say Butterflies

I am not even within a week of having my procedure yet and I am already having butterflies in my stomach. I have slowly been packing for my procedure. When I say slowly, I do mean slowly. My boppy pillow came in the other day and I didn't even open it yet. I figure I will open it next week. No need to have it sitting on my desk to just stare at it waiting for when I can sit on it. Maybe I should start practicing. Lol

Staying at New Life RH

Finally got the info I have been waiting on from Lesley. I will be staying at New Life. Has anyone stayed there? Can you tell me anything about it? 14 days down and I am there.

Officially 1 Week Left

So, it is just about that time. I will sending in another big portion of my fee so that I won't have that money on me. Better safe than sorry. I have not began packing still. I said I will do that come Wednesday. I have some last minute things to do before I can focus primarily on my surgery. Tomorrow I go to get my labs done one more time. I want to make sure of where my hemo is. Well countdown.

One Day Closer

By request I am posting a pic of me know.

Wish Pics 2015

Why am I up to the .whee hours of the night and into the next morning? I have looked at butt after butt after butt and all I Want is just more projection at the top.of my behind. Here are move wish pics. Feel free to steal a few if you like:

Ab Board?

What's this at board that everyone is speaking about? I didn't know about it the first time around. Where would I go to get it and how do you put it on? When is the right time to begin to wear it? This time around I want the perfect or nearby perfect results. I will be 40 next year and my goal is to befit forty. That entails doing everything I know to is right. Any suggestions will help.

3 Days to Take Off

Yeeeeepppp.....Yeeeeppppp!!!!! I have 3 days until I am off the DR. I have checked my hemolevels on Monday and they had gone down from 12.6 to 11.9. I had been reading about how levels decreased on other woman, but I did not think that mine would go down, especially since I had been taking iron pills and iron liquid for the past four weeks. Now I have gotten some beetroot juice from the Vitamin Shop. Boy is it nasty. I hurry and down it in the morning. I am also taking iron pills three times a day to help. I figure that I will not be getting my labs done until Monday, so that leaves me with 5 days (including today) to get my levels where they need to be for my sx on the 9th. I would hate to get my sx postponed.

On another note, I have packed my daughter up today as she will going to stay with a relative. I will begin packing my things tomorrow. Superduper excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Packed and Ready

Welp, I spent my whole evening yesterday and my entire day today getting everything that I can think of for the trip. My bags are sitting over in the corner waiting to be loaded in the car. My flight leaves at 4:45pm on Sunday and I will arrive at midnight the same night. I will try my best to keep you ladies informed.

Made it to DR

I am officially on foreign soil. The trip here was not bad at all. Arrived at midnight last night and Napal (I think that's how you spell his name) was waiting with my name on a card as I wheeled my luggage out. He is supper nice. Got to New Life Recovery House and met my roomy. BTW everyone at RH is a doll. Genuine caring people. She had her procedure last week with Dr. Almonte. She looks awesome!!! I had some issues with getting connected to the wifi, but all is good now.

Went to see LEsley today and did all the lab work. Hemo is at 12.8. YAAAEEEEE High enough for what I am getting done. I am so glad that Dr. Almonte takes the precautions that she does. I would rather have my surgery postponed than to cost my health or life. But, so happy that everything has checked out. I'm in my room waiting for my dinner to arrive and then I will relax the rest of the evening, Procedure is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. See you beauties on the bootilicious side.

Waiting for that time

Woke up this morning by two nurses and they told me to shower, put on gown and rest of surgery attire. Now I am playing the waiting game. I think that this is the worst part for me. I am not nervous just anxious to get it over with. I was told by Lesley yesterday that it would be around 1pm and I was so prepared for that. The plan was to sleep for most of the day so that I wouldn't be doing exactly what I am doing now.....sitting here wondering when they will come in and get me. lol Oh well, now I have to keep busy so that my mind will not be on a slow ticking clock. Getting some business done while I am still coherent. TTYL BTW.... I had to have my son give my friend that is coming down today to be with me some more money. Had about $300 of unexpected costs. I'm not complaining, just letting you know that you want to have enough funds on you for the "just in cases".

4 Weeks Post

Hey ladies!!! Its been a minute. I have been super busy with trying to get my body back in order. To say the least it has been a roller coaster every day. Since I left DR, I have been fighting these fajas. Ordered three different styles outside of the one I got from Fatima and only one of those have worked out. Needless to say, I have had to send them back to get refunds. I just ordered my absolute last one. I got the Maria E style # 9334 in medium and I love it, so I ordered the small. Since the medium is beginning to get big around the waist.

Swelling is not so bad. It comes and goes. I have started working out at four weeks. Just doing three days a week for now. Oh did I say that I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. My thought is that I will keep as much of the fat that was transferred if I eat. Don't know if it will work, but so far. I have gained and it is unbelievable. Now all I want to do is get in the gym and work off the extra weight. My husband is loving it. Lol!!!

I am very satisfied with my results. My butt is not bootylicious, but I definitely have a rounder shape than what I had at first. I also have hips too. I can't complain too much as I know where I came from and I am 10x better. My waist and stomach are still swollen and that will get smaller over time.

I will post a few pics too!

Pic Update


is there anyone that can tell me how long did it take for your waistline to go in after lipo? It's been 5 weeks tomorrow for me and I'm thinking I should have a smaller waistline by now. When I look in the mirror I see the same look that I had before sx.

Still Healing

I'm about two months post and I absolutely love my butt!!! My waist could be a little smaller, but I am just hoping its just swelling. This is my last procedure, so whatever I have at this point I have. I'm back working out 3-4 days a week now. I haven't worn my faja in two weeks. I just couldn't do it anymore cuz it was killing my inner thighs. Lord it feel so good to not have it on. I do have a shaper that I wear though. If anyone knows where I can find an xs please let me know.
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