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I have finally chosen Duran after years of...

I have finally chosen Duran after years of research and I believe she has those gifted hands I've been looking for. So that's who I feel is best for me. She is a beautiful intelligent woman with brains and great vision of art. I am 5'6 height & weight 165 my goal is to gain 5 to 10 more pounds before surgery. I am definitely jumping into this without a buddy or anyone coming with me due to all the negative responses from friends and family.

Sending Deposit info

So I sent my deposit the beginning of October through a site called moneyshare.com there wasn't a fee on your first transaction. Amazing website.

My stay while I am there.

I will be staying at the Sea Lily Recovery house. I was priced for 8 days only due to my work at $750.00 and that includes everything massages, 3 meals a day, nursing care,and transportation all included. Just bring your own supplies. I will give you guys an update on my experience with Sea Lily Recovery house +1 829-986-1931 find them on Whatapp to get a quick response.

So I Made to the other side!

First night definitely rough an i'm usually one of those that can tolerate pain. But it was hell.. this is my 2nd night and I'm alot better get dizzy every now and then but overall I feel better. So whatever recovery house you stay A/C should be a must have. I am eating domincan foods ooo my so good alot of starch though. Oh yea I ran into 2 other chicks at the airport in the DR and we all click instantly. One was going to Yily and the another one Duran so me her became buddy's and stayed at the Sea Lily Recovery house which is a beautiful place to stay very safe I love Christina and her family. Great people they are my family away from home now..

Duran is a miracle

I've never had a booty

Oh yea ladies DURAN is VERY SEXY OMG..

And she so cool. I didn't even show her an idea pic, I just let here do her job. She told me no worries I will make you beautiful. I also meet so many American women here. It's definitely worth every penny I will be back for round 2.


It's very important to know your size. So after recovery it's Duran Faja assistance i think her name is Maria that bitch is so rough she got Red hair comes in and put faja on me after my over night stay at the clinic she almost got smack. So while she was putting it me she had the nerve to say sit down and mind you I just had urgery the night before, you will CAN NOT bend down or sit after surgery your body is stiff I told hell NO I'm not sitting down wen Duran had told me not to sit on my butt. So watch out for that bitch! She's the only problem I had during my stay. My had her surgery the day after me a told me how rough she was putting it on your body. But anyways I went from Medium to a Small Faja I cut the butt area out of my small faja I bought my own faja which was 99.99$ & free shipping to save $50.00. Because Duran charge 150$ for your second faja.

Random Cute update pic

I was out Xmas shopping today so I tried on something cute..

2016 update.

Definitely will go for round 2 later on..

Very important to know.

After your surgery you will be in some sort of Twilight from waking up. So from what I remember, it was sooooo freaking cold my teeth was jittery as i was laying on the stretcher/bed when they was rolling me back to my room I was shaking my ass off.. Oh yea and when u finally wakeup u will be laying in bed with a pool of blood. So it's best to have someone stay with u overnight. You will be on a catheter so stay in bed because u will be sore and to dam dizzy to stand or walk.

lmao my mom & friends!!

Mom, she said the other day omg your booty is so big, I need to start going to the gym with you. It was so funny! And my FB has been going nuts! Ppl think it's a gym ass lmao. Thanks to Duran!

Last day to wear garment!

Been awhile since surgery

YES ladies it jiggle no worries..
Hello ladies its been a while since ive had surgery last yr in December but this one is for all you ladies that's curious about the softness, it does take a few months but YES it will jiggle after u have healed. But u have got to stay healthy and keep with exercises very important. You want to get your monies worth. Don't go back to those old habits.

Pics update from this morning

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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