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I am 41 with 3 daughters...I am tired of my flabby...

I am 41 with 3 daughters...I am tired of my flabby stomach with me being on the slim side with big breast. I have no hips or a butt. My mom is 69 and is built like a coke bottle naturally. I won't to look natural being that I'm 5'9. I'm going to either go with Almonte or Dr Camilo. If you've gone to either DR's give me your feedback.

Wish pics

I'm 5'9 so these are women who I think are tall like me.

wish pics

Undecided on Drs...someone send me reviews!!!

I'm so undecided between Almonte, Duran, and Katherine Camilo. HELP!!! WISH PICS!!!

Wish pic

RS Chicagoans

Hi RS community. I still haven't decided. I'm leaning more towards Almonte. I just need 1 more quote from DR FG. Any members from Chicago going to DR for sx in November 2016.

I choose Dr Fernandez Goico

I have decided to go with Dr Fernandez Goico. I received a quote for $5300. He was very honest. He answers all my questions with quick responses.

Having a tough time!!!

I'm having a tough deciding on a Dr.
Between Dr FG, Dr Jose Leon, Dr Fatima Almonte, and Dr Katherine Camilo. I like Dr FG because Plastimedic is clean and modern and he was the first dr I heard mention Deep Vein Thrombosis shots to prevent bloodclots. Also he will make me look natural. I have several friends who went to Dr Katherine Camilo. Dr Jose Leon I love his work also out of the best hospital out in DR...Plastimedic. Lastly, Dr Fatima Almonte work is amazing. Please respond with reviews so I can decide.

Got my passport

Yes I got my passport today but I still haven't set a date with Dr FG.

Slope hips

Wish pic 2017

Still haven't had surgery!!! I will have it this year! Still haven't decided between Dr FG in DR and Dr Sergio Alvarez. I'm trying to understand how to prevent blood clots.

Wish 2017

Dr Alvarez

My PS is Dr Alvarez now. I will not be going to the DR. Made a deposit just need to figure out a date.

Got my date

December 18, 2017
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Mia Aesthetics Dr Alvarez is my PS

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