Its Been a Long Journey to Get Flat but I May Finally Get There with Dr.Mallol - Dominican Republic

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I am so excited to go to Dr. Mallol for lipo. I'm...

I am so excited to go to Dr. Mallol for lipo. I'm scheduled to lipo of the stomach, back, flank, and armpits and possibly my chin along with BBL. I already found a place to do the electro pulse therapy, and the drainage massage. I just have to go get the supplies and some Arnica gel. Its been such a long journey since having my oldest daughter and the twins. I havent see a flat stomach since 11th grade lol. I've already had a few surgeries already because I was way worse than what I am now lol. I really hope this finally gets me to where I want to be.

Pre-op pics surgery 4 days away

Feeling nervous and excited... Even though I'll have a few surgeries before lol

This would be my desired results. I feel like this...

This would be my desired results. I feel like this matches my legs and body a little more. The moment of truth is only two days away. I leave tomorrow and my date is set for Thursday. I'm going by myself so I'm in prayer that all goes well. I will be getting lipo of the stomach back and armpits with bbl

Made it to the flat side

Some on the pics are immediately post op and the ones in the beginning are to date ( 3 days post op)


Hey loves,

So my healing so far has been smooth so far. I'm still swollen but I won't lie I really hope my stomach goes down more, if not I may have to go back for him to suck out a little more. I will say I do love the new shape I have....for the first time in a long time I am soooo close. At the same time I am bloated right now from my period so my perspective could be a bit skewed right now since its still relatively early.

One month post

Still swollen but at least I no longer look prego
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far they have been very attentive. We will see how this goes.

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