23 Yrs Old, No Kids, 175 Lbs, I'm Getting Lipo Bbl Beast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have lost a lot of weight I went from 205 lbs to...

I have lost a lot of weight I went from 205 lbs to 140 lbs but I got too skinny and lost all of my curves :( I gained some weight after and currently weigh 170 lbs I want to flatten my stomach and add some curves is Dr. Molina the right man for the job I searched and so far he seems the best for the job

Looking for dental work and a sx buddy

Im also looking for a good Dentis I want to take my now 4 yrs long braces off and fix a tooth that is in need of a root canal what Dentis are good and a sx buddy I'm going on November 7

So my doctor increased his price is this normal

So I originally was going to get Lipo bbl and fat transfer to breast with Dr Molina who is an amazing doctor for what I have heard and researched but I decided that implants was the better way to go and he increased the price to 5800 is this a good price for the the full procedure ? I'm a first timer I would love some advice

Flight booked !! Now how do I make the deposit ?

So I got my Hemo checked (5 months early I know) and it's a 13.5!!!! Woooo now to maintain it lol so I booked my flight one way for nov 6 because idk how long I would need to stay now I need to make the deposit but I have no idea how to Molina gave me the account Info but how do I schedule a date or get In contact with his office help dolls???!!!

Deposit in

Sorry iuave been updating you guys I've been so busy so I made my deposit finally and I am contemplating if I should go to the recovery home ????

I'm Back

Hello wonderful dolls I had to stray away from my sx journey for a bit but I'm back ???????????????? with a new date of March 16

Molina or Duran ??? Help!!

So I was originally going with Molina who I love and is such a great guy and Doctor of course BUT ***lol he usually specializes in slim thick types and I'm more on the thick side and Duran is queen in my body type the only problem with Duran is that sighs works at Cipla and I heard a lot of bad things from that clinic and Molinas clinic is highly recommended I'm so confused on what to do I sent the deposit to Molina but he says he'll return it if I need to cancel

Wish pics

Confirmed date with Duran!!!

Omg omg omg!!! I'm soooo exited dolls Today I finally got my email confirming my sx day wooooooohoooooo lol sorry but I'm just so exited i was able to contact and confirm a day with Duran and the date I originally wanted something I know is almost impossible with Duran yes lord I'm so exited now it's grind time

Deposit Refund ?

So I know Molina offers a refund on deposits but keeps 20% which is fair I just hope I don't have to fight to much to get it back ????????

Molina is awesome !!

Dr.Molina was so professional he answered right away sent me my deposit back right away he was so great about it I almost felt like staying with him uggh but I'm just in love with Duran's shape I'm so confident in her but lord knows I will recommend Dr. Molina to everyone he awesome

Some more wish pics

All I do is look at these Law of Attraction dolls is key !!

Exited, Nervous, Guilty, ect

Hello dolls! So I've been having an emotional roller coaster and I'm still over a month away uggh. Some days I can't wait for the day to come to have my flat tummy and small waist then I'm feeling guilty thinking maybe I can just go to the gym, lord dolls this process is though.

Also when I first decided to have surgery I only wanted Lipo and bbl but my boyfriend told me I should get my breast implants (he's a boob guy) I wanted my breast done but it wasn't a must for me I'm currently a 38C I used to be a DD but since I lost weight the girls went down lol so my boyfriend said he wanted me to do my breast if I was going to do the surgery and he would pay for it so you know I was OK!! Lol I just don't want them to big so I need to figure what's size I can get to satisfy us both

My support system

Honestly I wouldn't even be going through this process if it want for my wonderful boyfriend I always said I want to get my operation but never went through with it. My ex used to tell me "not to do it I didn't need it" even went as far to say that he would leave me if I did it but yet was looking and drooling over all the social media vixens who have had plenty of procedures done smh.
But my lovely boyfriend he told me I don't think you need it but if this is something you really want lets do it bought and my flight he's so awesome he made all of then first steps for me made the deposit for Molina made sure I was saving my part of everything and when ever I was wasting money he would remind me of my goal I love that man I swear I do lol

My brother and his lovely wife are my two other angels in this I know I drive them crazy because all I do is talk about my operation but they put up with me they are my best friends my everything

18 days away!!

Hey dolls I've been gone for a while but I'm back I have been so busy trying to get this surgery money lol but I got but lord has this been stressful I've been going through it but nothing unexpected....

First: My bf and I have been going through the most it's argument after argument like I need anymore stress

Second: I finally told my mom I was going to have the surgery and she went from being all for surgery ( she's actually the one who first suggested I get sx) to it's dangerous and you look good how you are

Third: because of all of this stress I've been stress eating * it's real ladies lol * so I've been gaining weight plus the holidays ugg so now I'm trying to work out to loose the weight which is hard with the whole stress eating

10 more Days!!!

Heyy Dollies so the count down begins I've been so blessed this year I can't even express how grateful i am God is so amazing when he delivers nothing compares.

I'm not going to lie I'm already missing my family and Boyfriend and I haven't left ???????? but I'll be back even better stronger wiser because I'll be able to look and the mirror and smile and love me !!


To the Dolls that are going through hard times or just feel alone Pray! You may feel like no one is listening at times but God hears it all and delivers when you least expect it I've been there I prayed and prayed and sometimes felt like no one was listening but once I let go and had faith and let God take control it's better than I ever imagined so please dolls just try 5 min in bed before you go to sleep just talk to God you don't have to pray like people at church do * I don't I don't know how to* but I speak to him like a would my best friend God sees your true intentions that's what matters

Flight to DR

So today is the day I leave to dr but my flight isn't until 10 lord this is so nerve racking

Test Done!

So i came in today two days before my school date so I can pay right away I end up getting all my test done since I've been coughing I had to pay an extra 100 for the test but they sped up my ax to tomorrow so wish me luck

Today is the day!!!

I'm here !!! A bit nervous plus Duran told me I was last so I have to wait they put the Iv in all ready now I just wait
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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