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HOLA everyone. I have been stalking this site for...

HOLA everyone. I have been stalking this site for quite some (2013) and decided it was time to execute my decision. I must say it is a totally different feeling when you jump over the commitment fence. Scary, yet exciting. Per I am a extremist analytical human being, the decision didn't come easy yet i knew it would make me happy.

Background, I am currently 38 years old and i have three children. One 14 year old son, ONe 13 year old son and one 2 year old daughter. Prior to the children the body was on fleek (LOL, my sons say that :) and after the children, gravity used me in a most unfriendly way. I NEVER had a booty and longed for one considering EVERY FREAKING body in my family has an ASS, including the men, for Christ sake!!! So this was always a longing. My breast were always on the smaller size, however closer to the sun. This last child put the finishing moves on my body like mortal combat and I started dreaming about Duran. ( FINGERS CROSSED)

I ran across this site which is LOVELY and I lost myself in the words of others. I am truly appreciative that people are sharing their story, pictures and emotions. This journey IS NOT BY FAR something simple. You must prepare yourself mentally and physically and THEN to open yourself to the world is truly a courageous act! I salute all the lovely ladies whom has helped others's life easier with the display of comradely on Real Self. My gratitude flows, but not for the people who have mean comments! (Fire burn them), albeit I see your skin must be tough as well.

Although I typically don't engage in putting myself out there, i must because ALL the ladies have done me a great justice and I've a wealth of knowledge thus far.

thoughts to reality..on the road

SOOOO, I did all the typical moves trying to reach Duran, consistently emailing her directly in Spanish and English but then i decided to just pay the deposits for one of the Coordinating Services. Now some might think it silly to pay the $200 but I say, to each, HER own ( see what i did there!) I am a busy woman with three children, a career, 2 cats, a hobby so it was feasible for me to secure with Duran this way. I scouted the Services,
website at www.draduran.com/surgicoordinator.html
Contact Laura or Stephanie ( Stephanie speaks better English)
Fill out health question form send 4 pictures hitting all sides and wait for a quote.
This service is free-YOU ONLY PAY $200 if you accept the quote

Jazmine Navarro
Jazmine has been around for a LONG TIME! trusting, from what I have read.
Fill out a medical form and submit all the sides on film via email, pay the fee upfront and you'll secure a date!

Wendy (speaks perfect English and everything seems upscale)
Fill out form/send pictures/pay fee $200 and secure a date

Per the way my personality is set up, i though it more economical to get a price prior to paying the fee. I have many "what if" vices, what if the price is too dam high and i don't want to? what if i don't like the customer service presentation, what if this and what if that...i figured I've heard some neutral reviews, more so leaning on the positive side and so great reviews about SurgiCoor so I decided to roll with them. I also heard that Laura works with Duran and this is her moonlighting gig.

The first email Laura sent to me told me to lose 30 pounds and i was like WTF COMMEOOOOON, I mean, i'm a little chubby but NOT 30 lbs chubby for sx big. She hurt my feelings and had a sista vexed so i mumbled upset by her by myself, binge watching Netflix and eating a pack of Oreo's......after collecting my thoughts and wiping the crumbs off the top of my shirt, I emailed Laura and told her I am NOT interested in being a skinny woman. I desire to be a woman with meat and curves in the right places. I told her i want to be on the table at 165-160 at most and doesn't the good Dr need some fat to work with? 30 pounds would put me at 140 on the table not to mention the weight I will loss afterwards!!!! I AM not interested in being that small. I've been there, done that and that small, I looked like I was starving.

Laura sent me an email back 2 days later with a quote:
On Monday, February 15, 2016, SurgiCoordinator Dr. Durán wrote:
Thank you so much for your patient.
Dr. Duran reviewed your photos and recommend the following:
Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
Breast lift
Please see below the price quote for the procedure(s
Procedure Fee's: 6900.00
SurgiCoordinator Fee: US$200.00
TOTAL: US$ 7100.00

* Price are in American Dollars.
* This price are guarantee for six months.
* The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels. 12gm/dl is the lower range.
* It is very important to have a good hemoglobin level in order to get your surgery done. Your hemoglobin levels have to be over 13 gm/dl if you will have more 2 procedures.
* Risk Insurances is mandatory US$130.00
* BMI has to be lower than 35 in order to have surgery done.

This Quote Included:
• Assistance from SurgiCoordinator CareTeam (Before and after the procedure)
•Cardiologic Evaluation
•Photographs (before and after surgery)
•Operating Room
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)
•Supplies and disposable materials
•Medical fees
•One night at the clinic
•One night of nursing care (not personal)
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This Quote do not included:
* Insurances
* Post-Operative Medication (Aprox. US$200.00 dollars)
* Testing (Aprox. US$200.00)
* Compression Socks (Aprox. US$35.00)
* Blood Transfusion (Aprox. US$110.00 each one)
* Second Garment

I am still 5'4 and now I'm 165 pounds and I'm looking to be 160 on the table. I am getting a Mommy Makeover with the BL ( NO IMPLANTS ) BBL ( want my booty to look great in thongs and jeans) TT ( Beach Tummy) . My did blood work the last time I went see my PCP and my hemo was 15.2. I am healthy and prior to wanting to get this done, I typically tried to eat better and exercise in long and short increments of my life.

I also received quotes from
Dr Yiyl:
Your all-inclusive quote for surgery & accommodations: (AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED)

· Liposuction of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist

· Brazilian Butt Lift via fat transfer

· Tummy Tuck with muscle repair

· Recovery House accommodations: 10 days, 9 nights in a triple room

· Round Trip Airport Transportation from Las Americas - SDQ

· Round Trip Transportation for all doctor visits related to your surgery
Quote for everything listed above: $5,200.00 USD

(If you do not want the recovery house & transportation deduct $700 USD)

*The quote above is valid thru May 2016*

Dr. Medina
Hello, Sweetie
I think I can do a very good job to improve your figure, so you can be the best version of you.
After see your pictures I understand I can improve your body with the following interventions:
Tummy tuck with muscle repair
Liposuction on lower and upper back
with or without lipoinyection to Buttock (BBL)
BL with implants
Price: US$6000.00
Recovery House included:
Shared room
All the Meal,
Nurse 24/7,
US$75.00 per night. 10 nights US$ 750
Transportation included:
Airport Pick up
Medical Check up
Bring you back to the airport
Total price: US$ 6850.00

Although the prices were tempting per the Recovery House is included in the price, It has always been Dr. Duran, she had me at the first ass I saw....! I did some comparison shopping to check it out, but I always knew it would be The GREAT DRA DURAN and never wanted anyone else.

SIDENOTE: Excuse the books I write. I see you can't post twice in one day and I'm currently trying to play catch up!

SurgiCoordinator - I paid the $200 deposit and it took about a week to get a secured date of June 14th 2016. The service is just ok, I gather it depends on the person. I am an intricate person, therefore I need detail. I love detail and Surgicoor, although delivering; the information is vague for the type of service they are in. I have received 2 other emails about Recovery Houses and What type of meds I should take prior to surgery. The emails were lacking detail and I had to call to get clarification a couple of times. I was told to take Iron and VIT C and folic Acid without any dosing instructions???? What happens if I take too much or too little, this information should be delivered from SurgiCoor via Duran. I called WhatsApp and emailed and was responded to 10 days later after I had to “spice up” my words slightly. There was a letter posted from BellaVITA via Duran and it was BEAUTIFUL, telling the patient what to expect pre and post and had everything in it down to comfort tips and things to bring. I was JELLY!!! I sent the letter to Surgicoor and asked them why don’t I have such a beautifully detailed letter from Duran. We have the same Dr? I was told that info comes when the sx date gets closer???? I told Laura, that Surgery is NO small thing and most people are alone and scared stepping out ESPECIALLY since we don’t meet the Dr. until we get there. A guide explaining the procedure your having and what to expect will comfort someone who can’t meet the Dr.
Post Op Meds- I have asked which meds do I need so I can get a scrip from my Dr. and bring them with me. I have good insurance and I don’t need to spend $150 there in cash when I can get them here per my PCP herself whom is Columbian and who had sx in Columbia herself. Laura tried to advise me to get them there per I don’t know what I will need and I might need different things. I told her the list seems fairly similar from the 100’s of Dolls whom has received sx and if I need something else I will get it the isolated item there. Also the garments. Compression Socks and Faja- I have asked Laura many times to give me the name of the garments and was told that I should purchase the garments there because I will not know my size after sx and that they get them from Columbia. I told her PERFECT, my PCP is from Columbia and has family there and is willing to help me as she is with my Scrips, send me the info. 10 days later……I am here because my deposit is NON refundable ? ? I would have ran, albeit, my date is set and I’m intelligent and pushy enough to get what I want and need. I am not saying they aren’t nice people, they are, Laura has been pleasant upon reach, however this isn’t the service for me. There is a cavalier, yet friendly demeanor displayed and I don’t think they have the professional skill set to execute professionally and informatively. I would NOT recommend them.

FLIGHTS-gassing up

I received some info about flights. The best time to purchase your flights is on a Tuesday around 3pm, that's supposedly when all the airline competitive deals comes out. Best time to fly are undesirable days such as Saturday, Wednesday and Thursdays.


OK, so I have been stalking flights and unfortunately making price alerts which is a catch 22 per great information to receive, however, the websites tracks your orders and can potentially raise prices if a particular flights becomes popular. Clearing history and cache might help OR try utilizing different devices to search per if they keep noticing your checking out the same flight...more money you spend there....

I found my flight for $364.00 from NY to DR, this is a great price per the research I've conducted suggests that two months prior to purchasing your trip is the best time, tickets ten to rise, albeit they will fall to accommodate slow ticket sales but that is a risk i'm unwilling to take. I did see tickets from NY to DR for $320.00 but I opted for the nonstop to arrive early to ensure my blood work and all the necessaries are taken care of. I inquired about, how to secure the first SX and was told by Laura from Surgicoor that it's up to Duran, however if all your ish is in order that will increase your chances of going first, pending your sx type. I would rather be in and out.

SMART FARES- if you contact them via phone they might be able to give you a cheaper price. The flight I choose didn't provide that benefit, however the $320 flight was dropped to $300!


Ok- so I am focused on getting this body toned prior to table time. I want to get some of this back fat off me and get these legs in shape and overall body fit for the table. The movements of exercise has not always been favorable to me....it is honestly something that I loath, force and smile upon completion. I have found tabata, it is short and sweet and delivers results. I do a 10 minute one and a 25 minute one and i'm done.! i ran across LaShae and she makes it fun with her Tabata and dance workouts. LaShae has a nice youtube channel that will get you there. Check her out.
Here are the videos I do in my living room on a weekly basics. 3 different 10-30 minute videos a day in a row.





Shimmy is good for the core- YOU WILL FEEL IT!!!!!- I actually brought the whole set and uploaded it to youtube.





Ok, So quick update. I met a wonderful sx sister on real self . Queen Duran Doll, same sx date and we hit it off, so GOD IS GOOD, (all the time ) All the time ( God is good!) Along with her cousin and her bestie, we have scheduled to embark on this journey together. I must admit, initially it didn't quite sink in why people would need other strangers to embark on such an initiate journey, albeit after speaking to Queen Duran Doll , i can truly understand the comradeship. We secured through Airbnb and now we seek a nurse to come aid us and we're looking into transportation. Please let me know if you guys have any info for drivers and nurses.

I have been ordering my stuff and taking my vitamins and exercising. I am getting it together. I am excited per the ticket, the room is settled and there are about 63 days left, until the great Duran blesses me with her magic.

Can't upload pictures but check out link for TABATA. 10 minutes a day will get you there



Seeking PRIVATE Nurse Santo Domingo -

Hello Dolls,

My SX buddy and I are seeking a private nurse in Santo Domingo to aid u in our Doll quest. Any info will be greatly appreciated.




Place to get your tourist card. It will save you 20-30 minutes at the airport in DR.

About 3 weeks left

Ok Dolls, about three weeks left and then my SX buddy and I are out. A couple of things. I have gathered everything I need and ready to pack. I am excited and ready to go. I have been exercising and I am going to my Dr.s to get my testing done to ensure I am ok. Here are a couple of real quick things: My Sx buddy has protein powder packs and that can save you some weight in your suitcase. Whatsapp is the truth Blackstrap Molasses can get your hemo up quick naturally Liquid Chlorophyl can get your hemo up quick naturally Beetroot powder can get your hemo up quick Nettle Leaf can get your iron up quickly EPO Erythropoietin supplements can get your hemo up Don't over pack

170 pounds

I work out a lot and decided to hit the pause button to ensure I have enough fat. I'm positive I have more then enough but I do know that ALL THE fat I have is not harvestable. So I'm staying 169 pounds at 5'4. Need fat for hip projection and for my desired 600cc's in Each cheek.

Rice sizers- HOW BIG DO YOU WANT YOUR BOOTY/ you can figure it out!!!!!

Wanna have an idea on how many cc's you should get for your desired look? Make rice sizers for the booty and/or breast. Google rice sizers realself and get some CDs, rice and stockings to see how big you want that booty!

Supplies, besides my clothes and more chucks

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Looking forward to meeting the Great DR.

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