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Hey ladies I'm new to this whole blogging...

Hey ladies I'm new to this whole blogging thing,but I thought I share my experience with you all. My name is tye I am 27 and a mother of a beautiful 7 yr old boy. After having my son I battled with my weight. I joined the military hoping for A better future also a way to maintain healthy , but I still struggled with weight. So after extensive research on overseas lipo I decided to become a yily doll!! The whole experience unforgettable. I decided to not stay at a recovery house but at Aparta del Sol hotel which is literAlly 10 mins away from yily's office. The cab charges you like 5 bucks to take you there!! In my next post ill write about the day of the surgery and what went down

Lymaphic massage

Yesterday I had my first lymphatic massage ladies that ish is no joke!!! I wanted to cry!! Towards the end you feel a lot better and your less swollen. I'm getting one more done before I go home and then continue them back at home.

apologies for not updating.

Ok let's start from the start. I was scheduled for sx august 19th. I decided to not stay at a recovery house, but instead I stayed at aparta del sol hotel with my friend. Warning ladies please please start taking your vitamins well in advance, because if your hemoglobin isnt at 12 your yily will not touch you, and youll end up spending extra cash. So back on top on the day of the surgery I took a cab to Cipla around 650am which from the hotel only cost me 150 pesos about 5 bucks American dollars. (Btw the hotel is literally like a 10 min ride over there) The cab driver was awesome he was like a body guard the whole time I was there. Called me and checked up on me after surgery. I used the same cab driver the whole time I was there. Ill give his info out at the end of the post. So I get to cipla and I go upstairs to 2nd fl where yily office is. I was first there meet yira yilys assistant. The girl was sweet and speaks perfect english. She made me fill out a few papers. And then gave me a run through of what to expect for the rest of the day. I would have to draw blood see what my hemoglobin ia is like, get xrays make sure I have nothing wrong, see the cardiologist, get weighted, and then start getting ready for surgery. When I went to draw blood I told the woman my viens were horrible. She smiled and said I been doing this for at least 25 yrs. Hearing that gave me relief. I usually get pricked at least 3 times before getting blood drawn. She was awesome 1 prick. After all was well. I went upstairs where I got weighted. And then to the room. I finally get to meet meet yily. So she comes in and im like omfg this lady has a donk on her !!! Lol

part 2 of update

Sorry I hit send by mistake im at work as I update. So back to dra yily I know a lot of views say her attitude isnt all that. But I cant complain she was friendly and sweet with me. While we were in the room she asked me a few questions about myself. Do I smoke, have children, do I want children, have i had surgery before and so on. Then she told me take off all my clothes and asked me what did I exactly want done. I told her just lipo. I want to have a flat belly no back fat and a small waist. I was like I want natural results. Then said jessica rabbit lol she started laughing and was like I got you sweety. I opt not to get fat grafting or an ass lift. I had enough hips n ass before surgery. Pre op weight 195 measurements 38, 34, 44. She started marking me up. A nurse came in gave me the blue pill. To sedate me. then I was put in a bed and wheeled away for surgery. By then it was like 1130am. I saw the anesthesiologist next thing you know im out cold. I did wake up during surgery for a brief moment I could feel the probbing going on. But I will admit it didnt hurt at all. Next thing you know I opened my eyes and I was in my room. And realized I couldnt really move due to the surgery. I was all taped up and looked like sponge bob. Well at least thats how I felt from all the swelling. That night was ok the pain wasnt unbearable. I was more uncomfortable than anything. My body was swore and bruised. Nurses came around like clock work to check on me. The next day I felt a lot better. Two nurses came in to put me in my medium faja. I was like medium holy crap how will I fit in there im looking a cow all swollen. Lol ladies they squeezed my ass in there. Believe it!!! Once in the faja I was good to go. When I went to stand and walk I believe I tried to fast cause I started to get sweaty hot everything started spinning oh no im going down for the count. Nurse called dra yily and she poured cold water on me and had me smell some alcohol. And I was good to go. My blood pressure had dropped from me wanting to move to fast after surgery. But after that I went back to the hotel. Ladies the first 3 days are the worse. I could barely move due to having lipo of my full abdomen, flanks, back and armpits. Thanks god my friend was there. Through this whole thing I was swore ass hell. My back felt like a bag of bricks was on it. My lipo areas were tingly and felt likea burning sensation. Ladies make sure you follow your post op directions. The medicine helps a lot. Secret pineapples and pineapple juice works miracles helps with the swelling. While I was at the hotel I shit you guys not I overdosed on pineapple, pineapple juice and popped arnica pills like skittles. Lol and that helped me so much even got my drain out 4 days surgery. Eat cucumbers, celery, spinach as well helps with the recovery. Friday I went to see Ana(shes a doc that works with yily) ladies lets be realistic yily cant do surgery and check ups at the same time. But ana was fab. She was spunky and fun. She checked my drain and my whole lipo area to make sure I didnt have seromas. Then told me my drain was good to come out and that my bruises and skin was looking great. And that I would have to come in on monday before I left to get another faja and get a check up. That friday I got my first massage with gianna she came to the hotel and was was terrific. Short lil thing but the woman knows what she doing. Im not gonna lie those massages hurt like HELL!! ESPECIALLY with your skin being ultra sensitive and bruised. But whatever fluid I had in there she drained out. It was a messy process. So ladies yes your gonna need those doggy pads. She is very sweet and makes conversation with you is gentle to make sure she doesnt hurt you much. She lets you take breaks. Ill post her info as well a bit later. Ladies through this whole experience I took ZERO pain medication. Not even to sleep. Reason: is I knew what I was getting into so I must suffer the consequences plus the minor pain will remind me stay away from all the fatten crap!!! Anyways I only got two massages with her cause then it was timw for me to come back home. But ive found a place in norther jersey that do lymphatic massages and think ill start on friday. If you ladies know of any places please let me know. Can you guys tell im bored at work lmfao!! Anyways on the way home was a disaster. I had two flights in order to get to jersey. I flew from dr to Atlanta. Then atlanta to Newark,nj. Omfg ladies my legs aint swell up while I was in dr, but traveling back home my legs looked like balloons and my vajj wasnt even a vajj anymore it was a ball of fat thats how swollen I was. I got home I had to immediately elevate my legs and ice my vajj. That was at 7 days post op. And now im 10 post op and been icing my vajj frequently after work and it is looking normal again. I continue to drink and eat pineapple and pineapple juice still helps. The best part of being home was taking a shower. Ladies after surgery you cant shower in DR the water quality is horrible your wounds will get infected.

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