Yily Doll January 2015 .. Full body lipo with arms and inner thighs

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Hi, I as well as many others have been stalking...


I as well as many others have been stalking realself. No Long essay just looking forward to having great liposuction by Dr. Yily in Dominican republic January 2015. No bbl for me just full body lipo. Dr. Yily does really good work compared to others I have seen. I've already my deposit and started to take these iron pills. I'm trying to get my hemogolbin up to 14 or better. Wish me luck dolls and welcome to my journey :)

Looking for a buddy

Hey dolls,

I'm looking for a buddy to go with me January 2015 flying out of New York. Yily informed me I will be staying at Luxury Recovery house. Have any of you ladies heard of it or stayed there?

Hemogoblin & BMI

Taking my iron pills, folic acid, vitamin c, stool softeners & complex B to bring up my hemogoblin.

Using this link to track my BMI which has to be 35 & under to have surgery performed


Still In Search Of A Buddy

I'm flying out on January 8th. My surgery is January 9th. Looking for a buddy staying at Luxury RH. =( Yira told me Yily has 3 patients that day including me. Where are you other two ladies? lol

Surgery Date Change

My surgery date has officially changed to January 20, 2015. I confirmed with Yily'scassistant Yira this morning. I requested a surgery date change because I've been reading reviews (OF COURSE). Yilys patients were complaining that when they got to DR they height went down an inch. Right now my BMI is exactly 34. If my height magically goes down I will be over the amount Yily requires. So I decided to take advantage of the next 35 days to lose 15-20lbs just to be safe. I don't want to go to travel all that way just to be turned back and unstasified. My journey continues. . .

22 More Days

In 22 more days I'll be a boarding the plane on my way to be a Yily Doll. I'm super excited, anxious & nervous all at once. I have the majority of the things I actually need & just reay to bring in this new year. I've been in the gym everyday & getting physically & mentally ready Journey continues ...

Let's Try This Again ! ???????? -_-

My previous post didn't upload idk why... Anywho ...

Happy New Year Dolls???? Wishing you all a Prosperous year with the bodies you all wished for, health and speedy recoveries. Last night I got down on my knees and thanked God for life, health and strength. Thanked him making me see another year of life and let him how grateful I am for his many blessings. I also prayed he will carry me through with a safe procedure and with his healing hands a speedy recovery among other things.

My flight is booked for Dominican Republic leaving January 19th. I'm all packed with the exception of a few minor things I need. I got a physical done back in September 2014 my blood count was 13.2 ...On Monday 12/29/14 I for a physical & my doctor didn't see the need to give me another blood count (Hmmm wouldn't she want to do my blood work & everything else knowing I'm leaving the country? STUPID B****) So she did a half ass physical! She did prescribe me some wack pain medication and a refill on my asthma pump all though I never use it just carrying it as per Yily's request.

On a brighter note my job is willing to do my physical & blood work for me so I should have an accurate number before leaving.

I do plan to post before and after pictures after my surgery that WON'T magically disappear (No Shade) ???? lol .. 18 more days till I'm a Yily Doll my journey continues

12 more days ..,

12 more days till I'm officially a Yily dolls seems like the time is just flying. I'm more excited than nervous now. Praying every chance I get. Can't wait

I'm coming out :)

6 more days

As the time gets closer the more nervous I get but with prayer everything will be okay.

Landed yesterday

I keep trying to upload pictures but it's not allowing me to from my phone. I landed yesterday & came to have blood work done at CIPLA. Right now I'm waiting to be marked up ... My hemo was 13.2 (Praise God) accepting all prayers dolls...


Thanking god for his many blessings. I am out of surgery & just sore. The pain is not unbearable just uncomfortable. Thanking all you dolls for your prayers and kind words. I can't express how grateful I am to have this support. ???? Again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm just here recovering bored lol

Few pictures

Still haven't taken any pictures of myself yet please be patient I plan to post

Sleepy, Stiff, Swollen

I use to follow other Realself dolls on here and watch them magically disappear. I now fully understand why. I just don't have the energy! My skin is itchy, I'm always tired, annoyed or feeling uncomfortable. I'm not pleased with my results as yet which is why I haven't posted any before and after pictures. I'm still very swollen & getting use to wearing this Faja 24/7. As I mentioned in my previous post. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


I feel like I aban my Realself sisters :-( .... So sorry. I'm 1 month & 3 weeks post op LOVING MY RESULTS ! I have little swelling in an extra small Faja from a large. Any questions just ask away

Deleting Account

I make 3 months tomorrow 4/20/15 and I am not happy with my results for the inquiring minds that wanted to know.

I'm Back =/

On my journey for round 3 ....

It has been 6 months since my surgery and I'm disappointed. I know, I know you guys wants pictures I'm sure.

Round 3 I'm thinking about Columbia
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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