11 months post op, TT & Liposculpture

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So it's been awhile since I wrote anything but I'm...

So it's been awhile since I wrote anything but I'm ALWAYS lurking on here like a creep lol. Just a quick recap.. I had my second daughter in april 2012. Since then I gained about 25 pounds. I'm 5'2. I am pretty much happy with the way my body looks except my stomach, love handles &Under bra back handles lmao. I'm planning on going to Yily in end of feb/beg on march. I'm so nervous, anxious & scared for my life. I may not be getting something major to other people but it's big for ME! Lol

Okay so I'm super excited!

Everything is coming so fast. Ahhhhh

I just sent my confirmation

I just sent my flight info! I'm so excited!!! It's getting REAL!!!! I need a list of what to bring. So far I have socks, Kotex, tank tops, wipes... My mind is flooding with so much stuff lol

2 weeks away to become a yily doll!!!

I haven't even packed yet! I'm so excited I don't even know where to begin. I know I have to pack lightly. I've ready a few reviews where they said you are basically in the bed the first 3 days.
So far on my list I have:
Tank tops
Maxi dresses
Capri leggings
Iron pills
Vitamin B complex
Dial soap (gold)
Travel size shampoo/conditioner
Travel size toothpaste
Underwear-if I even get to wear it LOL
Medications(pain killers)

I know I have to get a tummy board & back board? I have no idea where to even look... Any suggestions ladies??
Also I started taking iron pills jan 20.. Got blood taken jan 25 & my hemo was 11.0!! I am so upset. I hope when I go back next week it goes up!! I'm staying at Jacqueline's recovery Spa! I'm so excited for this journey!

Pics!! Before

So this pic is before I had my second daughter! I was around 130 pounds. I LOVED the way my body looked at that time. I gained so much weight.. I even get asked from people if I'm having another baby :( it gets me so depressed & even more anxious to my surgery date.

Literally one week away!!

Ahhhhh next week Wednesday I will be on a pane to DR. I'm so excited. I been nervous because if some things I read about some of the people on here catching MRSA - which is a disease that is NOT something that can be cured easily. I'm trusting her with my life! My heart is still set on Yily. I believe she will give me the waist I want. I know the complications & I'm just taking as much precaution as I can. I just need to put all my things in the suitcase. I'm staying at Jacqueline's Marrero Recovery House.

Oh why oh why must my menstrual show it's ugly face lol

Okay so I'm 5 days away from going to DR & 6 days away from my surgery date & I think my menstrual is coming down. It usually last for 7 days :( I really hope it doesn't mess up my chances.. I'm getting so upset.

2 more dayssssss!!!!

Okay so in so excited I'm 2 days away from becoming a Yily Doll! I am SUPER excited. I'm also really nervous, I don't want nothing to go wrong. Right when I thought Mother Nature was coming down I started drinking orange juice & either it was the orange juice that worked or it was playing tricks on me because it did not come down at all-SUPER excited about that lol. So I'm wondering about the meds... I brought my own meds from out here.. Are they going to still make me get the meds out there?

Before I gained so much weight

So this pic was right about when I started to gain weight. As you can see my stomach is a small pouch, I tried to hide it with my hand lol. My butt on the other hand looks great lol

I leave tomorrow morning!

I am super excited!!! I leave tomorrow morning! Then surgery is on Thursday! I'm just about packed. Many blessing to you ladies & you all have me so much information! I promise to update as much as possible!

I can't BE still LOL!

Sooooo getting last minute things done. I feel like I can't sit still lol. Just spoke to the recovery home to confirm everything. She is such a sweetheart & made me feel so much at ease with everything. I'm staying at upscale Recovery house. I was going to stay at Jacqueline Spa but I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't be staying there & I always go with my gut feeling.

Off to the airport!

So I'm on my way to the airport!!! Super excited guys!!!! I'm finally going to be a beautiful Yily Doll!

So I'm in the recovery house

I'm having surgery tomorrow. Did all the test today & everything came out fine. Tomorrow is the big day! I'm staying at Upscale Recovery. This is a before pic of me now... Gross!

At cipla

So I'm at cipla now... Filled out the admission papers. I'm so nervous & just ready to get this over with. Thank you RS ladies for all your support!! I will update as soon as I can :)

Back at the recovery house

Sorry not to update but the room I was in didn't have wifi at all. My surgery was Thursday. The feeling was so overwhelming. I couldn't wait to get it over with but at the same was so scared of waking up during the procedure. Anyways, when it was my turn, I took the blue pill & they had me lay down on the bed. After 5-6 minutes I thought the blue pill didn't work because I was still awake but by the time they got me I was out. I remember bring rolled in the operating room.. I remember an older man coming to my face & caressing it. Then Yily came in & asked if I was ready. I said yes. Next thing I was out! I remember waking up & I think they were finishing my tummy tuck! I was shaking so much uncontrollably & started to moan because it sounded like they were taping me together. The older guy came to my face & told me in spanish that everything was fine & I was done & not to cry. They put me on another bed & took me to the recovery room. As I looked around I was still shakin so hard that it hurt. Then after about an hour they took me & my cousin back to our room. I got tummy tuck & full lipo to my back, she also filled in any dents from my butt.

Day after surgery 2/21

Okay so the pain is so bad on my back.. I got full lipo to my back & since I did the tummy tuck I can only sleep on my back. It's so uncomfortable. My back is stiff & feels so sore it's ridiculous. I have a hard time sleeping.. I wake up every 2 hours in the middle of the night because I can only sleep on my back sincee I have the tummy tuck. It's very painful! I can't wait to get my massages on my back even though I heard they are very painful.


So I'm back at the recovery house today. When I got up this morning I felt really hot & it made me nauseous & light headed. It was so bad :( the doctor came & took my pressure because they were supposed to wipe me down... He said my pressure was fine but my heart rate was too fast for his liking so he went & got another doctor to take my blood to make sure everything was fine. Then Yily came into the room & unhooked my faja & said that sometimes if the faja is too tight it can cause a burn. I felt so much better. Yily then grabbed my face & have me a kiss in the cheek, she blew kisses at my cousin & said she had to go do surgery. Then we got dressed & went to the recovery house... Again I'm staying at upscale recovery house. So far they are so nice here. The food is delicious. I'm really tired so I will update again tomorrow. I am extremely tired. Until tomorrow RS ladies


Okay so this morning I woke up feeling horrible. My back was so badly in pain & my sides hurt so much I was crying. A lady named partria came in & immediately took off my faja. She saw my drain & said it was clogged. Boy did I feel better once she unclogged it. I am able to walk around a little bit more. I went downstairs to have breakfast. I'm so tired I still don't sleep well. I wake up every 2-3 hours because the pain on my back. Well RS sisters I'm about to have lunch. I will update tomorrow if anything.

So today was a much better day for me

I was able to eat all my breakfast which was a small bowl of oatmeal & another small bowl of fruit. I couldn't really eat the first 3 days I had no appetite whatsoever! I had my first massage today & I cried like a baby lol. But I felt extremely better after. Here are some pics, I'm really swollen lol.


Hey RS fam, I'm feeling so much better. I'm walking a little straighter. Without the faja on I feel funny. I'm getting used to having the faja on, I feel it protects my tummy tuck. Since I had breakfast today I been feeling nauseous- it's the worst feeling! I tried to eat lunch but I was only able to eat a little bit. Right now I'm eating crackers & it makes me feel a little better. You have to drink lots of fluids. I prefer to drink water. They make natural fruit juices but my favorite is the limonada- which is the lemonade! I miss home so much. I miss my babies, I cry everyday for them. But I know I have to get better for them because when I'm home, I am supermom. I have 2 beautiful girls. I also have my bf who is very supportive & I love him so much for that. Well ladies I will update tomorrow.

Few more days in DR

Hey guys just a quick update. I'm still in the recovery house- here for another few days til I leave. I miss my family so much. I can't wait to just get back home. The massages are getting better & better. Here's another pic I snapped today after the massage. It looks similar to one I took already but I'm still putting it up.

There's no place like home

Hey ladies I haven't taken any pictures yet. I will soon. I'm still in the recovery house. Starting to get bored & restless because all I think about is home- so the days are dragging. Each day I get a little better, I only have soreness on my back... It's still a little swollen on my sides too. I will try to post a pic later on. I met some new ladies in the house & they are all so sweet! I even checked on 2 ladies that had surgery to see how they were doing. They look awesome too! I hate the feeling now when I have to use the bathroom - I MUST GO IMMEDIATELY... It's like if I can't even hold it for long. The mornings are the worst I have to sort of rush to use the bathroom or I feel I'm going to pee all over myself lol- that would be horrible!!! Okay RS sisters will post a pic soon

Almost 2 weeks post op with Yily!

Hey ladies today was a good day. My appetite is almost back to normal. My waist looks so tiny already, I can't wait til my 3 month post op to see my close to final results. Ana came to check me today & she took off the stitches from my drain- but left the drain in to monitor it for 24 hours. She wants to see how much liquid comes out. If less than a certain amount comes out then the drain is coming off- Yayyyyy! I'm leaving Thursday morning back home. I'm flying first class so that I can be as comfortable as possible. I missy family & kids so much!
Also I seen my tummy tuck scar today & I love that it looks so thin!!

More pic of tummy tuck scar

2 more days to go home

Hey ladies another day closer to going home. I took another long nap today. It seems I get tired really fast over nothing. Which isn't good in my eyes because I have my babies at home & then I return to work the week after next. I have another massage today & tomorrow would be my last one. One of the nurses here gave me a sponge bath & it felt so good! I can't wait to practically drown myself in my shower lol. Water is my best friend right now lol.

This was 11 days PO


My drain was finally removed. It was gross & weird at the same time. I felt it all the way on the other freaking side of my stomach but on the inside. I go home tomorrow & boy am I excited to see my family especially my kids. I miss them so much. I'm so glad I wasn't alone either I came with 2 of my friends & without them I think I would have been completely depressed. The recovery was a great experience overall, they just have to be more consistent with dinner time but other than that it was awesome! The women here are so nice. My favorite is Patricia! She was on point with everything! I'm so glad this part of my journey is done & I know I still have more to go. See you soon RS beauties!!! Will update in a week :)

Took this photo today!

Pain pain go away

So my back is so sore & feels so tight. I been showering everyday & it feels awesome! I had my massage today finally!! It felt so amazing with a little discomfort. I'm going to get them everyday til Saturday, then starting next week I'm going to get them twice a week.

Faja burn/cut between my legs

So not sure if I mentioned it before but while out in DR the faja ended up cutting me on the inside of my inner thighs, real close to my treasure. It looked like a rug burn & it was so raw. I'm about 20 days post op & I'm still suffering with this. It has healed much better but I feel like a have a diaper rash down there. I'm going to post a pic but it's gruesome guys- sorry!

Massage lady is NO joke!

So I finally found a massage lady. Boy it is painful to get the massages, she does not play. But I feel extremely better after. I have a problem with finding a faja so I been without one since I came back. I have to buy one ASAP! I took another picture.. I have to return to work tomorrow & I'm dreading it.. I'm not readyyyyyyy. Lol

Back to work

So I had another massages today & I cried like a baby. I finally bought me a small faja & I feel like I can't breathe. It's so tight. I also got the board for my stomach. It's so much better than pads. Today was my first day back at work.... A little brutal but okay.

Just 2 more months...

Hey ladies. So the faja I have on isn't as bad as I thought. I feel better with it on. Last night I had to sleep without it because I'm so inflamed down there it's ridiculous. I went to see my GYN & he gave me a cream for lesions!!!! It started off as a yeast infection which is gone finally. My skin is so sensitive man :( so I put the cream all over down there for relief & didn't want to get it all over the faja. It felt good to sleep without it but when I woke up I regretted it... I'm swollen ALL over my back & stomach I was crying. I felt so stupid that I chose to sleep without it. Anyways I'm on my way to work.. I also folded my softest T-shirt & put it in my middle back so when the faja does fold it doesn't irritate me. It feels so much better. And this board for my stomach is awesome. The only problem I am having now is my belly button. It's closing on me so I have to keep gauze in there. I don't what else to do to keep it open... Any advice ladies?

Can't wait til this is overrrrr lol

Hey ladies... I'm doing better. Just this soreness sometimes kicks my as$.. At work or even at home when I'm sitting & when I go to stand I have to do it slowly because the sides & my stomach feel so stiff it actually hurts... But once I'm up I feel better... Only when I first stand up that it bothers me. I'm faithfully going for my massages. This woman works wonders.. She is the master sculpture LOL. Pain is beauty right? Ladies surgery was a piece of cake.. Recovery is a bitch!! So I started putting silicone on my tummy tuck, hope that works to take the scar away. It says to see full results it will take 8 weeks.. I will be posting pics of the scar every 2 weeks so hopefully I will start seeing a difference.

Massages in BK!!! So close to home!

So I'm doing much better. I had another massage today & it's starting to feel much better with each one I get. I don't feel 100% just yet but I'm getting there & boy am I loving the way I look! Without my master massage sculpture I don't think I would have been doing good. Her name is Vivianna from Brooklyn. For anyone looking for massages post op surgery give her a call at 646-812-3649.

Almost done healing

Hey ladies.. I'm close to feeling 100%. I can't wait to dress up.. Been dealing with a lot of things lately but things are looking up. So far I'm healing well.. I still feel stiffness when I sit for awhile & when I first get up it hurts. The mornings aren't so bad anymore. I have not slept on my stomach but I have been sleeping on my sides & back. It feels so great to alternate! So I'm in a xs faja now on the last hook. These fajas are expensive so once I feel comfortable I'm going to take this one in.

Xs faja

I took this last Monday

In love all over again!

Hello RS ladies! It's been awhile since I updated. This month has been really busy for me. Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing much better & feeling about 98%. The only discomfort I feel is when I don't wear my faja (only when it's getting washed), my skin feels tight & stiff after a few hours. I feel weird without the faja on. I go for my massages once a week now & I always look forward to getting them now. I can't wait for the summer time. A lot of things I try on fit me tight on my thighs & butt.. But are loose on my waist. I am LOVING my results!!!

Feeling more confident

11 months post op

So it's been such a great year! I am feeling so amazing. I love my results! I woldnt change a thing. I still keep in contact with Yily & she's such a sweetheart. I updated with some recent pics.

Almost a year!

Hey ladies! Here is another recent pic I took! I am enjoying everything Yily has done. I would do it all over again. She is an awesome person & we still keep in contact every now & then.


Hey ladies, it's been awhile since I've updated. Body is still great. #TEAMYILY
Here are some recent pics :)
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