Liposuction Without Tummy Tuck with Yily De Los Santos After Everyone else denied Me...- Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been snooping on this page since March 2013....

I've been snooping on this page since March 2013. At first I said to myself, I would never do such a thing. I got" in too deep" and here I am today. 26 years old from NYC 5'4 203 pounds. I sent in photos for quotes and so forth. Didn't really want a tummy tuck. The scar really scared me and I understood why I had stretch Marks on my body, I had 2 beautiful boys :) Yily suggested a tummy tuck and so did duran. I believe I contacted 3 other doctors in DR which all suggested a Tummy tuck. I was very upset about this and wrote back to them stating that I wasn't interested on having a tummy tuck. They all assured me I would have HANGING SKIN but I didn't really care, NO tummy tuck. I went with yily, clearly stating I wanted ONLY lipo and a BBL, she agreed. I send over my deposit, well both my sister and I do and we picked June 28,2013. The month of may was horrible, I wasn't about to lose anything, I went from 204 to 212... Not sure what happened. I really wanted to cancel the sx but I didn't want my sister to do this alone. I had everything but I failed to lose 20 pounds so I just went for it. Fast forwarding... We arrived in Dominican republic on June 27 at 2am. We went straight to Plaza de sol. We went to see Yily June 28th at 7am. My sister and I had all my test done. Everyone seemed very nice. Yily's assistant, which I forgot her name seemed fake. Anyways when the nurse weighs me she tells me im 222! 222!! Really! 222,............. SMFH. I couldn't believe what she was telling me, but she was right. She sends my sister and I upstairs and there we waited for yily. Yily comes in around 4pm, I honestly thought she was a nurse or someone else, Not yily! like what are you all talking about. To me she looks like a Regular Dominican women.I guess because she had reg scrubs, I don't know but I was actually waiting for a goddess to walk through those doors but that didn't happen.. anyways She saids, hola soy yily. I was shocked! (I finally get to meet this internet sensation :) ) She tells me about my weight and all and I tell her " just do what you can" she wasn't mean about it though, I asked her about my arms since i really, really,really wanted my arms done! I always hid them in sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I begged her to do my arms and she said 'she'll see'. She asked me to undress so she could mark me, after marking me she did something that got me really upset. She took out her personal IPHONE to snap pictures of my body.. Like really... personal IPHONE.. lLike are you really going to find me later on and snap a post op on your phone. Why did you need those photos on your personal phone? I didn't want to upset her in any way so I didn't say anything and acted as everything was fine. I have 2 boys that I needed to get back to, which by the way were at plaza de sol with my mother. I didn't want anything to happen to me on that sx table so I was very nice to yily and did as she said. She leaves and comes back 10 mins later stating that she might not do sx on me today, she said something about going to a prayer and praying for CIPLA. How bad people want to bring CIPLA down. blah blah.. LMFAO.. really, prayer? Coming from a women who has a nasty attitude and fights with her patients. Okay lady! Whatever you say. Mins later she comes back in and saids okay, everything is set! lets do it now.. um.. okay.. a nurse comes in and gives me a blue pill and tells me to take it asap. My sister was going to go first but I decide to go ahead of her. I think I probably would of changed my mind if I didn't go first. I get to the sugery room and um, looks pretty weird. 4 diff people in there and they start getting me ready for sx, iv's in place and everything else(cant remember) I did no see yily go on the room. During surgery I wake up. I believe they were during my arms, I kept telling myself to shut the fuck up, let them lipo your damn arms then scream but I couldn't. I then scream for yily, no answer.. my mind was racing like wtf is yily. My face was covered and as I tried to uncover it someone held my face down so I wouldn't see. This experience was soo weird I tell u. I knock back out and wake up in my room. I woke up on my bed seeing stuff and basically talking to myself. My mom and kids came to see me and they appeared so quiet and so far from me. I remember asking my mom" Mami, why are they so quiet". Next morning I wake up, im asking for my sister... Hello sister are you here, she replys,... yes, im here.. I got soo happy. We were in room 401, which has 2 beds. I wanted her sooo much closer to me but it wasn't possible. I was sooo happy we both made it out alive. Fast forwarding... we left to plaza de sol, the man at plaza de sol snitch and told my father we were having sx. I was kind of mad, but no biggie. We stayed at plaza de sol for 8 days. My beautiful mother helped us so much, I couldn't get out of bed, use the bathroom, clean myself nothing. The pain from 1-10 was a 10. I have never felt so bad in my life, mind you I pushed out 2 kids vaginally but this pain was of the hook. I regretted it every damn day, I would say to myself if only I had went to the gym.. smh. After 8 days at plaza de sol we joined my other sister and friends at Be live Hamaca in Boca chica which is an all inclusive resort. We all enjoyed our stay there, especially the kids. My father would take us daily to get our massages done on the last floor which is next to Dr. Cabral office . Massages are $31 for 45 mins, my sister and I split 10 sessions and tried going daily. The girls were nice, one nicer than the other.. My girl was the dark skin, slim chick. She was such a sweetheart, so nice and lovely. My sister had the light skin chunky girl, she wasn't so nice. Okay back to Cabral.. . Cabral is the Man, his office is nothing compare to Yily's. Cabral seems to be a great doctor from what they say out there. His office always had 10-15 girls just waiting to be seen by him. He does his post op appointments unlike Yily. Yily's post op doctor is very unprofessional. My sister wasn't too happy with her results and felt the same way I did about yily not being in the sx room. Post op doctor ran to both my sister and yily and started screaming,." tell her, tell yily what you were saying about her in the office, tell her you feel like she didn't do sx on your body, tell her" Is this women nuts or what, I got in and said. what are u talking about, my sister already told her. She acted like a 5 year old, not even probably worst. yily just looked at her. My sister did have her falls with yily cause she felt that yily didn't lipo her enough. To be honest, I don't even think yily lipo her stomach and just lied about it. Well we all know yily didn't touch us but I don't think Yily's "interns" touched her stomach. Oh and before I forget yily did clarify that "she does work with others doctors in the room" Yeah sure.. so why do you go in and out the room. Um, cross contamination... sure yily.. sure.. smh. Yily didn't really mess with me but I did tell the post op doctor that I felt the same, how I didn't think much work was done on me. That same day yily raced up and stormed in while I was getting my massage and screamed at me, her exact words were "this is surgery, not magic" in Spanish" esto es surugia, no majia." (sorry for the spelling) it sounded soo much worst in Spanish , she left my room and stormed into my sisters room and screamed at her as well. Yily de los santos.. No Yily de los diablos seems better. Mind you I never had a post op visit with his women, never asked me how I felt. NOTHING. She acted like she didn't even know me, um hello! remember me, you lipo me and I gave you $3,200. smh..

Some pre and post op photos Liposuction back,arms, inner thighs, arm pits, and stomach

Areas Lipo
Arms, inner thighs, stomach, back, arm pits
Yily said NO bbl. She claims that I already had a butt and when she would lipo my back It'll just come out more.. to be honest I was okay with this. Did't really want her messing up and adding to something I knew I always had.

Pre op, 1 month, 6 weeks post op photos.

pre op and post op photos

Pre and post photos

1 month post op photos

6 weeks post op

Btw. Forgot to add... I went into sx at 222. 10 days after sx i was 205... I was very shocked.. I weighed myself in coral mall in dr. 5 pesos.. I later went to a all inclusive resorts For 10 days. I stuffed my butt 4x a day with delicious food and arrived in nyc weighing 202. I reached 197 one week ago. Don't get it. Im not on a diet and im eating like my normal self. Anyways i am going to start my diet next week to maintain my results And lose 20 pounds.

2months since liposuction with yily de los santos

So today marks 2 mths dive sx with Yily. I am happy with my results so far.

OMG! Its going to be 6 months since i had SX in 18 days!

Wow.. where did time go... I guess I've been busy stressing other BS and working so much that I forgot all about real self lol ... I will be writing my 6 mth post op review in 18 days and ladies... guess what!! I am going for ROUND 2! :) :) hehe... cant wait. Lately I've been dieting and exercising so just imagine how sexy I look and feel. Current measurements are 40D- 31- 48.... by the time I have SX done again I want my measurements to be 40D-29-46. So I'm currently working on that. Cant wait to post my 6 mths post op pics! What do I want from round 2???... um...just lipo.. lipoo lipo... :) Still debating... :) Besos!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I would consider her a bad doctor, yes her work is very good but she has the worst bedside manners I've seen. After sx didn't see me post op, didn't even ask how I was feeling. Never acknowledged me as her patient. Um, hello remember me, I wired $3,200 into your account and trusted you with my life....

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