Much Deserved Tummy Tuck; Lipo of Flanks and Thighs, 37-year Old Married Mom of 2 Boys - Dominican Republic

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I'm not new on Realself but posting newly. First...

I'm not new on Realself but posting newly. First of all, let me thank you all for sharing your journey and experience. You dolls and ladies are there are the real deal and women in the powerful sense of the word... I love, lover reading about you and your reality of plastic surgery, thank you! I lost over 70 lbs in my past 2 years after gaining 134 lbs in 7 years due to pregnancies. No regrets whatsoever, all worth it, I'm the happiest mom and my boys are amazing. Now, it's time for mommy to get her body back. My BMI is 33 right now, I plan to get it under 30 before surgery. I'm interested in Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic. Money is not an issue. I just love her work and I'm looking to get my snatched waist back. I want a safe, healthy and very nice extended tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks and Thighs focusing on the inner thighs. I have a very big butt naturally and even since I was skinny. My butt got even bigger with weight gain and everyone asks me if I had work done. I mean everyone LOL! I take it as a compliment. The only difference is, mine is firm and high because it's natural. Anyway, I'm looking for your advices and I follow every doll's story and learn so much. I need your advice and directives on: - Recovery Home in DR with clean floors and ladies rooms with reclining beds with regular change of linens and AC. I don't care about the food. Just the cleanliness, comfort and care. - A certified private nurse who speaks English and can stay with me at night. I can say a word or 2 in Spanish lol - your opinion on CIPLA - how to avoid the blood transfusion at all costs - how did you prevent Necrosis? - how did you prevent infection? - how painful was it on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being childbearing pain. I had both my big 8-9 lbs boys naturally with no epidural over 12 to 20 hours of active induced labor so I'm tolerant to pain but just very scared of the idea of it. LOL! - Should I bring my own Faja being big-butted? Does Duran have big sizes? - Did you wake up during surgery? - is the anesthesia local or general? I don't want epidural. Please share your experience and journey! Thank you so much and stay real and beautiful!

How much Iron Should You Take?

My Wish will come true and my outcome will be amazing!

My OB-GYN is fine with Epidural and light general anesthesia

I saw my ob-gyn yesterday and told him that I'm going to DR for a TT, he was fine with it and mentioned that a lot of his patients go overseas for plastic surgery, Thailand, India, Colombia, South Africa, Caribbean... so he has no issue as long as I can confirm she is board-certified and have other US based patients as reference. He had some reservation about the idea of a general anesthesia so I told him they do light general anesthesia and epidural, he is more comfortable with the idea of epidural versus full general anesthesia. He wants me to do all the testing here and be cleared for surgery prior to flying to DR which is my plan anyway.

Serenity RH, High-Class RH or Princess RH? Please help me choose

Which one would you choose and why? Serenity RH, High-Class RH or Princess RH? Please help me select.

Two Weeks Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery, General Instructions

Two weeks Prior to Tummy Tuch Surgery:
- Start taking a high-quality multivitamin one time each day to help prepare your body for surgery. We ask that you continue taking your multivitamin for at least one month after surgery as well. The more nutrients your body has, the healthier you will be, and your healing process will be faster.

- You may take Tylenol or generic forms of this drug (acetaminophen) if needed. It is safe for pain relief after surgery and do not interfere with blood clotting or healing.

- Stop taking SSRI's which include Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, and Lexapro. But only if given permission from your prescribing doctor.

- Stop taking other prescription medications which include Wellbutrin, Effexor, Cymbalta. But only if given permission from your prescribing doctor.

- Stop taking TCA's which include Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline. But only if given permission from your prescribing doctor.

- Do not take any Aspirin or medication that contains aspirin (salicylic acid) or derivatives of aspirin such as Alka-Seltzer, Aleve, Excedrin or Excedrin Migraine, Darvon, Dristan, Aspirin Ascription, Emprin, and Percodan since they can impede the body's ability for normal blood clotting.

- Do not take any Ibuprofen containing medications either prescription or over-the-counter such as Midol, Motrin, and Advil because ibuprofen impedes blood clotting.

- Do not take megadoses of Vitamin E. Instead, see above; take a multivitamin once per day that contains vitamin E in reasonable doses.

- Do not take any Aleve or medications containing naproxen or naproxen sodium as it also interferes with the blood's ability to clot. These are a list of medications that have naproxen and should not be taken: Aleve, Naproxen and Naprosyn.

- Do not smoke as nicotine reduces the flow of blood to the skin and can cause substantial complications during the healing process.

- Discontinue all herbal medications as many of these "natural" substances can have serious side effects and could complicate your surgical procedure by: interfering with blood clotting, adversely affecting your blood pressure, or could interfere with anesthetics used during your procedure. The following herbal medications should be discontinued at least two weeks prior to surgery: Ginko Biloba, Garlic, and Ginger.

- Discontinue all diet pills regardless if they are prescription, over-the-counter or herbal because many will adversely affect anesthesia and can even cause blood clotting, heart rate, respiratory, or blood pressure concerns.

One Week Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery- General Instructions

One Week Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery:

Know your travel arrangements. If for any reason you do not want to use our complementary transportation service, you must arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to and from the facility on the day of surgery; you will not be allowed to leave on your own.

- Report any signs of an illness such as cold, infection, boils, or pustules (whitehead-like pus-filled sores) appearing before surgery.

- If your skin tolerates, use a germ-inhibiting soap bath, such as Dial, Safeguard, or Lever 2000 for at least the week before surgery.
Arrange for a companion to be with you.

- Arrange for a responsible individual to spend the first 24 hours at home with you; you CANNOT be left alone.

- Do not drink alcohol for one week prior to surgery and for one week after surgery as these can interfere with anesthesia and affect blood clotting.

- Do not take any cough or cold medications without permission from the doctor.

Sources of Iron to Boost your Hemoglobin level before surgery

Sources of Iron to Boost your Hemoglobin level before surgery

I decided to go with Surgicoordinator to get a quote from Dra. DURAN, DR

I couldn't go through the stress of trying to contact Dr. Duran in DR so I decided to go with Surgicoordinator to get me a quote.
It hadn't been 48 hours so I'm waiting for my quote. I'm so ready to pay the deposits and secure the dates. God's speed! All will go beautifully and safely. Ready to be hanging-belly-free!!!

STOP Taking the OTC Drugs & Vitamins 4 weeks Before Surgery

Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners Made in USA NEW!!

Good idea to manage drains!
Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners Made in USA NEW!!

I received my quote from Dr Duran using Surgicoordinator

I received my quote from Dr Duran using Surgicoordinator. $5200 for Lipo, TT and BBL recommended by Duran. I replied and said I'm not interested in a BBL but was told that it's the same price whether I do BBL or not. My butt is so big, if I add any more, it will be a handicap and won't be able to find fitting clothes. Reducing my waist with lipo and TT should be enough. I'm a professional executive, and don't want to look like a video vixen. That's their profession and they need that, not me. Now she recommended that I lose some weight, 15lbs before surgery adding to the pressure. I wonder if I should postpone my surgery until next year. I was thinking of deciding but will gladly postpone it until Feb 2017 if the weight stands in the way of getting surgery and imoroving the outcome.

From Dr. Duran to Dr. Alex Campbell in Cartagena, Colombia because of CIPLA

Dr. Duran work is amazing but I still can't wrap my mind around CIPLA and the reviews. So I decided to change to Dr. Alex Campbell from Premium Plastic surgery care in Cartagena, Colombia. My husband and my family feel much better about this and are not at ease so am I with my decision. I feel like a weight got lifted and I made the best decision for me. DR. Alex Campbell is board-certified in the US and in CO, a Beverly Hill, Los Angeles trained surgeon. I love love their recovery home, kind of recovered in a beautiful, safe and clean environment. I wish you all well. Regardless of your selection, feel good about it, follow your guts and be happy. Love you all dolls
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Duran seems to be doing an amazing work and I love her sculpture but decided to finally go to Dr. Alex Campbell in Cartagena, Colombia because the clinic is more modern than CIPLA and due to the CIPLA reviews the night of surgery etc. I'm more at ease going to Dr. Campbell and feels more positive and confident seen that he is board-certified in the US and there won't be a language barrier.

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