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So my surgery is only 43 days away and I am...

So my surgery is only 43 days away and I am excited and very scared at the same time.
I am getting silicone breast implants and liposuction ( full back , full abdomen and sides).
I am not that worried about the breast augmentation but for some reason im super scared about the liposuction. I really hope that I can handle the pain .In other hand I chose Dra Almonte because I feel that is the right person. I also have to say that Dr Almonte's assistant she is so sweet and answered all my questions.

Went to the Dr today

So I went to the Doctor today to get that blood work done. I will know how my hemoglobin level is by next Tuesday. I been taking vitamin C , iron and folic acid.
Also I been getting everything that I will need for my surgery got some arnica pills and gel, Tylenol, baby wipes , some comfortable clothes. Now im looking for the plane ticket and just being positive about this. Hopefully everything will come out as I plan . I am going to post some pictures to let you guys see the before and obviously the after. Not sure about the implant size I want to get yet :(.
I had on mind going to Dr Jensen in Medford Oregon he quoted me 8500$ I went to see him one time and I did really like him but I realize I can get more out of the states for less.
I know the possible risk and complication but I guess shit can happen everywhere and hopefully I will be able to achieve good results.


25 days away from surgery

So im only 25 days away from surgery and I been very stressed out about this and just praying everything go as planned . There is really not much to say I haven't got a plane ticket yet but for sure before the end of the next week I need to have that out of the way. I also have to say that I am thinking on staying at Daisys recovery house. I wish I could just stay in a hotel but because I am going to be by myself and I have never ever had surgery in my life it will be better to have someone around.
I will try to post more pictures if you have any question feel free to ask

just found this in another realself account i thought it was cute .

but it is in Spanish and I will for sure read this before surgery.

ORACIÓN PARA UNA OPERACIÓN.Padre mío,Tú eres mi refugio. Tú sólo.Clamo a ti, Señor, para que me traigas salvo a través de esta operación y me des curación y ayuda.Guía la mano del cirujano, para que la operación tenga éxito. Te doy gracias, porque sé que los doctores son tus instrumentos y ayudantes. Nada puede sucederme, excepto que Tú, Padre mío, en Tu Amor, lo hayas decidido para mí.Así que tómame en tus brazos ahora, durante las próximas horas y los próximos días. Puedo confiar en Ti; puedo reposar en Ti, completamente, aun en los momentos que estaré inconsciente. Hazme proceder en toda esta operación de tal manera que no traiga deshonor en Tu nombre. Si por Tu gracia me despierto después de la operación, que mi primer pensamiento y mis primeras palabras sean para darte gracias.Yo entrego todo mi ser y mi vida a Ti en esta operación. Que toda mi vida venga a tu luz. No quiero ir a esta operación sin confesar todos mis pecados a Ti, y en cuanto sea necesario a otros también. Quiero recibir Tu perdón.Mi Señor Jesús, espero todo lo que va a sucederme con el conocimiento consolador de que soy tuyo y que Tú eres mío. Nada puede separarme de tu amor, en vida o en muerte. Amén

18 days away from surgery

So I am only 18 days away from surgery and I went shopping today for some stuff I needed

So far I have

- cotton tank tops ????
- 2 sports bra ????
- arnica pills
- arnica gel
- some dresses
- shorts
- underwear

I'm not sure what else to I need.
I already have all my vitamins.
( folic acid , vitamin c and iron )

I am excited about this and I can't wait . I added Fatima on Facebook and she said hi to me can't wait to meet her in person .

She also offered me to do the bbl for some extra cash ( very affordable ) but I'm not sure we will make a decision when I get there . Not sure how that will benefit me because to me I have a big butt already but we will see .
I'm gonna post some more pre op pics right now and if you do have any question feel free to ask
That's the reason I'm posting on here I want to be able to help whoever needs help .


So I just booked my hotel and got the plane ticket I'm so ready I can't wait I don't really have anything else to say now just ask you guys to pray for me . I really hope the pain not to be that bad lol

Been busy

So I been really busy the last couple of days working a lot of overtime hours I just want to be stable after I come back from DR I don't want to feel that I need money to cover my bills so i decided to work really hard before I leave and be comfortable and with no worries after I come back 6 days of effort and sacrifice ( 2 days down 4 more to go) I'm leaving to DR on January 12th some days I'm excited and another days I'm freaking out

9 days

So now I'm just thinking about the pain and discomfort I will feel after surgery hopefully I will be able to handle that pain like I said before I have never been to an hospital or had surgery of any kind is the lipo pain that bad!????


So I have a question I am getting breast augmentation and liposuction do you guys thinking I will be able to go back to work in 10 days?

Almost there and I need some positive words....

So I just cant wait to meet Fatima and see what she has to say about my body and obviously I can't wait to know what she is going to do. Some people at work know that I am doing the surgery which I totally regret telling them so please if you are thinking to get something done even if you trust that person DO NOT TELL THEM ! Because I did and what I got was
" why don't u just work out ?"
" you haven't been getting ready for surgery because you haven't work out or diet"
" your gonna gain the weight back"
" I'm gonna give u a pill of some products I sell I know u will like it"

Pretty much that's what some people told me and I'm like I didn't ask for your opinion and this is none of your business Tryna sell me some pills huh and wishing I gain weight back after surgery .

A year ago I did try to lose weight and I was taking some pills to help and went work out thank god that day my brother was with me I got all dizzy and I was not able to breath good and all I remember everything was black I wasn't able to see and I was telling my brother please help me cuz I can't see that shit almost kill me I don't use no pills to lose weight anymore that's when I decided to get surgery.

Plus if I have the money to spend it on this why not ? Is my money , my body and my life I just hate the negativity ppl always have.

I don't care if they think I'm lazy for getting lipo instead of working out or dieting all I know is that after surgery I will start a routine and eat as healthy as I can to try to keep the results.

Sorry for all of this but I just had to say it .

If you getting surgery tell your close family or your boyfriend I did trust some ppl at work and they just been bad influence .
I haven't tell anyone else I'm getting surgery like I'm not posting this on Facebook or anything . This is the only vlog I have about my surgery and I have a Instagram account about it

IG account : new_boobiess

You all can add me that's the name for now but I might change it later if I do I'll post the new one again.

Please I need some positive words!!! Lol

I forgot ...

I forgot to say that my next step today is hiding all my post on Facebook to ppl I don't want to know about my surgery in case I post something later and also hide it to ppl I don't want to know where I'm going because I haven't tell anyone I'm going to DR they think I'm doing this in another state lol


My boss approved me like 13 days of unpaid time off just the way I wanted because I didn't wanted to use PTO for this. Now I'm not sure if 13 days will be enough to recover and 10 of those 13 days I will be in DR what do you guys think? Now this is getting real and I'm scared about the pain!! Please tell me that is not that bad lol

Last day

So I decided that New Year's Eve was going to be my last day drinking alcohol before my surgery and this was a personal decision because they told me I could drink but not the day before my surgery . I been just working a lot of overtime hours to be comfortable when I come back from DR I don't want to be stressed out. I have two more days to go of overtime do I just want this days to go by fast and not necessarily because of the surgery but because I just want to rest and have a day to sleep. I will post more before pics soon

Is this normal?

So lately I been thinking a lot about the risk and complication of the surgery I'm so scared that something bad can happen

Did the same happened to u before surgery?

Another day another dollar...

So tomorrow is supposed to be my last day doing this crazy overtime lol I think I'm gonna work 12 hours tomorrow . Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off :( . I do have the chance to come a couple more hours on Friday but I don't think I will do that . I'm tired and I just want to be home ... Plus idk why I been having a weird pain in the right side of my chest do you guys think is all about stress? Is not fun to feel that kind of pain days before my surgery :(


So i am leaving tomorrow my flight is scheduled to be at 6 am and I'm supposed to get to the Dominican Republic at 3:30 pm and there is supposed to be someone waiting for me. I am also supposed to see Lesley and doctora almonte tomorrow when I get there so I'm excited about that!!!

Can't wait to finally see her and I can't wait to be done with all of this process . Please pray for my health and for everything to come out as planned . I really hope to be able to handle the pain and for it to not be that bad . Idk whAt am I Doing working today I still need to get a couple things before I leave and obviously I won't have time for that tomorrow . I will keep you guys updated with everything

Monday is the day!

Almost there

On my way

So it is 4 am and I'm on the way to the airport I'm sleeeeepy!!! :(

I'm at the clinic

So I am at the clinic and so far so good . When I saw Lesley for the first time and she started talking about the surgery I literally started shaking and shaking like a crazy person lol.
While in the airplane the only thing on my mind was where the hell am I going ? With that on mind I don't know if it was worst thinking about the surgery or the turbulence that was going on at that time. All of my flights were delayed Spirits airlines sucks that is all I can tell you.
I arrived to DR like at 4pm and the driver was waiting for us . Driving on the way to the clinic I just couldn't believe the way they drive in here lol for you all coming to the DR you will see what I'm talking about.
I did my blood wrk and x-ray and EKG I already took a shower and now I'm just waiting on la famosa doctora almonte to come mark me down and discuss a couple things we need to talk about . Idk what else to say other that I'm the first one tomorrow very early in the morning please just pray for me. Thanks


So I'm feeling okay but the boob job being more painful than the lipo I'm at the clinic until tomorrow . I can't wait ti go back home with my bf and just eat the food I like. So at 530 the nurse came wit a blue pill and wheelchair then they took me to the OR and I saw another lady in the operating table that was scary. The anesthesiologist started to talk to me then I was out I guess later I woke up cuz I remember saying " are you done !? Are you done?!" Lol like a stupid person please pray for an easy an faster recovery


As much as I want answer each one of u there is a lot of comments and I just want to say thanks to All of you. I'm supposed to leave the clinic today . Fatima came and saw me this morning she is super cute


I haven't had the mood to come here an update but I want to let u guys know that I am okay just a lot o swelling and discomfort I will post pics as soon as I can


Some pictures of santo Domingo I have to say I'm kind of sad cuz while there even when I was in pain I wasn't thinking about going to work or just all the stress kind of like I was just there and it felt so good . Now I have to go back to work tomorrow ugh!. Today I'm going to try to go to the spa and get my first massage because I really need it .

If you are here reading this is because you are considering plastic surgery but ask yourself if u really want this.
I felt depressed for the first 8 days now I am feeling much better and happy but sometimes I get sad again .
Think about everything I will say the lipo is the most painful surgery and it was even more uncomfortable to put a garment on when you are in pain . That is the worst to put that tight garment when u are in pain .


New pictures


So there is really not much to update about just the pain is getting better and better the worst is during the night is very uncomfortable at the time to sleep. Also I need to say that my skin is hard like a Rock they say that is normal and it will go away and I hope so hopefully the bumps I feel on my skin will go away too if some of you know about this how long this will take to go away?

It also been more uncomfortable because I did my boobs and omg I just can't wait to be able to sleep on my side!!

I'm a RealFriend !

Lol so I log in to my blog today and I realize that I'm a real friend
I'm very surprised I didn't know they could change my status that fast :)


19 days post op

So I have to say even when I was in pain while in Dominican Republic I was not able to have fun or go out but for some reason I miss it . Like just being there not having to think about going to work or about responsibilities omg that was so awesome . After I got back home literally I been working everyday I haven't had a day off because I been working overtime hours. Idk I'm the kind of person that likes to make money even when now I don't have any plans but I like to have that extra cash . I did get one lymphatic massage already and it was very expensive 80$ for that . I will get some other massages but they don't want to start giving them to me until I'm 6 weeks post op . I need help finding a good garment and I don't know the size I should order please help me I don't like the ones that have a zipper I just think is not worth it so u can see me in my pictures I want to order a small garment but what if it doesn't fit later cuz my legs are big lol


So I'm already a month post op
Still swollen and happy with my results some of u asked me for a pic showing my belly and there it is . I have to say I wasn't expecting for a flat stomach I didn't get a tummy tuck and if u can see my before pics there is. Big difference .


So i want to update you guys I'm able to sleep on my side since week 3 and able to lay on my stomach. I don't know why but I get itchy in the areas I got lipo but like seriously is not fun at all and it happens at night I can't sleep because of that . I go to sleep then wake up by 330 Am my back itching alot then stomach and sides do you guys recommend me something for the itch?


I want to clarify that I did not get a bbl even tho i was gonna get it but at the last minute told Fatima to not do it.
Here are more new pic so u can see my results

Breast augmentation

Very happy with my results

New pictures

I really don't have a lot to say other than I'm still swollen specially my back but I'm so happy with the results . I'm already thinking on going back to Fatima

Hi Almonte Dolls


Well I don't have much to update but the pain on my back has been getting better everyday . Now I would like some suggestions from you guys about how to not gain the weight back (workouts , diets or anything that you think works let me know ) I'm also thinking on going back to Fatima but the recovery process is hard and what scares me the most is that I will have to go by myself last time
My mom went with me. I would like more lipo and I might do a bbl

Can't wait for Round 2

Round 2

So I can't wait for round 2 I already got my quote from Fatima and now I'm just worried and thinking about the risk more than anything else . I want to re touch the areas I had done before and of course lipo my tights and arms . It just worries me because we have a lot of nerves in the tights and idk how safe liposuction can be in those areas .
I Need your opinion please share .
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