40 Yo Mother of 2 Lipo & BBL + Breast Lift with Implants...FUTURE Bella of Mallol - Dominican Republic

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I am so excited! I finally made a decision Dr....

I am so excited! I finally made a decision Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is going to be my surgeon. After all the reviews and speaking with his staff I'm sure he's the one! Deposit is paid now on to book a date! I'm thinking more towards the Fall...what do you guys think?! I will be getting Lipo & BBL and Breast Lift with implants!

Before Pics

I wanted to show all the Bella's before pics so we can all travel this journey together.

Surgery Date is Booked!

Ok Bella's....surgery has been booked for 10/21! I need all the Mallol Bella's going before me to keep me posted with their experiences.

RH Experiences

I'm getting mixed reviews about the RH that Dr. Mallol offers! Please give pros/cons if you have been to any. I definitely need WIFI! Thanks.

Dr. Mallol Facility where the surgery is performed

ATTN: Bella's who had surgery already...what is the name of the facility? How was it (clean etc)? I have heard some horror stories about a specific clinic over there that performs a lot of the surgeries where patients die or contract a bad bacteria infection!! It's an actual FB page specifically for this!! Even though the page is ran by family members of people who either died or had bad experiences.

Money, Cell Phone and Safety

Hey Bella's I found this on Amazon which I will be ordering for my trip and its inexpensive....Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Portable Safe, Gunmetal Grey

My Wish Look?!

I would like my butt to be a little smaller than Deelishis, I don't need all of that but I think Erica Mena has a nice natural looking shape lol

Boob Wish Look

As I was looking at pics I decided I want my Boobs to look like BlacChyna...how many CCs ya think she have?!?! LOL

Female Urination Device

Hey Bella's have any of you purchased one of these for the trip?

Rocio RH

So ladies I got a separate quote from them and it appears that Dr. M isn't ripping us off after all!

Rocio RH

Sorry my fingers hit the post update instead of the select files button


Do any of you ladies remember the lady that was going to Mallol with the past month or 2, she was having a TT, Lipo and her Vagina Tightened?!?!?!?! Well she posted the bad review on that FB page. I was trying to find her on here but couldn't! She said he messed up her vagina lips, she needs reconstructed surgery and her stomach was so swollen she look like she was 5 months pregnant.

Post Op Infections

It's been a few cases of Post Op Infections! I wanted to stress the importance to all the ladies how gravely important it is to take care of yourself Post Op!!
Dr. Mallol some post op advise to prevent infection are:

- General Hygiene.

- Not baths or showers during the stay in DR. (I would say bring anti bacterial wipes to wipe down with)

- Clean the scar properly. (I would say bring your own Peroxide and anti bacterial cream)

- Avoid excessive physical activity.

- Nutrition advises like hiper-protein diet, supplements and vitamin C, zinc, etc...

- In case of significatly seroma or fluid collection, drainage properly.

Recovery Houses

Hi ladies,
Has anyone recently stayed at Armonia, Paradise or BE Recovery House in DR?

No longer a DR Doll I am heading to Cali, Colombia

Hey ladies, its been while and since I have changed from DR to Cali. I am going to Dr. Fernando Ortega. If there are any of his dolls out there please let me know.
I hope everyone who had surgery is doing well.

AirBnB and Private Nurse

Hello Dolls, what are some good airbnb in Cali Colombia? Also how did you find a private nurse?

Surgery Buddy

I am looking for a surgery buddy for Cali Colombia flying out March 30.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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