Flacccid Skin, in need of Tummy Tuck and BBL! Dominican Republic, DO

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I am 186 pounds , I've tried looking weight for...

I am 186 pounds , I've tried looking weight for years but I've ma aged to keep this weight before and after 3 kids . so I've given up in trying to reach 160lbs after so many years of trying, and now focused on improving my figure with plastic survery, not gain weight, feel more confident , sexy and I believe this will help my self esteem and motivate me to join the gym and be healthy.

pre op picture .

Uploading this picture is was very hard for me , as I am very conservative , but also want to share my Lipo and tummy tuck experience to motivate and help others with maybe same body type and what it would look like after ps. I don't expect miracles but at least make my upper body more proportioned with lower body.

difficulty with posting pictures from my phone pic gallery.

Advise ?

pre- op

Lost 6 pounds over 2 weeks. Trying to reach 170lbs before surgery date 10/07/2015. Hopefully by loosing weight I don't lower my hemoglobin level. Its currently 12.4.


50 days for the long waited day! , I've been researching dr hernandez pizzoglio for years and really like his work, I don't care about his personality bc I am useto working with people like him, and more important I have a good feeling about him despite people talking about his cockiness . but my husband side of the family highly recommends another surgeon name Nestor Mallen, which by the has no website for me to see his work or follow him. He has been involved in some death , so has Dr pizzoglio. So do I go with a surgeon the family recommends or a surgeon that I've been following for years via internet ???? I am not sure which will give me the best results plus reduce chance of complications or death risk???? Any advise ? My body has the most unattractive shape, and I am not expecting miracles nor I have any expectations as I cannot imagine how I would look like. I am just doo confused.

determined 47 days

Ok. So I decided my surgeon will be Nestor Mallen, all is set for October 7, 2015. I feel like a child when they get a new gift toy. I've been working out 5 days a week. Talking vitamin c, iron, folic acid, and eating more green vegetables, grilled chicken, and a lot of water. I've managed to loose 6 pounds , and I will post more before pictures soon. Now I am 180lbs. Yayyy me!????????????????????????

Loosing weight has been more difficult than expected.

Iam down to 180lbs, but it's coming off slowly, extremely slow. I need to read 170lbs before October , and for some reason, I've been feeling sad , as I don't look any different with loosing 6 pounds, it's not a lot but I was expecting a slight change in my body. When I get sad , I tend to overeat. Today I had a Nathan large hotdog, and two slice pepperoni pizza. Seconds after I was done eating, I felt like FAILURE! And wanted to give up on healthy eating and plastic surgery. But within me , I want to eat healthy and look good. In God I trust , and ask him to help me keep motivated and accept me as I am . It's really hArd, I give soo much credit on you ladies that have lost over 100 lbs. congrats.

######## 4 weeks pre op

Not too much change at 180lbs

???????????? 3weeks remaining

Got all my supplies for post op recovery, and about 5 maxi dresses, one night gown. And lots of wound care supplies. Iam soo excited!!

17 days pre op, and counting!!

Iam still 180ibs, my skin looks even more flaccid after 6lbs wt loss. Ive been loosing weight slowly , with strong hopes on keeping the weight off. I could have lost much more weight but I was afraid to loose it quick and then not be able to keep it off. I cannt stand looking in the mirror naked. It depresses me greatly. I super positive about this surgery and the surgeon I choose. I am happt but at the same time I wish my ps could to a thigh lift but he cannt and I must return for this and my arms. For now I will get a tummy tuck with lipo and butt augmentation.

11 days to go! :-) :-)

Iam leaving New York, October 3 , flying to the dominican republic for my preop exam and surgery October 7, 2015. I will be staying at a family member house, who will take care of during the recovery process, at least 3 weeks. I took a FMLA from work for one month. I love my employer, they really explained all my benefits and how to apply for disability, although its elective cosmetic surgery. Iam super excited and frightened, but positive. I think whats keeping me worrying is pulmonary embolism and DVTs. I strongly believe its all boils down to the MD technique that reduces or increases your risks. Iam. All ready, and my luggage is full mainly to supplies, and only 2 night gowns, and 5 maxi dresses. I will miss my 3 babies! And this really saddens me. Anyways, I love reading all the real self ladies reviews, and comments.

Last pre surgery pictures

At 175lbs, 11 days before actual surgery date. Please pray for me.

Departing to Dominican Republic in 24 hours

I had a pre op work up done here in USA, this week and all looks Great!, I will also follow the pre- op protocol in Domnican republic. I arrive to DR Sunday 330am, and surgery on Wednesday , iam soooo happy and excited! But iam already missing my 3 children's.

Iam in DR NOW!

Hey, I had a great flight to DR, I spent this Sunday with my husband family. And tomorrow at 11am is my consult with the plastic surgeon DR Mallen, I will meet him for the first time. And iam actually calm, positive, and looking forward to meeting him and my surgery date will be confirmed at this visit. God bless all u real self ladies , xoxo

Confirmed for October 7,2015

All my prep testing are normal, iam healthy , and everything should be well! It's sooo hot here in Dominican Republic, and all I have is a fan, looks like I will be miserably hot with the garment , and all the other gadgets ! But anyways I did choose to come to family members to care for me. Overall my husband family are very well mannered and supportive. MayGod be the one guiding this surgeon, I need all be okay, so I can go back to my 3 children??????????????

Post op day 1

Ok ladies my surgeon called me Tuesday october 6 to tell me my surgery was being moved one day early, so here I lay in bed, I feel horrible with soreness that hurt like I was struck by a truck, and hundreds of needles on my gluteus burning like nothing I've experience, I don't even know how iam updating now, iam freaking strong crazy lady. This morning I woke up and could not even move, sit or walk, and full of gas that I can't push. Simethicone not helping much , I just can't push to fart, this has only been a nightmare and I wish it was over. But iam now in the recovery mode, and staying positive for NO complication. I hope not no scare anyone, but I did too much in one day and now iam paying a huge price. Tommorow October 8 I will start 1/10 lymphatic massages. Gn ladies. God be with all of us.

4 days post op

Legs and feels are swollen, very uncomfortable feeling when the extremities are filling up with fluid, my upper and lower back is full of edema. Not painful, just sore and swollen, but I take the pain media every 8 hours as prescribed , just to keep all under control. Bruised badly . Appetite good, compression garment in place. When I sneeze I am feeling a burning sensation to right side of abdominal insicion?? Not sure if this is normal????

9 days post op

Backache killing me! Otherwise healing well, drain still in place . Appetite decreased, I make myself eat. Feeling sad, need my children next to me, cannot wait to go back home.

10 days post op, 8 massages

Me without compression garment and a tank top.


Iam trying to stay as positive as possible, but I really just want a o scream and cry. I've prepared for this for too long, by reading so many reviews of RS ladies. And many times I would say, that wouldn't happen to me. But the truth is that , iam gonna loose it, my back , flank area is completely numb, as well as my abdomen, weird sensations in my belly button, I feel like a have a fetus moving u dear my tt incision, my butt still is flat, a di was a expecting a j-lo butt , but some cushion, I miss my children, my house. Omg. I could go on, I just want a to feel myself again. Iam a nurse, and iam already concerned with permanent numbness, I still have a he drains, until Wednesday . Iam venting out here, yet my face nor my family here know how I truly feel. Emotional roller coaster. At least my husband is arriving today to help me emotionally. Hugs to u ladies .

14 days post op

Ok the drain was taken out at 13 days post op, stitches removed today. Dressing change done, tummy tuck inscision dry, but belly button is a little red, and pale, look moist, so it was cleaned and covered, I applied muciprocin, covered with dry dressing. I was told to o buy a powder called tecassol 2percent to help dry it out. I will apply it later. Swelling has gone down significant off my back. The waist look smaller, but swelling to lower abdomen continues. Iam not worried too much for the swelling as its a expected. My 10 massage ended today, cost was 500 dollars for 10 massages in the comfort of your home, plus she sponge bath me every time. I have 7 days left here in DR. Can't wait to go back home, this hot wheater is definitely met thing, I prefer winter, spring, fall, I just love America, and God bless that country in which I was born. Emotionally better. I will rate my plastic surgeon at 3 months post op. He is a nice person, but I have some negative to share, regarding his staff. Anyways, may God continue to take control.

16days post op

Belly button covered, because it's moist, and most be covered , needs extra care. My back is swollen , but not as much.

17 days post op

Iam so anxious about me belly button not drying out. No one seems concern, but me. Iam leaving to New York Tuesday , and iam super concern that my belly button looks like this. I just want to scream! Iam doing everything I was instructed to do for this button. Please pray for me, I need it. Iam applying tecassol powder twic a day to help with cell production and skin formation.

Belly button update

Yesterday Sunday, a surgeon opened the clinic just to address the issue with my belly button, under the instructions of my ps who is not available to see me as he is out of the country in some seminar or conference. Well in short, all the dead, white skin was removed, and stitches put in. next 10-12 days the stitches must be removed, he was wanted to put the absorbable stitches but he said it wouldn't be guaranteed to stay on. Now I must talk to my primary md and pray he will help me. If not iam a nurse and will have to figure it out myself. But iam sure, I will get help , of course May God will first. I have a dressing on , and can't remove it until tomorrow, as instructed. And I will travel tomorrow afternoon, to my home New York. I have a new belly button, so that what it looks after the doctor surgically cleaned it out.

Swelling going down a bit

Belly button is getting better, I will post update pics I. A couple of days. Hugs .

Follow with primary md

I saw my pcp yesterday , for clearance letter to return to work. But she recommends one more week off as I recently had stitches to belly button put in, and will be removed on November 9, same day I return to work. My current weight is 161Lbs. Belly button is looking better, I do tired easily, so one more week off , will help a great deal .

27 days post op

Happy, but worried my bellybutton taking too long to finish healing.

Belly button

28 days post op, and still fighting to heal.

Hey ladies

Well , I had to see a wound specialist, no infection. But now using alginate dressing and it's getting better. I will post later , I don't like to post negativity because I don't want to worry you beautiful real self ladies. I think we all go through bumps during this long recovery. I have not been able to wear my stage 2 compression garment, but I use 24/7 the first post op CG, which fits big, but comfortable. Hugs

Finally belly button healed

Finally my wound care speciality got my belly button to heal, now I just have to focus on clearing up my my scars. This scar was not expected to my button, but I am grateful, it was never infected and it's now in my past. Thanks real self ladies for all your support.

Seven weeks post op

2 month postop

Almost 3 months

In one week, I will turn 3 months post op. My belly button is all healed . Iam feeling fabulous, but only negative is that ism getting my appetite again, I have to work hard to control myself, and not over do it. It's like an addiction, and u need constant support from yourself or others. But loving the results !

6 month post up

Iam super happy with my results . DR Mallen is very skilled . And my belly button complication was not his fault .

10 months post up

Not too much more changes , have platoe here . Iam thinking about retouch up with same surgeon . More lipo and a needed medial thigh lift but that questionable - as that surgery is more delicate than a TT.
Nestor Mallen

Great , skilled plastic surgeon, I would recommend this doctor to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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