Just booked my flight!!! staying @ Armonia RH.. Dra.Yily here I come.. - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello Ladies......... does anyone knows how long...

Hello Ladies......... does anyone knows how long it takes for DRa Yily se los Santos assistance to get back to you after emailing her??

Its been a week and three emails, I tried calling all the numbers and unfortunately no answer. I am desperate because I have to travel in October or beginning of November

Got my quote!! from Yily

After several attempts I decide to call her office early in the morning. Thank god!! her secretary picked up and told me she was having issues with her emails she was not receiving any of them, so she told me to email her at drayilyplastica@gmail so I did. I sent her my pics and wish pics along with age, weight, ect.

I received my quote from her the next day, on the email she stated that she will not confirm a date until she receives a deposit but she didn't say where to send it too.

The next day I called Real Recovery Armonia RH, which looks like a nice and clean place to stay after surgery and I spoke to Dra. Ana her assistant she told to me to call her Monday morning and she will schedule my appointment. I asked where do I send the deposit she told me they are not accepting deposits now due to a hacker. I was told that I will pay cash once I get there.

I am super excited and a little nervous because I will like to leave ASAP!! looking at OCT 22 2013 and staying for about 9 days. anyone who wants to come along LETS GO!!

OH by way I found out Dra Yily in going to be conducting surgery until the 2nd week of November when she will then will be going on maternity leave. All of the ladies who are trying to get in-touch with Yily try the email shown above.

Just booked my flight!!!

So I called Dra. Ana like she asked me too and she got me set for October 22,2013, I will arrive on the 21 and she will take for my pre-surgery test. It just hit this morning OH SHIT!!! I leave in 6 days I need to get ready.

I swear if it wasn't for all you lovely, humble, honest wonderful ladies on real self I would of never done this so quick. I have been stalking all of your stories reading each and everyone of them and you guys have guide me through it all from supplies that are really needed, what to expect from the moment you get there.

I am Dominican but I have no family in santo domingo they are all in Santiago plus they are too nosey and opinionated, I don't want to deal with that. So my family for this journey will be Yily Dolls Sistahzzz.

A little bit about me.

I am 38 a mom of 4,145pnds- 34DD hips are 41 and my waits is OUT OF CONTROL. LOL... my oldest is 20 boy, 15 girl, 11 boy, 8 girl. I always wanted to do this surgery but just didn't really did any research. I think when you have dedicated time to your husband and kids after some time is okay to take care of yourself. I was going to the gym eating right but I know I needed a little help to achieve the little waist I want.

Dr Yily will be doing my flanks, abdomen, back, arms, and BBL im super excited!!

I will post some pictures of before and after once I get it done.

I'M HERE!!!!!

Hellooo ladies I arrived around 3 this afternoon and Angel their driver was at the airport to pick me up. He took me to CIPLA to get my test done, everyone was so nice. Because I didn't eat nothing I was STARVING!!! the driver was so attentive that he call the lady who cooks and told her I was on my way, when I got here my food was ready DELICUOS fresh fruit and an awesome all natural pineapple juice.

I took a shower and ready to go nite-nite oh by the way am staying in the 2nd floor apartment which is beautiful and am alone in this room that has 2 bed. I believe someone gets here tomorrow. The penthouse on the 7th floor is full so I feel pretty good its a little more private here I guess IDK. God willing tomorrow I go in at 7am, I still don't have my results but she said she will know by 6:30. wish me luck my SX sisters.... im NEEERVOus... LOL

at cipla waiting for the nurse

I just slept like 3 hrs last night. I didn't have pain but I hate to stay in the same position all night. one of the ladies la flaka stood with me and she wad great.

I wish I would of been able to take a pm last night but the nurse told me NO.

Anyway I can't wait to get up and ser what look like I know I'm extremely swollen because I could see my hands are huge..

The rough nurse

So when the nurse removed the bandages and picked me up from my bed to clean me up she grab a wipe and with crazy force try to remove a bulge of liquid on my back I past out!!! This nurse was so fucking rough she caused so much pain that I fainted and I started shaking like if I was having a seizure.

I woke up with cold water on my face but I really thought I was gonna die. It was horrible.

I then went to the RH and felt so much better. I slept for the first time since I got here.

At RH armonia

Today is my 4th day post op and I'm feeling much better. I had a bad morning because of my drain it was hurting so much that I could not take the pain. Ruth tha masseuse saw me crying and she immediately took of my faja she then gave a massage and put on the second stage faja. Now I feel better.

I have been through so many little ups and down during my recovery I just wish I get better from now on. If you ladies are going to get Lipo n bbl just remember recovery is the hardest part.

Day 5

Much better today, I got my second massage Ruth is amazing she stops when you tell your feeling light headed, and then continues slowly once you're ready.

Just need to remember the first and second massage are the worst, always have a bottle of water and alcohol just in case you not feeling well.

The massages are not painful but they are uncomfortable. One thing for sure you will feel so so much better after. It's all needed and worth it.

I need to go home to my babies on Wednesday so I need to man up!

Hello RS Sisters

So I got home on Thursday, everything went wrong for me I was coming home Wednesday connecting flights in san juan PR. when I got there I had a issue in immigration and missed my flight to DC so I had to wait for the following flight out which was to Orlando and the to Richmond. bottom line I made home 24hrs after leaving DR.

it was horrible I was in so much pain, after all I was just 8 days post-op. anyway after all Im finally home and I notice one of my butt cheek is flat at the bottom aybe from sitting so long. Yily did not say anything about sitting on my butt after bbl but I had a feeling and unfortunately their was nothing I could of done about it I had to sit on 3 different planes to get home.

I am now feeling better but concern I spent my money for a nice booty and that shit looks fucked p hopefully it changes and it drops a little. As for my waist it looks much more smaller am still swollen my back is swollen and I still feel sore.

I have my 15yrs daughter massaging me until my 1st lymphatic massage in US on Wednesday morning. I had 6 in DR but I want at least 5 more, I also order the ultrasound massager online to help with any bumps. I have been using arnicare gel which is awesome it has helped so much with the swelling and bruising and I am also taking the pills.

am posting some pics but I will removed soon. so let me know what you guys think

Finally better (check out pictures)

I had SX 10/22 and I was not ready for the recovery process. I understand everyone heals different but all 7 of us in the RH were feeling the same... horrible at least for the first 4 to 5 days. We could not lay, sit, stand nothing was comfortable enough. I don't want you guys to think I am being negative am just being real and honest I asked my self lots of time why did I put my body thru this but I knew I really wanted it an improvement after 4 kids so I put my big girl panties on and dealt with it :o)

Now I am feeling great still a little stiff on my lower back and numb on my sides. I am not 100% happy with my butt now the arms and back and stomach looks great I cant wait for my 3 or 6 mths mark to see me fully recover. I am not wearing my faja as much because after a few hours I that shit burns, I don't know why... so I only put on for like 10 to 12 hrs a day.

As to my opinion on Yily I believe she good but I am not sure she was the one that did my surgery I think it was her assistants because she was 8 mths pregnant at the time. I believe she was in the room but she was not the one actually doing the sx. My friend was before me and after she was sent to the operating room yilly walked in and marked me and was talking to other patients so I was wondering if she is here with me who is conducting my friends sx. I was also with other girls who got their SX done with Duran and let me tell you they looked awesome waist was small and but was perfect.

Don't get me wrong I not tryna bash Yily and say that she not a good Doctor because she is. I am posting pictures but will remove soon because if you google yily bbl on images all pictures come up.
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