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Height: 5"9 Surgery Date: March 14th,...

Height: 5"9
Surgery Date: March 14th, 2013
Procedure: Large Volume Lipo - Stomach, Flanks, Back, Inner Thighs
Overall: Happy with the results

I want to thank all the people that posted their pictures, experiences and advice on Dr. Yily. It really helped me on my journey. Over the next few days I'll post my experience with a timeline. I didn’t want to be one of those people that didn’t “give back” or disappeared now that I had the surgery. Today I've uploaded pictures Pre-Op - March 14, 2013 and Post OP - May 3rd, 2013.

I know a lot of people go to Dr. Yily for BBL but I was looking for a doctor that did aggressive liposculpture. I came across Dr. Yily profile by accident while doing reach on Real Self. Once I saw what she does for the waist I was sold! Most doctors in the US don’t do large volume lipo. My requirements was to find a doctor that worked with my ethnicity who did this kind of surgery day in and day out like a factory. I didn’t want anyone experimenting on me. I also checked to make sure no one died under her care. I had my arms done in the U.S. 2 weeks before I went to the DR because I didn’t want to do everything at once. I will say comparatively Dr. Yily took a lot of precautions. She made sure to have blood work, EKG, XRays and a cardiologist looking you over before she even touches you.

I will stress that I don’t think that having surgery in the DR is for everyone. I would advise not to go to the DR for surgery if you expect everything to be like it is in the U.S. It is not the U.S. First don’t expect that everyone will accommodate you if you only speak English. If you’re not comfortable in an environment where you’ll have to use your English/Spanish dictionary or a Translator Application to communicate with people or have a companion that speaks Spanish then you’re going to be frustrated constantly. A lot of things are quite expensive there because they import EVERYTHING. Plan to bring even your own protein shakes. If you have no PATIENCE then this is NOT the place for you. First everything is on Caribbean time. A lot of women got frustrated because they arrived at the CIPLA at 6:30 am and expect that they’d be in surgery soon thereafter. They never promise a time slot to anyone and you have to prepare that even though you’re there at 6:30 am you may not get to surgery until 4 pm or like me the next day because my blood pressure was high and they had me do extra testing to determine whether I was fit for the surgery. Secondly Patience for the drama! You might be there when someone shows up who didn’t pay but still expects surgery…. Because her prices are so low you will encounter a spectrum of women with ALL different backgrounds and personalities. As I saw some were vocal and start arguing with Dr. Yily and her Staff and the people at Cipla… You name it. I went during “high season” – Spring Break so she was over booked.

It’s important to stress that this is major surgery. Even though I was up and out of bed on day 3 after surgery, it’s been a long recovery. It's 7 weeks since I had surgery and I'm still swollen. I was told it will take about 3 to 6 months to see the full results.
Started back exercising 5 weeks post-surgery which really helped the swelling to go down. The Lymphatic Massages and Acupuncture has also helped. Because my body is recovering I get tired very easily. Dr. Yily stressed a post-surgery regiment of vitamins which I've only started to follow two weeks ago. I think it's important to add Iron, Magnesium and B12 to your supplements post-surgery. Felt the difference immediately.
The worse thing for me post-surgery is the itching. The areas that are healing itch like crazy! I get up at night to itch. Would rather the pain. Benedryl and Advil helps but I had two straight weeks of intense itching which has finally started to subside.

More postings to follow.

I turned 45 last week! Below continues in a...

I turned 45 last week! Below continues in a timeline my experience in the DR. I’ll give another update this week with what I carried and what I WISHED I’d carried.

NOTE: If I could do it again I would have gone to Cipla the day before my surgery, gotten all my tests done and met with Yira. By getting this out of the way you’re already prepped for surgery and would more than likely be one of the first ones the scheduled surgery day.

Found an American Airlines First Class flight to the DR that wasn’t much more money. Also wanted to get Priority Check in and larger seats as I didn’t know how I’d feel when I returned. The flight had a layover in Miami and I called, once again, to confirm with Jacqueline Recovery House that I’d go there after the surgery. Again they couldn’t find me in their system and I told them to cancel my stay there (I would find out later that they called Dr. Yily and told them I cancelled the whole surgery….)

I was already staying at Aparta Hotel Plaza del Sol on my first night. It was really easy to communicate with them so I called and booked the room for 10 days at a rate of $40u.s. per day. They already had a driver meeting us at the airport. The driver charged $40.

When you get to the DR have your $10u.s. ready for customs. Pedro, our driver, had a sign waiting for us at the airport. He turned out to become like a bodyguard for us and really took care of us. On the way to the hotel I asked him if I could hire him for two hours after we got to the hotel to take us to the grocery store (It’s like their version of Walmart. It has everything and is right down the street from the hotel), we also got a cell phone with a DR number for $20 and I asked him to take us out to an expensive restaurant for dinner on the water. I figured I had surgery the next day and wouldn’t be leaving my bed for a while. (added some pics of the view from the restaurant).
Hotel Sol is simple but it had everything in the room we needed. There’s an elevator and our room was on the 2nd floor. Our room wasn’t as modern as the rooms of some of the other women I’d meet there. It could have been because initially I’d only booked it for 3 nights, but we had no complaints. The AC and hot worked well. We had a kitchen with cabinets, small table and chairs, stove and sink. TV had cable. There was a sofa and mirrored dressing table, 2 beds and most important internet access. I have a Netflix account and after surgery, while I was stuck in bed, I watched a ton of movies online.

It was nice to have a fun dinner in the DR. I was relaxed, full (since I couldn’t eat after midnight) and ready for surgery. Logged in and checked my email at 2:30am and saw an email from Yira asking if I’d cancelled the surgery the next day. I was like no, I’m HERE. She responded 10 min later saying it’s ok. That girl doesn’t sleep. I found out later that it usually isn’t until after midnight that she gets an opportunity to respond to a lot of the emails.

Got to CIPLA at 6:30am.

NOTE: They don’t tell you what floor to go to a CIPLA. Ask Yira to tell you which floor to come to.

It was Spring Break and there were a lot of women for surgery. Thank God all of them wasn’t for Dr. Yily. There are quite a few plastic surgeons with offices at Cipla. However Dr. Yily had a lot of women there that day. I wasn't going to complain because 1. I booked the surgery 2 weeks prior and just send my money because I wanted it done in March. I even booked my plane ticket before getting the confirmation. My intention was that I’d show up with money and she’d find room for me:) As it turns out I heard two days before I left that they got my plane ticket confirmation and had me on the books for the day after I arrived.

We were given our rooms at CIPLA. My original intention was to spend 2 nights after surgery at CIPLA under medical supervision since I was going to the hotel instead of the recovery house. There was a pull out Sofa that my friend slept in comfortably. We asked for extra blankets and sheets.

There are forms to be filled out and you’re sent for bloodwork, xray and the cardiologist. By the time I got to the Cardiologist around 11am with one other lady we were told that The Cardiologist had to leave for an appointment and wouldn't be back until 1 pm. Sooo I couldn't drink water or eat. Just wait. We had to go to the lobby and put a deposit down on the remote control for the TV.
The lobby is great for spectating. We decided to stay there and watch all the people for a while. There were these girls in maxi dress walking by with this folded organ like object on a string that they wore like wrist purses. Found when I got one it was the drain. All these women were like peacocks walking around proud of their surgeries. There was this one woman who’s behind and breast was sooooo big and waist so small she looked like something otherworldly!

After seeing the Cardiologist I was told that my blood pressure was too high so they wanted to put off my surgery for about 5 days as recommended by the Anesthesiologist, whose really nice. They decided to send me with another woman to a doctor in the city to run further tests. They sent us with a driver in an SUV and one of Dr. Yily’s assistants Theresa. It costs $75 for the stress test.
I have what is called white coat syndrome. Whenever I’m in a hospital or a doctor’s office my blood pressure goes up. I have blood pressure pills just in case. So both the women and I took or blood pressure pills and by the time we ran on the treadmill (around 4:30 pm) and had the stress test done it wasn’t until after 5pm that we got the green light that we’d both passed the test and headed back to CIPLA in rush hour. We figured we weren’t having surgery that day and finally drank some water, but we still hadn’t eaten since midnight.

After we got back to CIPLA we were told that we would be the first to have surgery the next day and that they wanted CIPLA’s staff to monitor us overnight. They told us that they would pay for the extra night at CIPLA.

NOTE: Bring money for tipping. We tipped an overnight nurse who gave us the phone number of the place that would deliver us food, batteries, phone cards etc. This guy came straight to our room at the hospital from a place next door! The food at CIPLA sucks!! Bring protein bars, shakes etc. as needed.
The next morning, Dr. Yily came in and marked me up. Of course I had things to say like that I’m short waisted and that I’d love for her to give me the illusion of a longer waist. Dr. Yily was like I can only give you what your body will allow. I was like ok. I respect that you know what you’re doing. Then she told me that she couldn’t do my knees and would only do my inner thighs because she didn’t want to risk it with the high blood pressure and bleeding.

The blue pill came and I took it. Didn’t sleep. They finally came for me for surgery and I was so nervous and awake. When I got to the surgery room there was like six medical personnel there. I recognized the Anesthesiologist. They put a barrier between my face and body so I didn’t see anything. I didn’t feel any pain but I could feel that my skin was stretching. Then I started this out of body hallucination. Found out later that other women had the same crazy hallucination so it was either the blue pill or the drugs used for anesthesia. When they finished surgery I screamed out that they forgot my chin! They came back and did it. The hallucination is trippy!
After surgery I was wheeled back to my room. That’s where the long recovery process begins!

NOTE: After surgery when the anesthesia starts wearing off you ARE going feel like you are naked in a snow storm. My teeth were rattling. I felt like there was no blood in my body. I was freezing! My friend turned the AC off and wrapped my face and body with the extra blankets we’d gotten. The only thing showing was my eyes. Thank God this doesn’t last long only about an hour. When the pain killer drips kick in you feel delusional great! Now I understand why some of the people blogging from their bed say they feel so great they forget they’re on powerful pain killers LOL!
I now had the drain and a catheter. They don’t want you to move at all the first night. I LOVED that the hospital bed was mechanical and could be moved with a remote. I was ready to leave CIPLA after two days but I would miss the hospital bed after I left.

I’ll continue post later this week. Just posted some updated pics.

Note: Post Surgical Garment - For hygiene and to...

Note: Post Surgical Garment - For hygiene and to help avoid infection I recommend that you take a second garment to change into when you wash the other.

Dr. Yily get's her's from I bought a smaller size (medium in black) from them. It cost around $100. The first one they sent me was F5 compression, a second stage garment. I called and asked it they had one with the same double compression as the one I got from Dr. Yily. They said yes, but it isn't on their website and it's called a F7. I ordered a garment in F7. Love having the extra compression.

Now that I'm going from a medium to a small garment. I don't want to spend another $100+ I read on one of the blogs where they had it adjusted. My Mom has a sewing machine so I asked her.

It was so EASY. With one stitch she took in the seam on the back from the opening at the crotch area tapering it to where the snaps end under the breast so the upper back area stayed the same size while the stomach area is smaller. After trying it on I wanted it tighter so she ran a wider stitch and now I have a size small faja. Thanks Mom!

Forgot to mention that they give you a 10%...

Forgot to mention that they give you a 10% discount if you tell them that you bought one of their garments from your doctor. They'll ask you for the doctor's name.

The List

Someone people mentioned about whether Dr. Yily was there for the whole surgery. I don’t believe she preps you or does the closing. She has a team that does that.

The day after surgery the nurse came and took out my catheter and changed my bandage. This was my first complaint as she was so rough that my skin felt it was being pulled off the bone. I told her never to touch me again. Dr. Yily heard about the complaint and when she came to my room to check me out, before I was discharged, she apologized for the nurse’s behavior.

Dr. Yily made sure I understood what was needed to be done for follow-up and that I that I had all the medication. She gave me a paper with instructions and emergency phone numbers etc. and I was discharged.

Pedro, our driver, came to the room to help us with bags etc. and I was able to walk out of Cipla. Didn't need to use the available wheelchair. They had security guards who are very helpful to make sure you get into the car comfortably etc.

The next few days after the pain killers from Cipla wears off. I learned to make sure and take my pain pills on schedule. The soreness and stiffness is one thing. The pain another if you don’t take the pain pills on time. The truth is that after all the build up for the surgery, post-surgery is anti-climactic. It’ the ultimate hurry up and wait game. You’re in pain and keep hoping that you made the right decision. It’s a mind game and the pain doesn't help.

I followed the aftercare instructions carefully because I didn't want an infection. This means taking the full circle of antibiotics and cleaning the incisions twice daily.

The hardest part is getting out of bed. You definitely need help the first 2 days to get up for the bathroom etc. As much as I wanted the funnel to work it was hard to use it to pee. Sometimes by the time you get out of bed and make it to the bathroom little accidents happen that it why you need to have another post surgery garment to change into. I did bring depends but found they didn't stop the garment from getting wet. The drain is near your butt and I’m sure for a tummy tuck near your vajaja so if the garment get’s wet with pee etc. it can soak back into the wound. I forgot to bring compression socks and my feet and fingers swelled up huge. At one point I was larger post surgery than presurgery because of all the swelling. That part was depressing. Thank God times heals all wounds. With that said here’s my list:

Pre Surgery per Dr. Yily instructions:

-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
-FERROUS SULFATE (or Iron Pills) 325 mg: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.

Also Pre and Post:
B12 – Dissolve in mouth kind
Vit. D3

-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
- Could only get this in DR. It’s the most expensive med. That’s why she charges
$250 US. It cost about $100 US. This med makes sure you don’t die from a
blood clot.
-CLAVULIN 1GR (Antibiotic): Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
- I got this from my doctor in the US. Make sure to take it for the full 10 days
-DICLOFENAC 50MG (Pain Med): Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.
- Bought this in the DR. but also got my doctor in the US to give me Vicodin and
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG (for upset stomach): Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
- Bought in the US over the counter at Walmart. Never used it.
-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
- Bought in the US chewable kind.
-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
- Bought Iron pills equivalent at Walmart. Took after surgery to build my
blood and energy back up.
-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.
- Bought in the DR. Needed 3 tubes because I used it on bruised areas twice

-Baby Wipes – Bring 2 containers plus extra for your purse (The water in the DR is bad so you will be using them twice daily to clean your body and after you use the bathroom, to wipe face etc.. I ran out.)
- Doggy Pads – Bring about 10 or more. Use on beds. Drain sometimes slips from container at night and for massages.
- Super Maxi Pad – med bag – to cover incisions and padding. Change twice daily
- Surgical Tape – keeps pads in place
- Neosporin – for wounds
- Hydrogen peroxide - to clean wounds
- Waterproof Bandages – for when the incisions starts closing and you don’t need maxi pad.
- Anti bacterial Hand Sanitizers – 3 or 4 travel size ones – again DR water is bad.
- Anti bacterial Soap
- Bio Oil – for stretch marks and loose skin
- Align Probiotics – to avoid yeast infection
- Tampons – My period came early due to surgery and didn’t want to deal with pads
- Stool softener
- Deodorant
- Body Moisturizer
- Travel size tooth brush
- Mouthwash to rinse
- Extra Strength Tylenol (can’t use ibuprofen before or a few days after surgery)
- Travel size Kleenex
- Boppy Pillow – for those getting BBL
- Compression Socks – pre, during, post surgery to keep swelling down. (expensive in DR)
- Extra compression garment – info in earlier post
- Wife Beaters – to wear under compression garment to avoid indentations.
- Slippers – 2 pairs one for inside one for going out.
- Loose pants (nothing fancy) – 2 pairs
- Maxi skirt – covers garment and drain
- Waist purse (fanny pack) or small arm bag – large enough to hold drain when you go out.
- T shirts
- Loose Dress
- 1 nice outfit - Overall you live in the compression garments. Don’t bring a lot of clothes you won’t use them.
- Thick socks for after surgery when you’re freezing
- Entertainment i.e. laptop, dvds, books, music etc.
- Protein Shakes
- Protein Bars
- Pack of Nuts and snack
- Definitely CHOCOLATE

Additional Items

Will continue review later today. Been recovering from lipo on legs a few days ago. Thank God recovery not too painful. Healing really well and looking good:)

Additions to list:
- Bring Travel size detergent.

Also check out Butterfly2Dragonfly blog she has a great item list. I'm going to go out and get this Dermablast spray she recommends.

Also check out littleinthemiddle blog. She has pictures of cards for Tati, Dr. Yily's massage therapist and an English speaking driver.

The Final Chapter

Dr. Yily sculpted my waist, back, torso and chin (In March) and Dr. Kristopher Hanley (will review in another post) did my arms (in Feb) and my legs (two weeks ago). My makeover surgery is hopefully complete!

Dr. Hanley will check me out in a few weeks and do touch ups on any of Dr. Yily or his areas that might need it after the swelling goes down. They weighed me before I got my legs done and I’d taken off 24 pounds!!! since the last two surgeries. Will be working out now like crazy to perfect and keep everything in check.

FYI: I had lipo done almost 15 years ago. What they don’t tell you is that if you don’t keep the weight off it goes to other areas. That’s why my arms and back got BIG!

Post Surgery in the DR

Sleeping post surgery is the hardest. That’s where I was happy to have the pain killers my doctor prescribed. It made me sleepy and I’d pass out LOL! The drain… UGH!
Note: Ask Dr. Yily to show you how to use the drain properly. I found out that after I took it apart to pour the fluid out and to clean it that I should have squeezed it for the suction to work better.

Laundry – The only thing I found crazy about Hotel Sol is that they tried to charge me 100 pesos per garment to do my laundry! That’s like $2.50 per garment. I made friends with the lady that cleaned the room and I gave her both my friend’s and my laundry with $10 US. She thought that was really fair. You can’t let anyone at the hotel know that she’s doing it. I did laundry twice while in the DR. I tried to wash most little things by hand and my fajas. I bought like 7 Wife Beaters so I didn’t have to wash those often.

Ordering Food – Places deliver to the hotel but some of them charge a “tax” of like 100%. So make sure and find out. We found that the place that did roast chicken was fine, but the Chinese restaurant (whose food was clean and great) charged the tax so I’d only get one order of chicken and vegetables with rice which would last for 2 meals for two people. So we cooked with food we got from the grocery and ordered in initially post-surgery. Then we’d get Pedro to take us to the mall were you get everything from KFC to Chinese food all reasonable priced.

Five days later I had the drain removed and was given the go ahead to get massages. Dr. Yily and another doctor took the drain out in her office. She gave me Tati’s information. Tati is great because she came to the hotel. On the day I got my drain out I went to the spa on the top floor at CIPLA and got a massage. They are really good and the girl speaks English well. My friend had her hair washed and blown out at the Spa. They did a great job.

I booked my ticket to stay 14 days in the DR. Honestly I could have returned home after 7 days when the drain was removed. 10 days max. I now had some mobility and 7 long days left in the DR so I needed something to do. I saw Theresa, Dr. Yily’s Assistant had bracers so I asked her for her Dentist info. It turned out that Dr. Yily’s Sister is her Dentist. I set up an appointment and both my friend and I had our teeth deep cleaned and cavities fixed with x-rays etc. for less than $100 US. Dr. Yily’s (little) sister is sooosoo nice. She’s like a teddy bear.

If I had time I would have found someone that did Invisalign or cosmetic dentistry as well. Getting your hair done is dirt cheap as well. Dominicans have ALL hair texture from super kinky to bone straight so the hair dressers know how to work with every hair type.

Note: I exchanged about $200US to pesos at the airport in Miami. I read not to use your card to withdraw money in the DR due to fraud and only use it to pay for things like hotel etc. I used a Credit Card for the hotel and Dentist. Paid cash for everything else.

The weekend before I left the DR we decided to go for an adventure to the beach. After surgery you skin is sensitive from the anesthesia antibiotics etc. so you’re not allowed to be in direct sun. So we had to plan something where I’d have shade.
Boca Chica is the closest resort beach. It’s about an hour away. After doing a lot of research is seemed like a tourist trap. Some people recommended a quiet beach further out called Juan Dolio. At first I thought about staying there for the weekend, but we decided to do a day trip to Juan Dolio. I hired Pedro for the day. It usually cost between $70 to $100 US for day hires in the DR.

I’ve included some pictures of this beautiful beach. We went on Saturday to this small country town. The locals cooked in big pots on the beach. They seated us at a table with umbrellas in the shade of trees which are steps away from the ocean. It cost us like 15 pesos. We were asked what we wanted to eat and requested a whole fried fish and French fries. They didn't understand French fries so we described the papas fritas. The woman sent a boy to a neighbor’s house to get some potatoes. 20 min. later a FEAST of fish and fries were served to us with cold beer on the beach. It was like out of a movie, the sea, wind and the best food I’d eaten in the DR! So glad I got to meet the country folks and relax. It made me want to see more of the country. That whole feast cost about $15 US.

We also hired Pedro for a half day to so some sightseeing the Santa Domingo. 7 days later I was excited to go home with my suitcase now half empty:)

Driver, Bodyguard, Great Person – Pedro Frias 829 873 3971. Doesn't speak English.
Aparta Hotel Plaza Del Sol :

12 Weeks Post Pics

Swelling is 85 to 90% Gone. I'm daring to rock a string bikini! Dr. Yily did make my very short torso look longer:)

New pic

Do people want the truth?

Do people want the truth? It's nice when people say nice things on your blog and I definitely don't think anyone should criticize anyone's body, but when it comes to discussing doctor's pluses and minus I think this is the forum to do so based on one's own personal experience.

The women on RS put the DR doctors through the wringer and I like that. No sugar coating. However the US doctors don't seem to get the same treatment.

I just saw this review from this girl from a doctor in New York that I had a consultation with. He wanted 14K to do the work that Dr. Yily did and then said maybe I'd have good results.... He charged her 11K for a BBL that doesn't look like a BBL. When I researched him on the New York court database he had lawsuits filed against him even though he's considered to be "reputable". It's important to do your research.

Where to look

In NYC you can look up doctors to see if they have had any law suits filed at:

BTW there are LOTS of doctors/doctor's staff posing on RS with fake identities. Do your research. Especially you BBL ladies. BBL seems to be where the money is at and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Will not be on RS much

Sorry if it's taking me a while to respond to emails etc. but I'm not on RS much. I will post some final pics in the next few weeks as my body has changed even more since the last pics. It really does take about 4 months to see the "full effect". The Plastic Surgeon who did my legs told me that it will take another 6 months before my skin and muscle are more connected overall. So the transformation continues.

After I post the last set of pics in the next few weeks I'll turn off notification, but I'll leave everything up for a while. Wishing all my RS sisters the best on their transformative journeys!!


Notification turned off. Blog Closed. Wishing everyone the best on their journeys and healing!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Overall Dr. Yily is a very knowledgeable plastic surgeon. She goes through great measures pre and post-surgery to look after your health. Originally I wanted my legs lipo sculptured as well but she refused to do it and only did my inner thighs because she said that given my high blood pressure and possible bleeding it wasn’t in my best interest health wise. I appreciated her looking after my health first. Dr. Yily is very matter of fact and some people might find it offensive. What I saw was a very busy doctor with limited staff running an expanding business. I think she needs to add people to her staff. After meeting her and her assistants Yira and Theresa I understood why they took so long to answer my emails. They are all at Cipla from 6:30 am to sometimes 10pm at night.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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