Documenting My Journey - Dominican Republic, DO

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I will be traveling to DR alone and would like to...

I will be traveling to DR alone and would like to know someone that will be going to DR at the end of February. Maybe we can stay at the same recovery house if we are not using the same doctor.... Almonte is booked during that time and I am still waiting to hear back from Yily who is my number one choice. Medina and Bello are both available as well. Baez and Duran seem to be very hard to reach. I don't know what else to do at this point.

Before crossing over to the flat side

Here are some current photos...

Any opinions on what doctor is best between Yily, Baez, or Medina?

Hard to Reach Yily

It has been a real life struggle contacting Yily! I was told that they have availability for the date that I would like to go which is a few weeks from now. Emails have been taking 3 or 4 days. Today I purchased a virtual calling card and called the office (809) 331-5050. The number says that all of the extensions are invalid.

I called Yily's cell. Her husband answered and gave me the same number to call. Then Yily got on the phone and gave me another office number (809) 622-5720.

When I called that number, the girl that answered seemed frustrated because I was speaking English and hung up on me. I called back. She said, "LUNCH!" and hung up again. I'm so frustrated.

I will call back in an hour or so.

Finally in Touch with the Office

I spoke with someone in Yily's office that speaks English!!! They confirmed that the date was available, and I just needed to send the deposit. I just hate how hard it is to get in touch with them.

I immediately went to my online banking and tried to wire the money. Of course I couldn't because it is out of the country. UGGHHHH! I called them and they said that all wire transfers must be initiated in a bank branch. Which means I won't be able to do it until tomorrow. Super frustrating.

At this point I'm wondering if all of these obstacles are signs that I should go with Dra. Medina... She has been so helpful answering every question that I have and I don't have to pay her in cash when I get there. I can use my card. Her deposits go through Western Union which I can send at any point.

Just my thoughts right now. Yily isn't totally out. Praying about it tonight!

Let the Countdown Begin!

It's official like a referee whistle! lol I'm going with Dra. Yily! February 25th is my surgery date. I have a doctors appointment to make sure I am healthy enough for the procedure. I'm sure I am as I have been taking all of my vitamins like a good girl. :) The nervousness sets in now! I have so much to do in so little time!!!!! Recovery house, supplies, etc. HELP!

Recovery Houses...who do ya LOVE?

I contacted so many recovery houses! I can't just stay anywhere. Some of the pictures I got gave me the creeps! Lol

Here is who I contacted:

Very nice. I spoke with a guy via Whatsapp. 8098056256

Did not like it at all. From the the convo (no English) and of course the bad reviews. But here's the number for those that dare! 8094158255

Very nice. Speaks English seems sweet from convo. 8298612731

Seems nice. Gave recommendation because they were full. 8297949082

Very nice per convo. Two things I didn't like... Transportation to and from airport $150. Laundry is an extra $35. 8098056256

Low number of patients, but not international calling. 8098562002

Seemed a little shady because they had someone respond like I should definitely stay there bc they were being so well taken care of... I didn't like the pics either. Girl, bye! 8299668878

Got great vibes from here when I called. Perfect English and very sweet. Looks good too. 6465047375

I know there was a bad review, but there are also good ones. Liz is very nice and willing to help, and they have a spa room. I'm not scared to give them a try. 5512005341

They never answer, but I love it! 5512005341

(that I have no opinion about)

MARIA RH 8098192558

ARELIS URENA RH 8097323797


(Terrible review made me not call so gross... PIN WORMS)



HEALING HAVEN 9173922654

Hemo 12.9

I'm excited! Check out those results!

Make sure that tetanus shot is updated, ladies!!!

Got my tetanus shot updated just in case.... They are good for ten years, but better safe than sorry. Have you updated your tetanus?

Goin Up On A Tuesday .... This Tuesday to be exact!

Well, I will be headed to DR. First thing Tuesday morning practically Monday night. I've been procrastinating and just started packing. Please please please keep me in your prayers. I have so many different emotions.

The Start of Packing

I started packing.... I won't be packing much. Trying to decide if I should take to carry on size bags or the big one and the small one. Hmm I don't know....

Flight Problems

Sooooo my flight was cancelled. ???? thennnn I missed the next flight. I will now arrive in DR very late tonight. I'm loving the support my family is giving me. My sister surprised me with lots of extra supplies from the hospital. Can't wait to touch down. Talk to you guys soon. ????

Someone fill me in!!!

What happened with doctor Robles? ???? I buy wifi on my flight and this is what I see on Instagram. ????

Things Have Been Crazy

I finally made it to DR last night after midnight after cancelled and missed flights! I'm here though so I'm thankful.

Jose was at the airport to pick me up! He's very nice and informative.

I checked into serenity where I was greeted by Marianna. All went well there. It was hard going to sleep but I finally got a very little sleep.

Now I'm here at CIPLA. Waiting....

Waiting on lab work

At the Recovery House

Surgery went well! I am at the recovery house now. It's rough not being able to just hop up and do what I want but....

I will tell you guys about the surgery process soon.

Back home!!!!

I'm back home and it feels so good! I'm going to tell you now that wheelchair service is a must after these procedures!!! I'm going to update you on everything from the driver, the surgeon, RH, and everything in between. I'm just going to do it separately with appropriate headings for each.

The Driver - Jose Brito

After all of the wonderful things I read about Jose, I guess my expectations were a bit higher. He was the first person that I came in contact with in DR. After the many changes in my flight he was there after midnight to pick me up and I felt safe and secure.

He was a nice guy but extremely busy. If he tells you he's picking you up between 5:45 and 6:00, he expects you to be ready and waiting when he arrives at 6:15. Lol

I got to CIPLA twice and back and forth to the airport just fine. He was too busy for everything else. I had to get my meds delivered and I had to get someone taxi services to go get my faja taken in.

I found out after the fact that he had a wifi hot spot in his car.

Overall, it was $100 well spent. I gave him $50 plus a tip at the beginning and at the drop of at the airport, his attitude was not good so he only got the remaining $50.

Serenity Recovery House

The first stop for me in DR was Serenity Recovery House. Overall, I was very pleased with my recovery house selection.

When I arrived it was super late and everyone was asleep. Nurse B showed me my room and bed. I took a shower and went to bed bc the next day I had to wake up super early to go to CIPLA.

Serenity was quiet the food was very good and the nurses were nice. It is in a prime location. It is very CLEAN and modern. There are English channels on TV, hot water, and A/C. The owner Liz is gorgeous and sweet as pie.

Most of the nurses are bilingual and if they aren't you still get great care and feel that they understand you.

Although I never used the button during my stay, I do feel that the nurses got aggravated when the call buttons are pressed.

Some of the nurses are rougher than others you will have to get your feel for yourself. My favorite nurse was Mariza!!!!!

More Pics of Serenity


I basically got less than four hours of sleep, and it was time to head back to CIPLA. Jose was back to pick me up bright and early...well actually it was still dark.

We stopped at Kindness to pick up another girl who was going to Dr. Leon at another clinic.

I was the first person to arrive at Yily's office. The doors were not even open yet. I sat and waited until someone arrived and was still told to wait a little while.

Finally, I got in the office, saw the cardiologist (love her!!), went down to get a chest x-Ray and blood work, came back up, paid my money and purchased a pair of thigh high compression socks (even though I brought my own). I waited a little longer for Yily, and she arrived to mark me up.

I went in and as the reviews that I read stated, she was not the most friendly person. She asked a few questions and Dr. Anna translated for her. And just like that I was done.

I went down to have the final checks done in the small emergency. It is unreal how many girls from all over the world are there for the same reason! The small emergency was crammed with girls who were having a procedure (by different doctors) that very day. I finally got mine done and headed upstairs to wait for surgery.

The Surgery

At this point I had been at CIPLA Allll Day. I was hungry, tired, nervous and a number of other things. They sent me upstairs where I waited for a room so I could undress and pop my blue pill.

I sat in a waiting room with a number of girls that were waiting for rooms too. They look at for their people too. I was the first one there but they took a local before me. In the waiting room the nurses would come over and yell "silence". You can't keep 10+ girls silent when the conversation was as juicy as it was. Lol thank God for the wifi too!!! I was able to communicate with my family.

The put me in the room right in the middle of the waiting area. I rolled my locked luggage in and undressed. The slow wait process had now sped up. I quickly stripped down and put on the blue surgical gear. Next thing you know I was handed a bottle of water and a blue pill and was wheeled on the bed behind the double doors for surgery!

Surgery Pt. 2

When I got behind the double doors the first person that I saw was Yily. She greeted me with a warm "hello dear". I told her I want to look natural nothing extreme. She said okay and it was on.

The anesthesiologist came in with a team of other people and they began setting everything up.

I got woozy from the blue pill but could still feel everything. They clamped my back to prepare me for the epidural and it hurt like hell. I cried wait wait it hurts and the assistant slammed my head down. Same thing happened two more times. When I got out of surgery my entire face was swollen from this. Just think of that episode of Martin when his head/face was swollen. Smh

I woke up during surgery and saw and felt them doing the lipo sculpture by my breast.

I woke up again and it was quiet. All I saw was the big lights and the paper wall that the put up for surgery. I asked if I was alone. Could anyone hear me, etc. no one answered. :(

After Surgery

After the surgery, I begged for my blanket bc my body went into shock. I was freezing cold and I began to shake. ...not like a I'm cold shiver but I rigorous I'm about to fall off of the bed hard uncontrollable shake. I begged for a sheet or blanket to no avail.

Finally, as the rolled my cold naked (still covered with the paper surgical gown) body through the hospital I spot another girl wrapped in my blanket from head to two. I could barely talk at this point but told them to give me my blanket. Nothing. I got to the room and low and behold the girl and I were post op roommates. She was still wrapped in my blanket.

I woke up to my sweet nurse Mariza who called my worried mom and gave my blanket. She made sure I was comfortable at all times!! She was God sent!

1 Day Post Op

The next day I woke up feeling a lot more. It felt like I had cinder blocks attached to me. It didn't feel right at all. I could only wiggle my toes. I couldn't position myself properly in the bed. It was all so weird. They fed me a soup which was great and helped me feel better. They brought in another meal. I continued to wait for Yily to come and check me.

My sweet roomie was under the care of Dr. Cabral. He came in first and was super sweet and well dressed.

Yily finally came in and told me something that I did not want to hear! I needed a BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

Blood Transfusion

Yily and Anna came in to tell me that I lost a lot of blood and my hemo dropped to 7.2 and they set new rules which required me to get a transfusion. I begged to try iron and anything else that may help. They assured me that the transfusion was my only option. I cried and cried! I never imagined having to go through that.

It was weird a regular Joe blow brought the bags of blood in like I ordered two medium pizzas. He took the money and gave me a receipt.

Mariza left and Rosie took over during the very long process of the blood transfusion!

Before Putting on the Faja (Pictures)

Omg! It seemed so big. I was sad. It looks more normal now.

In Faja Back at Serenity after the Transfusion

More Pics

What To Bring To DR

Like many others, I packed sooo much stuff that I didn't need.

Here is what I actually used:

-TSA Approved Luggage Locks*
-Maxi Dresses
-Flip Flops
-Cozy Blanket
-Heating Pad
-Extra EXTRA Large Maxi Pads
-Granny Gowns w pockets
-Vitamins/Meds from Home
-Dial Anti Bacterial Soap
-Make Up / Flat Iron (only bc I wanted to make myself feel better by looking pretty ;) )
-Wife Beaters / T Shirts
-Front Snap Bra

I wish I would have packed:
-Spray on Deodorant
- A Pillow for Comfort on the Plane ride back home

Wheel Chair Service in the airport is a must!!!!

Unhappy :(

Sorry to be negative, but I do not like the results that I have at all. I regret it every day! The BBL results are way too large for my body. It does not look natural or attractive. I have adjusted the way I dress to cover it as much as possible. (Long shirts, wide pants, flare skirts, etc.) Know what you are doing before you head out there. The process is very fast and all they are worried about is collecting your money. Wish I could turn back the hands of time! :(
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