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Hello. I have paid my deposit and am getting ready...

Hello. I have paid my deposit and am getting ready for my October 10, 2016 surgery date. So far, I am planning to have a breast lift and liposculpture with Dra. Duran. My plan is to stay in DR for 21 days...most likely at De La Paz RH. I am a little nervous because I have a Christmas vacation (Dec 21-Jan6) planned to Ecuador and Galapagos, and I am not sure that I will be allowing myself enough time to properly recover from surgery. I would like to get to know anyone else who is planning their trip and/or has experience with Dra. Duran. I have been researching on RS for a few months and am grateful for everyone who is sharing their journey.


I unexpectedly ended up at the local emergency walk in clinic tonight bc I had a nasty spill on my bike on the way home after a 50 mile ride. Had to get X rays of my left hand to rule out fractures (thankfully, it is just a nasty sprain). I asked them to do my CBC while I was waiting and my hemoglobin level came back as 15!!! And I just finished my cycle! I was so worried that it would be on the low end of the spectrum bc I am a vegan and bc of my age (38). Now I just need to maintain!

Date of SX Switched from Oct 10 to Aug 2

Luckily, by reaching out on the Real Self Forums, I was able to switch dates with another soon to be Duran Doll. Surgicoordinator faciltated my quote and our switch, so the date is now the original date I requested! Hooray!!!

MY SX Journey with Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic

I started an Instagram journey to share with other girls. It seems like a lot of ladies bounce between Real Self and IG. I am sy316940.

Update on Procedures

I am scheduled for a Breast Lift w/ implants, lipo, and BBL with Dra Duran. I will be staying at Visage of Grace Retreat from 07/30 until 08/25.


I am updating my review at 2 months post op. These are my before pictures. My SX date was August 02, 2016 with Dra Duran. I am 5'5'' and weighed 165lbs before surgery.

Arrival in DR

I flew from Des Moines, IA to Santo Domingo with Delta. Short layover in Atlanta both ways. I chose to upgrade to First Class for the additional room, esp for the return flight. I had a great experience with them, no issues and found all the staff to be highly attentive and helpful. Prior to arriving in DR, I paid for and printed my Tourist Card ($10). It is basically an entrance tax and is good for 1 year. Since I planned to stay for almost a month, I checked 2 large bags full of supplies and food. I am vegan and sometimes have an issue finding suitable food when I travel, so I bring staples just in case. Luckily my recovery house worked with me and made delicious vegan meals. I had no issue with lost or delayed luggage. After showing my tourist card and passport, I made my way to pick up my luggage. The RH had sent a driver to pick me up. He spoke no English, but I had downloaded Google Translate and we were able to communicate a little. He was very sweet, took care of my bags and drove me safely to Visage of Grace.


Supplies I Took

36 Chux (adult pads), 78 Poise Pads (long, maximum absorbency), 25 Ab Pads (super absorbent), Alcohol Prep Pads, Gauze & Tape, Clorox Wipes, Hibiclens, Dial Soap, No Rinse Body Wash, small washcloths, Disposable Body Wipes, @ robes, 8 pack Undies (1 size larger than I normally wear), socks, 6 cotton tanks (smooth, not ribbed), 3 T Shirts, Thigh High Open Toe Compression socks, Arnica Cream and Pills, BruiseGuard MD Pre and Post Op Pills, Vita Medica Pre and Post of Vitamins, Various Meds, BBL Pillow, Ab & Back Boards, Lipo Foam, 3 Maxi Dresses, comfy sandals, Cash for surgery, Cash for tips

Supply Pictures

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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