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Hello Ladies, How are you I hope all is...

Hello Ladies,

How are you I hope all is well. I am here to share my story with you guys. I live in New York and before I decide to undergo this life changing procedure I did lots of research. I researched it for about two years before I finally decide to do my surgery with Dr. De Los Santos. She is an amazing person she is wonderful and very professional at what she does. In no way shape or for I am being paid to write this review. I am just very satisfied wit my results. I had my surgery about a month and 26 days ago. My surgery was in June 3rd I had a liposculpture with fat transfer and breast augmentation using silicone implants. I believe I had such a wonderful experience due to my optimistic attitude and patience. Nonetheless, also because I have family there. Surgery is something very risky and you should be in good health conditions before you decide to commit to such altering experience.

Before surgery I put on 29 pounds so that I can have a bigger butt. I ate everything on sight. However, I was also making sure I drank my vitamins so that my hemoglobin levels were where they should be (12 or higher). My hemoglobin levels where at 13.9 before surgery and I also stop smoking cigarettes and hookah in order to prep for surgery. The day before my surgery I did my lab work to check where I stood. Yily accepts if you bring your paper work from your doctor. However, regardless she still makes you redo them before surgery for both her and your satisfaction. After doing my lab work I headed home to eat everything I could before my surgery. You are not allowed to eat after midnight. My last meal as at around 10pm. The next day I arrived at around 6:30 a.m as I was instructed the day before. I brought a bag containing a white-beater, socks, pads, baby wipes, and a change of clothes (nothing tight). Once I arrive I was assigned a suite and I waited until surgery. They quickly registered me, while waiting in my suite the cardiologist came to examine my heart and the phlebotomist came to check my blood levels again. I did not get surgery until 5:00 p.m (I had 7 hours with out eating or drinking anything). This is where I feel tension occurs and people get aggravated and angry. However, you do have to understand that due to Dr. De Los Santos high demand she has to see other patients and perform other surgeries before yours. YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT!!!! While I was waiting I was watching T.V, talking to my mom and my best friends back home via Viber and WhatsApp, playing games on y iPad and my family members whom accompanied kept me very distracted from my hunger and anxiousness. I even fell asleep thats how relaxed I was. At around 3:00 p.m Dr. De Los Santos came in and introduced herself. This is when I knew shit was going to get real (excuse my french lol) at this moment I had no choice but to continue and man up! I was very nervous once I saw her face we had talk via e-mail and phone but never face to face. I've never saw her until the day of the surgery where she consulted me. When she walked in she was very professional she introduced herself and asked what was I getting done today. I told her what I wanted, i wanted a small C cup with a liposcupltue and fat transfer to my butt. She recommended I should get a fulll B being that I have a small frame ( I was 34AA double A is the smallest size EVER). Nonetheless, she is the doctor so I agreed. At around 4:20 p.m the nurse came and gave me a pill and the pill literally relaxed me even more. It made me feel super relaxed and sleepy. At 4:45 p.m two guys came in and instructed me to get on the stretcher and it was surgery time!!!!!

When I was in the OR they prepped the OR as the anesthesiologist introduced himself and told me everything would be fine. He gave me an injection and between him and one of the the guys who were helping in the OR sat me up. However, I was half sleep so I was very heavy and couldn't do things on my own. As they propped me up I believe they injected me with an epidural and after that I had no recollection of anything I was fully sedated. Hours into my surgery I regain conscious but I didn't feel anything. All I felt was pressure and I heard the liposuction noise it sounded like a vacuum. I repeatedly called out her name because I wanted to make sure she as performing my surgery (I don't know it was just my nerves I guess). Surgery was done at around 8:00 p.m and when I woke up in a new body. I looked down at myself and said "Ohhh my god I HAVE TITIES" (lol). I am not going to lie I was excited but I was in SO MUCH pain. It felt like a my body had been ran over by a truck. My body was wrapped up in bandages but the pain was NO JOKE. The first night was the worst night EVER. However, once you put on your girdle everything is okay. The girdle is put on after the first night, they day you check out early in the morning the nurse comes to put on your girdle. I must say there is a nurse whom works with Dr. De Los Santos and not for the clinic she is SO SWEET her name is Maria. She is very attentive and on point when it comes to changing your IV and giving you pain medication. After my discharge I headed to my mother apartment in where I stayed with my aunt and cousin whom took good care of me. I stayed 3 week in the Dominican Republic before I went back to NY. Be advise ladies if you want the best care and experience do not buy your ticket for the day of your surgery and expect to go back home 4 days later. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! your body isn't' something that should be rush healing and recovery is a process!! I hope this was helpful please feel free to reply to this post if any further question below are pictures. I would recommend Dr. De Los Santos to any one.

How To Prep For Surgery Thing You Need To Know!

Hello Ladies,

I hope everything I have posted has been very helpful and very useful within your search of the ultimate body!! I know everyones experiences aren't the same but I share mine to educate and serve as guidance. In this review I will post some useful information on how to prepare for the surgery, who I maintain my body, what to eat/drink while recovery to help drain, and any useful tips I think of while I write this review.

When I started this road into surgery I remember doing lots of research day and night. I would be looking through this website for good review with pre-op and post-op pictures. I want to say thank you ladies for taking time to read my review and sharing positive feedback.

How To Prep Before Surgery!!!!

When I decided to do my surgery I didn't quite know what to expect after booking your date Yily sends you and e-mail on how to prepare for your surgery. However, before I start on what you need lets talk about how things really work.

1- First contact Yily let her know what you are interested in doing whether it is a BBL, Breast Augmentation, Liposculpture, Rhinoplasty etc. Be very specific with what you want being that you will live with there results forever! Be REALISTIC as well with what you want also include picture of what you look like, preferably, in a bikini so that she can see what areas need work.

2. After writing to her she will respond in about 2-4 days. If she doesn't contact her office ASAP and see why you haven't received a reply. One you have gotten your quote you will need to make a deposit of $500 to lock in your surgery date. Make sure you decide what you will do the longer you take to make your deposit the higher her prices go. She is in high demand and it is first come first served basis. She will instruct you on how to send the deposit you can send it to her chase account or via Western Union. After the deposit is confirmed call the office and let them know it has been confirmed.
Contact Information
Office Number: (809) 331-5050 ext. 208.
Yily's Cell Number: (829) 469-6102 (Download WhatsApp To Text for Free)
Yily's Assistant Numbers: (809) 963-7740 / 809-878-0526 /870-829-8815
Email: dra.yilyplastica@gmail.com (or)

3. Book your flight!!!! Once you book your flight please send Yily a copy of your itinerary. This will determine your placement for the day of your surgery. Remember the surgery price includes your compression garment (the first faja), pre-operative testing, and clinical expenses
????Pre-Operative Testing: Clinical Expenses:
TTP ???? Room (Your Personal Suite)
HIV Operating Room Fees
????Hb???? Nurse/Anesthesia (continuous epidural)
HCV Meals
Complete blood count (CBC)
Cardiology Exam (EKG)
4. In order for you to be a candidate for surgery you must be healthy if you are a smoker (weed, cigarettes, hookah or any other drugs stop about 4-5 months before your surgery. Smoking thins your blood which can be a problem during surgery being that you lose lots of blood. If you want to do a blood work with your physician at home you can. Do one when you put your deposit and one a week before you travel to see where you stand. If you have insurance it will cover it as well. Your hemoglobin level must be 12 g/dl remember the higher the BETTER!

5. In order to prepare your health take the following vitamins.
Folic Acid
Vitamin B
Any Women's Complex
Vitamin C
Ferrous Sulphate (I had a hard time finding this)

I use to double or trip up on these they are vitamins so I see no harm lol!

6. Keep in mind that you will not be able to take Aspirin, or products that contain Aspirin ( Bufferin, Anacin, Excedrin, , Nuprin, Anaprox ,Advil, Ibuprofen) by 10 days before the surgery, as well as supplements l Echinacea, Melatonina, Gingko she-wolf, Yohimbe, Garlic, Gingseng, , Kava Kava, and Vitamin E. These medications act like an aspirin making the blood thinner. Do not take birth control pills at least one week before your trip.

7. I was going to post the list of medication I took after the surgery but I heard they have changed! I guess you will get this when you e-mail her.

8. Some essential things you need for surgery that I picked up while I browsed in different sites.
Baby Wipes (Non-Scented)
Soap (Dove Non-Scented Body Wash)
Maxi Pads ( Make sure they are cushy ones not thin ones)
Blue Chux (Wee Wee Pads)
Bacatrin (not sure if I am spelling it right)
Alcohol Pads
Comfortable Clothing (Nothing tight)
Wife beaters
Arnica Gel and Pills (this helps inflammation)
DO NOT BUY THE FOAM PADS (this will cause irritation and can burn you)

9. Massages are also very important through out this process this will help you achieve better results. The clinic offers them when I went they were $31 dollars per massage which last 45 mins. I got 3 massages a day (I was a beast I was thirsty to get the best results lol) I also had a guy come to my house! He came to my house 2x a day as well his name is Ramon (809) 663-2733 tell him "ahii fucking yily" sent you lol (that was our inside joke lol) He is gay ladies so he wont be groping on you and make you feel uncomfortable.

10. After surgery your eating determines your recover along with other things. Certain foods are considered diuretics, which helps you drain easier! I will tell you things that will help you elevate your blood levels and help you drain faster!

Help Drainage Increase Blood Levels
Pineapples Broccoli
Watermelon Beans
Eat Greens (Spinach, Celery) Anything that contains folic acid or iron
Nuts (Raw and Unsalted almonds, flaxseed, pumpkin seed)
Herbal Teas (astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal, pokeroot or wild indigo root tea)



I think this is enough pics for one post these pic are from July until now. I am in love with my results but I want more work done!

Two Year Later......

Hello Ladies!

I'm back I wanted to update you on how everything is going! I will be posting pictures tomorrow on my progression. I am in love with my work still (I would post now but I am at work just killing time. So I decided to post on RealSelf LOL). Nevertheless, I want to get more work done I want to up my boobs size (being that my skin didn't stretch and a B was not what I wanted) I am thinking of going full C and a little touch up while I'm there shit why not. I am also thinking of getting veneers. I found this amazing doctor who will do both bottom and top for 2,700 I CANT WAIT!

Massage Info

Hey Girls!

Here is the info for my massage guy that come to your house and does the massages for you. I recommend that you do some at the spa about 5 - 8 of them and then have the rest at home. Also, when you travel back to your home get more massages. The more massages the better the result. REMEMBER these are Lymphatic massage not regular massages. My guy come very well equipped and hey is SUPER GAY so don't be worried or feel weird being naked around him! HE IS ALL THAT HONEY (snaps fingers). Below is his contact!


Tell him Vicky from San Carlos who was done by Yily sent you. He probably doesn't remember. Anyways let me know ladies if you have any questions or have anything you would like me to talk about! XOXOX
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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