Horrible Tummy Tuck & Liposuction. Dominican Republic, DO

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I had about a year looking for a doctor to get a...

I had about a year looking for a doctor to get a liposuction on a few areas on my body. I did a lots of research and I came across Cynthia Disla. When I contact her she felt like the best surgeron for me. I felt comfortable and she always responded to my emails. When I went for a consultation she was rude, and was talking about me with her other patients. She did not care that I was in the other room. The only reason I decided to do my surgery with her in the summer of 2014 because I didn't see no negative reviews about her. This was the worst mistake of my life! I wanted a liposuction and she recommend me a tummy tuck. The day of my surgery I had to get two bags of blood transfusion because I had anemia. I was awake during my whole surgey and felt most of the surgey. My scar is from hip to hip and my tummy tuck line keep opening up and she was sewing me up cold blood everyday for almost a month. I was in so much pain I just wanted to go home. Bad enough I caught an infection in my belly button because the recovery house I was staying was not cleaning my belly button. I feel like this was the worst investment I ever made. I do not look like I had surgery. I had love handles which I do not have no more. My stomach is a bit smaller. But I don't look as slim as I expected to be. I just look like I lost 5 or 10 pounds, which is better than before but not what I expected. My arms look the same as they were before surgey, which makes me look like a football player. I told her to put fat to my butt but didn't add enough because she said she doesn't like big butts. I have a keloid from the drain, and I have scare tissue. I feel a bit better about my body because I look slimmer. But my scar does not allow me to feel comfortable about myself. Everyday I have to look at the scar and it reminds me of everything I went through. My scar has made feel me more insecure about myself. I have emailed Disla and told her I am not happy with my results, and she told me that theirs nothing she can do about.

3 years later!

It's been 3 years and I am not fully healed. My scar hasn't disappeared. I've gotten massages and used scar creams.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

In the beginning she was very attentive. After surgery she delayes in emails. She doesn't care what happens to you after surgery, since she was already paid.

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