23 Yrs Old, No Kids, 175 Lbs, I'm Getting Lipo Bbl Beast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

I have lost a lot of weight I went from 205 lbs to...

I have lost a lot of weight I went from 205 lbs to 140 lbs but I got too skinny and lost all of my curves :( I gained some weight after and currently weigh 170 lbs I want to flatten my stomach and add some curves is Dr. Molina the right man for the job I searched and so far he seems the best for the job

Looking for dental work and a sx buddy

Im also looking for a good Dentis I want to take my now 4 yrs long braces off and fix a tooth that is in need of a root canal what Dentis are good and a sx buddy I'm going on November 7

So my doctor increased his price is this normal

So I originally was going to get Lipo bbl and fat transfer to breast with Dr Molina who is an amazing doctor for what I have heard and researched but I decided that implants was the better way to go and he increased the price to 5800 is this a good price for the the full procedure ? I'm a first timer I would love some advice

Flight booked !! Now how do I make the deposit ?

So I got my Hemo checked (5 months early I know) and it's a 13.5!!!! Woooo now to maintain it lol so I booked my flight one way for nov 6 because idk how long I would need to stay now I need to make the deposit but I have no idea how to Molina gave me the account Info but how do I schedule a date or get In contact with his office help dolls???!!!

Deposit in

Sorry iuave been updating you guys I've been so busy so I made my deposit finally and I am contemplating if I should go to the recovery home ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Molina has answered all of my question so far I haven't met him yet but I'm excited

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