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Hey Ladies, I am new here, been lingering for a...

Hey Ladies,

I am new here, been lingering for a while. I'm from London, UK. In the last 3 years i put on quite a bit of weight, not being big headed but I have got shape and a big ass, and even though i have put on weight i'm 5'9 so it dont look that bad. However, When i was younger i was uk10 on top and uk12/14 on my bottom. Now I'm 14 on top 18 on da bottom. I did start going gym n then sh!t happened and I haven't gone for a while now. Anyway, I've been seeing these Duran Dolls n I'm like dats what I need! lol! I just want liposculpture, I havent seen any surgeon in the UK or Europe dat gives the shape Duran gives. I already got my quote from her. I wanted to know from now coz im a student and work part-time I need to know how much im gonna need to save and all that. God willing I wanna go around November times next year.

So, yh dats me! lol! i just wanted to join just to get more of an insight and help as to getting this done. I JUST WANT MY WAIST MISSING LOL!

Wish Pics

Pre-op pics

This is what i look like now, I know with the right diet and exercise I can change my shape but it aint gonna give me that Duran Waist lol!

Wish Pics

More Wish Pics


I dont know WHY when i upload my wish pics there looking like this KMT! but ahh well im sure u get da drift of what I want da waist looking like lol

Trying too loose some weight....

So i been on contraception since the age of 18, at 21 i was on the implant then went on to the injection. Along with other things such as eating out alot, i believe the implant and the injection had alot to do with my weight gain, and the fact i got a sweet tooth. I mean i no im not huge, but compared to what i used to look like im huge. I've always been a lil thick (i luv thickness), got it from my mum lol....right now im trying loose weight, tryna cut out/down on my sugar intake and eat clean and train dirty. I love when women are thick and toned...Oh and my cuz is getting married in July and I'm her maid of honor so i definitely need too loose weight...Im 23 and just feel soo un-fit its bad and since my weight gain, I've become a lil insecure...My boyfriend loves me regardless and loves my thickness but he knows im not happy! My aim is to get back to my size in the last pic, i was a size 12/14...


I haven't posted for a while a lot of stuff been going on...been going gym since February I've toned but haven't lost much weight. Don't know maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough or maybe it's because I've been real stressed. I don't know...but I'm gonna keep trying....
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