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Well Im now less than 65 days Preop. Very busy...

Well Im now less than 65 days Preop. Very busy trying to research healing aids, and any advice for a speedy recovery, as well as things I need to pack. So far I have bought bromelain, Arnica Gel, Arnica Montana pellets, Chux, personal, and feminine wipes, Bolster pillow, go girl funnel, comprifoam, and colloidal silver, and surgical Sinecch, Accu fitness Body tape Measure, 2 pairs of open toe Anti Emobolism, 2 pair of closed toe Anti Embolism stockings, Robe, Slippers, Boppy Travel Pillow, Hibiclens antimicrobial antiseptic cleanser liquid, Soft Cloth Surgical Tape, Sterile Gauze, Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Relief Spray, Bacitracin First Aid Ointment, and Feminine wipes, wife beaters, Miramax, gloves, Band-Aids, Tylenol, my luggage, Post SX loose clothing, and all the supplements that I am to began taking 30 days prior to surgery.. ...I keep hearing talk of a lipo stomach pad...need to research the benefits. I joined a great support group called Heavenly Bodies, the ladies on there are very supportive of each other and tremendous source of SX knowledge and advice. They are also Crazy Cool, and sometime cool and I like them because negativity, and disrespect is not allowed, which make it pleasant because women can be catty at times. But they are great to just talk to as I am a person who has many around them that feel I am crazy and disgusting for even considering doing this. And sometimes belittle me because of it. I am also feeling a little anxious because many people are using their tax returns to get this done. Since I am a person that has to use write offs in order to not owe taxes. My tax return funds are low or non existent, which means this whole thing is coming out of my pocket. Sounds like I should have a lot of money huh? Having second thoughts about the breast lift, since I’ve been advised that it is dangerous to have front and back procedures done at the same time. Meanwhile, I’m also a little worried about funding this trip, but if its meant for me to do this, it will work out. Some members of my group had their surgeries last week and look amazing, one even posted a video, which make me really comfortable with my Dr selection....Things are coming along nicely, and I think Im doing really well so far....All I have left is on the more expensive side Tickets, cost of surgery...whew I hope I can get this all done my May 1st. On a closing note. I have done alot of research, and still continue to research. But I have the upmost confidence in Ms Del Los Santos surgical abilities.

Today was an interesting day. I have heard some...

Today was an interesting day. I have heard some news of turmoil at RH, as well as people feeling odd about executing their right to change your mind about who touches their body. I found the person who I feel can safely give me what I want, and I have changed my mind many times and always ended up back at my first choice. But sometimes when you get a bunch of women to together these things happen. I love my support group and the diverse backgrounds and opinions that are presented there. Not hostile, just the freedom to voice your opinions without judgement. Another lady reported back to the group after having surgery yesterday she is so funny and the result Yily gave her were just phenominal. Her waist is sooo tiny, havent seen her butt yet, Im sure she did just as good a job on that as well. I am boiling over with excitement, I can barely concentrate...I had better find a way I still have to pay for Decided to stay as Angela's Recovery House in DR. We have a couple of members already there, and they love it, and they love Angela as well. They say she makes you feel like you are at home. which is a good thing. As of now my bags are packed need a short robe for massages and a couple of pajama bottoms for lounging. This is truly turning out to be quite the journey.

I am opting for surgery as I have always been...

I am opting for surgery as I have always been unhappy with my shape. Having a Apple Body Type is sometime difficult. I Have boobs for days but no booty to be found and with my upper half being larger than the bottom, it makes it hard to shop and dress like I want. And being that i am an African American Woman who comes from a mother with the shape of a Goddess, its quite

I have been considering Lipo for about 15 yrs. At first it was unthinkable as I didnt have the money needed to have such procedures, and being the single mom of ambitious daughters, my money was pretty much the property of institutions of higher learning. So when the option came available for medical tourism, I jump at the chance after watching a family member and a few others leave and come back with stripper bodies, or semi sexy models I was all in.

I hope to minimize my upper torso with lipo creating a little waist, and moderate hips, and using the fat I never needed up top to give me the Tush of my dreams, No fun being Flat in the

I feeling a little anxious right now and since I am traveling alone a little nervous, But its true what they say about New Yorkers if we can make it there we can make it anywhere. Hence the reason I now live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in a small beach town.

I have been picking up some really good tips on travel and Do's and Dont's Before and after surgery, As well as products to aid in my recovery. I'm currently four months from my surgery date, so Im in preparation and research mode.

Less than 60 days to go...I am so nervous about...

Less than 60 days to go...I am so nervous about whether I will have all my money together, do I have everything needed to optimize my results and heal well, should I stay at Angela's or go to JM Spa. So many things are going through my head. I am finding that participating in forums is becoming increasingly difficult as my anxiety, regarding my choices are at their peak and I don't like for people to insist on trying to change my mind on whats best for me. Right now Im waiting on my passport so that I can book my flight.

During my research for post surgery healing. I...

During my research for post surgery healing. I called a chriopractor and he gave me some really good info on acquiring lymphatic massages after sx. He said make an appointment with my PCP within 2 days of my returning to US. He said that if I have lymphatic edema, they can write me a precription for lymphatic massages. He said that it is very important to have these done because if they are not, I may be subject to periodic bouts with swelling long term, especially when flying.

I have gotten some leads on some really good...

I have gotten some leads on some really good products, and recovery advice from now until my SX date I will post the things I have found. I hope it is as helpful to those who read my journal as it was to me.

For those considering a tummy tuck:
Tummy Tuck Info-

Links for Tummy board, and lipo foam, and pads:
Lipo Tummy Pads-

Larger size stomach pad-


Liposuction sheets individual-

Liposuctio sheets 12ct-

I hope some of these things help...More to come....

Well alot has happened. Feeling a little down...

Well alot has happened. Feeling a little down right now. Today was a rough day. I have kept my surgery to mayself for so long and I when I thought I had found a group of women who shared my vision and were traveling on simular journeys as my self I was estatic. Well that came crumbling down today when I was shown that peoples before photos were being taken and shown to other groups for mockery. So That's that I officially have 6 weeks left I will be posting my results as pics here for 12 weeks PO and periodically throughout the year. Not really worried about what anyone has to say about my before and afters but I will be omitting my face just in case someone steals my pic. I will also start a video library trying to figure out where I will put it. I may try a closed page on fb and only invite those that have been following my journey, and whose journey I have followed as well. Funneling some positive energy, not going to let the deception throw me off. For those who read this please be very careful of where you show your pics and the content. Some of these so called groups are traps.

I am going to post more helpful links tomorrow. I am so extra excited now I ordered my abdomen board from lipo express, I have decided to go to JM SPA even with the negative reviews I dont they will leave me with their cousin and go on a cruise, or have so hungry that I have to resort to hoarding food for survival.

Which I will leave you with this other word of advice. Stay at the facility your SX recommends do not gallop across town then get mad because her rounds don't stretch that far. As for Yily she recommended JM SPA, Cipla, and Hotel Plaza Del Sol, and those are the places she goes to check on her patients. She is currently having a problem with people cutting cost and staying in places they find on their own and then getting mad at her because she wont drive all the way to the persons house. I know people who have stayed at all 3 places I named and they didn't have an issue. She give everyone her personal cell for emergencies. That's all for now I will finish this up tomorrow

I have five weeks to go and can hardly sleep a...

I have five weeks to go and can hardly sleep a wink. I have booked my flight through spirit airlines, and I have reserved my recovery location. I am do anxious about all of this. I am now part of a new group, and they are being very supportive and lack the drama of the last I found my recovery location on I will be giving a thorough review upon my return. right now I still need a few more maxi dresses, lymphatic drainage liquid, along with some other stuff. Im hoping to get all of this done, I still have time but cant help but feel an urgency to get everything situated. I did go ahead and buy travel insurance when I booked my ticket. Just incase I have an emergency while Im away. Thats all for now will post again soon.

Well I have exactly four week until my SX date. I...

Well I have exactly four week until my SX date. I have so many different emotions and concerns, its becoming increasingly hard to concentrate or sleep. I ordered my lipo pads, and abdominal board today, all I have left is the things I bought from Amazon. and I have to get me some big granny panties a few sizes too I started taking my vitamin cocktail on the 17th and up'd my water intake. I see that swelling is a big deal, so all though I have never heard any reports of anyone using it, I am going to be the crash test dummy and use the lymphatic drainage liquid supplement. And see how it works. My laptop crashed on me, and my cheap ass didn't get the warranty but its a HP, I would have thought it would have lasted more than six freakin months, but as luck would have it I found a tablet on HSN for $199 payable in 5 installments, so that works for me. I just want to make sure that I can do my videos. Have a lot going on right now. My mom had a stroke. She is ok but is having the typical problem of not being able to move one side of her body. So please keep her in your prayers. I have decided to put my before pics on RS the Sunday before I leave, prepare to be I am really anxious to see what my new Yilified Body will look like with a small waist and a fat I have decided to stay at JM spa since I am traveling alone I think that would be the safest route. Well that's all for now. Will post again next Friday. here are the links to the places I used for my abdominal pad, and lipo foam pads and a few others that may come in handy:

Larger size stomach pad-

Liposuctio sheets 12ct-



Margie's Wellness Center
2525 N State Rd 7
Hollywood, FL 33021
Frequently Asked Questions About Compression Garments -

Before and after SX Vitamins-

• (MUST READ) Milking your drains*

"Milking" is the term used to squeeze or guide the excess fluid into your drains. This is something that needs to be done no matter what!
Video Showing how TO
1. Make sure your hands are clean and you have some alcohol wipes around.
It is VERY simple to do and is painless as long as you don't tug to hard near your drain insertion site. You just take the top of the drain site in your hand and hold it firmly; (It's similar to detangling your hair from the tip to root. you hold on to your hair firmly and detangle from bottom to top.) but, be careful not to pull too hard and take the drain out of the site. just use your fingers and squeeze them along the drain tube to guide any fluid that is stuck. This is VERY important to do. In hospitals they do this after surgery for every pediatric patient. They also come and use a brush to pat the back and ribs to manually force the fluid out into the drains twice a day. They also ask you to cough as you do it to push any fluids out. I really can't remember the name of the brush but maybe somebody can chime in.
Try to milk your drains ATLEAST twice a day BUT try to do it as much as you can.

Scar Therapy -

Scar Therapy -

Scar Therapy-

Preparing for SX-

I didn't buy all of this stuff, but you can pick and chose those that interest you!

Well I leave tomorrow, and will began submitting...

Well I leave tomorrow, and will began submitting an daily journal about my journey.

Im finally here.

The flight was ok. Yasmine is awesome she speaks English and is so attentive and hands on with patients and doctors. Her mom, dad, son an sis are very nice as well. When I arrived yesterday my flight was early, so when I got through immigration which was really easy btw. I didn't see her when I came out...there were so many people waiting for others I almost felt like I was on the red carpet. Anyway she pannicked because she thought I might get lost since the plane landed 30 min early. As it happens I knew Io stay close to the gate and since I was standing alone she came up and asked if I was Angie I said "yes" then she gave me a big hug...funny thing is I knew at that point I was in good hands the look in her eyes as she approached me were that of genuine concern. nd after she realized she had found me her expression became more relaxed. I told her we were way early and that I hadn't been there alone 5 minutes...The traffic and driving here is soooo different. But I have a lead foot so the speed didn't bother me although everyone's failure use a turn signal surprises me and further let's me know I will never drive So she too me to Cipla so I coul get band xray done. Yasmine did the talking and since I didn't get to Cipla until 4:30pm I got the impression the phlebotomist and xray tech were saying they were done for the day but Yas got them to do it. We then went home where here mom had dinner waiting for me. I think they eat dinner a little earlier than I'm sedut when I tell you her mother can cook....whew I felt like I was back at home in she showed me my room I put my stuff up then I came back out and tried to remember my table manners as i inhaled that food...whew...I wanted to lick the D freakin then later that evening her mom made me fresh mango juice aven at this point. Yet I'm still about the sx for the next dak an ambien and was out cold before 9 pm, which was a good thing since I didn't sleep a wink the night beford 3:45pm Yas had gone to pick up a patient from the airport. She is going to another doctor not at Villa Ciplaso I will give you the 411 on the doctor and pics if she let's keys me. They arrive tmmother and daughter and they are really sweet people. I am going To enjoy the 3 weeks doesn't with this family and the 4 patients residing there. Got to Cipla at 8:30 mn that so freakin hungry I feel like I could bite someone...and Yira as sweet as she us just left two bottles of water that I can't have...really?'m still waiting on cardiologist, but I did meet Yily who greeted me with a smile and guys didn't lie she is gorgeous and her body is bananas...she is very kind and did I say honest. I went with Yasmine to vist a couple if women while I wait. And they were telling me how she had told them the truth regarding their own specific body type and procedures they wanted and she gave it to them straight even if it meant less money in her girl showed me her before pic and my freakin mouth fell open. At any rate I'm in my room watching Star Trek while I Wait for Yily to mark me up and cardiologist to do my ekg....oh one more thing bring an blanket it is cold as hell in this room..glad I followed my first mind. Will write again after sx...I typed this on my phone so please excuse the typos and grammer.

1 day post Op, and Yasmine RH Review Part1

May 16-Day Before Surgery
Arrived in Santo Domingo at 3:05PM which made us more than 30 minutes early. I decided to to wait until I reached the Mariott to exchange currency since the exchange rate is better than the airport. So I proceed to Immigration which was pretty quick since I got in the wrong line. I got in the line for Dominican Residents only, which one of the ladies was nice enough to translate and get the officer to allow me to go through the Dominican line which only took 5 minutes. My coming in early kinda through me off since I didn’t have use of my phone so I didn’t have anyway to reach Yasmine, So I just stood close to the exit ramp and hoped I would be able to spot Yasmine, if not I didn’t know what I would have done. I was only there 5 minutes when a lady runs up to me and ask if I was Angie, she looked so worried, she gave me a hug and seemed to be relieved. I was relieved as well, since I can’t speak any spanish at all…lol..So far so good.

She took me straight to Cipla for labs, we go to Yilys office and I get to meet Yira, who told us that the labs were getting ready to close, so we ran downstairs where Yasmine convinced them to take me, so I wouldn’t have to do the Xray and Blood test the next day. The Xray and phlebotomist were really nice and tried communicate best they could. I was glad I was there with someone who spoke English because Yira didn’t come downstairs and I would have been ass out. So after the test she takes me home and returns to the hospital to check on Iwantawaist. Meanwhile, her mom made a dominican dish that made me want to lick and bit my fingers…Then I went to my room which by the way is not a four star resort but a simple bedroom, I think I forgot to mention Yasmines home, the place is spotless my room was simple, my bed comfortable, It has a ceiling fan and air conditioning…I took an ambien and crashed for the evening.

May 17-
I arrived at the hospital around 9ish, Im starving at this point, but hey no food after 10PM. Juanita Yasmines sister took me to Yilys office while Yasmine went to check on Iwantawaist. Now this shyt is getting real. Im like…wow im really getting ready to do this. I spoke with Yira and gave her the last of my payment. She then took me to the forth floor to get me check in and assigned a room. Not much to tell about that process. I sat in the waiting area for about 15 minutes then a nurse came over to weigh me, took me behind the nurses station to complete paperwork. After I finished the paperwork Yasmine came out and asked if I wanted to talk to Iwantawaist, although I didn’t know here prior to DR I agreed. Iwantawait-NY had surgery the day before and was in the room with another lady, So Yasmine and I chatted with her for a while. She appears to be very nice, and I felt it was nice for Yasmine to go and visit, make sure she was ok before and after the surgery. I felt good about Yasmine at this point and reported what she was doing to my Facebook groups Yily and King and Queens. I just didn’t think that the recovery house owners or personnel would come and check on you like that and it sure as hell was something I needed since I traveled to this place by myself. Her family makes you feel at home, and I could kinda see what all the reviews on airbnb were talking about. After the chat I went back to the waiting area, where after about 15 minutes, Yira came to get me and put me in my room by this time its 11:30am I felt like I was dying from starvation. Yira came to my room around and told me the cardiologist had returned took me to see him. Its so funny being around people who look just like me and they cant speak english to save their lives, and I cant speak enough spanish to save mine. But they are really friendly and I am feeling really comfortable in my surroundings. So Im with the cardiologist we exchange small chat about New York and My now living in a small beach town in North Carolina, he surprisingly visits and plays golf at a course near me in Wilmington. He does the EKG, everything looks fine, so he gives me my paperwork and soon as I step out of his office Theresa is out there saying “ There you are Yily is waiting for you in OR”….Im not going to lie, my heart sank to my freakin stomach. So I was rushed to my room where two nurses helped me undress, and put me in my hospital gown, slippers, and cap, then came the gourney. They put me one there and while Im scared silly one of the orderlys read my last name and began to make fun of it….lol…I think he could tell I was nervous, so we laughed a little and into OR I went. Yily was waiting there. That woman has a body that wont quite, her little girl has bootie too so I guess it really does run in her family!!!. So she didn’t ask me for a wish pic, or any guidance as to what I wanted her to do she just started marking me up, had me to remove my tragus earrings, and lay on the table. At which time a guy came in started my IV, then I was asked to turn around on the table and put my head into this fine mans chest, and I was more than happy to oblige only thing is the closer my head got to his chest the more everything went black….dammit I didn’t even get to enjoy laying on this fine dominican brothers chest oh well.

May 17th Post Surgery- So I wake up thanking God I made it but in a pain I cant explain. Whew… My back, stomach, and azz hurt so bad…I am in and out of concious, and later I see Yasmine, her mother, and father come in, I passed back out so I didn’t get to visit or talk to them, however I do remember Yasmine talking to me while she massaged my feet…

May 18th 1 Day Post Surgery- I guess I woke up about 2am laying in a bed soaked with what looks like blood but was actually fluid from drains. I didn’t know what to ask for first, pain meds, or dry bed. Called the nurse she came and gave me pain meds but tried to make me lay in that nasty cold and wet bed. So I kept falling asleep sitting on the side of the bed. It is so hard to move, and do simple things like pulling yourself up so when I got my self up that second time I wouldn’t lay back down because it took me to damn long to rock myself back to an up right position. And by 4am I am in tears because I want to lay down so bad but my bed literally looks like someone had been murdered in it, and everytime I try to ask the nurses for help they shake their finger at me and tell me to lay down. I’m sooo agitated and frustrated, I didn’t know what to do. I was glad to see Yasmine around 8am and she immediately asked the nurses why my bed had not been changed and got on them to get me cleaned up because me, my bed, and blanket were drenched in red fluid. I was so mad but too weak to do anything about it, so I was sooo relieved to finally get some help. I did get to meet yet another lady JaZZbelle-CA. Didn’t talk to JaZZbelle much as I was going through my own deal but I have to admit she is a very pretty girl, found out later she was Korean….

11:00am Yira comes in she is looking kind of weird, she exchanges a little small talk while occasionally squenching her eyes. Im like somethings wrong was just waiting for her to spill it. And low and behold she tells me $1200 of my payment was cancelled through Chase Quick Pay. I was shocked and really didn’t have a good way of checking it out so I gave her $200 and Yira said I could charge the $1000 through the administration office. So they put me in a wheelchair and mind you no one still has checked my drain. So when I get to the admin office, Yira comes down, and they run my card, which comes back declined…now prior to this I told Yira I put a $1000 daily limit on my card because Im out of the country. Well for some reason this crazy girl tries to charge my card for $1547, which is what the bank told me when I called. By this time I am trippin out like I need my drain fixed these people trippin and probably are not helping me because they don’t think I had any money. So I guess I should let you guys know that while I was at the administration office the first time, I was draining all over the floor and it looked like a big pool of blood in the middle of the office floor. And I am feeling like these people don’t care at all they were just interested in the Pesos. So now that I have spoken to my bank I basically said fuck it and walked down four flights stairs the day after surgery, and paid the $1000. While they were processing my recipt Yira walks in with JaZZbelle-LA who attempt to make a payment by credit card which was declined. She told Yira that she had forgotten to tell Chase was she was going out of the country. Didn’t stick around for the details because my main concern at the time was getting my drain fixed. So by the time I got back upstairs it was time to go, and wouldn’t you know my damn drains stated working on its own 12 hours after SX. Well Im on my way home Yasmine is fussing because she said I need to slow down especially since I have walked up and down stairs the day after surgery. She put me in bed, told she would check on me periodically, which she did, once for meds, and another to feed me soup. I am feeling really grateful right now because she is taking such good care of me and the things she is doing were really unexpected. She emailed my kids and let them know I was ok, and also gave them the home number so they could call and check on me if needed. I have so much to write about but that’s all for tonight will finish first week review tomorrow, however I am uploading pics tonight.

pics day 1 post op and my room at yasmines

one month after sx before and after

16 weeks post op

Lovin my new body!!!

My round one journey t.update

I have healed well, I am totally in love with Yilys Work and With Yasmines care giving. I will be using them both again for round 2. As for the lies that are being spread about both these ladies, shameful. As for Yily, I think I was a bit overwhelmed with everything, and the language barrier caused the oversite on my initial need for care regarding my drain. Yasmine helped close the language barrier for me and enabled me to effectively communicate with Yily, like Yira, but she let me down on the translator tip...Had me mad at Yily and come to find out her tail wasn't translating what I needed correctly...whew!!!...But Yily gave me after care after surgery, and due to complications I acquired because I chose to start back smoking 13 days after surgery she stepped in and assisted me with my aftercare even after I was back in the US. Of course she wasn't here personally but she told me what to do and what meds to suggest from my US physician.
My recovery- I am and have been recovering well, I am finding that my faja is like my second skin, I feel awkward without it. Although I am 16 weeks post op, my body appears to be still changing...I do think I need a round 2 for upper body lipo...but I extremely happy with my current results. My confidence in my clothes etc. has grown phenomenally. I love what Yily has done to and for me and even athough I paid her, I cant thank her enough. My pics speak for themselves especially the one in the purple bathing suit taken on mothers day which was 5 days before my surgery. I am definitely looking forward to working with her and Yasmine for my round 2. As for Yasmines RH....Her Facebook and the people she has cared for speaks for itself. Her and her family are beautiful people and took rbetter care of me than I could of hope for from food and meds to laundry and encouragement. I hope to visit Yasmine and her family before I do my round two. I will post again with my 6 month update and pics...after that I will begin gearing up for my 2nd round journey. I will most like do a round 3 but it will not be on my body...Mommys getting up in age gotta make sure my face matches this body Yily is November 2013...Smooches!!!....
BTW....If anyone has any questions about recovery and or TT, BBL, and Lipo...please feel free to message me. You don't have to be a Yily Patient...I just want to help someone the same way someone helped me, as this surgery thing can be confusing and quite overwhelming and as you get close to your date scary. I know because I didn't sleep for the two week prior to my surgery....I was nervous as hell.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had procedures completed by Yily on May 17th. I found her to be very professional, talented and caring. I admire her talent for sculpting each womans body to their own personal best. Meaning all of her patients look unique and do not look like they came off of an assembly line where each persons body looks the same. I thank her for her for her awesome aftercare. Due to complications I acquired because I chose to start back smoking 13 days after surgery she stepped in and assisted me with my aftercare even after I was back in the US. Of course she wasn't here personally but she told me what to do and what meds to suggest from my US physician. I am personally looking forward to my round 2 with her once she returns from maternity leave next year. Awesome Surgeon!!!

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