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Hello Dolls and Future Dolls, I'm new to Real...

Hello Dolls and Future Dolls,
I'm new to Real Self and thought I'd share my encounter with Dra. Yily and research of other Dra's in the DR. First let me start by saying I'm 33 years old with 2 teenagers and with no plans of having anymore children. I've always had a small frame and weighed no more than 125-130lbs. When I turned 27 I stared to pick up weight due to me no longer clubbing and being active. Now I'm 5'1 at 155/60 lbs.; well proportioned. However, I'm not as fit as I used too. Please note that I'm not doing the surgery to loose weight. I'm doing it to motivate me to become more fit by working out and more food conscious. Just a run down of the 3 doctors I researched
Dra. Duran> I've seen pictures of her work however can not find enough reviews and not very easy to get in contact with.
Dra. Cabral> After reading the reviews and how some patience passed after his work and how he recruits his clients It was an automatic NO-NO until 2 of my cousins decided to go with him anyway. THEY LOOK AMAZING by the way... So I decided to reach out to him as time does bring experience. I emailed his team and sent photos as requested. First Flag, I do understand English is a second language but I need someone who will clearly comprehend what it is that I'm looking for. Second Flag, He sent me a quote with procedures I did not need as I gave him the referral from a surgeon in the US. his staff was not very informative and the Third Flag came when it seems as if it became a sales call pressuring me by only telling me that I had to scheduled the surgery soon as the dates for 2016 were almost unavailable.

Last but not Least Dra Yily.> I contacted her and received a response with-in 24 hrs. Sasha was very professional, and informative. Based on our conversation made me feel very comfortable. We emailed back and forth as I had a hundred questions and not once was a response delayed or didn't make me feel overbearing. So I decided to make my deposit of $300 and apt is set for Oct. 2016.

BTW you never have to contact them as they will continue to follow up with you the closer its gets to the procedure such as what vitamins to start taking immediately and where you'll be for recovery. I decided to take the all inclusive package for 8 nights which transportation is included to and from the airport and to and from all doctors appts. This is all included in the price quoted. If anyone has an apt set for the first week of October please reach out idf you need a traveling buddy.

Still Team Yily

After reading most of the reviews I'm still deciding to go with Dr. Yily for my own personal reasons. 

You have to take all things into consideration when deciding to undergo these types of procedures. Although I appreciate everyoyones opinion, somethings are just common sense. Such as... ladies, please do get a yearly physical and health checkup prior to traveling abroad to get cosmetic surgery. What good does the outside if you're not well on the inside. Visit the dentist also. Most people don't know that your dental hygiene plays a big part in having a healthy heart. Also I notice ladies are not taking their vitamins as advised atleast 2 months prior to your surgery. You must not consume alcohol or drugs atleast 1month prior to your surgery as well. *Avoid Vitamin E* this can be found in Muti-Vitamins and increase bleeding. The doctor you have chosen should disclose all of this information to you. If not than maybe you have chosen the wrong physician.
Now as to why I continue to choose Yily over others such as Cabral, Duran and many popular others is her results. I'm going for more natural look. As other doctors that were previously mentioned give a more commercial, cartoon, and that " that shit is not real" look. I want to still be able to wear jeans and not have to be limited to dresses and leggings. ( y'all know the two piece sets and body dresses) I like them but I'm to fashionable to be limited.
My next post will be more detailed as to what items I've purchased, links to how to have a better recovery, foods and others to avoid prior to surgery, and flight info. I will not be posting any before pictures until a week prior to my surgery. Until next time...

Switched from Yily to Duran

Ok ladies I never understood why ladies would switch doctors as I thought it was just a trend of ladies doing copy cat; now I see. As to why I switched from Yily to Duran is for personal reasons.

1. Do to Yily having just as many negative comments then good I can not find any recent work from her. 2. All other doctors have a personals web page. Yily have one listed but is not valid 3. I request Yily on IG and Facebook to see if she'd posted any recent work, she has yet to accept my request. All others excepted within 24hrs. Duran is more pricey and does not include any of the incentives that Yily does however, I'm looking for consistency and a safe recovery.

Restored Faith In YIly (*First Choice*)

So after my most recent post what do you know... Yily excepted me on IG and FB where I can see her most recent work. I already knew she was amazing but can I say Uberly Amazing. What made me fall in love with Yily is her results are so natural looking. I started to let the negative reviews get to me; I thought about how people will bash and throw dirt on your name only when things haven't turned out the way they expected which is normal however, if you're told to wear your faja 20 hrs a day then do so. if you're told to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and take the requested vitamins, then do so. If you done everything you've supposed to and you still have complications then you have every right to use this a platform to air out your "PERSONAL" experience. I also noticed a lot of ladies are doing reviews based off what someone else said and not their own experience with certain doctors. Do your own research!! I will be a Yily doll come Sept. 2016 and will post pictures of my before closer to my surgery date.

Flights Booked... Yily 2016

My date is getting closer and I now have 31 days before I leave for my procedure. I just purchased my flights with Jet Blue(6/30/16) for $670. The price is a little higher than what others paid however, the cheapest flight when searching was $397( Spirit ). I decided to fly economy there and first ($40x2) class back;I need the extra comfort when flying back home. Also I added insurance which I was shocked covers you up to $10,000 in medical fees.$50,000 in medical transportation, $500 lost luggage. There are other things that are covered as well. (Yily charges $150 for medical). The insurance company is called "Allianz" , that was $46 dollars which was including in the ticket price.

Hurt and Disappointed

I arrived to Santo Domingo on Wed. Aug 31 at 2:17pm. My first night in DR I stayed at the Renaissance. The very next day I was picked up by Jose at 8am to do my lab work.
I arrive at Cipla and was told that Yily was at a conference and unable to do my procedure. Yily's staff had the mordacity to lie in my face saying, " we tried calling you several times but didn't get an answer" my response was " you just called me Monday to confirm that I was still coming"( I was in DR on Wednesday) I was told that I could have to procedure Monday and was offered a free stage2 faja and a letter to the airport to accommodate a change in my itinerary.
My first reaction was free faja? I had already brought 2 with me(different sizes ). I then asked who's going to pay for my accommodation if I stayed in DR longer than planned? The faja deal was the only" deal" they could offer at the time. I demanded that I receive all money deposited back.(was given back via PayPal) I then had to change my flight which cost me $772. I took the next flight back to US.
I was still at the office when I booked my flight to head back to the US. I was heading straight to the airport when I went looking for Jose he was no where to be found. I had Someone to call him and discovered he had left me at the clinic, knowingly that Yily was not there.
Jose came back to pick me up but before doing so I was told by Yily's staff that I still owe the driver for transportation. I was shocked!!! I payed almost $1000 to fly to DR for Yily not to mention child care, buying materials, hotel fees and most of all the inconvenience. I was not accommodated for ANYTHING what's so ever.
I must say that out of all the reviews I've heard about Yily I still chose her because I know how people can over exaggerate. Most of all no one ever reached out to me to apologize. A procedure such as this isn't something that you think about overnight. You prepare for this mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. I've researched for 2 years and this was the PS I chose. In the end it made me value myself even more today than yesterday. God makes no mistakes! Take care ladies...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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