Happy with my surgery with Dr. Yily De Los Santos

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I have chosen Dr. Yily De Los Santos as my doctor....

I have chosen Dr. Yily De Los Santos as my doctor. I have been on this board for a while, more lurking than anything else but I am now ready for my turn! I am very excited since this is something I have wanted for many, many, many years way before the booty crazy blew up LOL! I am arriving on November 8th and having my procedure done on the 9th. I have purchased my flight already since I found a great deal on Jet Blue. I am traveling with my mom and she'll help take care of me. My family is from DR and my aunt has an empty apartment in Santo Domingo so we will stay there, thus reducing costs as far as recovery homes are involved. My boyfriend is against this because he has very different views on certain things and thinks i'm fine the way I am, he doesn't understand how I feel about myself and isn't so supportive. Therefore, I am really asking you guys please help me through this and pour all of your positivity/prayers on me. I will update more regularly as the date gets closer just to let you guys know how things go.

About me:
I am getting lipo: Full abdomen, back, inner/outer thighs, inner knees, arms(?), chin, & FG to butt. The cost was $3,000.

My current measurements are: 33, 29.5, 41.
My waist my appear small but it's fuller towards the lower part since I have a slight muffin top making me a little boxy if that makes sense lol. I have a small frame and when my waist was at its smallest it was probably a 24 so 5-6 extra inches makes a big difference in my midsection also considering that I have a short torso. i'm only 5 feet tall. I have a butt and luckily very full hips. I am not looking for a crazy donk. I just want a fuller butt, rounder, with more projection especially (maybe the lipo to my back would make it appear more bubbly?) not so much size. I am more interested in the sculpting and I know Dr. Yily is known for her amazing sculpting, waists, and creating hour glass figures which is exactly what i'm interested in. I see no point in having an 1,400 cc but if your figure sucks. I see so many women just interested in their posterior and not so much their figure, but to each its own.

I will keep all of you ladies posted and update you with photos. I don't know how I'll be able to go online when the time comes since there is no internet access where I'll be staying but I'll see what I can do. If anything I'll post when I get home. Wish me luck! 45 days to go :)

Okay ladies so I have 16 days left! Time truly...

Okay ladies so I have 16 days left! Time truly does fly, I'm hoping for the same of the remaining days since I'm getting anxious lol! I have so many mixed emotions, I feel all over the place. I just hope I make it through okay. I'm already packed, I just need a few minor things. Lately I've been freaking out over the anesthesia. I didn't want General only because of all the complications with general, lipo and embolisms. I asked Dr. Yily what anesthesia she uses since I was concerned and she said Continuous Peridural so I feel more at ease now. I'm also worried about pain and recovery since I'm going back to work 12 days later and I didn't tell my job that I was having this done for my own personal reasons. I'm gonna do my best to take care of myself and take all my meds, drink all my juices, eat healthy, etc. I want to buy the mmh vitamins but I've spent so much lately that I'm on such a tight budget :( I wonder if it will make a difference.. I just want to scream, jump, twirl, do a cartwheel and hide at the same time, I'm such a mess internally LOL. Woooooosahhh!! I will put it in God's hands and I trust in him so I know I'll be okay. I will update when its time for me to leave :) xo.

Okay, so I'm 6 days away! I am internally freaking...

Okay, so I'm 6 days away! I am internally freaking out although I have my game face on. I've had last minute jitters the last few weeks. I guess this is normal. I can't believe all of these YEARSSSS of research and obsession, even having constant dreams of me with my new body (yeah i'm crazy LOL) will all be over in 6 days. I keep freaking out that I won't come out how I want, I really hope Yily delivers! I'm very confident that she will, her sculpting is amazing. I'm gonna tell her the day of, PLEASE BECOME INSPIRED IN HOOKING ME UP LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE. I want to look amazing and have awesome curves and have a really nice bubbly well projected butt and hips. I made a post on what to pack since I know many of us wonder what to take. I hope it helps!

I am pretty much packed. This is what I have to...

I am pretty much packed. This is what I have to help those wondering what to take on their surgery:

*Feminine Wipes
*Short socks
*Reg wet wipes
*Rubber Gloves
*Medical Tape
*Loose pants
*Antibacterial soap
*Tylenol pain cream
*Arnica Cream - For bruising
*Bromelain Pills - For swelling

Epifoam - For inside of your garment to smooth. I didn't buy this, I got it from my job. I know if you google it you will find some sites that sell it, sorry ladies
*Boppy pillow - Donut pillow with hole in the middle to stay off the butt when you're sitting since you can't sit on your behind for a while. Got it off Craigslist for $10 :) Pretty cheap
*Tape Measure - To keep progress of ur amazing new measurements ;)
*Extra strength Tylenol 500 mg - Anything like ibuprofen, Aleve, and some other pain meds are bad for you since they can cause more bruising and bleeding
*Thigh High compression socks - Known to reduce embolisms, especially on the plane ride back
*Hibiclens - Anti "microbial" skin soap, comes in liquid form. Really good for using BEFORE your surgery. Not meant to be used as reg soap since it is very harsh on the skin and can cause irritation if used for a prolonged period of time
*Maxi Pads - Recommended for inside your garment to smooth any creasing to not leave permanent lines or dents after lipo since you fat is very moldable and like jello lol
*Funnel - To pee so you dont have to take the garment off and can pee through the hole at the bottom using the funnel
*Stool Softener - I hear after anesthesia its hard to have a proper "bowel movement" lol
*Chux - They look like the doggie pads they use to pee when they're being potty trained, they're white with blue lining absorbent pads. To help catch any leakage/draining the first few days. A former patient of Yily also told me to use them under your garment to not get burned by the compression garment. Sometimes it causes your skin to become very sensitive and become irritated and scab up, def don't want that

I also purchased the Vitamedica Surgery program supplement, waiting for it in the mail. Its a supplement that enhances and promotes healing since it has tons of essential vitamins and minerals needed for healing that may not be gained through diet alone. It has good reviews and people who have taken it say it has helped them so why not lol. I don't want to feel like poop or be in pain and discomfort forever. I want to bounce back soon and do everything I can to take care of myself properly. Its all about the post op care ladies!

http://www.recoveryelements.com/clinicalsupportforsurgeryprogram.aspx - There is one that's $60 and $100. One seems more complete, it has the details on the site

I need to buy wife beaters for inside the compression garment to prevent irritation too, My mom had a tummy tuck and lipo and wearing the type of garment they give you in DR (Thick material + really tight) irritated her skin a lot. I also need large granny panties for my huge butt, and a few minor things but i am SET!

Sheeeesh this was a long post. I hope it helps a lot of you, though since packing can be difficult for us as figuring out what to take.

Okay so I am feeling much better! I'm almost 7...

Okay so I am feeling much better! I'm almost 7 weeks PO, time frickin flies! I can't believe it. L I feel pretty good and i'm very mobile. I feel 70-80% which is awesome because I forgot what It felt like to be "normal" since I'd been uncomfortable and sore for so long. I have soreness but it's not to the point where i'm so aware or it. I can move fast, bend, reach for things. Remember ladies I had a lot done. No tummy tuck, just lipo. Full abdomen and back, arms, back of thighs, inner and outer thighs, inner knees, arms, chin, and fat transfer to buttocks so my body suffered a lot of trauma. My waist is getting smaller and I'm happy about that. It makes everything stand out and my butt is huge. I like it a lot although "sometimes" I wish it were bigger. At times I'm like it's so big With certain clothes and I'm like I need to chill cuz my ass is big! I'm so happy with my results. I never thought my body could look this good yet proportioned. Dresses fit me so good, i feel so confident. I haven't gone out out if you know what I mean but I will in due time. well I wanted to let u ladies know how I was feeling. I'm updating from my phone. I wish I could upload pics from it. I'm gonna try, let's see. If anything I'll update with photos tomorrow since its 2:28 am now and I have to be up early tomorrow for work and i'd need to turn my comp back on etc. Yily is the bomb.com by the way! I'm so happy so many girls are going to her! She's amazing. I love her!

I have added pics for you all :) By the way I...

I have added pics for you all :)

By the way I mean this in the nicest way, I get a lot of the same questions ALL the time. Please read the posts I make or comments, I try to answer as best I can and be very thorough to help others since I needed the help in my journey. it's not fair to us girls who type whole stories and take the time out to document our journey to help others and then there are those who disregard them to get a quick answer. I hope you understand and to those who have kept up with me and my journey and read everything thank you very much. xo, I hope you all have a great day.

By the way, my waist isn't smaller because I have...

By the way, my waist isn't smaller because I have naturally wider set ribs. I really wish I could change this but that's my anatomy :( Yily lipoed everything from my stomach, so I have no fat there. I was thinking of corset training to train my rib cage that way i can make it narrower. That's what I'm looking into now lol. I swear, it never endsssss.

Added new pics

Added new pics

Okay, so I noticed that I have updated in the...

Okay, so I noticed that I have updated in the comments section not so much on "here". I will do a detailed post as far as my surgery journey.

I got to DR on November 8th which was a Thursday. I wanted to meet with Dr. Yily at 2pm that day since I planned on having surgery on Friday the 9th. That's how I had originally scheduled things. There had been a terrible snow storm after hurricane sandy here in NY (I did update you guys on that mess) so Yily thought that I was going to be unable to make it. She had emailed me that night telling me to not worry if I couldn't make it on Thursday, that she would perform my surgery on Friday first thing in the morning so to please be at ease and to have a safe flight. That really calmed me down hearing that from her and her thinking about me :) I ended up not missing my flight and making it as originally planned by the grace of the lipo and ass Gods lol. I called her and told her I was in DR and she told me that she could meet me late, like around 7pm for my consultation because she had not been expecting me due to the weather. She instructed me to go to CIPLA for my pretesting at 2pm. I told her I wouldn't be able to meet with her at 7pm because I couldn't another ride. My aunt had driven me and my mom to the clinic and I don't think she would have again. Yily told me to not worry that she would go over everything on Friday morning. She made me feel comfortable so I was like okay. Normally I would have been like NO, I MUST MEET YOU NOWWW but something about her makes you feel very secure. Well, I can speak for myself at least.

So I went to the clinic at 2pm with my mom and met Teresa who became like my new bff. She is so awesome and we chatted up a storm. I had my blood drawn, had my chest x-ray where I couldn't take any instructions. I became such an idiot when the male technician would tell me to do something. It was like I had no brain, mind you I'm a Medical Assistant. I felt so stupid, he probably thought I was such a moron. I told him I was nervous to forgive my idiocy. Then I met up with the Cardiologist who was late. He was all hitting on me and telling me I was pretty. I was so skeeved =| I went back up to Teresa once I was done and paid my balance. I brought it in Cash because I was told you get charged an additional percentage if you pay by card.

I went home and requsted to eat the most fattening food because I knew I wouldn't be able to pig out after surgery and thereafter. If ur Dominican you know pica pollo is the bomb.com It's like KFC on steroids but DR style which is off the hook! Like ya'll don't understandddd. I wanted some Helado Bon which is also like a Hagen Daaz or Carvel ice cream chain in DR but I didn't get it :( Food is very flavorful and exotic in DR so I wanted to eat it all. I ate so much! I went back to where I was staying and prepared for the next day.

So we take a cab to Cipla early in the morning. I was supposed to be there at 7am but we got there late cuz of my mom. So annoying. So I get there and I'm told to register. The nurses were nice but there's this Doctor who is kinda ratchet and has a bad nose job. I speak Spanish so I knew what she was saying and I was like oh gosh lol. But she wasn't mean, people over there just act like themselves unlike here that Doctors try to act all extra proper. Well at least the doctors I know. ANYWAY, because I got there late I had to wait to be second in line so I would be having my surgery at 11am. I met the anesthesiologist while I was registering and he seemed like a cool guy. So I was placed in my room and I just tried to sleep and relax. Finally Yily comes in and i'm like wow! She is so much more beautiful in person than in her photos. She had this light blue blazer and jeans and her hair in a bob. She is very tall and has a body on her! Like a stallion if that makes sense lol. She is what we call in spanish a "Mujeron". So I start talking and I tell her that I work with a plastic surgeon. Her eyes just opened up like this O_O! Her reaction was so funny. I was like don't worry I feel confident in YOUR work and I came all the way here to YOU because I've been very impressed by what I've seen. I told her I was an educated patient and that I have an understanding of how things work so to not worry. That I would follow all instructions given to me. I guess sometimes girls don't follow directions, have complications, and blame her so she was explaining this to me. I told her that I totally understand because I see all sorts of things in my office as well. I would do what she said and not make her look bad, that there are a LOT of girls wanting to get surgery with her. She was like really?! I'm like yeah. Your scheduled in gonna be SWAMPED in March lol. I had a few final questions, she has a very regal attitude about her. She is very sure and confident about herself, she carries herself very properly and is extremely reassuring and professional in her demeanor. My mom kept stressing how young she is, she's like I'm not so young but I know she's still in her 30's by her appearance. I then showed her my "wish pic". I said I don't want to look exactly like this but I want extremely curvy. She goes like Betty Boop, i'm like YESSS lol! So i undress and I get my photos taken. I was so embarrassed :( Then she goes so no worries, next time I see you will be for surgery.

So I wait with my mom in my room and try to take a nap which didn't happen. They give me the magical blue pill. I didn't really calm down or fall asleep as I thought. I didn't feel any nervous or anxious energy. I was just a little impatient. Then I dress into the gown, booties, and cap. This young handsome guy comes in and tells me it's time. I'm like holy sh*t, it's judgement day! Like I CANNOTTTTT believe that after all these years of having dreams, and nightmares about surgery, looking at pictures, endless and sleepless nights researching on MMH and REALSELF that it's finally it's ABOUT TO GO DOWNNNN! I started kinda pooping my pants at that point, internally though. I never really expressed I was scared. The guy, Yily's surgical assistant comes and wheels into the elevator to the 4th floor as I lay on the hospital bed. So weird being on a bed in an elevator. I told him, take care of me! Don't let me dieeee lol. He just smiled like this chick must be nuts lol. I'm in the OR table and the anesthesiologist comes in and starts my IV. He tells me to take off my gown and he sits me down holding me along with the assistant that took me to the OR. That pinch hurt like hell and then I started feeling the heat creep from my arm to the rest of my body and I knew I would be out in no time as I started feeling sleepy. I was out. I guess they make you sit for the epidural which they do after you're asleep I guess to avoid pain and prevent you from moving. I know epidurals are dangerous when you move since it can puncture another part of ur spine you don't want anesthetized. Dr. Yily uses continuous peridural as opposed to general anesthesia for those wondering. It's much safer which made me very happy.

I come out of surgery and i'm in my room. My mom is with me and my legs keep shaking uncontrollably. I was freezing. I told my mom to put the comforter on me. I was still cold. I told her to put the one they gave for her too so I had 2 fleecy comforters. I was still freezing. I felt this soreness in my body. I was like wtfff is this?! My butt felt like it got stepped on and I ran a marathon and did 1 million squats. Soooooo sore. I would want to kinda lay on my side slightly and I couldn't. Then I realized the pain on my arms. And that’s when it all went downhill. OH - MY - LORD. I wanted to die. My arms felt raw. It was the probably the most painful thing I’ve experienced. I kept shaking trying to see if I could distract my brain to no avail. I kept telling my mom “ME DUELEEE” which means it hurts! I’m kept saying help meeee. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was desperate. The nurse came in and put pain medication in my IV. And I’m like still in excruciating pain. I kept shaking because I couldn’t take it, it was so terrible. Still no pain meds kicking in. I’m like idk if I can do this, I think I was delirious at one point. I knew arm lipo was painful but Got damnnn! My aunt who came to see me had one of the doctors come in. They checked up on me to come and realize my IV was disconnected -_____________________- largest pancake face of all f*ckin time! My IV wasn't going in my body. It spilled all over the bed and I wasn't even feeling the wetness. So they fixed it, gave me more meds and I felt comfortable for the first time in a few hours. That first night was I like wtf did I just do?! Not being able to move, no appetite, you can't sleep, you can’t pee or poop (They give you a catheter to pee so you pee into a baggy which helps so you don't have to move or get up to pee), you can’t really sleep, you’re in pain, uncomfortable. I would try to sleep and I would sleep for 30 minutes and it would feel like I slept forever. I just wanted time to go by fast. I was sooo freaking frustrated I didn't know what to do. That type of frustration you want to break something. But who was I kidding my crippled ass couldn't even wipe my own behind. I was sleeping in a semi up-right position and everything felt terrible, I wanted to lay down like I sleep on my bed but I realized it was WAY over for that! The slightest movement took every bit of strength that I did not have and all my effort. In the end I wouldn't move a millimeter because it took too much work and hurt too much. I was also scared of hurting anything or messing anything up because I felt so fragile. I was almost scared of my own body, such a weird feeling. You have to be in the position to understand, it’s so hard to explain. I had my mom look at me and asked her how I looked. She was like you look good, I think she said that so that I could shut up. I realized I had bandages on my arms not the faja with sleeves. I was told my faja was coming in the next day since Yily had to order a special one for me with sleeves. I saw Jesus when I was told that! Because I would be squeezed into a faja a day after my surgery. WTFFFFFFF! No way!!!! I was so scared I kept thinking about it the whole night. All I kept thinking was how much it was gonna hurt, how am I gonna stand up? I can’t even move! My back felt like I was constricted by a snake. It was so tight. I realized in time this would be my biggest issue.

The next day I was eating soup which wasn’t too good compared to the ones my mom makes. I barely ate it. I had zero appetite. I was over everything. The nurse came and took out my catheter. I would be discharged at 11 am and it couldn't come fast enough. I knew torture would come soon. I kept dreading it. I see a nurse come in with the Fajate brand faja in a clear and pink bag. I was like crap, God please be with me. Literally. I was beyond terrified. I gave the nurse a hard time because I was so scared. Thank God my faja was a size Small. not smaller I was sat on a plastic chair in my room and the nurses helped. The nurse asked for help and got another nurse because she couldn't put my faja on by herself. They asked if I had a wifebeater and I said yes. I put it on and they asked if I had maxi pads. I said yes. I came pretty prepared. I brought comfortable shoes, crocs to be exact. Slippers, a pair of socks. Pants with the tie string in the front. A denim jacket. Chux which look like wee wee pads for the dogs, a tooth brush even though I got a shower kit from Cipla that included soap, tooth paste, hair brush, and a few minor things in a little suitcase. So they started squeezing me into the faja. I saw my body for the first time. I was amazed at how I had no stomach! My lower kangaroo pooch was gone! Yily made it say peace out on me and I was glad of not seeing that mofo come back! I was still swollen but I liked what I saw and my booty was huge. My arms were so small. I was happy I did it after I saw it and they definitely still hurt like hell but not like day one. Putting on the faja wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was like thank you God. Leaving and walking was soooo difficult. One of the people that work at Cipla got a wheelchair for me. I was so happy. Everyone was really nice. I walked at -2.6 miles per hour. So slow and kinda hunched over and I felt sooooo stiff and heavy, like I weighed 1,000 pounds. I had my whole body lipoed minus my head, legs, forearms. Literally. So I was feeling the toll of all of it. Getting in the car was such a process. Everything felt like a process but I was patient and knew that I had to become accustomed to this. Mentally I always had a good outlook. I never got majorly frustrated. I had my moments as any human being when I would face certain obstacles but I didn't bring a negative mentality at ALL TIMES. I knew things would be hard and that I would have good and bad days. Ladies, please be mentally prepared because this can make you go insane, get depressed, and you need to be in good spirits for recovery. People think surgery and prepping is hard, pshhhh! Yeah frickin right, recovery is where it’s AT! So have this in mind ALWAYS.

Oh I forgot to mention this fun fact lol I stood at my aunt’s empty apartment with my mother. This apartment is located on the 4th floor. No elevator. I knew this but again I mentally prepared myself. However, with how I was feeling I knew there would be no way in hell I would walk 4 floors. This is gonna sound insane but I paid 2 guys that worked in the building complex I was staying at to carry me up the 4th floor in a chair. I sat down and they carried me away. It took a while and I was so uncomfortable with every bump but we made it. It was quite funny. My mom and everyone kept laughing. I was like pleeeease don’t drop me lmao. They put me on the bed which was high btw. I was like how am I gonna get in and out of this thing.

Yily prescribes you all this medication. It costs appx. $250 USD. Iron, vitamin C which comes in an alka seltzer looking tablet, a shot you take for 8 days to prevent blood clots, Omeprazole which helps ur stomach, a cream, antibiotic, Pain meds, plus a whole bunch of stuff. It’s a lot but it does help. I like how thorough she was with that because the doctor I work for just gives you pain meds, and an antibiotic and that’s it. Taking all this stuff made my pee smell so weird so keep in mind ur urine will smell like medicine.

Peeing was such a process I couldn’t sit cuz the back of my thighs hurt and I dreaded getting up with my bad back. and the whole getting out of the bed. The funnel I bought was too big. It would hit my inner thighs so I had to sit on the toilet after all. I had no problem with number 2. I barely got constipated. My mom did some grocery shopping and made me natural juices every day. Fresh pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit. So good! Eventho I barely had an appetite because of the faja in the beginning but I drank it up. She would put oatmeal and blend it together. Omg, so good! Dominican moms know everything I swear, especially mine. She’s old school lol. I have such a different form of appreciation for my mother. She took such amazing care of me, I wish I could say all she did but it would be too much. I love her beyond words. This experience definitely made us closer for sure and I’m happy about that.

My right hand and both feet got swollen beyond words. I was so scared but I left it alone because I knew it would go down. My hand looked insane. I guess all the fluid from the arm lipo went to my right hand. My left hand was fine. I guess it was because I’m left handed and I use that hand much more than my right hand so my body got rid of the fluid since I have better circulation??? Idk that’s my theory. Also my girly parts got swollen for like 2 days. But my right side ONLYYY if you know what I mean lol. It was sooo weird but I’m glad that went down altogether. My hand and feet took almost 2 weeks to go down. I would lay down all day basically for it not affect me and as soon as I would sit the fluid would go down and my feet would balloon, this had to do more with the thigh lipo. I had gone to visit my other aunt and I couldn't take it anymore. I was constricted to a bed because of my feet swelling. I couldn't move my feet cuz my skin was soooo stretched out from the swelling. It felt like when you're little and you tie a rubber band around your finger that you want to move it but you can cuz of the tightness. My aunt made me call the doctor and Yily told me to get a water pill. She had me get furosemide. A water pill helps decrease fluid retention and will send you to the bathroom to pee ASAP. I wish I would have bought some with me from here, something in my mind told me to add it to my list yet I didn't. I suffered for so long with swollen ass feet and a crazy looking hand for no reason at all. I suggest to you ladies to are having aggressive lipo in many areas to stock up on these because as soon as I took them, 2 days later my feet were 80-90% back to normal.

ANYWAY, When I had planned to have my surgery I told the doctor to include my chin in my consultation. Ms. Yily FORGOT my chin lipo and I remember waking up with no chin pain or strap and being so mad. But Yily is awsome and she did my chin lipo a week later. She didn't charge me or anything and apologized for forgetting. She said she would take care of the costs for the operating room and anesthesia since i had to be put under again and I know all of that costs money. I felt bad but she told me we had agreed on it and to not worry. That was a huge deal to me because another surgeon would have been like eff you. I did your surgery, you take care of all these costs. Yily really is a great professional. I had the chin lipo done 1 day before I left to the US which was Nov 21st. She said I would be okay, and Chin lipo is very minimal since it's such a small area. I had to go through the entire surgical process again. Fill forms, take the blue pill, change into gown, head cap, booties, annoying anesthesia pinch that I think hurts like HELL. My neck felt so sore, it's a weird feeling because you know what a sore abdomen and back feels like not a sore neck! I had the tiniest incisions. 1 under each ear which you literally cannot tell anything was ever done, and one under my chin which is also really small. She gave me 1 stitch on each one. I removed them myself after 5 days. I looked like fat albert in the neck. My neck was so swollen and huge. I didn't get a chin strap so I don't know if Yily uses one so I suggest to buy one. I made my own chin strap with my anti-embolism sock which looks like it's made of faja material. I put a piece of gauze on my chin to not irritate the incision and then tied it around my head to compress. It worked really well. I will say, don't think that you will do chin lipo and you will be automatically flat. It takes time and swells up a lot. I read a lot of reviews and other people went through the same. Then again everyone is different. It gets hard and really lumpy and weird and then starts to soften up so don't be scared. Just massage the area, that's what was recommended to me after 4 days.

I can say I overall had a great experience with Dr. Yily. She feels almost like a friend to me. I email her now still and she responds promptly. She is awesome and my body looks great. I am very satisfied with my results! I can't believe my stomach is this flat, I don't remember the last time I was ever this flat. I like my butt although sometimes I wish it were bigger. Then again, I think i'm being greedy cuz everyone says my butt is huge. I like the overall contour of my body and the way my shape looks, I would definitely recommend her to anyone. So far a friend of mine is going to her in May. Sheesh this was the longest post of life lol. Happy planning to those going soon. xo

Hello ladies, I'm making an update. I wanted to...

Hello ladies, I'm making an update. I wanted to let you know I am removing my before pics because I googled myself and found them and found it very creepy as there are malicious people out there. I hope you understand, for the most part many people have seen them. Once again I hope you all understand.

Okay, now to the important part. I see that someone here is not happy with their results. To be honest I had a similar issue in the beginning but I winged it out and I am happy with mine as time progressed.

I will elaborate. I didn't before because I thought this was something that pertained to me ONLY but I see it is something that Yily does in the fat transfer aspect and I wouldn't want someone else out there to be the slightest bit of unhappy. Sculpting and lipo she is amazing. I had an issue with my hips as well but they flattened out somewhat. Now it just adds to my overall shape so I am not displeased with it.

She asked me "do you want hips" as part of my consultation and I said yes. In my mind I thought hips were like your upper thighs not so much ur "flanks". if you look at the photo where there's a red dot you can see my hips have some type of protrusion at the top. In the beginning I thought it was swelling as you notice I even wrote that as my caption. My waist has gotten smaller and because my thighs are full on their own naturally, it compliments my shape OVERALL as it all blends together. I hope you understand what I mean. I can see how on someone who doesn't have full hips naturally and has two lumps on their sides as "hips" it can look bad and cause someone to be unhappy.

So what I say to you, PLEASE BE VOCAL TO YILY EXPRESSING WHERE YOU WANT YOUR HIPS TO START AND WHERE YOU WANT FAT GRAFTING. THE TOP-MIDDLE PORTION OF YOUR THIGHS, NOT SO MUCH YOUR "SIDES". I know that if you do this, you girls will be perfectly fine and get the results you're looking for. Hope this doesn't cause a stir as I tried to make myself as clear as I possibly could. I hope you all have a happy new year. xo

So I added 2 new photos. I will be 2 months...

So I added 2 new photos.

I will be 2 months post op in 2 days. I feel really good, I keep feeling better and better and I couldn't be happier. Discomfort is very minimal. I will say my faja and I have built a strong relationship. I hated that h*e in the beginning, couldn't standddd her. But now I feel incomplete without her. I will miss her when the 3 month mark hits *tear* She keeps me warm, and has helped shape me tremendously, minimized my discomfort and pain SOOOOO much. That's my homie, lmaoo. But seriously all jokes aside, I really love having the faja on now. It truly helps and I feel so weird when I don't have it on eventhough I take it off when I go out if it shows with the outfit I have on. I'm going to try to keep it on as much as possible even after I don't have to wear it anymore. The compression feels good on my body, especially on my back which hurt a lottttt at first. And it really does help keep me warm, especially now since I'm on the east coast. Well, can't think of anything else. That's it for now. xo

Hello, I am making a list of what I used and...


I am making a list of what I used and did not use from my previous list and what I wish I would have brought.

Did not use:

Gauze - Mixed on this one. It can be helpful depending on what for. Not on large incisions since it can get stuck. Small incisions either because if you do lipo only, the incisions are so tiny that they heal so fast you won't need it.
Mederma - Not during the time I was there. I use it now that my incisions are closed.
Tylenol pain cream
Thigh High compression socks
Chux - I didn't leak or ooze any fluid. I guess if you do it would be helpful which if you have a tummy tuck it would be useful. I personally didn't use it nor did I need it.
Smaller funnel to pee. Mine was too big, maybe the go go one would have helped
Surgical tape (unless ur getting a tummy tuck or breast implants you may need it. I didn't have either so i didn't use the tape)
Panties - they were useless to me, to some people this may not apply. You can wear them on top of your garment, though. It's up to you. Mine were too small anyway, I wish I would have bought an additional size bigger. I am normally a medium and I wish I had xl instead of L because my butt was too big and didn't fit "comfortably".

Things I used/wish I would have brought

I wish I would have brought more Baccitracin, It helped my incisions heal fast and prevent infection. It doesn't let your incisions "scab" since it keeps everything nice and moisturized because of the consistency. I brought these extra large type of bandaids. They have like an island shape, very large. I found those very helpful since the small ones can peel and fall off. They are helpful for incisions especially if you encounter irritation which I did on my back. The nurses forgot to cover my incision on my back when they switched me to my new garment the day after my surgery. My faja got stuck to the "one" stitch I had in the middle of my back. My skin peeled off all around the stitch the way it does when you get a burn, very pink and fleshy so make sure all of your incisions are covered the first few days to prevent this from happening. Baccitracin dried it up and it healed fast after I used that with the bandaid. Now I have a scar but it should go away, it's just annoying cuz it's in the middle of my back so I'm kinda pissed about that *rolls eyes* Bacitracin is a lifesaver, my inner thigh lipo incisions are right on my groin by my bikini line and I don't know how, but my garment started rubbing on my groin to the point my skin peeled off completely. It was very painful and inconvenient because of the area.Thank God I brought enough Baccitracin because it didn't get infected and started healing fast once I applied it and kept it covered. You may encounter little annoying things like this so just be prepared, I know without it I would have scabbed or it would have gotten infected. Moral of the story, Baccitracin is the homie! Thick maxi pads are an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!! They help pad the inside of your garment if you have any lumps, creasing, it helps smooth out irregularities, offers comfort with the padding in parts ur faja may be digging in like ur waist since your garment will be extra tight in the beginning, that can hurt so the maxi pads help. Bring lots of wifebeaters, I still wear them under my garment. It feels so good against my skin and gives me a barrier between the thick garment material and my skin since the wifebeater is soft and made out of cotton. You may not be able to shower so bring lots of wet wipes and feminine wipes. I know this sounds disgusting but I didn't shower for 8 days in the first week. The faja was such a pain in the ass to put on I didn't wanna take it off cuz I was so swollen I couldn't put it back on and neither could my mom. One time I took it off for a massage I had at home and it took over 30 minutes for my mom and the massage lady to put it back on. It literally was torture. It took me a while to get used to putting it on my own. At first I would refuse to take it off cuz I could not put that thing back on and that is normally the case until your swelling starts to go down that you start to shrink. Ur faja has a pretty big hole in the bottom so you can still do number one AND 2 with no mess whatsoever! Yily gives everyone the same type of faja so I don't think you should encounter any issue with taking care of your "basic necessities". I can speak for myself at least. You may want to bring panty liners. I didn't wear panties because they were useless to me with my faja issues. Bring lots of comfortable loose pants with the drawstring in the front and loose shirts. Leggings or button up tops (to hide the zipper on the faja) if you want to go out of the house which I did once when I went to the mall, I wore a short sleeve denim shirt and leggings and you couldn't tell I had a faja on. Bring easy to slip on shoes, crocs work well while at home. Something else to your liking if you feel good enough to go outside. I wish I would have brought I DIURETIC!!! I retained so much fluid which migrated to my hands and feet that left me so miserable for over a week to the point I couldn't walk or sit or do anything besides be confined to a bed which was hell!!!!!! As soon as I took it 2, days later my hands and feet went down tremendously. Diurex is one they sell at your local drug store or any other one is fine, I suppose.

Hmm, can't think of anything else. Everything else on my list I used with the exception of what's I noted. I can honestly say I think I have covered EVERYTHINGGG from front to back as far as my journey goes so ladies please, please, PLEEEEASE read before you ask the same questions. A lot of you do read so THANKSSSSS (I love ya'll!) but I get asked the same things repeatedly and all the answers are here! I hope no one is offended but if you saw my inbox, etc you would understand the frustration. Well, that's all for now. Hope you all have a good day. xx

I remembered something. Ladies take your vitamins...

I remembered something. Ladies take your vitamins BEFORE your surgery. Doesn't matter how much you pack, or how "prepared" you are if your levels suck. I had a fast/complication free recovery because my levels were great. It also allowed for me to have as much done as I did. I did have 7 liters removed after all. With basically no bruising (on my inner thigh and right arm, which went away in a week), no seroma development (I don't know if this pertains to the vitamins I took or just the way my body is), no excess loss of bodily fluids, no anemia, or need a for blood transfusion (I've heard of 2 girls who went to Yily that needed one because of their levels. Not that Yily will operate on you if your levels are low, but if your body isn't strong enough on it's own you can loose a lot of blood and fluid which can obviously be very dangerous and an additional expense if you need any of the above. Especially to those of you getting a tummy tuck and lipo).

I took my vitamins a month and a half before my surgery. I bought it from the vitamin shoppe. My vitamins came all in one: Iron with Vitamin C, B12, Copper, and folic acid.

Here is the link:


Hope it helps. xx

Okay so I have been getting the same questions as...

Okay so I have been getting the same questions as far as how much time off you should take. I went to work 19 days later. I actually wish I would have taken at least 3 weeks off. Initially I took one week off and had to end up lying at my job because I was basically a crippled. I couldn't do anything at all because of the discomfort, pain, stiffness. It was seriously terrible! Moving is so difficult and everything feels so bad. Take the right amount of time off that way you don't have to be all over the place and tire yourself out since you will get tired easily. Take minimum 2 weeks off. 3 would be ideal.

Also, a lot of girls have been asking me how long...

Also, a lot of girls have been asking me how long did she take to respond. She didn't take that long to respond to me. Then again I started corresponding for her back in August and I had my surgery in NOVEMBER. Although she was busy then, she is not as busy as she is now. This season is an extremely busy season for all surgeons. I know because I work with one. Dr. Yily is becoming more and more well known and the demand for her work is insane making her extremely busy now. And because of "income tax season" everyone and their mother wants surgery since they can now afford it so I can imagine how hard it is to respond to everyone. Also considering that some girls write to her for very minor things and ask millions of questions in 10 different emails so it must be overwhelming. She showed me her phone one time and I truly felt bad with all the emails so had THENNNN so I can only imagine now. Just be patient and she will definitely get back to you. But please don't write her 50 emails asking if she received your previous email. It just makes it more difficult, also considering that she responds to her emails herself since I saw it firsthand. I hope no one was offended by this but please take into consideration that she is only one person and she also has a life outside of being a doctor, a family, etc. It's a lot for one person. Thanks!

Okay, loves I have posted 2 new photos. As of now...

Okay, loves I have posted 2 new photos. As of now this is what my body looks like. I am thrilled! I am soooo happy with my results, Yily is amazing. Well, I can speak for myself and my results. My waist is so curvy, I am also very happy my inner thighs and inner knees. I feel it plays suuuuch a huge role on the appearance of my bottom half and my legs. I love that my thighs don't touch and it gives me that leaner look as well. Also considering that I am so short, 5 feet to be exact too much weight on my bottom half makes me look fat. I have lost I believe over 10 pounds since my surgery. I have been taking great care of myself. I only really indulge on the weekends and on the week days I eat pretty normal, just in moderation. No soda or junk food. Just like I said normal and clean. This has also helped with my overall shape and adding that my swellings has gone down makes a difference. My butt is still pretty plump as you can see, I wish it were a little bigger and let me tell you ladies that the booty greed is SUPER REAL lol. I still love how it looks so it's me. I have minor soreness. I only really feel it on my back and inner thighs when I lay down that I don't move for long periods of time. I guess my body weight is on my back makes things feel sore when I move so it tugs and feel uncomfortable and like things are stretching and still healing. When I am standing I feel 100%. my arms only hurt when I am scrubbing them when I shower and if I am putting lotion that I have to rub it in. Not so much pain but sensitivity. The rest of me feels fine with the exception of minor things but it's not big deal. I know that these things take time and trust me I would rather feel like THIS than how I did in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG what a freaking difference. It truly does get better in time. The first month to 2 is hard but after the second I feel like I have made such great strides and it seems pretty standard from what I have read and heard from my friends that have had aggresive lipo too. I am almost 3 months, I will be on Feb 10th. Well, that is it for now, can't think of anything else. Just that I am super happy with how things look, how I feel both physically and my self-confidence, etc. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and kind words. I appreciate all of you. xo

So ladies I just found a measuring tape and I...

So ladies I just found a measuring tape and I measured myself. I know that some of you were asking for my measurements so here they are.

Bust is 33 inches
Waist is 25.75 inches (I have a wifebeater now and my faja so I actually think the number is smaller. I am beyond shocked!!! O_O)
Butt is 42 inches inches

My butt may reflect like it didn't go up in inches which isn't true at all. The proof is in the pudding! I had my thighs lipoed and inches have been removed from that so when I measure all around my butt (which wraps around my thighs) the new volume from my butt makes up for the inches removed from my thighs. Therefore giving the "illusion" that it didn't go up in size. Don't be fooled by numbers when it comes to your butt if you are going to have a little extra taken from your thighs. They can play tricks on you and that's when booty greed sets in lol

And my waist was not no damn 29.5. I will admit I...

And my waist was not no damn 29.5. I will admit I think I was in denial that I may have held the measuring tape a little tighter than I should have when I first did my measurements. It was probably a 30-31". I promise the updated ones are completely accurate lol

Hi Ladies, Please if your comments don't...

Hi Ladies,

Please if your comments don't pertain specifically to this review private message each other in reference to corresponding and exchanging information that pertains to your specific procedure. It is extending far too long and deviating from what it was originally and I want to stay within what it was from the beginning.

Okay, so I have been getting a lot of questions in...

Okay, so I have been getting a lot of questions in reference to a few things. So I will answer here that way I don't have to answer repeatedly and everyone can see this.

My arm lipo was ABSOLUTELY worth it. I will see if I can update with a photo if I find an old picture from before that way I can compare it to something. For one, I didn't have huge arms. When I was thinner my arms were very slender and naturally defined and toned. As I gained weight they got "chunkier" in the tricep area, back of the arms. It was chunky enough to pinch where it bothered me. Also I did it because I did not want to lipo my body and be very slim in the waist area and have huge arms or arms that look disproportionate to the rest of my body. I think that looks unnatrtactive and you can tell someone has had surgery since their body doesn't "match" the rest of them. So once again, I didn't have huge arms, just noticeable to me where I was not happy with them and figured I'm getting everything else done, might as well have that too. I have NOOOO regrets! It hurt like HELL but if I had to choose to have done them or not I would do it all over again (although I would really brace myself lol). Ya'll know from my review that the arms were torture. Yily was extremely aggressive and left my arms looking really tiny. It really compliments the rest of my body well and I LOVE it! I look thicker in pictures but in person I am much slimmer. My body is curvy and thick but still slim to some degree. I don't like the overly exaggerated super duper thick look. That was not what I was going for and I am pleased with my own results because I look somewhat skinny but still curvy with fat in the right places. Yily was responsible for this because I used to be really thick! 7 liters is a lot of fat to remove from a person who is 5 feet tall weighing 152 lbs.

I am also very happy with my inner thigh lipo and the lipo to the back of my thighs. Most especially the inner thighs. My inner thighs were thick and they would rub a LOT! It was really annoying especially in dresses and in the summer with shorts. It made me really self conscious and I truly despised it. She did a great job when it comes to this since they now look very defined.

My chin lipo was also verrrry worth it. I had a somewhat "pronounced" double chin for a person that wasn't that big. It really bothered me and although I think I may have some residual fat and swelling, it is not what I had before. I am in my 20's and although I am fairly young I think I may need a neck lift because I have a lot of looseness in the muscles in my neck. Part of it has to do with the fact that I have control of these muscles and when I was little I used to play around and stretch it out to look like if I was a frog LOL. I was a weird child, don't judge me lol. Therefore, although it is obvious to me not to anyone else, I will always have some slight looseness and never that super flat look. I will post pictures this week too. I didn't bruise at all. The swelling doesn't go down really fast. Don't think that you will have this done and have no double chin. My neck looked really big during the first 2-3 weeks. By the time I went back to work I looked like I did pre-op so no one noticed I had anything done. It takes time and you will feel soreness but nothing out of the ordinary that you cannot tolerate. It is very minor, at least for me. I had a stitch under my chin, and one under both ears. I removed them myself after 5 days. It will feel lumpy and will then start to smooth out. Just massage it and it will go down. Expect 2-3 months to see full results. Research just to make sure you know what to expect. I did and this is what I got. I am very happy with it and I definitely see a difference

I got a question about insurance and something about $250. Yily did not offer this when I had my procedure so I can't really answer this since I know nothing about it.

In reference to before and after photos, I live in NYC where many girls with plastic surgery such are very known. Such as Yaris, Stephanie Santiago, so blessed, momosofly, curvyJ, etc. These girls plus MANY more have been "exposed". People on twitter around my neck of the woods are known for blasting old photos before photos. I think that is very low! I don't understand why people do that. The hate out there is truly real. I had a decent body before my surgery but I am not willing to go through that humiliation especially posting pictures of me naked or with little clothing. A lot of these people known for "exposing" have referred to sites such as these to retrieve before photos. So what I am trying to say is that I don't feel comfortable putting my before photos. I originally had them but I removed them once I googled myself that I saw myself full front and center. I know it may not be fair to many of you but please understand where I am coming from.

Incisions: I only had lipo. My incisions were pubic area for lower abdomen. Inside the belly button for upper abdomen. I have a deep inny and I had no complications from this incision. These incisions are VERY small, probably an 1/8th of an inch. The belly button incision worked totally for me and I had no complications. You can't see a thing. 1 incision under each armpit. This may be to lipo the waist and around the ribs. 1 on your mid back. 1 between your butt crack at the start. 1 in side of my groin for inner thigh. 1 on each elbow for the arms. and 1 under each butt cheek for fat graft.

Dr. Yily uses the Fajate brand in her fajas. Mine came with detachable sleeves. Do NOT buy a secondary faja before your surgery! I know a lot of girls like to overprepare but you don't know what size you will be and it makes no sense. Buy it after your surgery. You will need to have your faja taken in at the waist anyway.

As far as the faja itself is concerned: I wear mines basically 24/7. Especially I feel it has helped tremendously as far as my shape. I was one of those people that could not even begin to BEAR wearing anything tight. Let alone for 3 months and for the entire day including at night. And now to think I feel weird without it. The compression really helps with discomfort and pain and plays a major role on your results. Please ladies, keep it on. I know some people haven't kept theirs on and have still had good results. Yet I know people that haven't and their results have not been good. My recommendation is to keep it on. You have nothing to lose and more to gain. I have seen my body change because of it, especially my waist and other parts of my body.

I will try to post photos of the arms and chin soon. I normally update from work and don't have those photos on this computer for obvious reasons. If there are typos and whatnot please excuse me since I am trying to update as much as I can very quickly. Hopefully that answers the influx of questions I have been getting these few weeks. That's all for now, xx!

So I added a new photo. I am past the 3 month mark...

So I added a new photo. I am past the 3 month mark. I have recently had more soreness on my lower back and inner thighs than normal. It's been uncomfortable especially laying down. I guess it all takes time. I know the back is a very difficult area since there is normally a lot of fat there and the doctor tends to be very aggressive. i'll just wing it out..

Btw reason I have not been answering some questions is because everythinggggg is on my blog. Ladies please read!!! I cannot stress this enough. I answer questions that haven't been addressed before but I disregard what has been answered and what I have gone over repetively. It's not fair to me and I think it's rude. And to those ladies who answer questions for others I appreciate you aka curvy and ejj (girl ur name is complicated LOL). Alright, gotta get back to work. That's all for now.

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