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Hi guys so I like everyone else has stalked this...

Hi guys so I like everyone else has stalked this site for about 9 months. I am so excited that I'm able to get the body I dreamed off. I don't want a donkey boots just something to fill me out. I decided to right a review because I sent my deposit to Yily this afternoon and she responded Farley quickly. I mean like 3 hrs later. So my date is confirmed for March 13, 2015. I got real boosted when I thanked her for her prompt response and she replied "See you soon"!!!???????????????????????? I'll keep you guys posted. I'm going to order my passport and plain ticket now while I have the money. I can't believe this is really going to happen ?????????????????????


OK so I just reviewed my review and this damn S4 keeps auto correcting my shiz-ni-e lol. A little about me I'm 28 yes old wife and mother of four children. I'm 5'9 and a weight about 200lbs. I've been 200lbs since I had my last baby in January. Bounces back after the first two was easy. I was always a skinny mini so I loved the weight that the pregnancies gave me. It was in all the right places. But ummm these last two babies is where the back rolls came. And my butt got flatter than it already. I believe my 4 yr old took the little that I had cause her booty is pretty big. She's four and wears a size 6 jeans. She should be in 4t...lol. any who that's it for now. I'm at work and should be working ????????

Flight booked

Hey guys so I just purchased my plane ticket. It was like $500 round trip. I think that's good. The flight coming back home has a 4 hr layover which I'm not happy about. But I'll be home by 4:30 so I guess I'll be aight. All the other flights would of had be leaving DR at 7 am but I wouldn't get home till 9pm.....NO BUENO!! I'm still 5 months away so I'm way ahead of the game. The only thing I would need to get is supplies and I can get those in February. This whole thing feels so surreal. Like is this really going to happen. I find myself looking in the mirror like I don't need surgery. My butt even looks bigger sometimes...lol but then I get naked and I'm like nahhhhh I need sx!!! My husband is on board completely now. Took him like a year. He's not like cheering me on but if I talk about it he doesn't give me the I don't care face.. it's more like a yeah okay face .I want to lose like 20lbs for sx. But I'm so tired of dieting and exercising. I'm seriously just over it. I'm not motivated at all. I gotta stop bsing though. Everyone that I tell I'm getting surgery says you don't need it. Just do crunches and squats. Well F YOU AND YOUR SQUATS. I never said I needed sx I want it...there's a big difference. I Wana be able to wear a maxi dress with out having to put on my butt pads and clincher. Aight guys talk to you later.

My thoughts

Hey guys so I see alot of girls trying to get into contact with Dr. Duran. I mean it's to the point that my weekly news letter is all about Duran dolls...lol which is fine but I really want to see more Yily dolls. My mind has always been on going to Yily. I don't know why, something is just telling me go with her. However with all the Duran hype I decided to email her for a quote just to see how much more she would charge me than Yily. I sent her my pics and asked for a bbl and lipo price. she responded like 2 hours later. I was shocked cause everyone says she takes forever or sometimes never response, so she gave me a quote of $4900 for a tt, lipo, and bbl. I didn't ask for a tt I guess that was her way of saying I need one, and I was in my feelings..lol. I'm already self conscious about my body so I definitely felt some type of way. I replied and said I didn't ask for a tt, so can she revise the quote also what does the $4900 include as far as pre op testing, garments and what have you. She responded right away and told me what it covered but she didn't give me a revised quote...lol!! I have to laugh about that shit because I feel like Duran looks at our pictures and decides whether or not she wants to do your surgery. If she feels your a good candidate she'll respond if not you'll have to go through Bella Vita to pay that extra $200 just to get a quote. I'm not knocking her hustle or wateva, that's just the conclusion I've come too. I see girls on her IG like "I emailed you 4 times", begging her to respond...Funk that, Like I said I emailed her and she responded quickly maybe I caught her on a slow day, idk. She blew me though with that tt shit, so I emailed Yily some new pics of myself and asked her opinion about it and she said I don't need it. The lipo will be just fine, tt is optional. :-) I don't know if it's because I email Yily in spanish but she always responds in like a day or two. I just can't wait for March!!

SN: I still find myself looking in the mirror like do I really need a tummy tuck??!!?? LOL Damn you Dr. Duran!! :-)

Recovery House

So I'm still undecided on a RH. I was going to go with Domingas because she has a special going on but I've seen one too many bad reviews on her and the way she runs her business and ain't nobody got time for that. If you've had a recent good experience with them please let me know. I'm also looking into Real Recovery Armonia (I think that's the name of it) I haven't heard any bad things about them however if you had a recent unpleasant stay with them please let me know. I would like for my recovery to be as smooth as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions for RH? I'm going on this trip alone I mean I have a few friends saying they want to go to but they bullshitting foreal...so I'm not waiting around for them. Tis all for now I'm posting some before pics ALERT:THESE IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

I'm just getting real tired

I'm just getting real tired of bitches that have an ass, saying just be thankful for what you have. appreciate what God gave you. (excuse me Lord) but BITCH if you didn't have AN ASS you'll be considering fat transfer too..smh..It's so irritating. A picture just surfaced on fb of a women whose has exploded because she got butt implants and my friend decides to send it to me. I said she implants, I'm getting fat transferred big fuking difference..smh..fuk outta my face. The sooner people realize that I have done my research extensively and nothing they say is going to change my mind the better off they will be. I just needed to get that off my chest. It's extremely annoying

Hey Dolls

I had a dream about surgery the other night. I was at the airport but I didn't have anything. I mean nothing. I had my ticket and my bank card..I was going to run to the atmosphere real quick but then I was like nah I don't want to miss my flight. So I just got in line to board the plane and was making mental notes of things to do when I transfer planes in New York. These girls were looking at me all crazy like why is this bitch talking to herself. ..lol I woke like I need to stop bullshitting. March will be here before I know it. I still need to apply for my passport. I know I'm tripping I can't leave the country without it. I'm definitely doing it next week. I need to make sure my PCP will prescribed my meds to take with me. And I need to book my stay at Recovery Armonia. I just can't wait every day I look in the mirror I wish I was looking at my new body.

I get so upset sometimes, I haven't gone shopping for myself in forever. I don't have the urge to, I feel like this isn't the body I want so why dress it up? My husband makes sure to tell me everyday how much he loves my butt...Negro please. ..lol...Your not going to change my mind...lol..but nice try. This booty obsession is real. I have found so many nice shapes on instagram that I can't stay off there. I'm going to upload some more wish pics. That's it for girls


So I applied for my passport yesterday and for some reason I got super nervous about surgery. I feel like whenever i take the next step towards it, I get the jitters. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I keep talking to my husband about it and he says I'm acting like I'm having surgery next month, but shit March will be here before you know it. We're already hitting January, this year flew by. My baby will be one in 2 weeks. I feel like I was just in the hospital giving birth to her yesterday. That's another thing I worry about is my husband capable of taking care of our 4 children by himself for 9 days? LoL don't get me wrong he'll make sure they are fed and homework is done. But will he make sure their faces and teeth are clean before school. They not going out the door with dry crusty faces. Can he pick out there clothes in the morning....OMG...can he brush the girls hair...lol...I'll have to make sure I braid it before I leave. I'm going to tell my 9 year old to take my place when I'm gone. Help Daddy take care of her brother and sisters. She thinks she's me anyway so she should enjoy it. LoL...Ttyl

It's here

Hey Dolls, My passport came yesterday. It hasn't even been 30 days since I applied for it. I wasn't expecting it till atleast February. Now shit is official. All I need is my supplies, Oh and lets not forget a RH...smh I am still stuck on which one to choose. This girl I follow on ig stayed at Armonia recently the one with Myra and she didn't enjoy her stay there, I was for sure going with them. I now have Serenity, Family Recovery and Real Recovery in mind. I just want the best after care and some good DR food, so I just don't know. I'll keep you guys posted. I have 61 days left till my transformation and I can't wait. I don't even feel like getting cute anymore. Nothing looks the way I know it will look on me after surgery. I mean i'm not walking out the door looking like anything, but I will just throw on some jeans and a tee shirt with a cardigan to cover up my butt and gut. This surgery is so important to me.

I was thinking about what I should tell my kids when I get back. They are so attentive to me. If I'm wearing a new necklace they notice. If I got some new shoes they know, so they will definitely know my body is different. Especially my son, he's only 5 but he's such a creep..lol..I can hear him now. "Mom how did your butt get bigger?" touching it and stuff..lol My 4 year old daughter too, they have no respect for my privacy..literally!! I'll just tell them I was in the gym working out real hard while I was gone to lose my tummy and it made my butt bigger???? shit I don't know..lol..I'll think of something..TTYL!!


Hi everyone, so I decided I'm going to repost my before pictures. I deleted them because I just couldn't stand the fact that my unpleasant naked body was on the Internet for the world to see. Although I don't show my face in any....it's the principality of it ...lol!! Some of you girls are so brave with your pre-op pics so I said why not?
I'm exactly 55 days away from surgery and I'm starting to have second thoughts. I don't know I think I'm scared of the "what if's". Walking around in a body I could only dream of having is almost my reality and all sorts of complications can arise from that. Only thing I can do is pray and tell myself the Lord would not have allowed me to get this far in my process on this journey if he did want me to do it.

I know that for a fact because when I have my heart set on something and I'm doing everything possible to make sure I get it, for some reason no matter how hard I try it always gets shut down, I just laugh and say I know that was you God...lol...you got it!! so the fact that everything is going so smoothly let's me know he's okay with this.

I used the plastic surgery app..that thing was hard to use so I did my best with the alterations. You can get the gist of what I want.
TTYL dolls


Hey dolls, I just purchased a free boppy pillow from nursingpillows.com use promo code: BBAF9F242
I only had to pay $14.99 for shipping and handling. :-)


So I saw a primary care physician today and she was super cool and understanding. She didn't try to talk me out of going to DR for surgery she was actually very interested in the procedures I was getting done so I showed her some of Yily's work from instagram and she was amazed...lol..she did give me the warning speech about making sure Yily and the clinic are certified and safe. She also mentioned if I was getting surgery here in the states to do the same because she has seen some botched jobs around here and I agreed. Im hoping she will fill out my fmla paper work. I only want like 3 weeks off...I asked my friend who is the office manager at a doctors office to do but she's bullshitting...smh..Anywhoo, so I got my testing done and guess what???? My hemo is a 14.3!!!! And That's with out trying, I've done nothing, I haven't even started on the vitamins Yily suggested (but I will) I'm just super boosted. 14.3???? I'm so ready for this. Every thing is just coming along so great and I have no one but God to thank for that. He's awesome! I was playing with the plastic surgery app again. So here's some more pics.


Hey doll's
So I'm just 23 days away from surgery and I have finally found a RH. I've chosen Healing Haven. I spoke with the owner Julez over the phone for like an hour. I expressed to her that finding a RH was the hardest thing I had to do in through this whole journey. You hear all the horror stories and it just makes choosing one extremely difficult. She said she herself had one of those horrible experiences when she came to DR for surgery....The RH was not up to par so she prides herself on providing excellent service and I believe her. Oh and you wouldnt beleive who her doc was?????? Yily!!!...that's when I knew it was meant to be. The all inclusive package deal she gave me wasn't bad either. So there it is I have my Sx confirmed, flight booked, and my recovery stay in place now on to supplies.

I purchased a 2 piece carry on luggage for $30 on amazon. I also purchased the lipo foam boards that you have to purchase individually and it's like $8 a board + shipping but if you purchase 5 or more shipping is free. So I spent roughly $45 on them damn things. Best believe I will be using every square inch of those things.

Now I just need to purchase my dresses and some granny panties. Oh and the adult cleansing wipes. I'm traveling as light as possible. Just the necessities. I will pack a few snacks though just for comfort. I can't believe my time is almost here....it's so exciting!!

Question. I saw a quote that Yily gave to another doll that says Lipo and Bbl patients are only recommended to stay in DR for 5 days? Has anyone else received that information? When I received my quote last April it was 10, I really wanna know because I would damn sure change my flight to come home earlier.

I used to have good communication with Yily but seeing as how it is peak season I never get a response. I had a serious question about something else and Julez from the RH got the answer for me. If anyone else has received the same quote please let me know. Thanks! Ttyl!!

T minus 2 days till take off

Morning dolls, so I leave for the DR in two days, surgery in three and i can't even fake. I'm scared as shit!!! I finally told my kids i was leaving for a few days and they have been stuck to me like glue ever since. Especially my son, he tells me he loves me like 5 times a day. Im scared of breaking their hearts if i don't return. I know I shouldn't think like that but it's a reality. Some dolls don't make it back home to their families and I just know my kids would be crushed if I didn't. I mean everything has just been so smooth sailing for me that now that the day is damn near here Im just questioning my decision.

I packed my bags over the weekend. I packed all five of my lipo foam boards but I think i'm only going to pack two of them. I just packed the essentials
3 maxi dresses
2 long skirts
8 tank tops
8 girl briefs
3 flip flops
2 compression socks
regular socks
stool softners
tooth paste/brush
Arnica gel
wash cloths
Baby wipes
Cleansing wipes
I think that's it. Everything fits in my carry on, I put some stuff in the small bag that comes with it so I can put stuff in there for my overnight stay at CIPLA. This just feels so surreal...lol..I can't believe this is happening. I got a email from Yily Saturday to confirm surgery and I was just staring at it for a good minute like "Yo i'm really having surgery in a few days." Overall i get excited when I think about this body i'm bout to have, but then i get worried when i think about my husband and kids. God knows they are my everything and i trust in him to bring me back safe. Yall pray for me...talk to you soon

SN: I will definitely keep yall posted and show pics. I hate when these bishes leave for surgery be 10/11 days post op and don't show ANY pictures...smh...we know yo ass took some. The same way yo ass logged on here to say i love my results is the same way you could hit that upload pics button. We've been following your asses getting all excited for you so the least you can do is show us some damn pictures...smh...sorry that's just the most frustrating thing ever especially when they are going to your chosen surgeon.

Today is the day

Real quick dolls. I made it here safe. I'm getting ready to leave for Cipla now. The shock factor has not set in yet that I'm really here about to get this booty....lol...keep me in your prayers see you on the other side ---the flat side that is :-)


Day one

This pain is real. I just wrote a decent review and that shit just erased...my hands are swollen, I can't find a comfortable position to lay in but I wanted to let yall know good. Here's a pic ttyl


Hopefully the pic uploads this time

5 days post op

Hi girls so I had my follow up appointment yesterday and got my drain taking out. OMG..it hurt so bad. I think the drains were stuck to my insides because it felt like she pulled some skin out with it. They told me to get my stage 1 faja taken in 2 inches because I have a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen. So I did that and I've been wearing the ab board under it. It's a pain getting up and sitting back down but I'll be damn if I went through all of this to still have a protruding stomach. I love my results. The pictures I take don't do it justice. My waist is coming in, I have hips and most importantly I have a booty lol.

I'm so thankful for Yily. She's a sweet heart. I was under the impression from the reviews I read that she doesn't speak English. Her assistant Yira who is no longer with her did all the translation for her. Well that's a lie. Yily speaks English. She came in the room to mark me up and said hello beautiful. She said what you want lipo? Of course...lol...and just starts marking me up with out me having to tell her where. She didn't ask to see a "wish pic" I guess she just looked at my body and saw what I needed. I told her don't forget my hips. She said of course not and marked them with an X and circle.

Yily is nice. Point blank she walks in the room and says hello to everyone. My experience with her is a 10. The only thing I didn't like is that she had like 11 girls scheduled that day but hey it didn't affect my results so funk it.

My hands are getting shaky. I'll update you guys later with a full review of Cipla and this "Recovery House" in staying at...smh


Hi dolls,
I'm so not happy with my results right now. My butt has gotten smaller. My hips are damn near none existent. I don't know what's going on. I would be so pissed if I went through all this shit for nothing. My husband says I'm tripping I look good but it's not what I wanted. I think Yily having so many surgery that day is why she wasn't able to take her time with me and give me what I want. I don't think she did my surgery by her self. I she did one side and somebody did the other because my right side is definitely more defined than my left. It's not really evident but you know how we be. I can tell and when I point it out to people they see it too...smh

I know I'm suppose to give it some time but I'm a very impatient person I see a lot of girls who came out of surgery with nothing. Butt was still small and 3 months later that joint is popping, so I'm thinking since I came out of surgery with a booty that 3 months from now it won't be as popping?!? Idk...This recovery is nerve wrecking and has been a struggle.

I'm still wearing my stage 1 faja because I ordered my stage 2 and they sent me the wrong one...smh..so I have to wait for the exchange. I had the stage 1 taken in 2 inches so it's okay for now but I need more compression for this tummy. It's so swollen.

Something told me to go to Cabral..I wanted a one and done. I'm not about that round 2 life but something kept pulling me back to Yily. When I found out she had a bunch of girls schedule the same day as me that should of been a sign to walk across the hall to Cabral and see if he has space. I believe he only had 5 girls schedule but 5 is better than 11...smh...anywhoo girls I'll keep you posted with my results. Help me pray that they get better. I REALLY don't wanna go through this again but I will :-(

Finally got my stage 2 garment

I finally got my stage 2 garment. Had a lot of trouble getting the right size. I ordered a medium because my stage 1 was a large and the damn thing barely went up my thighs. I bought a prada d Faja and a Maria E. I have to say the Maria E material is 10x better than prada. When I tried on the Prada medium I hooked the first hook and it stretched out so I immediately took it off cause I knew I was returning it. I got the Maria E in a Large and had a full blown war getting it to the 3rd hook but I got it and it fit right in. The hook isn't coming straight it doesn't look damaged at all. Which is funny because the Prada faja are at least $50 more than Maria E...so with this new faja I can see my shape better. I'm telling yall this surgery is such an emotional roller coaster....lol...One day I'm depressed because my results aren't what I wanted and then the next day I'm in love with them...smh..With this faja on though everything looks good but I wanna look good without it. Hopefully with the more compression I'm getting I will.

I tried to take some pics in my bathroom mirror but it just wasn't working...lol..I didn't have the right lighting, I didn't know what to do with my hands you can just tell I'm not a flick it up type of chick...smh...but ill post what I have. Dolls keep praying to the fluffing Gods for me...:-)

Size Small???

Hey Dolls so I went shopping last week to get dresses to wear to work( I came back this week ) and I found this really cute all black spandex dress with slits on the side so I'm looking for a large cause that's what I was wearing before surgery but of course all they had was smalls. So I start cussing the store out, mad as hell because they got all these got damn smalls and xsmalls like do these muthaf'ers think everyone is a damn size zero...smh...then I said let me just try the small(being hopeful) grabbed a couple more shirts in medium and small just to see what would happen and yall wouldn't believe that the damn small dress fit!!!!! It came on with ease (well not really cause I'm still sore as hell ) I stood in that mirror with disbelief. Then I said maybe cause the dress is stretchy so I tried on the small shirt and IT FIT like a glove.....OMG...I'm back in a small. I haven't wore a small since I was 18. I have itty bitties (which me and my husband love) so that means when I was wearing larges and xlarges because of all that fat

How can I be mad at Yily??? She removed every inch of fat from my upper body. Stomach is not extremely fat because of swelling but it's getting there. No back rolls no fat by my bra straps....NOTHING. Even with the swelling I'm in a small...I just can't get over that. I'm still a large down bottom. I never knew my thighs were so damn big...I mean I like them but damn. This boy shorts faja be cutting off my circulation. I measured my butt the other day and it's a 45... I don't think it's that big but I mean the measuring tape don't lie. That was with the faja off...I'm still hoping I fluff so my hips come out more. I still have those dents. That she marked with an X and circled..!!

I'm in better spirits, I appreciate what Yily did for me. I'm still upset with the situation because I know she could of done better but it is what it is. Smooches

Really Yily?

So I'm 6 weeks post op and I haven't seen a change in my booty and I still have these dents in my hips. So I emailed Yily with my disappointment. I wasn't rude I just expressed to her that this recovery has been tough with pain and its been even tougher because I don't have the results I was expecting. Do yall know this heffa responded and said try going to the gym and tone????? I said is toning going to fill in these dents I still have on my hips??? LOL I'm laughing now but this shit is not funny. She seriously played herself. I really regret going to her. I mean I look better than I did before surgery so some would say I should be greatful! NOT!! She didn't do me no damn favors that was her job. I heard someone say her office looked like a meat shop. I bunch of people waiting to get cut up..and its true. The day of surgery she had like 6 or 7 girls waiting for post op appointments. They got sent home and told to come back the next day but once they left more girls came in for post op appointments. Plus me and my 9 girls there waiting to have surgery....smh..

I should of went to Cabral. I remember seeing reviews from Yily dolls that say their hips were gone after surgery but I ignored all that shit. Put it off like they did something wrong. Yily is really a hit or miss. She's not as consistent as Cabral. I don't know what he does but I have never heard one review that said their butt or hips went away. They come off the OR like bam. My stomach was still big after surgery...6 weeks post op it's still not flat. I try pinching it to see if it's fat but it's just swollen. Everything was just to perfect in my journey. Something had to go wrong right...lol...I am contemplating R2 it will definitely be with the King. I'm not even going to give Yily a chance to rectify the situation and possibly have the same outcome. I'll pass. I had a change of heart like a week before I left but I ignored it because I already gave her my $300 so I didn't want to forfeit that money. We ain't balling over here, I can't be wasting money. I just reminded myself that she was the one from the beginning don't change now. I'm really wishing I did. My friend says I'm being dramatic but this process is no joke. I feel like I left my family for nothing. It looks like I did some squats and they paid off. Anywhoo!

To all my lovely dolls that are going to her I wish you the best. I wouldn't want any of you to feel the way I feel EVERY DAY! It's not fun at all.

I'm not alone

Morning loves so I met a girl on IG yesterday who went to Yily and has the EXACT SAME problems as me. Dents in her hips and her stomach isn't completely flat and has a crease in it. That made me feel so much. I thought I was alone in this. I feel with my faja on body is on 10 faja off maybe a 6..and she feels the same. She's might be going back to Yily though, she gave her a revision price that's unbelievable. She's also considering Cabral...my only fear of going back to Yily is still not getting what I want. She also said she started seeing a real change in her body at 3 months post op so that gave me hope too! I'm content with whatever. I got my faja taken in 4 inches in the front and back. This thing is tight as hell...I forced it to the 2nd hook but now my stomach and sides are itchy. I don't know what that means but I ain't scratching it.

Oh I wanted to tell my Pre-op dolls that WHEELCHAIR SERVICE IS A MUST. I can't stress that enough I called myself try a walk through Jfk and wanted to fall out on the floor. God was looking out cause I met an attendant in the elevator and I asked him for directions to my connecting flight...that shit was like miles away. I told him I'm suppose to have wheelchair service he looked at my boarding pass and was like. I was waiting for you..why would you do that....lol...After that long as ride I was tired of sitting but I definitely wouldn't have made it to my flight if I didn't get the wheelchair. So please get wheelchair service

Tipping: I didn't tip much the only time I tipped anyone was at the airport. The guys that wheeled me around they were great. I didn't tip the driver because it was the owner of the RH I didn't tip the nurses because they didn't do anything extra for me I was basically taking care of myself. The reviews I read before I left said make sure you tip but I'm not gonna tip someone just because. I tipped the massage lady but come to think of it I shouldn't have. She charged $35 per massage and them shits hurt...lol..I didn't feel better at all after those things. Just my opinion though. I'm not cheap I just didn't see the need to throw away my hard earned money. TTYL dolls!!

Still praying to the fluffing Gods!!

Just wanted to update yall with pictures. I don't know if I'm still very swollen or I'm still fat. I try to wear my faja as much as possible but it leaves this crease across my tummy with the ab board and lipo foam. I'm scared it's going to leave permanent lines. Anyway staying hopeful that my butt will get bigger. I'll be 3 months post op in about 2 weeks. I'm hoping I'll wake up that morning and POW!!!

3 months post op

Hi dolls,
I have reached the 3 month mark. Not much has changed though. I still have the sharp pains and numb feeling in my back, my sides hurt to touch. I'm on and off with my faja because it really puts to much pressure on my sides even with the foam also i sit all day at work and it just gets really uncomfortable. So i mostly wear it to bed. My husband said i get up like i'm pregnant..lol..that's cause if i lay on my back i can't just hop right up i have to do it with ease, i feel like i'm going to tear my skin or something, it really gets stiff and it hurts.

My booty, my husband says it has gotten bigger, It hasn't gotten bigger as far as projection but it has gotten wider to me. My waist is still stuck at a 30, i don't think it's going to get any smaller. My butt was a 46 now it's a 44, I still feel soreness at the top of my butt, i think that's the only place she put the fat because the bottom doesn't hurt at all. Like if i try to run it really hurts up there and if I sit down too fast it hurts. This process is something else, i am just taking one day at a time. I was really looking forward to waking up 3 months post op like WOW! but that didn't happen..lol..I think it's not happening because i'm obsessing over it, like literally waking up everyday checking and hoping it comes. It's like when you're trying to get pregnant and it just won't happen, then when you finally say F it, you're knocked up. I'm trying to trick my mind to say F it but it's not working..lol I am kind of content with my results. I mean I look good, i do it's just not what i wanted or should i say expected.

My tummy is flatter than it was but i still have this pouch above and under my belly button. it's nothing drastic i just don't understand why it's there. i'm hoping it's swelling. I convinced one of our RS sisters to do this 7 day diet thing so i'm hoping that helps take away the fat in my stomach if that's what it is. I really think it's just swelling though, because i'm the same weight i was pre-op, 198. i wanna drop some pounds anyway, my neck and arms looks fat and i don't like it. I haven't really been eating to crazy i try to eat small portions but i be so hungry. I ate a pack of oatmeal and some strawberries at 8 am and by 9 am my stomach was growling...smh..I guess my body needs more the nutrients and proteins cause it's heeling so i guess i'll eat a little more than what i'm doing now. I just can't get carried away.


3 1/2 months post op booty or lack there of ????

So I'm starting to think fluffing fairies don't exist. I think by the dolls gaining weight it goes to their butt because I've been maintaining my weight not trying to gain any cause i dont want it to go to the wrong places and I'm not seeing a change in my booty AT ALL. My tummy isn't that much flat either. Pics attached

5 months post op....feeling okay!

Hi dolls, quick update. I think my butt has gotten bigger. It looks different in my jeans. I've been eating like crazy these pass few weeks but I weighed myself last night and I'm still 198 :-) so I don't know where the food is going.

I think im good on a R2,my body is starting to come together a little and if I start going to the gym it can get better. This recovery is an emotional roller-coaster. There is really no way to prepare for this stuff. I still wish my tummy was flatter, my waist is still at 30 and my butt is a 45...but im FINALLY okay with that (for now).

Community manager

I haven't been on here in a loonnnggggg time but I just got a message from the community manager about my nude profile picture?????? This whole damn site is about nudity...lol...I just thought I'd share that joke with you gals/guys! Peace and love yall. My booty has gotten bigger but I'm still contemplating R2...Smooches
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is a very sweet person, she was nice and treated me like she's known me forever. However her skills have dropped tremendously. I don't have a big butt, my waist is at a 30 and my tummy isn't flat. I know more than a few girls that have the same issues as myself. Wondering when the "fluff" will come. I rated her not worth it because she did not fulfill her job at a satisfactory level and now I may have to go through this journey all over again.

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