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Hi ladies, So, after much consideration and...

Hi ladies,

So, after much consideration and tons of time spent reviewing these boards I have decided to go ahead with my BBL procedure. I'm not a big girl so I don't want a BIG butt. Just a nice round shape with a small waist.

My current: 48 yrs old. 5'7 148lbs
Chest 38.5
Waist 29
Butt 39.5

I would like to be 38.5 - 26 - 38 but with a nicer shape. More in the back less on the sides of my hips

The picture is me currently.

I contacted Dra Yily via whatsapp. We spoke about what I want and I sent pics of me now and what I hope to look like after. She was very sweet and did her best to answer my questions. I do feel there is a slight bit of difficulty with the communication as I was using an online translator but I think we understood each other pretty well.

She gave me my quote and advised me to contact Yira. I did this and she sent me an email in English right away with details of how to proceed.

My only concern is that others who have shared their quotes are having less done than me and there quotes include some if the fees that my quote is charging extra. This concerns me because now that I've added in all the extras: flight, hotel, recovery house, surgery, meds, massage, surgical sleeve, mandatory insurance, my costs are at 7050.00.

I'm having hip/low back and abdomen lipo with transfer to buttock. Seems rather high compared to others and especially when I have to travel for two weeks to another country.

I will let you know what happens when I hear back from them.

My plan is to fly in Monday, stay at the recovery house and have them take me to the clinic in the morning for surgery. I will stay at the clinic the night if surgery and then return to the recovery house for 3 more days. Once I feel better I will move to the hotel until I can come home. Hopefully 14 days is enough time in the DR.

I'll post more pics ... Wish pics and after in the hopes that my experience will help someone else as much as others have helped me.

To be continued ...

Just a quick update: In reading the boards and...

Just a quick update:
In reading the boards and speaking with others who are going the increase in pricing is for all new patients. It's a small increase and seems fair to me.
I also found out that I do not require a sleeve as I'm not having arm lipo and I don't need the insurance as I bought insurance here for out of country. This took a few hundred dollars off which has been helpful.
Both Dra Yily and Yira have been very sweet and tried to answer all of my questions. I'm so excited now that I'm just 9 days away. I just know I'm going to be do happy because I'm not looking for a big booty just a nice round shape. Shouldn't be to hard to achieve.

I'll keep everyone posted as I go. Thank you to all the BBL sisters for your support and advice.

I can't wait to be a Dra Yily Doll!

Well ladies ... This is it! I'm getting on the...

Well ladies ... This is it! I'm getting on the plane in 6 hrs and surgery on Wednesday. I'm nervous, excited, scared but ready and I know Dra Yily is going to take very good care of me. Thank you to all of you for your support, encouragement, advice, and prayers. I'll post as soon as I am back at the hotel and well enough. G'night all

Well I'm 2.5 days post op. feeling pretty good...

Well I'm 2.5 days post op. feeling pretty good considering we are in a hotel and I left the clinic 12 hours post surgery.

Let me first say that Yira and Dra. Yily are probably two of the sweetest and hardest working people I have ever met. Working late into the night to make sure everyone gets taken care of.
I arrived at 7 am on Tuesday morning and there were 6 other girls there! Two girls showed up that had not confirmed. Why I bring this up is that you all have to see the cardiologist, get blood work, get a physical and see a pulmonary doctor(if you have asthma). These take time and not knowing in advance that you should fly in the day before the surgery to have all this done could make you not get your surgery on the scheduled date.

I would STRONGLY recommend you quit smoking at least 2 weeks in advance and if you are asthmatic you better get checked for any breathing irregularities before coming because if you are wheezing they will not let you have your surgery. Which is what happened to one of the girls here.

I also want to point out that everyone had been so concerned about the time they get their surgery. People say I only want to go first when the doctor is fresh and not tired. Let me say I had my surgery last ... I mean at 10:30 pm and Dra. Yily was just as awake as I'd seen her at 11am. She was funny, understanding, compassionate and my surgery went excellent. I'm very happy with the doctor and with my surgery.
The only thing that I would say is the language barrier was very difficult. People scurry around giving you forms to sign, needles, and I have no idea what any of it was for. I also found some of the nurses rough and not very compassionate so I was eager to leave there for the comfort of a hotel. I have been cleaning my drain on my own since surgery. Walking was difficult the first two days and sitting on a toilet really hard but I bought a urinal from the drugstore before I arrived and that has been a life saver.
I am still VERY swollen ... And I mean everywhere! My feet, legs, my labia is really swollen because there is no compression from the garment in that area so the fluid builds up. The garment is super tight and is uncomfortable but its getting better each day. If you bring a big safety pin you can hide your drain by pinning it to the faja underneath your dress. I would only recommend bringing skirts and long dresses. Pants would be a waste of time.

I'm going to go for a walk and get some breakfast so I'll continue later on.

Honest Update

I have wanted to update my review for a very long time, but the truth is, I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed that I didn't speak up sooner, sad that this happened to me when I as so sure everything as going to be just fine. Angry that my body looks worse now than it ever did before.
Here's the truth ... save your money! See a highly credible doctor, in a clean environment, where people speak your language. The truth is we all want to have a perfect outcome, and we highly romanticize our results, in an effort to feel better. I have taken many pictures over the last 2 years and I'm embarrassed by what I see. Once I came home and my skin was tight, swollen, I was happy with my results. The only thing that really bothered me was that I was not smaller than pre surgery. So I decided to lose a little weight in the hopes that it would give me the result I longed for. Instead, I saw sagging skin, full of lumps and bumps, all around my abdomen. My inner things are saggy and dimpled, and my butt is sloppy and square. Yes it has more projection, and it is a little rounder in the profile, but looking at it straight on , my hips and butt look square. I am so disappointed in the lumpy skin because I have no idea how that can be fixed and honestly don't really have the money either. If I pull the skin up, it gets tight and smooth, otherwise you see every striation from the cannula! My sides of my body look like they have permanent bruises and tunnels under the skin :( If anyone out there has the same issues, and knows how to correct this, please, please help.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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