March 2016 Duran Doll!! 27 from NY 1 Child. Lipo/BBL,Breast Augmentation - Dominican Republic

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Hi I'm 27 from New York. I plan on having my sx...

Hi I'm 27 from New York. I plan on having my sx with Duran March 2016. I'm 5'5 155lbs. I have my quote from her putting my deposit down next week. I plan on getting lipo, bbl, and breast augmentation. I'm looking for a sx buddy. Someone to share this journey with. I still haven't decide on RH. Heard good things about kindness recovery. Hit me up we can chat !! :)

Paid my deposit !! March 7. Need sx buddy. Hit me up !

I paid my deposit. Was a little difficult but I sent the money will be available in her account on March 13. Send via Xoom cost me only 8.99. I wasn't trying to spend $20-40 to send from my bank. Super excited ! Now I feel like it's real. Nervous excited mixed emotions. Roller coaster. Lol.

Flight booked!! And vitamin regimen!

Booked my flight on Friday. Prices were great. 302 rounds trip from NY. I have been pricing since last year and it was looking like 465 but wound up being 302. Jet blue. ! Picked my seats. I didn't upgrade but I did choose front of plane 3rd row and ailse for coming back. Also on my vitamin regime. Going to doctors in 2 weeks to check my blood levels. Less Than 60 day count down. Can't believe it. Seemed so far away. Now March 7 is around the corner. Praying all goes well. Excited but nervous :/

35 day countdown !

I should be sleeping but I'm up stalking the site. So I'm 35 days out. Flying out March 6 sx March 7. I'm slowly but surely getting all of my things together. Order half the stuff on my list today. I'll get the rest between this week and next. Right now I'm pretty calm and confident. Now when I get to Cipla I'm sure will be different story. .. I have been taking my vitamins faithfully for 3 weeks. I have dr appt next Sunday. Pray for me my iron levels are on point. !! Idk if I updated but I'll be staying a high class recovery with my sx buddies. I'll be sure to do s review on the house so you ladies can know what's up. Umm I guess that's all for now. Going to check my list again and call it night.

12 day countdown !!

Hey ladies! 12 days and counting. I have bought all my stuff haven't started packing yet. Will post a pic when I do because it is going to be a joke to get all this stuff in my suitcase. Lol. I'm only brining one large suitcase and a carry on. I bought poise pads , chucks , lipo foam , ezpee , personal safe , maxi dresses , flip flops, dial soap, gloves , wash clothes my doctor wrote be prescription for all the meds. That I need. Thank goodness so I was able to get it with my insurance. Only thing I'll have to get there is herpin shots and if anything else Duran may add. I have my arnice gel. My arnica pill and all my other vitamins I've been taking. I started the arnica and bromelian today. I also bought benedrly and I will bring a few Tylenol pms. I have Lysol wipes, Lysol spray , thigh high compression socks , my boppy, a blanket and socks. Only thing I have left to buy on my list are wife beaters. I'm sure it's some more stuff u bought but I can't think of it. I'll post a pic later ... Oh btw had my hemo love love checked by my pcp on 2/14/16. 13.9!!! So I'm definetly good to go. Now just waiting and getting things in order. I'm excited and nervous the same time. Can't believe it's coming. I've been planning since September now it's around the corner. I've just been staying positive and praying that God keeps me safe and all goes well ..That's all for now.

Leaving in the morning ! It's getting real

So I finally packed only 5 hrs before I'm leaving. Lol. Surprisingly everything fit. I'm only taking 1 suit case and a carry on bag. So what I packed
Dial soap
Tooth paste /tooth brush
2 packs of cotton panties
2 packs of adult wipes
Poise pads
Maxi dresses
Thigh high compression socks
Lotion( non sented )
All meds my pcp filled for me
Flip flops
Wife beater
Lipo foam
Copy of my receipts for deposit
Tourist card
Personal safe
Arnica gel
I believe that's it.
My flight is at 730 am tomorrow. I get in at at 12:15. Staying a highclass recovery. My sx buddy is already there. She has nothing but good things to say. And from the pics she sent it seems nice and cozy. I'll keep you Posted on that. That's all for now. Keep me on your prayers. Xoxoxo

I made it to the other side !

Hey all !!
Sorry so delayed on the follow up. I have so much to tell and im going to be honest ! I feel like so many aren't honest on there reviews.. ill start with surgery and then I'll do a review on the recovery house. So here goes ...
I had sx match 7 2016 with Dra. Duran she's is amazing , beautiful honest and no nonsense ! Love her. I had Lipo breast augmentation and a slight bbl. i had sx late Monday night. I didn't go in until 9pm came out like 12:30. My sx sister said. It was a very long day. A lot of waiting. When you go to Cipla you go to Duran office. Where you pay for your labs which are 220. For your labs you get blood work , urine , chest x Ray , cardiologist check and a little physical done. Duran had her own cardiologist. The physical is done after your blood work comes back clearing you for surgery. You then see Duran talk to her about what you want and she marks you up. Then the waiting game. You have to wait for your lab results to come back. Once that happens you go down stairs for your physical and registration at Cipla. After your physical you get sent to the 4th floor were you get assigned your recovery room. I sat in her office until about 1:30/2pm during that time she saw other girls that were scheduled for sx that date and also a lot of consultation. She didn't leave her office until about 1pm to start surgery. I got my recovery room around 4:30/5 and then waited for the blue pill time.! Now let me tell you abou that. Me and my recovery sister requested a room together. So that we cool we waited together. So around 6pm a nurse came in asking for this girl alma. Neither of our name 2 mins later she came in asking for me. So she gave me my pill. It didn't do anything for me. Then 10 mins later she came in asking for my sx sister. Gave her the pill. Here's the confusion. We both were having sx with the same doctor so what was going on ? Anyway 10 mins later they came and got her and willed her away. I went to sleep woke up like 830 very confused as to what was happening with me and why they gave me the pill so early if it was my sx time .. I as my nurse call the front desk and ask were they going to give me another pill they said no! They were going to just put me to sleep. I started to cry a little. I think it was nerves, tiredness and the fact it's been along day. At that point it was 13hr I had been there. 7am we arrived .. Ok so about 30 mins later they came for me. I got wheeled in to a elevator. Got off and Walked to OR. The nurse asked me what I was getting done told her she looked confused. I was in the wrong room. Then the anesthesiologist came and got me. So they told me lay down. Took my gown off and she told me I would be getting a epidural. I asked would she be putting me to sleep. She said give her a minute but she would be. So I had my arms strech out. Duran came in and asked how I was. She said she would be right back was just finished up. And they were going to start anesthesia. I remember getting the iv in my hand and that's all she wrote ! I woke up in my room when Duran came in to check on me. The night at Cipla was fine. I had a personal nurse. The nurse came in every so often to Change the pain med iv , to add the medicine to we didn't get blood clots .. I know as the night / morning went on I became very uncomfortable my ass was hurting like hell. I just wanted to get out the bed ! But u can't get out the bed or you will bleed every where and have to get a transfusion

Now about recovery!

So the morning after sx. They come in get your out of bed. Un wrap you wipe you down and put your wife beater on and then the faja. So I was dizzy when I got out of bed. My nurse gave me some apple juice. Brought my sugar back up was good to go. So after Lipo your skin feels so weird can't explain it. But it felt like it wasn't mine. And omg didn't want to be touched !!! The put u in that faja close you up without a second thought lol. That Lipo is painful no joke !! Just being honest. My breast didn't bother me at all they are BEAUTIFUL BTW !! I have a seperate bra that a wear for them. First day of recovery when I got back to the house all I wanted was pain meds and to sleep ! That's what I did lost of the day sleep!! Next day was a little better was able to move around more slowly but more. I ate and slept more ! Every day got better. I can honestly say that. I had a small drain in my back. I went to Duran office on Friday to get my followup check up. At the check up I got my drain out. My stomach had a lot of swelling and some Inflamation in the center. I got my first message that day. Girllllllll that shit was death!!! I had so much fluid in me the pad was filled with it but After the massage u feel like u were beaten up. But u do deel relief !! I had 5 massage before I left back to NY. One everyday until I left. I had 2 on Sunday. And I left Monday. I had one massage before I got on the plane! I got my stage 2 faja on Monday before I left back home.

Some pics.

I'll post more

30 day !

Here is my 30 day post ! I have really posted any fully body pics Bc of been going through a roller coaster of emotions. My stomach hasn't fully healed nd it's driving me crazy. I still have a few lumps. I think it may be fibrosis or trying to be once fibrosis. I'm gettin a treatment April 23 that's suppose to help smooth all that out. So I will keep you guys posted with that.
My breast are amazing. Healing wonderfully. I took the tape off my incinsions about 2 weeks ago. I love them. They keep me going. Lol.
So here's 30 day ! Let's see what the next 30 do for me

Waist trainer

So my doctor. Dr. Duran. Said I need a lot of compression for the next 2 months she suggested ab Board of a book in my stage 2. I decided to try my waist trainer. It's a faja Salome one. With bone it it. It's give me great compression. When I break it in a little more by mid week or end of the week. I'll add my ab board with it. See how it goes. I only Been wearing it for 2 days. But I have noticed that my trouble area has gone down more. I'll keep you all posted!

Butt pic

I know a lot of ppl have been asking to see my butt. Here it is. I hope this is a good angle for you ladies.

Stomach getting better.

I did develop fibrosis after my surgery. But I'm getting endermologie treatment , carboxytherapy and massages. .. Never ending bill but to late to go back. But feeling better about it every day.
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