29 & Ready 2b Fat Free full lipo structure w/bbl

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I'm 29 2 kids I've worked out lost weight I'm 4'11...

I'm 29 2 kids I've worked out lost weight I'm 4'11 I was almost 200lbs w/my sec child. I got down 132lbs but still had a pooch and back. I'm now 139lbs with the same fat areas I'm ready for a change! I decided to go with lipo to my lower abdominal, back and waist. It's time for change and I'm excited

Conversating w/Dr.Almonte

When my friend told me bout the site I was game I tried to call Dra Almonte but of course I had to add international calls to my plan.. When I finally got thru to the office the ladies were very nice! They gave me Dra Almonte cell. Dra Almonte was very nice and told me to send her pics to her whatsapp which I was clueless to at the time. After research I downloaded it and it was easier communicating thru that whatsapp then via email.. Her assistant Lesley is very sweet with great English and answered all my million questions. Lesley gave me my quote and I've been conversating with her

Dra Almonte reviewed another set of my pictures

I did further research and lipo was questioning if lipo was for me.. I asked Lesley she asked me to send pictures where they could see my lower abs area. Which she confirmed that I will need a TT do to my lower and Abs walls have separated! Which meant no matter how much I workout I will always have the pooch!


I was able to get 15 days off from wrk was afraid all the higher senior ppl were going get it off! So now I can book my date! Which I'm paying my deposit wed can't wait!


I have paid my 350$ deposit! So my date is set 2/23/15 but I really thinking I don't want a TT I prefer just abs lipo! Idk I'm going to see a ps later this month for a sec opinion! If I don't need be cut on I don't want to be

Recovery House

My Recovery House is Paradise and it's confirmed and I'm so excited cant wait for this long 5 months to be over!

Changed my mind!

I went back and fourth w/my thoughts and I'm not getting a TT I don't have a lot excess skin nor do I have that much stomach fat so I'm going w/full upper lipo & decided on a bbl!

Us consultation

I've been so confused if I wanted a TT or lipo I'm not due for surgery till feb so I wanted to have an face to face consultation.. He told me I was good candidate for both I wouldn't have any loose skin But! One reason I have a pouch is because of my muscles have collapsed so I might still have a lil pouch! But a TT will get rid my ugly tat & my pouch!!!


Looking at reviews the Us vs out Country.. The Us don't do aggressive lipo and there TT results aren't as flat either. Has anyone noticed that

It's feeling REAL

Received my passport in mail quicker then I thought less then a month!

Plane ticket bought!

Plane ticket purchased the flight originally wanted went up so I had to settle for the sec best flight!! I really didn't want a layover in ny in feb due to it being winter. But hopefully no layovers

Plane ticket

Are cancelled due to bad weather! Crossing fingers! Now it's time to start saving for procedure and spending money!!


I'm still debating do I want a TT or lipo I've gained 5-8lbs since I decided to have this surgery! I look at some ppl BB & it looks great then others have scarring around after it healed I don't want that! What did y'all do to prevent the bb from scarring


Being that time & bills will creep up on you! I have started getting items and packing! Does any know any MUST HAVE things!?

Its getting Close 02/22/15

All packed and ready to go money put up waiting to pay Almonte due to winter weather make sure my flight isn't canceled. It was so much to get and get ready. But I'm ready!

Hemo checked

Hemoglobin was 12.6 in Dec which I was nervous bout that. I started taking blood builders I got my hemo checked 1/28/15 and it was 13.9 so that was great news!

Change Flight

Due to all this snow I left a day early 2/21/15 to beat the next snow storm.. Arrived Dr no problems was nervous thought the driver wasn't here but he was! There just unable to come in airport.. They drive so crazy here????.. But Nephro is a very nice guy and it was a site to see. Made it to My home recovery very nice place the girls were really nice but Lil English spoken.. Phone service is in & out but you can most def use Internet


Made it to the clinic the lab work finished just waiting on results


Sorry for the delay ladies Recovery is real I'm good hoping to get my drain out tomorrow Almonte uses drains for Lipo too short term ????.. Can't stress how much to take it easy I became dehydrated day 2 and it was horrible Almonte came to my recovery home 2am.. Almonte excellent only thing I don't care for here they really don't use universal precautions so watch and speak up if you don't agree! The pain is real! But each day it gets better???? I'm staying at my home recovery everyone is so nice and helpful. Would I do again here no its just a Lil to much being out the country language barrier not knowing where you are when you are in the community you have no working phone service.. Almonte is a great doc and I love my results unable to post pics though


I went thru two faja they have given me burns which suck I've been wearing a binder that's what they use for Lipo in the states far as my bbl it went down a lot I hope it fluffs out some but not a lot every time I try to upload pics it won't let me which is so weirc

30days post op

Finally figured out how to post pic off this diff phone. Taking it slow at gym

what waist

Still swollen & sore but I feel 100x's better

pictures i was unable download hospital & my home recovery

faja life

It didn't last long though it began to burn my skin


I'm a Lil over 5 weeks post skin isn't as sensitive now went hard in gym and was able to give myself a massage no pain! I'm starting to fluff too!????

loving my resluts

The swelling is annoying but its getting better I try make it to gym 2-3 times a week I can finally work my abs with no restrictions
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